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45 Days

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45 Days is not the everyday romance. It is best written as more of an Anti-Romance style story due to the content of the story. Is love worth the struggle? That's what Aiden and Ally say until one unfaithful day when a horrible discovery on Valentine's Day. The combination of jealous romance and vices lead Ally and Aiden into the worst depths of themselves as they do everything under the sun to drive the other crazy after a devastating breakup just 45 days into a blossoming relationship. Ally, a bright and beautiful college student, wants the best of both worlds when she's caught between an old teenage crush and the new love of her life. By the time she decides who she wants, it's a little too late when she's caught red-handed. The outcome nearly ruins a life-long friendship with her best friend, Addison. The effects hit Aiden hard. It takes the bond he shares with Eddie, Dakota, and Rey to save Aiden from his demons. Life has been anything but fair for Aiden. Even though he's successful at work, and a talented pianist, on the inside, Aiden carries the hurt and loss buried deep within. Aiden's and Ally's lust-filled & vengeful torment towards each other make a deadly combination that drags their friends into the fold as it consumes their lives. Things travel down on rocky turf from the beginning of the breakup. Can every relationship be salvaged?

Romance / Drama
Jason Blayne
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45 Days

By Jason Blayne

Copyright © 2017 L.O.C.

Part 5 of 11



All Rights Reserved

Cover Art by Carey Abbot

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The characters & some of the locations in this story are fictional.

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