BoyxBoy Short Stories (COMPLETED)

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Chapter 4

After dropping Arlow off at his house, Kody entered his own, kicked off his shoes, and placed them neatly on the shoe rack.

Walking into the kitchen, dinner was already waiting for him. Just one plate on the table again.

“Your father will eat at work today,” said Mia.

Well, that was a big surprise... Not! “Ok,” Kody replied.

“But I’ll join you. If you want that.” Mia suggested. She was sweet, but Kody didn’t want her to do this.

“No, you should go home to eat with your own family. I’m sure they missed you.”

Mia nodded. She felt pity for the young boy. He ate alone almost every day. “I really don’t mind,” she said sympathetically.

“No, please, I want you to go home,” Kody said once more and he gave her a sweet smile.

“Ok, I’ll go home then. Did you at least behave in school today?” she asked with a raised brow.

“Haha, I did. No more extra detention.”

“Good boy,” she said, before she cocked her head, examining Kody’s face. “Hm. You seem... different. Did something happen? Something good?” she asked.

“Huh? You can see that from looking at my face?”

“You seem happy.”

“It was a good day,” Kody said honestly.

Mia smiled but didn’t ask further. “That’s great. Ok, you eat your dinner. I ordered sushi for you after I tried to make it myself and it turned out to be a complete disaster.”

Kody chuckled. Mia had never been the best cook but she could make some great dishes. She should just stick to making them. He loves them. But he loves sushi too.

“See you tomorrow, Mia.”

After dinner, the young alpha took a shower. He thought about today. He had never shown his “special” place to anyone before. Why did he want Arlow to see? He didn’t exactly know yet. He just knew that he felt at ease with the beta.

Arlow was cool. He never sucked up to him like others did, wanting to befriend him for his popularity. And he also had been the first, the very first, who didn’t answer him with a “yeah, I know” when Kody told him what his name was. Kody liked that.

He also thought that Arlow was cute as hell. And he was so beautiful. His hair hung a little over his shoulders and was light brown. And he had the most beautiful brown/green eyes with long black lashes.

Most people found that alphas belonged to omegas but the truth was that Kody never really liked or disliked omegas all that much. Sure, they smell delicious but there was more to a person than just scent or being an omega, so he never cared about any of that. He fell for a character trait or a way of behaving, and a mysterious Arlow, gazing at him from behind a tree when he first refused a kiss from Kody was interesting in a way.

Arlow was interesting.

Kody bit his lip and let the water pour over his back. Arlow smelled good too. Certainly not less appealing than an omega did, at least not to Kody. Although Arlow didn’t seem to believe him when he said he smelled nice.

Honestly, he had been rock-hard the entire time at the treehouse. He was so fucking turned on by kissing Arlow and If the other would have been a little more experienced, he would have taken the next step for sure.

How would Arlow look naked? How would he respond to his touches? For now, Kody had to take measures in his own hand and he started masturbating, thinking about this afternoon.


It was past midnight when I heard my father come home. I laid in bed and debated on getting up to say hi to him, but...why would I actually bother to do that? Even getting detention at school couldn’t get the man’s attention. He hadn’t said anything, I wasn’t even scolded. Ugh. My father was an asshole. Always had been, always will be. Why did I even want the man’s attention?

I sighed, lit up a cigarette, and grabbed my phone, once again checking the chat between me and Arlow from earlier this evening. I think I’ve done this at least 5 times already... So lame, but it just felt so nice to read it.

Wanna go again sometimes?

I would, yeah

You’re a great kisser

You are too

I know

Still thinking about my lips then...?

My lips curled into a smile while reading it. His plump lips were still in my mind. They had been since the evening. They were so soft. Hesitating at first but firmly pressed against mine after. And they tasted so good.

Pfffff you wish

I bit my lip and it then hit me how I was grinning like some fool in the dark.

I do actually

It had lasted God awfully long for him to respond and all he then texted me was:


I chuckled, wondering what he actually wanted to say.

That’s all you can say?

I don’t know what to ssy


How about:

I wanna kiss you again tomorrow

Is that what you want me to say or is that what you want?

Oh, Arlow... You must have known. And you so want to kiss me again.

I puffed out some smoke.



I want that to…

Closing my eyes for a moment, I tried to picture how he must have looked like when he texted me. Did he have blushing cheeks? Was he smiling like I was?

It’s the weekend tomorrow.

no school

I know

So, wanna hang out?


Treehouse? Your place? My place? The mall? Cinema?

What do you want?

I then hoped he wouldn’t pick the mall or the cinema. I wanted to go to a spot where it would be just the 2 of us. I felt at ease with him, so no need to go to places where there were other people to distract us with when awkward silences would fall. We hadn’t had any awkward silences today. The only silence between us happened when our lips were stuck together and it was fucking awesome!

I’m debating between the treehouse and your place.

I wondered if he said this because he felt the same. If he wanted it to be just the 2 of us also.

My place would be easier. We wouldn’t need to go by bus and stuff. But I feel the treehouse is our spot.

We have a spot?


There was such a long list of what we texted after this until he had said he was going to go to sleep, which was about an hour ago.

I was bummed.

There was no way I was going to fall asleep any time soon. I liked him, but it felt like with every minute that passed, I cared for him even more. Jeez... What was coming over me...?! Was I falling in love or something?

It felt pretty cool.


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