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Chapter 2

Arlow’s head hung low in shame at the dining table.

It was quiet in the house. His brothers were all at the gym, building more muscles (like they all hadn’t got an 8-pack for abs already, pfff) and his father worked late this evening, so it was just him and his mother.

And she wasn’t happy...

She sighed. “Really, I don’t understand why you keep making your life more complicated than it is, Arlow.”

Easy for her to say. She was beautiful, a desirable omega that had a hundred suitors before she married his father, an alpha. And his father was strong and protective. He had that alpha aura all around him. Just like Arlow’s brothers had. All 3 brothers were alphas, and all 3 were tall, broad, strong, and powerful. They could turn heads.

And then there was little beta Arlow. Mediocre at best in almost everything...

There was only one exception; he always outshined his brothers when it came to school results. Always...until today came.

“We never asked you to take all these extra classes, Arlow. I didn’t say anything because it’s your choice. But now, I needed to hear from your teacher that you have too much on your plate and can’t keep it up and therefore stole papers which belonged to the school, and weren’t yours to take. Do you know how it made me feel when she called to tell me all of this and said you had to stay for detention?”

Arlow nodded his head when his mother paused, cause he did now.

“Look at me,” she ordered.

He did.

“I was so disappointed. A son of ours, stealing. We haven’t raised you to be a cheater.”

“I know. I’m sorry, mom...”

“I know you’re sorry. You must have had it hard today...” She looked sad. “Why did you do it? We never forced you to take so much extra school work. You know I hate those kinds of mothers, those that always push and push, wanting their kids to be the best in the class, more than they can take. We just want you to be happy. And I feel that right now, you aren’t happy, are you?”

“I... I don’t know.”

“Maybe you need to think about that. I’ve talked to Miss Moira and she said that you can skip a few classes you started without any further consequences. You obviously can’t handle it all, otherwise, you didn’t need to do a thing like this.” She let out another loud sigh. “Go to your room now. I don’t wanna see you for the rest of the evening. But, in the future when you need me, I’m here for you, son.”


It woke him up when his phone bussed on his bedside table. Still sleepy, Arlow took it and saw a message from an unknown number.

Can’t sleep.

He wanted to put the phone back, seeing it was already 1 a.m. and it was a school day tomorrow, but then another message came in.

Were your parents mad about you being a bad boy and had to stay for detention?

Arlow sat up straight and started typing.

Who’s this?


Kody? How did you get my number?

Because I’m Kody. I can get everything I want


They were disappointed


No idea, haven’t seen my dad

Arlow noticed Kody only said dad and not parents. Didn’t he have his mother in his life anymore?


When Kody didn’t respond anymore, Arlow couldn’t help but feel disappointed. It was kinda exciting to text with the school’s most popular guy. It was also exciting it was so late and it somehow felt a little odd and forbidden. Maybe he should have replied something other than just “oh”.

Right when he wanted to give up waiting, he felt the device buzz in his hand again.

I’ve got another detention day tomorrow

Or actually today

You coming over to see me?

I don’t know... Why would I?

I don’t think I want to step foot in that classroom again, tbh


Cause you wanna see me?!

No, I don’t


Too bad

Arlow didn’t know what came over him.

Why? Do you wanna see me?

Oh my God! How could he type that? He wanted to erase it, but the message was already been read.

He waited with his heart in his throat for an answer. However, he never got a reply, and that made Arlow super, super bummed out for some reason.


The next day, Arlow’s eyes searched for Kody everywhere he came. Sadly, he didn’t see the alpha in the school cafeteria, not in the hallways either, and not at the schoolyard. Nowhere...

Once, when he went for a break to pee, he sneaky walked through the empty hallways when everyone was attending class, to go to the lockers. He stood before Kody’s and he could smell the alpha’s scent through the thin metal door.

That was so lame. Who does that? Why did he do that?

When the last bell rang--a sign that school was over again--Arlow wanted to go home, but he couldn’t help himself, he just needed to see Kody.

He thought about walking past the detention classroom, just to take a little peek from outside. Kody didn’t need to see him. He could be invisible, he mostly was anyway...

And so he executed his plan.

From a distance, he saw Kody sitting in front of the window in the same position as he had sat yesterday. His legs rested on a table while he sat slumped back on the chair, watching outside the large window. His head was raised while he looked at the blue sky.

Arlow tiptoed behind a big tree so he could watch him from a better position. He stood there like some stalker for at least 30 minutes.

Kody hadn’t done much else but sitting and looking. Sometimes he closed his eyes. And sometimes his lips moved when he talked to someone else in the room. Arlow couldn’t see the other person, probably it was the teacher or another student that needed to stay for detention.

Suddenly, Kody stood up and grabbed his phone from his pocket. He started typing.

Arlow felt his phone buzz.

I see you changed your mind

You did come to see me

With wide eyes, Arlow looked at Kody and saw the alpha waving at him.

He quickly hid behind the tree, until he was out of Kody’s sight.

Oh, why you hiding now?

You blushing, aren’t ya?

Arlow bit his lip. Gosh, this felt so weird. But also kinda exciting.

I’m not bloshing.


I was just passing by because I’m going home.


“Damn it. When did he see me?” Arlow whispered.

I’m going home now


Arlow took a big breath. His heart was doing it again, beating fast.


I’m done in 15

Wait for me

I don’t know...

Maybe I should just go home.

Arlow did know. He would so wait for Kody.

You better be there when I’m done. I wanna show you something


Arlow smiled.


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