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Chapter 3


I had no idea where we were going and the only thing on my mind was how I was currently following the school’s most popular guy (an alpha, not to forget) to some place he wanted to show me.

Why me? He could have asked a dozen of beautiful omegas to come with him. That would probably be more fun for him than someone

I had texted my mother that I was gonna be late cause I would hang out with a ‘friend’. She was ok with it.

Truth was that I didn’t know what Kody was to me. Was he a friend? I sat with him at detention once, we had a few brief messages at night and I did some stalking on him just now, but that’s it. I couldn’t really call him a friend. But I also couldn’t call him nothing to me. Maybe an acquaintance?

God, he smelled so good. Because I walked behind him, I sometimes got a whiff of his scent blowing against my face.

It was a hot day today and I saw a little bead of sweat roll down his neck. Somehow that was all I could focus on, and I half sprained my ankle at one point. Thank goodness I could just save myself and my foot was ok.

We just took a short bus ride and walked through a forest a knew by name but never really went to explore myself.

Apparently, this place was interesting enough for him to show it to others. To me...

“There,” Kody said as he stopped walking and pointed at something in the distance. It was hard to take my eyes off of him and into the direction he pointed at since I didn’t seem to want to look at anything but him.

When I did, I saw what he wanted to show me. It was made of wood in browns and greens, and up high. A treehouse.

“Is that your treehouse?” I asked.

“No. I found out it was abandoned a while ago,” he explained. “And since then, I’ve been coming here more often.”

“Is that thing safe?” I asked, realizing I was probably going to have to climb up.

Kody laughed. “I’ve been up there so many times. Don’t be a pussy, Arlow.”

“Well, ok... I’ll go if you go...“I said.

While climbing up, I scratched my arm on a few sharp branches, but I wasn’t gonna let Kody know how clumsy I was.

Fuck, it hurt. It didn’t bleed thankfully, but a few thick red marks stood on my arm. After a few minutes, we were at the top.

“Cool, huh?” he asked when we stepped inside.

“It is,” I replied. “I’ve never been in a treehouse.”

I looked around a bit.

Inside it was dusty and it smelled like wood, but then not in a good way. It was nothing more than a mattress on the floor, a table, and a few shelves against the walls.

It was also quite dark. Not much light came through the openings that were supposed to pass as windows.

Kody walked to the mattress and laid himself on it. He then took something out of his pocket. It was a pack of cigarettes.

“Want one?” he asked when he pulled a thin white stick out.

“No, thanks,” I answered, while just standing there, with my heart inside my throat, not knowing what to do or what he wanted me to do.

“Chill, man. Come here. Lie down,” he said. It was almost an alpha order I couldn’t refuse. Not that I wanted to refuse it. I would all to gladly lie beside him, only to smell him better. I don’t think I ever smelled a better fragrance than he had on him.

I walked towards him and laid down too, beside him, but not so close we would touch. This was already so damn nerve-wracking.

I still couldn’t believe this was happening.

“Anyway, this is what I wanted to show you,” he said when he blew out a puff of smoke that curled in the air. As an ashtray, he used some old drink package that he had torn open.

“Why?” I asked. I might as well just ask it now. “I mean, why did you want to show this to me?”

Suddenly he rolled on top of me, smiling. Oh my God, I almost choked on my own drool at that very moment. My breathing accelerated instantly. He felt heavy on top of me, my heart almost burst at his touch.

The scent coming from him was so overpowering, I had never felt like this before. It almost suffocated me but then in a good way.

He then laid his cigarette in his ashtray, not getting off me. The way his body shifted on top of me when he moved, made me unbelievably hard within seconds as heat coiled in my stomach.

Oh God, what if he felt I was aroused?

“Shouldn’t you be happy? You were the one who was secretly watching me...” he said while he caressed hair from my forehead.

“I...I-I already said I was just p-passing by to go home,” I stuttered and swallowed a lump of spit.

He was so damn close, I almost passed out.

“I don’t believe you,” he whispered.

His breath smelled like minty cigarettes. I never really liked the smell of cigarettes, but this was Kody so I didn’t give a damn.

Was it going to happen now? My first ever kiss? With... him?!

It was. It fucking was! He came closer. Closer. Closer until we kissed. Just like that.

I think I’ve made a low grunt or even a moan when his tongue pried my lips open. How the fuck does one kiss? What was I supposed to do?

I opened my eyes for a brief second and saw that Kody had his closed. He sucked on my lips when he opened them, looking at me while leaning back.

“You can kiss me back, you know...” He said.


He cocked his head a little to the side. “You’ve never kissed before.”

I shook my head.

He leaned in and sucked on my bottom lip, gently. I was panting breathlessly like I just ran a marathon, it was to be ashamed of, really, the way I laid there. Fucking desperate.

“You’re cute,” he said. “But you’re trembling all over. Relax a little.”

“I don’t know how to,” I weakly answered and laughed awkwardly.

He kissed my neck and smelled my scent gland at the same time.

“You smell nice,” he mumbled against my neck.

“L-liar.” I half gasped and half moaned.

“I’m not lying.”

“I’m a beta. I...hardly have a scent, let alone a g-good one.”

“I like yours,” he simply replied.

He must have smelled so many omegas, mine could hardly be good to him. But it was nice of him to tell me.

“Wanna smell me?” he then asked.

I nodded and he presented his neck to me. I’ve never pressed my nose against someone’s gland except for my family’s. When I was a child my mother’s always had the best scent and nobody had beat her.

Nobody, until now.

“Fuck.” I gasped when I sniffed at him. I’m not lying if I say that I think that I just ejaculated a little inside my underwear.

Kody just softy laughed. “Just don’t think too much,” he said and kissed me again.

It felt so good. His tongue against mine. His elbows leaning beside my head while his hands ran through my hair. His body on top of mine, pressing.

His scent changed, it became even deeper and it was so hot that it burned the insides of my nostrils.

After what felt like too short, he leaned back and rolled off me.

I was completely out of breath and he was too.

Kody grabbed his cellphone out of his pocket. “How late must you be home?” he asked.

“Dinner,” I replied.

“It’s almost 6 now.”

“Shit...” I said. Really, shit! “I need to go then.” I sat up straight.


He brought me home and behind the fence, he gave me a brief kiss before he left.

I was so bummed out.

Dinner was shoved in my throat, cause I couldn’t wait to go to my room and see if he messaged me. He said he would.

And he did.

Wearing a big smile, I sat on my bed.

Wanna go again sometimes?

You bet yes!

I would, yeah

You kiss nice

Oh, God! I felt butterflies in my stomach.

You do too

I know

We chatted all evening until my eyes couldn’t stay open any longer.


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