45 Days

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45 Days is not the everyday romance. It is best written as more of an Anti-Romance style story due to the content of the story. Is love worth the struggle? That's what Aiden and Ally say until one unfaithful day when a horrible discovery on Valentine's Day. The combination of jealous romance and vices lead Ally and Aiden into the worst depths of themselves as they do everything under the sun to drive the other crazy after a devastating breakup just 45 days into a blossoming relationship. Ally, a bright and beautiful college student, wants the best of both worlds when she's caught between an old teenage crush and the new love of her life. By the time she decides who she wants, it's a little too late when she's caught red-handed. The outcome nearly ruins a life-long friendship with her best friend, Addison. The effects hit Aiden hard. It takes the bond he shares with Eddie, Dakota, and Rey to save Aiden from his demons. Life has been anything but fair for Aiden. Even though he's successful at work, and a talented pianist, on the inside, Aiden carries the hurt and loss buried deep within. Aiden's and Ally's lust-filled & vengeful torment towards each other make a deadly combination that drags their friends into the fold as it consumes their lives. Things travel down on rocky turf from the beginning of the breakup. Can every relationship be salvaged?

Romance / Drama
Author Jason Blayne
5.0 1 review
Age Rating:

Chapter 1- Meet Alyssa Newman

Destiny. Ever meet that one person that would alter your perception of reality? Someone with such power that they not only touch your life, but they have the power to control your mind, body, and soul.

Could you live without that individual? How would you affect their life? Do you change each other, or do both people take parts of the other and carry them through their lives?

Allyssa Newman is such a person that will experience that in its entirety. She’s a beautiful bright young college student. She loves to whip her shoulder-length honey brown hair around to tease the boys around campus.

She likes to pamper herself to appear nearly flawless. Allyssa knows how to use her 110lb figure to her advantage. She is the girly girl of all her friends. Pristine should be her middle name. Her nails are always flawless and painted with a manicure, and always up early to paint on her makeup just right to highlight her cheekbones and pouty, luscious lips.

She puts her skills to good use when Ally visits her best friend. Addison, also known as Addie, attends Mountain State College, nearly an hour away in Huntington.

Everything in Ally and Addie’s universe are as snug as a bug in a rug. Life is going their way, but one weekend discovers a horrible secret.

It happens one Friday evening after Ally arrives at Addison’s apartment. The girls decide to go out to their favorite Japanese restaurant. While they sit at the front table close to the windows and stare out into the street, the girls come across a scene that horrifies them.

Ally sits there in disbelief as her high school sweetheart, Bill, parks up along the curb with a strange girl in the front seat of his car. Her mind flashes back to all the times she’s believed him when he stated he’s working overtime in the coal mine and how often he makes up excuses to avoid spending time with her between classes.

“Who the hell is that bitch?” Ally shouts when she sees a brunette get out of his car, kissing him on the lips.

“Oh, hell no, his ass is about to get hurt!” Addie mentions scooting her chair back to run out the door.

Addie isn’t exactly a carbon copy of Allyssa. She’s a little chunky for her short height, which barely reaches over five feet.

Addie’s been spoiled growing up in an upper-middle-class home. She loves to drink, party, and mess around with guys she picks up in class or the clubs. She is a wild child. That crazy demeanor combined with ash-blond hair compliments her deep-sea blue eyes that hide her lack of self-confidence due to her chunkiness.

“Hey, asshole! What the hell are you doing cheating on Allyssa? Lying two-faced limp dick pansy!”

Startled, Bill turns around, met with a left hook across the jaw. “You bitch!” He screams, holding his jaw.

Addie reaches out and takes him by the balls, squeezing as Bill yelps in agony.

“Let go, you crazy bitch.” He demands, clutching both his hands helplessly over her fist.

“Not until I crush a nut…” She tightens her grip as she lifts and pulls his swollen testicles in the process.

“Please… Let me go…” He begs as the heat pulses in his face, red from the pain.

“Apologize through the window. Look at Allyssa, crying and hurt. I should rupture your balls right now, you sack of shit.”

Bill twists his head to his date and begs for help. “Stop her, get her off my manhood.”

The skinny girl begins to regain her senses when Addison looks at her with a threat.

“Touch me, and I’ll sit my fat ass on your face to smoother you.”

Paused dead in her tracks, the girl lifts her hands backs away slowly before taking off down the block.

“You two-dollar hooker, get back here!” He screams with a higher-pitched voice, still trying to get Addie’s hand off his genitals with what little strength he has left.

Finally brave enough to walk outside, Ally takes her time to approach her now ex-boyfriend.

“Bill, I think it’s safe to say it’s over. I’m done with all the lies and bullshit. Addie baby, let’s go.” Wiping her eyes, Allyssa turns away to head for her car.

“Hey, psst, dummy, right here, look at my eyes.”

Bill turns his attention to Addie’s request.

“Don’t even think to run to the cops. You know who my daddy is and who he knows. Fuck with either of us and find out what happens to you. One phone call can ruin what’s left of your life. Adios douche canoe.” She releases his groin from the death grip.

He falls to the cracked piece of payment and rocks back and forth.

Addison needs to jog to catch Allyssa and is nearly out of breath.

“Hey, hold up, chickadee, this big girl can’t run far.” Ally dismisses the comment after she rolls her eyes.

“You’re not all that big, geez. Any way you look great. What do you want to do tonight? I can’t take sitting at your apartment. I’ll overthink things and go right back to that idiot.”

“I smell sweat and body lotion in our future. We’re going clubbin’ tonight!” Addison squeals excited.

“I could use some JD and Coke in my blood.” She continues as the girls get into Ally’s charcoal gray early 90’s Nissan Stanza.

When Ally goes to crank it over, the car stalls. “Come on, you piece of junk, start!” Infuriated, she slams her fist on the edge of the steering wheel.

“Damn it!” She screams, breaking down. “I wanna find someone decent. Is that too much to ask?”

Addie sits there, unsure of what to do or say at this point.

She tries one more time before she knows they’ll have to walk. Allyssa twists the key and brings the car to life. “Thank you!” she yells, placing her hands over her face to collect her composure.

“C’mon, I’ve got a shot of vodka at home with your name on it, chick,” Addie reveals in a soft tone.

Once her hands come down, Ally checks her mirror. She peers back and lets go of her sense between right and wrong. Ally gets out of the car and runs back to Bill. She kicks him dead square in his manhood field goal style, sending every ounce of anguish in her body into the kick.

“Ugh, you no good, worthless ho bag…” He grunts in pain. Kneeling to be in his face, she leans in to bitch slap him.

“Take it like the little slut you are. Worthless limp dick shit head, goodbye for good this time.” She gets back to her feet, strutting away with her pride, and feels a bit better.

Back into the car, Addie sits there, unable to muster the words in her mind.

“Now I’m ready for a shot and some dancing,” Ally says, dropping her car into gear to pull away.

“Cool…” Addie coos as she stares at her best friend.

The ladies park as close to the apartment’s steps and vanish to prepare for a night of fun and heavy drinking.

Taking a seat on the couch, Ally sits there waiting for her drink to arrive.

“Anytime today, ya filthy animal!” She teases, clapping her hands off her knees as the rage controls her actions.

“It’s coming, you tramp!”

Addie returns with a highball glass filled with two-thirds of vodka and ice.

“Bottoms up, you bad bitch!” She toasts when they clink their glasses.

“Here we go…” Ally announces, pressing the glass to her lips and chugs the clear spirit, and feels the burn in the back of her throat.

In a couple of deep breaths, Ally isn’t accustomed to ingesting that much alcohol at once. “How can you stomach this rock gut stuff?” She questions loudly.

“It’s liquid candy; you’ll get used to it. Have a second one.” Addison returns to the kitchen to pour their second round of drinks to the brim on the glass.

“You’re going to kill me!” Ally cries as her eyes grow in diameter.

“Gotta teach you somehow, babe, now take it all, or I’ll make you suck the bottle next time.”

Ally knows Addison will make good on her threat. Slowly she closes her eyes and takes two good deep breaths before tipping the glass back to do her best to hold down the alcohol.

When she begins to choke, Ally pushes through the pain to finish it off. “No more… Please…” she begs, about to drop the glass onto the carpet.

All Addy can do is laugh like a woman possessed. She takes the empty glass placing it in the sink to rinse it out.

“Bet you’re feeling good now.”

The room does begin to spin after it lands in Ally’s system taking its toll on her skinny stature.

“No way, I’m as fit as a fiddle.” She slurs as she tries to get to her feet.

“Lightweight…” Addie mumbles, standing in the kitchen.

“Bug boobs!” Ally teases back, shaking her C size breasts at her best friend.

“Damn right, and these babies get me laid a lot.”

The girls crack up. Back into the living room, Addie leans up against the wall.

“For real, though, you wanna hit the club tonight, or would you rather stay here and drink instead?”

That’s when Ally attempts to regain her senses and sit up without being woozy. Allyssa falls back where she begins to slur even more. “I don’t care. I want to be fucked up. I don’t deserve anything, so just keep the booze coming.”

Listening to her best friend be like this, Addie huffs and wishes she could absorb all the pain.

“We’ll stay in tonight, maybe next weekend or something for sure.”

Sliding down the wall, she sits there to keep an eye on Ally until she flops back on the couch with a glazed look in her eyes.

“Fine, can I take him back yet?” Allyssa sits there with new tears in her eyes, realizing all those years are flushed down the toilet.

Barely twenty-one Allyssa already had her life planned. After she graduates from West Virginia State College, not far from her home in Nitro, West Virginia, she will find the perfect job as a high school history teacher. Along with her high school sweetheart working in the coal mines, they’ll have a perfect life together.

“You can do better,” Addie says to soothe her best friend.

Within a few minutes, Ally is snoring.

“Perfect, sorry I made you think it was vodka. You’d kill me if you knew it was actually moonshine while I had water.”

The trickery does the trick. Addie sits there with her hands around her knees to think of a way to help.

Nearly two hours later, Ally lifts her eyelids slowly, feeling like an anvil landed on her temples. “Oh, did anyone get the number of that Mack truck?”

Addie twists her body from her computer chair and sits there with a smirk.

“Welcome back, sleepyhead. So, does the featherweight want to keep going with some more liquid therapy, or do we still want to head out later?”

“Don’t mention Liq…” Clinching her hand over her mouth, Allyssa dashes for the bathroom. She heaves for a minute. Addie sits there and listens from her chair as Ally pukes her orange-glazed chicken and stir-fried peppers.

“You okay?” She calls out when she hears the toilet flush.


Comfy and snickering quietly, Addie pulls a dastardly deed. She makes her way back into the kitchen, taking her bottle of spiced rum over to the doorway.

“Here’s exactly what you need. A shot of rum, just what the doctor ordered.”

Ally looks up with puppy dog eyes as her stomach unties the final knot sending more contents the wrong way inside her body.

“Oh hell no…” Ally sputters before her head returns, hidden from her hair over the toilet seat.

“Yeah, guess that’s a no for going out. Maybe I’ll fry some bacon or make ham and cheese. Maybe I’ll put in some bell peppers and hot sauce for flavor.”

Ally’s stomach continues to spasm, which keeps her locked to the porcelain goddess.

“I hate you…” She’s finally able to muster up with her head braced against her arms against the toilet.

“Just trying to help, I’ll let you get your stomach settled.”

“Addie, wait…” She pauses steps from the door.

“Yeah, love…”

Able to sit up from the toilet, Ally exhales a deep breath. “Thank you, I know it wasn’t what I needed per se. But you’re there when I need you, and you whipped his ass for me. I love you for that girl.”

Addie walks away without saying a word to return to her computer.

Ally picks herself up after a couple more minutes. Her legs are wobbly as her knees feel like rubber bands. “I think I’m done drinking like that for a while. I’ll stick with strawberry daiquiris.”

Addie, ignoring her best friend, has her nose stuck staring at her computer screen, worried about her term paper for chemistry class.

“Earth to Addison… You, me, mixed drinks, ring a bell?” Snapped out of the trance, Addie rotates around.

“Sorry, just worried about this term paper.”

Going over to look over Addie’s shoulder, Ally nudges her out of the way. “Go make us some daiquiris.”

Out of anger, Addison marches over to the kitchen. Ally takes the seat over and begins to speed read over the paper and research notes. Able to piece it all together, Ally takes it upon herself to get the report started.

When she hears Ally type up a storm, after the blender dices the ice, Addie peeks around the corner to see Ally stare at her report.

“Hey, don’t do that for me!” She tells Ally with two glasses filled to the brim.

“You needed help, and I got this. Consider it my way to thank you for earlier.” Ally stops long enough for Addie to read over the work she’s done.

“Okay, never mind, I’m blown away since it’s better than that trash I had typed up.”

Together they work on the remainder of the paper while they enjoy more alcohol. Once they’re finished with the report, the girls head back over to the couch for a few hours’ to watch some sappy 80’s movies. Together they laugh, mock, and cry as they act out scenes on the couch. Addie does everything she can to help Ally feel better as she begins to heal from the wounds of betrayal.

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