BoyxBoy Short Stories (COMPLETED)

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Chapter 5 (THE END)


“Fuck me now..”

He either didn’t hear me because of the loud weather outside or simply just ignored my desperate pleas to get fucked, because Xavier just kept sucking me off and fingering my asshole till I literally pushed him away from my cock.

“Please, please... I want you now, I need you now, Xavier.”

He stood up and kissed me with so much passion that his tight embrace squeezed every bit of oxygen straight out of my lungs. I needed to catch my breath when he released me again.

“It would be my pleasure, Danny.”

He bent down and picked up the lube and condom, which he tossed on the bed.

“I’d rather fuck you into the bedsheets than standing up.” He seductively whispered into my ear while hoisting me up and walking towards the bed.

Gently, I was placed on top of the soft covers. Xavier took a step back and let his eyes roam all over my exposed and vulnerable naked body that’s yearning for his attention.

“You’re so hot.”

“You’re not too bad yourself.” I flirted back as I watched how Xavier smiled and unwrapped the condom, which he smoothly rolled over his abnormally gorgeous cock.

It was truly perfect...

The perfect size in elongation and thickness for my body. When aroused, it was as hard as a rock. It had a great shape, a smooth bulbous head, and thick bulging veins that ran over his entire full-length erection.

Fuck! It made me lust and languish!

When he was finally done preparing himself, he crawled on top of me. I eagerly spread myself for him.

“Are you sure, babe?”

I nodded and took his face in my hands. “Yes, Xavier. Please make me feel things only you can make me feel.”

I saw him swallowing when he positioned his cock against my entrance. I couldn’t resist as his Adam’s apple enticed me to lick and suck on it with so much pleasure and titillation.

The warm slippery lubed up head of his dick brushed against my hole a few times and gave me shivers.

I widened my legs as much as possible. “Please, do it.”

I didn’t care. It was worth begging for.

“I missed you so,” he cried before his mouth found mine.

“I missed you too.” I replied, in between our wet and sloppy kisses.

With the thunder still booming outside, and his tongue still dancing with mine, he finally pushed his hard firm cock inside me. Slowly and gently.

Fuck, it felt so good!

It felt familiar.

It felt like home.

I scratched my nails into his back. He almost made me cum while sucking me off a moment ago, so I knew I was close to ejaculating.

And I was right! After a few more thrusts, I almost reached the climax and could already feel that lingering sensation inside the pit of my stomach.

The heavy breathing and moaning spilling from Xavier’s lips did not help either.

“Fuck, Danny. You feel so good around me...ahh...”

I felt his hot breath fanning against the shell of my ear while his tongue traced the side of my neck.

My balls suddenly tightened. “I’m gonna... Oh, I’m...”

I was gonna cum from the sweet brushing of his cock against my bundle of nerves. No other cock could do this to me, ever. I’ve always needed a helping hand to stimulate my cock, except for when I’m with him.

My Xavi.

My Familiar.

I cried out when my first orgasm hit me and the jolt of pure pleasure coursed through my body. Ropes of cum shot out against both of our chests.

“Already, baby? Fuck!” I heard Xavier grunt.

I came so hard at the exact moment that the sky thundered. It was almost magical.

Coming down from my high, I panted like a fish on dry land while a few tears rolled down my face. Xavier had stopped moving when I was done, with his hard relentless cock still inside of me.

He rested on his elbows and looked at me before he brushed the wet sticky hairs out of my face, wiped my tears away, and gave me a small loving kiss against my forehead.

“Salty and sweet,” he whispered.

“Just like you,” I half sobbed and half laughed.

“You were quick.”

“But, I can go again,” I bragged, because I wanted more. I needed more.

He smiled with a tinge of devilish smirk. “Good, because I’m not done with you just yet...”

My soft dick became hard once more when he started fucking me again. He pulled out and rammed his hard-on back in.

Our wet chests slithered against each other, squashing my cum between our bellies in one hot sticky mess, and we didn’t even care.

“I wanna see your face,” he desperately demanded.

How could I deny such a tempting request?

He looked at me through heavy-lidded eyes which were even a shade of darker brown than they were before. His lip was stuck between his teeth and a few beads of sweat rolled from his forehead down his temples and sideburns.

Xavier breathed in my face while slamming his cock inside me over and over again.

He pulled out and sat on his knees, pulling me closer and shoving himself in again while his hands grabbed his hips.

“Grab your cock.”

I started jerking myself to the same speed of his thrusts.

“Oh...Danny, this feels so good,” he breathed out loud while he looked into my eyes.

The muscles of his sweaty arms and chest flexed every time he moved. The sight was enough to push me to the edge again.

“Come with me, baby.”

And I did when I saw his eyes right before he came. They rolled in his skull before he fluttered them shut, and I shot out my second load of the day. “Ahh...!”

We both climaxed simultaneously.

The bed was a mess. Sweat, cum, and spit from our love making session soiled the sheets. Flower petals were stuck everywhere, including on our sticky bodies.

After he was done, Xavier collapsed on top of me. “Danny..”

“Hmm?” I slowly caressed his strong back.

“I want to be together again. I want to be yours again and you mine. Can we please give us another chance?”

I pressed my nose in his wet hair and breathed in deep. “I want that too.” The lump in my throat grew and I had to swallow over and over so I wouldn’t start sobbing again.

“Are you ok? Shall I carry you to the bathtub?”

“No, I can walk.” I giggled. “Run the bath for me please?! I just wanna lay here for a while, I’m so fucking tired.”

“But I did most of the work!” He teased and smiled at me.

“Fuck you!” I tossed the pillow towards him with my last ounce of strength that I had left.

“Maybe next time you can fuck me??” He grinned and dodged away like the pro that he was, while I attempted to throw another pillow but missed again!!

I eventually just gave up and passed out laying face down on the giant King sized bed. The bed we just made love on after 4 long stressful years without the love of my life by my side.


We sat in the bathtub together.

Just lying there in silence, staring at the bright sun that was exposing its rays as they peeked through the clouds that were once filled with thundering lights.

Danny’s head rubbed up against my chest as he snuggled closer to my body. Our feet intertwined and locked up together like the perfect fit.

“It looks like it’s gonna be a beautiful day from now on. How about we make the most of the time we have left here in Phuket?” I suggested, while I caressed him.

“I’d love that. Especially if it’s spent with you...” Danny started to flirt with me again, and it made my heart flutter in ways that I thought I could never feel anymore.

If he keeps it up I might not be able stop myself for wanting more, and we may end up never leaving the hotel room until further notice.

“We could go to the beach, feel the sand on our bodies and the sun on our skin. We could try something we’ve never done before, like snorkeling and deep sea diving...what do you think?” I suggested.

“I’d love that.” ~When we were washed up we ordered food. It was a waste to have the other meal taken away but that was cooled off since we were… kinda busy before..

I think because of our late night antics, and complete exertion of our energy; we did not even hesitate and began digging into the delicious meal they had prepared for us, completely naked!!

This feeling of complete abandonment and carefree attitude with the man of my dreams by my side was something that I hadn’t felt in a long time. I truly thought I had lost it due to life moving on and the fact that we’ve all grown up into mature adults.

I was proven wrong today, because the man sitting in front of me at that moment, had brought all those feelings back again. Danny was always the piece of the puzzle that went missing. The piece I thought I’d never get back.

I had never even realised it until now. That moment with him. That day. That night. That entire week of fun and excitement.

I will never let him go again.

Never Again.


“Babe, are you going through the photos again?” I asked Danny while looking at the two happy men in the photos.

These were photos of us while we were in Phuket. Pics of us when we took that boat trip, went diving, had cocktails, and more.

“Yeah, I like to look at them and relive every moment we’ve shared together. They keep me from never ever forgetting about the love we have for one another.”

“Same babe! I still can’t believe we almost missed out on each other that day.”

“It’s part of our charm as a couple, I guess. Just imagine the stories we could tell our children one day.” We both laughed simultaneously, then realised as we looked into each other’s eyes that It could very well be a possibility for our future as a couple.

We knew in that instant that we both wanted the same things in life.

I sat behind him and nuzzled against his hair. “I love you, my Danny.”

“I love you too. My Xavi,” he replied, turned his head and we kissed.



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