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Chapter 6


“You like this...?” Kody had asked me while his hands were wrapped around the both of us. I don’t think I answered him back. Instead, I think I drooled on that old mattress we kneeled on the moment my cum splashed against our chests. Luckily, Kody was so smart to take off our shirts in the process of “frotting.”

Yes, I liked it...

His breath had mingled with mine while he breathed just as fast and just as deep as I did. A sign he liked it too and that made me feel even hotter than I already was.

Laying in bed, I recalled what had happened this afternoon. A thought that hasn’t left my mind for a minute since I said goodbye to him when he had dropped me off at home.

The thoughts of his dick rubbing against mine made my lower belly feel weird again.

An hour ago, during dinner, I wasn’t even able to eat. My mom kept asking me to eat something and was instantly worried why I didn’t eat, whining I might fall sick like this, but I just couldn’t get it through my throat. I was already full of thoughts and feelings and that was all that I needed and I couldn’t take anything else.


I looked up from my bed and saw one of my brothers standing in the doorway, leaning against the post with his arms crossed.

“What’s up?” I asked.

Tristan inhaled deeply. “I smell a change on you...” He said.

He always had the best nose in the house.

“Oh,” I replied.

“Anyway... If you wanna talk about something, you know where to find me...” he said and he left me alone again.

I really hoped he talked about the butterflies in my stomach. That those were the ones that changed my scent and not the feeling of pure horniness that was also present inside of me.

Letting out a big sigh, I looked at my phone for the 574th time.

He didn’t send a message yet...

Why hadn’t he?

“I’ll text you.” That’s what he had said.

Didn’t he like what happened? He seemed to enjoy it just as much as I did. He climaxed too and it was quite spectacular. His cum just kept coming and coming, hitting my chest and even some of it landed on my chin. It was honestly so hot... I knew alphas had way more cum than betas or omegas did but it was really just like a fucking waterfall. And the way he had looked...

Damn, I was hard just thinking about him and thus I stood up, walked to the door, closed, and locked it.

I’ve never watched alpha porn before, but I went to google and typed:

Alpha man cumming

I might just as well kill some time till Kody finally contacts me...


It was already a day later and he still didn’t message me. Truthfully, I was getting annoyed and angry by now.

Was he just using me yesterday? Did it mean nothing to him? Was this what he often did with other people? Maybe he was already on to the next? Maybe he didn’t like my body? Maybe he didn’t like my smell? Maybe he--

“Arlow?!” my mom yelled in my ear.

“What?!” I yelled back, feeling beyond irritated by her voice.

“Excuse me?” she said, looking at me with a raised brow.

“Ugh...I’m sorry, ok...” I said. I knew it wasn’t her fault I felt like this.

And how did I exactly feel? Why did this guy piss me off so much? Why was he in my head all the damn time? I even slept like crap last night. It’s been almost 15 hours since I saw him or heard of him.

Not a message since. Not even 1 word.

My mom asked me something while she nodded at my breakfast. I hadn’t eaten again. With a sigh, I grabbed my spoon.

“I asked you something, Arlow,” she then said.

“What? I...I didn’t hear what you said.”

“I asked if your homework is done? I haven’t seen you working on it.”

FUCK! My homework!!! For the first time in my life, I hadn’t worked on my schoolwork on the weekend!

“I’ll do it later,” I answered.

“Is everything ok?” my dad asked. “It’s not like you to neglect your homework.”

“Well, you guys should be happy then cause you’re the ones that always tell me to live a little and not only sit with my nose in the books. Right?” I agitatedly stated.

“My God, you are cranky...” My mother said.

I sighed again.

“You know what I’ve heard...” my second brother, Kieran, began to say. “I’ve heard that our little Arlow here was spotted together with a mysterious boy and they seemed to get it on quite well...”

He started to laugh.

“Shut up, asshole!” I barked at him.

“Arlow!” my mother shouted.

Kieran and Tobias laughed while Tristan looked at me with pity.

“Ma, he started to pester me--”

“This boy... Is he the reason you are like this? First stealing, then detention, now this attitude--”

“He has nothing to do with me stealing or having detention!” I said and stood up, walking to my room. I didn’t need these people around me at this moment.

I then did something I also never had done. I closed my door with a bang.

The alpha really drove me wild and mad!


Before dinner, Tristan came to my room again and asked me what was wrong.

After I explained everything he gave me a shoulder pat. I have to say it felt good to talk about it.

According to Tristan, I was in love... First I denied it, but now I think he’s probably right...

“Is it like him to not call you when he said he would?” Tristan asked.

“No... He normally always reacts pretty quickly but now he hasn’t and he also hasn’t been online.”

I went from disappointed to angry and right now that anger had started to make place for worries.

What if there was a solid reason he hadn’t messaged me?

“Why don’t you just pay him a visit at his house? You know where he lives?”

I nodded.

“You want me to take you?” Tristan asked.

“No, I can go on my bicycle. But.. Don’t you think I’ll look like a stalker?”

Tristan didn’t know I already had some stalker experience while sitting behind the tree the other day... I didn’t want Kody to think I was some kinda lunatic...

“No, just ring the bell and see.”



His house was huge. Maybe 4 times as big as mine.

I rang the bell but no answer. Again, my finger pressed on the golden bell, still no answer.

Where was Kody?

Right when I wanted to leave, a car stopped in front of the gate and a lady stepped out. She looked tired and surprised when seeing me. I wondered who she was, I knew Kody’s mother had died.

“Can I help you?” she asked while the gates opened.

“Oh, yes. I’m looking for Kody, have you seen him?”

“Are you a friend?” she asked while she walked inside. I didn’t know if it was an invitation to go in with her, but I just did.

“Yes, I am. I saw him yesterday and he was supposed to contact me but he hasn’t and I was beginning to get a little worried.” I explained.

We rushed into the house, it seemed like she was in a hurry.

“Ah. Arthur?” she asked me.

“No... Arlow.”

“Oh, yes that was it, Arlow... Kody told me about you.”



We walked into someone’s bedroom and it appeared to be Kody’s. At least I think it’s his because I knew he was an only child and it looked like a guy’s room. She pulled the closets open and tossed some clothes in a bag. Then she went to the bathroom and took some stuff from there that also ended up in the bag.

I just watched her move, standing like a moron myself, observing Kody’s room a little.

So this was where he slept...?

“Come with me,” she said when she was done.

I followed her out and she opened the car. “Get in.”


I know it’s kinda dumb to just go with her, a stranger, but I listened anyway.

“So... where are we going?” I asked when she drove off.

“Ok, now... Don’t be shocked, but...we’re going to the hospital. Kody was in an accident yesterday.”


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