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Chapter 4


We stepped inside like we just entered a rose garden. It was decorated with rose petals scattered everywhere.

“Did you plan all this?” I asked Xavier.

There was even a dining table that was set out elegantly in the middle of the room.

“I’m just as shocked and stunned as you are, Danny. Who intentionally decorated all this?”

We looked around and in the middle of the table laid a champagne bottle inside an ice bucket with a card sticking out. I pulled the card up and read it out loud.

“Happy Anniversary sweeties!! This lovely dinner date is compliments of the hotel. Please don’t let the thunderstorm stop you from continuing your date and enjoying your meal. We hope that you will have a pleasant and satisfying stay in our luxury suite.-❤Lizz.”

I looked at Xavier and we both awkwardly laughed.

“Well, that’s nice of her. I thought she was acting a little bit strange when we were checking in. She was planning for us to share this room in the first place without question.”

While he talked he caressed the wet dripping hairs out of his face which also still dripped on his shirt. I let my eyes roam over his body... His wet white shirt was see-through and sticking to his chest, making his hardened dark nipples visible.

“You... Do you want to change first? You were so cold,” Xavier said.

I cleared my throat and closed my mouth which hung open. “Hmm?” I hadn’t heard what he said because of my distraction and the loud thunder that was still roaring.

“I asked if you wanted to change first? You know, take a hot shower. You’re cold.”

Oh, I wasn’t cold anymore...

“Oh. Y-yeah,” I said and hurried to the bathroom, and closed the door. After I stripped naked, I took a quick hot shower. I washed as properly as I could. I wanted to get back to Xavier as soon as possible so he could also shower. He must be cold too.

Oh, God. Will we really dine here together? Sleep here together, in the same bed? Maybe even…

“You can go,” I said when I returned to the room, wearing nothing but a robe.

Xavier swallowed, making that big Adam’s apple of him bob up and down. Fuck, why was that always so fucking hot to me?!

He nodded and went to the bathroom.

I turned off the lights and opened the curtains. Room 206 had a sea view. It was afternoon but it looked like it was evening and it was spectacular to witness. The bright lightning bolts lighted up the dark every now and then. And how the loud roaring sounds of the thunder mixed with the sounds of the rain that clattered to the window.

While watching the scenery outside, I suddenly saw something in the reflection of the window. It made my heart race. I turned around and there stood Xavier, with only a small teensy-weensy white towel wrapped around his waist, barely covering up his manhood.


My eyeballs almost fell out of their sockets and I had to swallow back the drool that was stuck inside my throat at the sight. Was he even hotter than four years ago or what?!

The thunder roared once more and the lightning illuminated the room for a moment.

He was truly so hot. It looked like he gained more muscles than he had. His tanned skin was still damped and his glistening chest rose and fell at a quick pace. In the two seconds of lightning, I saw some water drops sliding down his nipples.

Again those nipples... They have haunted my dreams so many times for the past four years.

“Danny…” He said with a raspy and breathless voice which sounded beyond sexy.

I started to heavily breathe as well because I knew what he wanted. It was something that I wanted too... I debated internally with myself for a few brief milliseconds if we shouldn’t talk first, but those thoughts vanished when he ripped the towel from his hips and dropped it to the floor.


He slowly walked towards me and pressed me against the large window. Oh God, if it wasn’t for his body against mine, I would drop to the floor like a puddle of jelly. At least that’s how my legs felt right now.

“I want you so badly,” he whispered against my lips. His, so close to mine…

It was like a scene out of a movie with the storm in the background. And for some reason, it only made me hornier. Maybe because four years ago we had a day of storm also and we almost didn’t leave the room.

Oh God, how he fucked me so good. I’ve had sex a few times in these past four years but compared to Xavier it was all only mediocre and not satisfying at all. Nobody could work my body as he could.

I heavily breathed against his mouth. “F-fuck Xavier…”

My eyes closed out of their own and I leaned in, till my lips found his again after all this time.

And they felt so good.

He wasn’t taking it slow for sure. Hungrily his tongue found its way between my lips, to play with mine and his hands greedily yanked the robe of my body.

When it was off and tossed to some corner, Xavier took a step back to observe from head to toe and back again. His eyes especially paid attention to the throbbing thing between my legs.

I tried to hold myself standing by leaning against the window which was cold against my overheated back and ass. Luckily we had no neighbors who could enjoy the show!

“She better put this here also,” he panted as he almost ran to the bedside table and opened the drawer. “Oh, thank you.” He grabbed a bottle of lube and a condom out of it.

I guess with ‘she’, he meant Lizz. It seems that this lady had done anything in her power to make us have a great time.

Why I hadn’t moved to walk to the bed and throw myself on there, I don’t know. Instead, I just remained standing at the same spot, leaning against the wall, watching him in the occasional flashes of lightning.

He walked towards me again, dumped the items on the ground, and grabbed my face in his big hands before he kissed me again. He pressed his cock against mine, grinding against me while his tongue explored the inside of my mouth, then my neck, my collarbones, and back to my mouth again. His face was everywhere.

We were both equally hard and his member felt so good against mine, humping me.

“You’re such a good kisser,” he praised me.

“You are too,” I replied.

He really was. The strokes of his tongue against my own and his licks against my neck made my stomach boil, until more heat rushed through my body when his mouth explored lower and lower till it reached my nipples.

He flicked the tip of his tongue against the hardened bud. It made me feel sparks all the way to the tip of my cock. “Ahh...Xavier..” I whined.

“How much would you want my mouth on you?” he dared to ask.

I gasped when he sat on his knees and dipped his tongue into my navel while one of his hands wrapped around the base of my penis.

“Oh..s-so much...” I gasped.

I felt it into the pit of my stomach. I would enjoy the feeling of his soft mouth around me once more. I had never forgotten the great sensations of it.

“That’s good because I want to suck you so badly, Danny... My baby...”


“Can I call you that again, please?” he asked when he caressed my leaking dick with his cheek.

I looked down and in the minimum light we had, I saw how my arousal drew a wet line against his face.

“Yes..y-yes… Oh fuck, Xavier, I don’t think I can keep up for l-long…” I said with a choked-off gasp.

The sight of him on his knees, worshipping my cock was almost enough for me to come.

“That’s ok, baby…” He whispered against the red swollen head.

“Oh G-god..oh God..”

I bit my lip when he took me in his mouth. His tongue licked around the rim of the head a few times before he gently sucked it, flicking his tongue against the slit.

My legs already started to tremble. I leaned my head back against the window and closed my eyes while my hands found his head. I slowly started to caress his hair, letting my fingers run through the soft black locks.

Soon he slid me completely into his mouth, making me moan out loud like the very desperate man I was.

“Oh, Xavier…! Fuck, yeah...ahh..”

My eyes snapped open again to look down. I just needed to see this with my own eyes because it felt like a dream. But it really wasn’t. It really was Xavier bobbing his mouth over my dick at a slow pace. The man I broke up with exactly four years ago in this very same room.

He sped up his pace with every moan that escaped from my lips.

Suddenly I heard the cap of a bottle open, and two cold slippery fingers found their way to my asshole.

Xavier let go of my dick and I instantly missed the warm tight feeling.

“Spread a little,” he hoarsely commanded.

I listened straight away. I couldn’t wait to feel those magical fingers again. He pushed one inside while his tongue massaged the underside of my penis.

“Q-quickly,” I whimpered. I loved this but I wanted him.

There was just this urge for me to just feel him inside. The sooner the better. While he licked all over my shaft he pressed in a second slick finger and pushed against my bundle of nerves a few times.

I grunted. My pulse was in my throat and my dick twitched in his mouth.

“Enough,” I panted.

Enough with the preparation, even though he was so expertly doing it, it was time for the real thing now.

“Fuck me now.”


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