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Chapter 2


What in the Seven fucks am I doing back here?

I kept staring over the innocent woman standing behind the hotel counter, as I contemplated my own stupidity and life choices.

“If we don’t, then I will wait for you here in this hotel in exactly four years. I will even rent this very same room”

I spent over five thousand dollars (which was about every penny I owned) over a silly comment. Who does that? What sort of gambling addiction was this? I swear, I had never gambled in my life! We hadn’t even talked the last three years...

This must be what fools in love do. Because in love I was still.

Yes, we split up that day, but it wasn’t because we didn’t love each other. In fact, it only made me love him more. And yet, we couldn’t keep in touch for some reason. Life was busy, it was hard. But it must have been at least thirty times I stood with my phone in my hand, wanting to call him.

I just didn’t know what to say, so I never dared. I was scared.

And he never called me either.

I feel like an idiot now. Why would Danny even show up? Like he hasn’t gotten better things to do in his life now. He probably didn’t even remember what I said back then. He may not even remember me... He might have a new love. He probably is happy without me...

What’s gonna happen if he’s not here? Am I gonna spend the entire week here all by my lonesome?

“Room number 206, sir. This is the exact room you wanted, right?”

“Yes. Thank you,” I said after I quickly snapped out of it and took the key card. I held it in my hands with the most stupendous look on my face.

This is the one.

My heart pulsed a million miles per nanosecond. I think I just made the Guinness World Records for the most heartbeats ever registered over a goddamn key. I’m pretty sure everyone around my vicinity could feel my heart palpitations.

“I thought you said the hotel only had one room left this week?”

I couldn’t believe I managed to get that exact same room we shared on our last trip together. How the hell did I get so lucky? I lost all hope when they said there was only one room left.

“We did have only one room and I had to dig deep into my inner repertoire of inter-connections that I’ve managed to build up whilst I’ve been working here for the past ten years to get this one for you.” She smiled. I looked at her name tag. Lizz was the lady’s name.

“Thank you so much, Lizz! I don’t know what I would have done without you.”

“Awwww, Shucks! Who gave you permission to be so sweet?” “Is there any chance that you could help me with one last favour?” I put on my most alluring smile coupled with my most sensual and seductive eyes. I was hoping that Lizz would see my irresistible charm and charisma, and not some buffoon that was trying desperately to look like he was prince charming and shit.

“Anything for you, handsome!” Wow, my charm worked instantly! I shocked even myself.

“Is it possible to find out if a man by the name of Danny Heart checked in to this Hotel in the past few days?” I inquired extremely discreetly, like I was about to ask her to help me rob a bank and start a heist or something.

She courteously played along and whispered, “Let me type that name into our database and check for any matches, shall I? I’ll let you know in a matter of seconds.” Two and a half seconds later, I got my answer. After staring closely into the computer screen, as she put down her reading glasses, she said, “I’m sorry, Good-Looking.”

“That’s too bad...” I pouted.

“What about any records of future reservations? Does his name show up in the next week or so?” I was desperate, and my popped out voice crack of the century clearly did not help the situation.

“None that I can see, sadly.” She looked at me with pity.

“I guess he decided not to come then, I knew it!” I took a big inhale of much needed air. “Prince Dumbass at your service!”

Why am I spilling all my anger and frustrations out in public for all to see? I have no idea. I just know that my heart felt like it had been ripped in half and fully exposed.

“This guy must really mean a lot to you, huh?

“Yes… We were here at this exact location, in this same hotel, in the same room number 206, during this same vacation week on the calendar four years ago, and we knew it was the last week we would spend as boyfriends. We separated because college pulled us in different directions.”

My mind brought me back to four years ago.

How we fucked so many times that week, we ran out of lube. We eventually had to go around the island in search of a new bottle and ended up getting lost along the way into some deserted beach.

It was like we discovered a hidden oasis that nobody knew about. We even made love then and there, not caring if anyone would pass by and see us. I just had to give my man what he needed, what we needed. Danny was so horny that day, and so was I.

It just made that week even more special and unforgettable.

As I thought back about that day and the way I still called him my man in my head, it again made me realise that we haven’t been together for four years now. He’s not even my man anymore, let alone my baby or my Danny.

I let out a deep sigh and my eyes welled up from the thought that he wasn’t gonna come.

“Hey, there there.” Lizz patted my shoulder. “Handsome, listen! I know we’ve only just met but I was raised not to rely on somebody else to be happy. Look, we don’t need no man to cry over. If this Danny guy doesn’t show up it’s his loss and he does not deserve you, yeah?? You hear me?”

Lizz handed me some tissues to wipe those pathetic tears that are dripping down my face.

Even though Lizz was kind of right in a weird way, I still missed my Danny very much, and that was never gonna change.


“Has Danny still not checked in yet, Lizz?!” I pathetically asked again. For the 5th time these past two days...

The stern “no.” given back to me sent me back into deep depression again. How was I gonna spend another night here all alone without him? I thought I could do it the last 2 nights but I was wrong. I ended up not sleeping cos he was haunting my dreams every second.

This had to end. I felt like a mess. I didn’t know what else to do but leave and go back home.

This was not the right place to get over my Danny. Seeing everything around this island just kept reminding me of him and the great times we spent together.

“Check me out of my room, please, Lizz. I have to go. One more second here spent without him could potentially end my life, I swear...”

“Fine, sweet cheeks.” She sighed.



“Sorry, do you by any chance have a spare room left, because I forgot to make any reservations. I was in such a rush to get here, it totally slipped my mind!”

“You are just in luck sir. Someone checked out a few minutes ago, otherwise we’d be fully booked until next week!”

“Awesome. I will happily take that one then.”

I was so happy I wasn’t too late to at least get a room. Please let him be here too! I know the chances were slim but I had to try.

I couldn’t believe all the drama I went through to get here, though! Why now? Was this the universe telling me that Xavier didn’t feel the same way as I did, and this was a mistake? Because it worked, I was seriously doubting my decision.

Why didn’t I just call him? Why didn’t he call me? I have thought about this for at least a thousand times. I think the answer on my part was that I was just scared. Just so, SO scared he would say he was having such a good time without me. And maybe even more scared that he would say he met someone else.

“Perfect! All we need now is your name and ID. Will you be paying in cash or credit?”

“Danny Heart, and in credit please.” I just had to know the next question so I asked her straight away, “And please, can you please tell me if a guy named Xavier Sokker is staying in this hotel?”

The moment I said my name, the lady behind the counter turned pale and froze everything that she was doing. What was suddenly wrong with her?!
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