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Chapter 7 (THE END)


When I walked into the room, my breath got stuck in my throat.

The woman who took me with her, Mia was her name, had told me what happened to Kody and that he now laid in a hospital bed with tubes on his body.

She tried to warn me that it looked worse than it actually was, but still, it was a shock to see him helpless like this.

Mia was currently clearing some paperwork with the doctors, leaving me some time with him alone which I was thankful for, but seriously, where was his father? Mia said she had been beside Kody’s bed these last hours.

I sat down on a chair next to the bed and looked at him, taking in his scent. One arm and one leg were in a cast and he had some bruises and cuts on his body and face. I felt so sad, seeing him like this.

“Arlow...” He suddenly spoke with a rusty, sleepy voice.

“Kody, you’re awake,” I replied, grabbing his hand.

“I’m sorry for you to see me in this state.” He laughed a bit.

“This isn’t funny, you dork.”

“Arlow... You gotta believe me when I say that I begged the nurse to let me have my phone, so I could text you, but I wasn’t allowed, even though I still have one good hand. I was so afraid you might think I dumped you or anything like that.”

His voice sounded a lot more clear now he was fully awake and he even managed to give me one of his great smiles.

“I was angry at first. I...I was afraid you did dump me, but then I was worried something had happened to you! Oh, look at you...” I said, swallowing to hold in my urge to cry.

“Well, you got that right. Fuck, I want a smoke. Can’t you put a cig in my mouth for me?”

“I damn well will not!” I said, making him laugh.

“I kinda thought you wouldn’t. So strict...”

“No, you should see this as a good opportunity to get rid of these things,” I explained. “Kody...what happened?”

“Help me up a little,” he said, which I did.

With a grunt, he sat up a little straighter in bed.

“Luckily, I’m dosed up on meds. I don’t feel a thing.”

“You want something to drink?” I asked.

He shook his head and began to talk. “Well, after I left you, I was hit by a van on my way home. It was my own mistake. I didn’t pay attention while crossing the street, so then, bam! And here I am.”

I sighed. “Foolish alpha.”

“It’s actually another guy’s fault. He kept going through my head. So he’s to blame, not me. He smiled at me in my mind. So I couldn’t concentrate on other things anymore but his cute dimple...′

I felt my cheeks blushing.

“He’s a beta. You know him.”

“D-do I?”


He smiled and I couldn’t help to smile too, though I still was sad.

“You’re still a foolish alpha,” I said.

“I know. But really, I feel great, apart from a broken leg and a broken arm. In 2 months, I’ll be all healed up again. It’s not like I’m dead.” I felt my eyes getting wetter and wetter. Kody saw it too because he paused for a few seconds before he said, “Hey... Come here...” I leaned in and kissed him before I let out a pathetic sob. Gosh, I felt like such a weakling, but what could I do? I was holding in the whole time.

What if he had died?

“Don’t cry,” he said, using his good arm to comfort me while he pulled my face against his neck. He smelled so perfect.

“I can’t help it,” I whined.

“You’re just sad cause you want to taste more of this fine body and now you need to wait.”

“Don’t make such stupid jokes,” I said, sniffing my nose. “You could have been in way worse condition. Dead or...or paralyzed, never be able to walk again...or move again.”

“I know. But I’m not, ok? I’m not paralyzed and I’m also not dead. Would you miss me if I was?”

“What kind of a stupid question is that?” I asked, pulling away from him.

“Ok, that was a stupid question, I didn’t mean it like that,” he replied. “Forgive me.”

“How did you mean it?”

“Like... Will you miss me in your life if I’m not there...?”

“I will. You... You know what my brother said to me today?” He shook his head cause of course he didn’t know. “He s-said that I’m in love with you.”

Kody smiled widely. “Yeah?”


“And what do you think about that?” he asked before biting his lip, just for a second.

“I think... he’s right,” I said, looking at his hand which I still held in mine. I was too fucking shy to look at his face while admitting my feelings to him, still afraid he would laugh at me.

He pulled his hand away from mine to lift my chin, making me look at him. “I hope he is, cause I’m in love with you, and I don’t have to think about that anymore. I’m 100% sure.” I sniffed, making him chuckle. “Come here,” he said again and I cried at his shoulder like a newborn baby, burying my nose against his scent gland. I guess my emotions just needed to come out at some point.

“You’re an ugly crier,” he said.

“If you weren’t in this condition, I’d slap you.”

“But I am, so you can’t. I can tell you everything I want now. You’re a baby.” I laughed between the tears cause this was so true. “A cry-baby.”

“Shut up.”

“Make me...”

I looked up and kissed him.


The whole week, I sat at Kody’s hospital bed after school. I did my homework and we talked a lot. This whole time his father hadn’t shown up even once, and that made me so sad. I now realized what a lonely life Kody must have had.

“When you get out tomorrow, you can stay at my place,” I told him. I hadn’t even discussed it with my family yet but I would just make them allow it.

“Are you crazy? I’m not gonna be your burden like that, I shall get private help and will stay at home.”

“But... Nobody is there for you...” I carefully said.

“Hopefully, my dad will come back in a week or so, and I’ll always have Mia.”

“Ok...” I was a little disappointed but I understood.

“Hey,” he said, making me look into his eyes. “I can always use some help in the shower though...”

I chuckled. “I’d like to help you with that...”

Oh, my heart pounded.

“Fuck, I can’t wait till it’s tomorrow,” he said with a wink.

Me neither if I was honest. The afternoon we spent together before his accident was on my mind every day.

“I might need a little help taking care of some business, you do understand that, right?” he asked, wiggling his eyebrows once.

“Is that so?” I asked. “Hmm... I do know that one hand of yours works perfectly, why not use that one?”

“You want a crippled man to do the job? Really, Arlow?”

I rolled my eyes, faking how it seemed so tiresome to me, (even though the truth was that my stomach already fluttered at the thought of touching him intimately again) “Well, alright then, cause you’re indeed a crippled man...”

“I see you blushing. I know you want it as badly as I do.”

He tugged at my shirt, pulling me closer, and whispered in my ear, “It’s on my mind all the time, Arlow. You and me in the shower, my naked body touching yours...”

I almost fell off my chair that instant.


“What if he doesn’t like me?” I asked Kody, who sat on his bed while I paced around in his bedroom. His father would join us for dinner in about 2 hours and I will get to meet the man for the first time.

“How can he not like you? And even if he doesn’t, which I can’t imagine, I wouldn’t care about his opinion anyway. You’re my boyfriend, he is my father. You make me happy, he should be thankful for you.”

“I don’t know...”

Last month, after Kody’s casts were taken off, I introduced him to my parents as my boyfriend and they were a little shocked but they responded so well to it. I was scared Kody’s father would be another story. “Trust me. He’ll be ok with it, mostly cause he doesn’t really care all that much anyway.” Kody grabbed my wrist and pulled me on his lap. “Actually, it’s kinda great he’s out so much. I always hated it, but right now, it’s like we have this place to ourselves. I should thank him in return...”

“Kody...,” I said, trying to free myself out of his grip but I could feel my body responding to him instantly and the way he sniffed into the air made me think he could smell it already.

“You said he tried to change and be home more often.”

“He is,” Kody said while he unbuttoned my shirt. “He was home for 4 days this month instead of 1 so we have progressed... Now let’s not talk about my father, hm?” he said, opening up the last button and shoving my shirt to the back, exposing my chest. “We have 2 hours...” He said. “So, I wanna make love to my boyfriend right now.”

“Make love? Yuk.”

He laughed hard. “Hahaha. What?”

“Who uses that term?” I asked.

Didn’t I secretly like it? Yes, I obviously did, but he didn’t need to know that. It really did feel like making love. Ever since we did it for the first time, 2.5 weeks ago. He was so gentle and sweet. It was my new favorite thing in the whole world.

“It’s cute,” he replied.

“It’s cheesy.”

“Haha.” He laughed.

“It’s cringy,” I then said.

“It’s how I feel when I’m with you,” he said, pushing me on the bed and hovering over me.

“Every day, I can’t wait for school to end. So we can meet again. After school is the best time of the day for me.”

I smiled too. “For me too, Kody.”


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