BoyxBoy Short Stories (COMPLETED)

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Chapter 1

“Oh G-god, baby...”

His voice, his moans were like music to my ears. Music I might never hear again.

As I slacked my mouth and forced him even deeper inside my throat, my eyes teared up once more. As if I hadn’t cried enough already... We both did. We cried, we laughed and we made love on this beautiful island.

Just the two of us, together.

As I swallowed his erection, I internally cursed him once more. Damn you, Xavier! Why England? How could you apply to a school on the other side of the world? Don’t you love me enough to stay? Couldn’t you just settle for a school here and stay with me? I would never leave you, I love you!

All those questions and thoughts were inside my mind this entire trip, and they pained my head.

Our last trip.

However, I would never say these thoughts out loud, for true love sometimes is to let go. And I did. We both did.

We decided he should go to England, that he shouldn’t give up such a great opportunity. Because it was a great opportunity, it really was.

However, the price we had to pay for that greatness was four years.

We shall be parted for four years. Four Fucking Years!!!

And it’s because I love him, I need to let him go. I can’t expect him to do nothing with his life in these four years, but only pine away and yearn for me. I want him to have fun, work hard, and learn as best as he could to achieve everything he ever wanted.

But inside I screamed! I cursed him. How do I live without him?

He is my Xavier, my World.

Would this be the last time I would ever be intimate with him? Would this be the final time I could touch him, smell him, taste him? Feel him deep inside me?

The pain in my jaws or the raw swollen flesh on the insides of my lips didn’t stop me from pleasing him one last time. Teeth marks stood already in my lips, it hurt, but tonight I would be the best I could.

The way Xavier was squirming and moaning underneath my touches made me feel good. And sad...

I tried to memorize every scent of him, every inch of his beautiful body, every muscle and vein, every sound he made, and every look in his eyes.

“Stop, D-Danny, stop, baby...” He heavily breathed while his trembling fingers ran wildly through my hair.

His legs shivered underneath me. These gorgeous strong legs. I did as he said. I released his hard cock with a pop and sucked on the head once more, tasting his bittersweetness before I crawled back up.

I licked his nipples, sucked them hard and swollen before I kissed my way to his neck and eventually his mouth again.

Xavier looked at me with glossy eyes. “I want you to fuck me this time.”

What? I was a little surprised. I mean, it wasn’t like we never switched, but I knew Xavier mostly wanted to take me instead of the other way around.

“I want to feel you. Please, I...I need to have you inside of me now...” For one last time. He didn’t say it, but I knew he thought it.

I nodded and from the bedside table, Xavier grabbed the bottle of lube we used so much these past few days. And now it shall be used one more time.

In a few hours, we will be home and Xavier will leave.

He will leave! That was on my mind when I squeezed a large blob of slippery fluids into the palm of my hand. I really shouldn’t let my sad feelings take a hold of me now. He is here now and I must enjoy this to the fullest.

We kissed passionately as I slowly opened him up. Fuck, he was so tight after all this time. It must have been a year since we switched.

“Ahh... Do it... Do it now, baby,” he moaned desperately into my mouth.

After I lubed up my hard-on, he grabbed me tight and pulled my body between his legs. The head of my cock found his heat immediately and he hastily pushed his hips forward to meet it. A few inches of my dick slid in.

He pulled my face up with his index finger and thumb, so my eyes met his, “look at me. I want to see you, my Danny.”

I want to see you too, my Xavier.

As I buried myself into him, I released a sob. I couldn’t help it. His hot breath on my face, the tight feeling of his warmth, his lidded eyes that were staring into my soul, it made me feel so emotional.

Xavier gasped when I thrust in and out, faster and faster and a loud grunt was next to come out of his mouth. Oh, how I loved these grunts. Only for me.

He wiped away the tear that rolled on my cheek and kissed me eagerly while grabbing my ass with his large hands. Pulling me even closer to him.

“Ahh...Fuck, it feels so good,” he panted.

“I love you.”

“I love you too,” he said as he wrapped his legs around my waist, clutching me tightly. God, this felt so amazing yet surreal at the same time!

We cried out each other’s names as we both released.

I pulled out and collapsed on his chest, not minding his sticky cum that was being squashed between our bodies.

His heartbeat was fast and loud. I loved the sound of his heart pulsing.

Tears started falling down my face once again.

“We will talk together every day,” I stubbornly blurted out.

“Every day.”

We could make false promises but I knew it wouldn’t be like that. First, we would talk every day, then it would be every week and then every month, until later...

“And if we don’t?”

“If we don’t, then I will wait for you here in this hotel in exactly 4 years. I will even rent this very same room” he joked. This was his way. He was never a man for serious talks and always joked stuff away.

“It’s not funny.” I sobbed.

He was my first love. He was my first in everything. The fun and excitement we savored, the laughs and tears we experienced, the intimate talks we shared, I would never forget them. I would never forget him.

I would never forget our love.


“This is your captain speaking. I want to inform you that the plane has landed safely!”

I snapped out of my thoughts when I heard the deep voice projected out from the loudspeaker.

My eyes were all teared up thinking about our last time together. We haven’t talked in three years... Would he even show up?

I have been waiting for this moment ever since we parted. And guess what? I was late!

Two days late, to be exact!

Of course, I hoped with all of my heart that he came too, because he was the one who joked about this in the first place. But I knew Xavier’s not a patient man. What if he already left? Or worse, he decided not to show up, because he had moved on with someone new?

As I looked out the plane window, I sighed in excitement with a dash of nervous panic. After four excruciating years without my Xavier, I’ve finally returned back here again.

Again in Phuket.


Notes: This story is written by me and Symon. You can find him on W a t t p a d under Symon_zee


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