BoyxBoy Short Stories (COMPLETED)

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Chapter 5

Kody and Arlow laid on the familiar mattress in the treehouse again.

They just fooled around a little and Arlow had an awkward boner that just wouldn’t subside. He had tried to think about gross things but every time Kody’s leg touched his, or a whiff of the alpha’s scent came crawling up his nose, all gross thoughts were forgotten again and his member got even harder than it was before.

So, the boner stayed and was there for quite a bit already...

Kody blew out some smoke and Arlow followed the fumes that curled in the air. He was bummed because they had been in the treehouse for hours already and soon the day would be over. Then what? When will he see Kody again? It felt like he missed the guy already before he was even gone.

The alpha put his cigarette in the juice pack/ashtray again and rolled to his side, facing Arlow, while propping up on an elbow. He placed his hand against Arlow’s face and traced it from his forehead to his chin, over the soft cheek, finger dipping in Arlow’s dimple.

“You feel so soft to the touch,” Kody said.

He also thought that Arlow was a very beautiful man, but he already told him once today so he will hold his tongue now. He didn’t wanna present himself like some suckup.

“Oh,” Arlow replied.

What must he say to such a thing?

“You’re 17 too, right?” Kody then asked.

“Yeah, almost 18.”

“Really? Then you’re probably older than I am. My birthday is in 5 months.”

“Mine in 3 months,” Arlow said, while also rolling on his side.

They laid like that for a few seconds, looking at each other, until Arlow looked away and rolled on his back again. He got so hot from the way Kody looked at him. Just so Goddamn hot!

He swallowed and almost choked on his own spit when he suddenly felt Kody sniff at his neck.

The alpha then whispered in his ear, “You know...I like you, Arlow... Ever since that first day, we stayed in detention class together.”


Arlow balled his fists and tried to control his breathing, which he failed completely.

“Now you’re supposed to say that you like me too. do like me, don’t you?” Kody asked, his voice suddenly a little insecure.

The alpha was pretty positive that Arlow indeed likes him since he could smell the scent of Arlow changing when they were together. He knew Arlow was turned on. But what if he was wrong and the beta didn’t like him at all?!

That’ll be something that Kody had never faced before, rejection by a love interest. Suddenly the alpha’s heart skipped a beat.

“ you...” Arlow said, so softly that Kody almost didn’t hear it, but he did.

“You do?” Kody asked with a relieved smile. Arlow did like him? His heart was throbbing in his throat.

“Yes...I like you. But I... I don’t understand why you like me? Kody, you’re not messing with me, are you? Cause that would be so uncool if you--”

Kody cut Arlow off by pressing his lips against the other’s again. Just a short kiss before he let go.

“I’m not messing with you. I really like you. I mean, I do wanna mess around with you... If you know what I mean. Like, physically... But only if you want that too.”

The words made Arlow feel so hot he thought he would burn alive in that treehouse.

“I’ve never... d-done anything with someone before,” Arlow whispered, his breath hitching before Kody kissed him again.

“I know... It’s ok...” Kody reassured between his kisses.

The alpha then softly laid his hand on Arlow’s crotch and cupped the very visible bulge.

“Ko...dy...!” Arlow gasped while his hands grabbed the mattress so hard his fingers went numb.

“We don’t have to do anything you don’t wanna do...” said Kody with a hoarse voice.

“It’s just that...”

“It’s ok.” Kody pulled his hand back. But Arlow didn’t know if he was happy with that or not.

“Do you... wanna see mine?” The alpha asked.

“You mean...?”

“Yeah. Do you?”

Arlow’s mouth hung open and he nodded, kind of embarrassed, but not embarrassed enough to let this opportunity go. “Can I... really...see it?”

“Yeah, I don’t mind showing you,” Kody reassured and he kneeled and opened his pants. First the button, then the zipper.

Arlow could only watch, hypnotized by the slow movements that Kody’s hands made. He had never felt more nervous than he did right now.

Kody shoved his pants down and pulled his hard-on out of his underwear.

Arlow heard his own heartbeat thump in his ears, which hammered about 180 beats per minute right now.

Kody was hard, just like he was, but it looked so different from his own dick.

Yes, Arlow had biology lessons back in school and he was taught that alphas carry a bigger dick than betas or omegas, but he had never seen one erected. At least not in real life.

“Do you wanna touch it?” Kody asked, biting his lip.

He didn’t wanna scare Arlow away, but he thought the beta might be curious. Arlow definitely seemed curious because his eyes almost popped out of their sockets while observing him...

“I...y-yes, I do...” Arlow nodded. He didn’t dare to look Kody in his eyes, yet, strangely enough, he did dare to touch his penis...

He kneeled as well and brought a trembling hand to Kody’s cock before he caressed it gently with one finger.

It was rock-hard and twitched while he softly caressed it. The scent in the treehouse changed immediately into one that turned Arlow on even more.

He blinked up and Kody looked at him with dark eyes.

“You wanna... see mine t-too?” Arlow asked with a quavering voice.

Kody nodded and so, Arlow shoved down his sweat pants and revealed his own.

They were different in color, shape, and size but both erected and beautiful in the eyes of the other.

Arlow bit his lips at the awkward silence but then Kody reached out his hand and touched his. It was the first time someone did, and he almost passed out while he shamefully leaked in Kody’s hand.

“Maybe we could...frot?” Kody proposed. “If you like.”


“Yeah, like this...”

Kody crawled a bit closer and pressed his cock against that of Arlow while kissing him on the lips again.

Arlow moaned into his mouth, their breaths mingling while Kody grabbed them both in his hand and started rubbing, up and down...


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