45 Days

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Chapter 14- Pyramid of Love

To keep the questions down to a minimum, Aiden barely boasts about his new car at work. Able to keep it from Addie, knowing she would beg to take it out one day after work.

Even though she has no clue about the Mach 1 Mustang in the back parking lot, she approaches Aiden Friday evening before taking off.

“Knock, knock,” she begins in the doorway to his office.

“Hey, you survived your first-week congrats. What can I do ya for?”

She rests her hand against the frame she dips her head slightly, “Um, since I figure you don’t have any plans if you wouldn’t mind to grab a bite to eat or something.”

Aiden tries to decide if it’s a good idea or not since she is an intern and tries to politely shoot it down until he sees the frown on her face.

“Well, I would, but given that we could be seen in public and I oversee your internship, that could be taken the wrong way.”

“Oh…” She lowers her head, dropping her hand down to her side.

“Tell you what, pick up some Chinese food, and we’ll meet at your place. Who knows, maybe some time with someone pretty and new is what I need. It’s got be beat going home to an empty house or having Rey come over just to drink.”

A smile emerges while she stands there. In her mind, Addie dances like a schoolgirl.

“Cool, anything specific you like I can pick up?”

Shaking his side to side, Aiden looks over at her, “not really, I’m good with Orange or General Tso Chicken, or maybe some Sweet and Sour Duck and some Low Mein noodles.” Aiden tells her not picky when it comes to Chinese takeout.

Not willing to take the chance to allow him to change his mind. Addie turns away, walking to her car for downtown to pick up food and prepare for a night to get to know the guy she’s beginning to develop romantic feelings.

“I don’t know why I’m doing this. It’s Ally’s ex that she loves. What am I thinking trying to put the moves on him?” She wonders to herself, walking up to place her to-go order.

“Hi, may I help you?” The little Chinese lady asks behind the register.

“Yeah, just need an order of General Tso, Orange, and Sweet and Sour duck with rice, Low Mein noodles with some steamed veggies, please.”

Addie stands off to the side with her debit card to pay for it and waits for her order trying to go over things to make sure she doesn’t muck it up when Aiden arrives.

“Hi, miss, your order is ready, thank you and have a nice day.”

Addie takes the food out to the car.

Once she’s home and quickly cleans things up, Addie begins pulling out the heavy liquor accompanied by a couple of tall glasses.

“Got big plans?” Her roommate asks from the bedroom doorway.

“Yeah, I have a friend coming over in a little bit and just wanted to let loose ya know,” Addie informs her.

“Be careful, and I’ll see ya when I get back from vacation.”

Addie gives a simple “later girl” while she places the cartons of food on the table.

It’s nearly a quarter to five o’clock by the time Aiden pulls up with the roar of a different car. Addie walks outside to the edge of the steps, where she sees the Mustang.

“Holy shit! That’s a kick-ass car, is it a rental?”

Aiden approaches the steps and laughs.

“No, it’s mine. I got it at the beginning of the week. The Civic finally bit the dust, so I had to rush to get a car. Thank goodness I have a damn good banker, but it is a beauty, itn’t it.”

As Aiden climbs the metal steps, Addie’s attraction becomes more robust as she watches him get closer.

“Well, I got food waiting on us. Anything special you wanna do?”

Aiden shakes his head no, “Eat and drink for a while sounds good enough to me.”

After she steps back to give them room, Addie hugs Aiden. She softly inhales the scent of his cologne.

“I’m starving. Let’s eat!” He states, trying to get out of her grip.

“Sorry, just excited that’s about us having fun kicking back.”

Nervous, Aiden finds it odd when she takes him by the hand, interlocking her fingers with his.

“C’mon, sweetie, let’s eat.”

Thinking nothing of it, they go inside, where the fun slowly settles into a groove.

“This the kind of fun I haven’t had in quite some time,” Aiden admits slamming down double shots every few minutes.

“Take it easy; I want the fun to last for a while,” Addie says, taking his glass.

“Ah hell, you think this is gonna cause the fun to stop; then you’re dead wrong.” Aiden begins to slur the more he talks.

“If you say so handsome.” She rests her hand against his cheek, giving him a soft look of passion.

“Hey, are you staring at me? I can’t tell between the three of you. Wow, three pretty ladies staring at me, cool.” He cracks up, slurring, trying to fight the heaviness in his eyes.

“Shhh, just relax and enjoy.” She whispers, pressing her finger against his lips.

Aiden is barely conscious when Addie lightly presses her lips against his. As they embrace in a drunken kiss, Aiden seemingly slips away from the world and passes out on the futon folded couch.

She pulls away when he stops reacting to her touch, Addie sits there staring at him.

“Night, my sweet prince. I wish you hadn’t passed out on me yet I had plans for us.”

After a hunch, Addie reaches over and rubs Aiden’s crotch to discover that she got him hard with the kiss before he passed out.

“Oh, I shouldn’t, but damn I want you.” Her hands begin to tremble slightly, and she fumbles around to unbuckle his belt to open his pants.

Aiden shifts in his seat as Addie pulls her hands back quickly. “Fuck…” she whispers, waiting for him to settle down again.

She slowly lowers the futon from a couch to a bed, where she gradually slips his pants down a little lower.

“Easy, don’t wake him up.” She repeats in a low tone.

When she finally gets his slacks down far enough, she notices that he’s still hard as a rock.

She unbuttons her jeans and slips out of them down beside Aiden. She gently lifts her leg over his body into position, taking her hand to guide his stiffened dick to her body. Addie lowers her body down until she feels his legs against her body.

“Ugh, this feels amazing…”

She moans with her head back and indulges as her body goes up and down at a leisurely pace working her body to its first orgasm.

Her breathing becomes erratic. She knows she can’t pick up the pace. Her mind shatters when together with Aiden when another orgasm occurs. After her body and mind reconnect from the euphoric sensation. She remains there until she feels Aiden slip out of her body.

“Oh my God! That was intense!” She whispers, lifting her leg back over Aiden.

When she regains the strength in her legs, Addie stands up to carefully slide Aiden’s pants back up and make it appear that nothing happened.

After Addie picks up her jeans, she heads to the bedroom, where she slips into pajamas. While she’s in there with the door shut, Aiden barely peeks his eye open enough to make sure it’s safe to move.

Worked like a charm…” In his mind, he says being awake the entire time.

He didn’t want to ruin the rush for Addie. When the door begins to open, Aiden clenches his eyes back together.

She brings out a pillow and blanket for Aiden. She lifts his head placing it on the pillow, and throws the blanket over his body.

“Goodnight, see you in the morning.” She leans in, kissing Aiden on the cheek, then disappears to her room to sleep off the effects of the alcohol mixed combined with a heightened sense of comfort.

In the morning, when Addie comes to, she stretches before she rolls out of bed. She wiggles her way to the door, finally convinced that she’s going to tell Aiden how she feels about him.

“What that …” She says, looking out to see the food thrown away and the living room straightened back up with the futon in the upright position—her phone dings with a text message reminder. Addie goes over to it and sees the message left from Aiden.

Hey, gal, I didn’t wanna wake you, but I had a blast last night. We’ll do it again soon, I promise. I didn’t want to disturb you, so please don’t get mad, later doll face-Aiden.

Addie feels disappointed. She’s also delighted Aiden thought about her before taking off, unlike others have done.

Over the next six weeks, the two of them carry on as nothing else happens between them. Aiden doesn’t mention that he was awake, and Addie buries her feelings, especially when Ally begins to start coming over to the apartment again.

She’s stuck in the middle of an epic internal battle. Every time she talks or looks at Ally, the guilt eats away at her. While at the same time, she can’t run to Aiden and mention what all she and Ally discuss about how bad both want to be with him.

On the final day of her summer session internship, Aiden treats the entire ensemble of interns and his employees to a luncheon with pizzas. As they all joke around and get what they want, Aiden stands up, giving a toast.

“Today is the final day for all you interns. You’ve been a great group, and after talking to my team, it’s going to be tough figuring out who to hire when you all graduate because you’ve shown such promise already. Nonetheless, we do have other plants around the country. I can submit your names to those plants upon your graduation if you want that opportunity. Let me know before you leave today. Other than that, this is my way to say thank you, so dig in.”

They all raise their glasses, then devour their food and return to the final few hours of work.

When Aiden clocks out, he walks the long way out to his Mustang, where he sees Addie up against the driver’s side door.

“Hey, been waiting on you to show up. Listen, I’m having a little celebration with the others to unwind from this place. I’d love for you to come by at some point and have some fun with us. I need to talk to you anyways.” Addie babbles on as the butterflies flutter in her stomach.

Aiden pulls an unexpected suggestion Addie didn’t see coming, “Why cramp everyone into that tiny apartment? I could throw a party at my place and have the room to have a good time. Get ahold of your people and just drive on out to the house. Been a while since I had a good shindig.”

Watching her eyebrows lift behind her oversized sunglasses, Addie nods her head.

“Cool, I’ll have everyone arrive around what eight, maybe nine.”

“Make it ten, let’s make it a real Friday night party, c’mon now, girl, you know me.”

Addie pushes off the car door as she walks by Aiden and slides her hand across the back of his.

“See you then, big boy.” She teases and lowers her sunglasses to wink at Aiden.

“Bye, beautiful, don’t be late,” Aiden says and clicks the keyless entry to toss in his laptop case.

“Fun times tonight.” He says, placing the key into the ignition.

On his way out to the house, Aiden begins picking stuff up and pulls out the cheap plastic dishes. That’s when a bright idea occurs; he calls up Dakota and asks for a favor.

“Hey, what’s up, Big A?”

“Gotta favor bub, how’d that last CD we made come out, any good?”

“Yeah, it came out pretty damn well if you ask me, why?”

Aiden sits and waits as Dakota cranks it up in the background and yells over the music.

“I’m throwing a party tonight, and if you bring that with you, you can attend. I’ll invite the other two, and we’ll have a blast!” Aiden screams into the phone.

“Cool deal, what time?”

“Be here by nine, bub, and be ready to have fun.”

“Cool deal, ’til then Big A, later.”

For safety reasons, Aiden locks up the music room and his bedroom. Afterward, he makes a massive pizza order and picks it up a half-hour before the band arrives. Until then, he reads before Dakota and Rey arrive about the same time.

“What’s up, dawg?” Dakota calls out, climbing out of the car.

“Not much little biatch looks like we have a party to crash and women to hit on.” Rey teases.

They share a laugh and walk straight into the house, where they see Aiden slumped in his chair.

“What’s the good word, man?” Rey asks, shutting the door.

“Ready to kick this thing off. There’s semi-warm pizza on the table, cold beer in the frig, and a range of liquor options.”

Aiden gets up to exchange their usual hello handshakes. Aiden takes the CD from Dakota and pops it into the stereo.

“Damn right, that sounds badass, bub!” Aiden admits cranking up the volume to the CD.

“That has everything we’ve done and saved to the laptop. So the Ohio Rock Festival best be ready for us next spring.” Dakota boasts, throwing up a rock-n-roll gesture with his hand.

That’s when Aiden kills the music. The three of them wait around for Eddie to show up, which doesn’t happen before they arrive.

The party kicks off in style as everyone heads into the kitchen to get a bite to eat and vanishes to the back deck. The socializing continues for a while, with the regular radio providing them music to dance. Aiden doesn’t switch it to the band’s album until Addie arrives and walks back to the rear deck.

“Alright, we’re all here. Keys are in the lockbox and secured until we all sober up. Have fun, get drunk and enjoy the summer party!” Aiden announces, standing on top of the patio table.

“Hey doll face, about time that…” Aiden stops dead in his tracks when he sees an uninvited guest pop into the house.

“What the fuck is she doing here?” He asks, seeing Ally inside.

“I told her you were having a party, but I swear I didn’t invite her. I promise.” Addie admits feeling her face begin to glow from embarrassment.

“No way!” He growls, heading inside to figure out why she came.

“Before you start, let me explain, please.” Ally begins feeling her heart pound in her chest.

“You have three minutes, and then you’re out of here.”

Ally reaches for his hand and takes Aiden to the bedroom, where he unlocks the door as they sit on the bed to talk.

In silence, the two of them stare at each other and wonder who’s going to make the first move.

“What are you doing here?”

Ally leans back, supporting her weight on her elbows, “I wanted, no, I needed to see you. We haven’t talked in months, and you still look good.”

His eyes burn a glare right through her. Aiden sits there with angry energy in his eyes, “Why are you here, Allyssa?”

“I told you, to see you, I still miss you and care about you, Aiden. I showed up the day you played to talk. I still want to get back together with you. I was there for you and am still here for you.”

Aiden listens to her, and the stare begins to soften when he hears about Ally wanting him back.

With the mistake of moving his eyes, Ally takes the chance to grab Aiden by his shirt, pulling him down with her to the bed to kiss him. Her hands are locked with a death grip, so he can’t pull away. Ally pulls him closer with passion behind her attempt.

Meanwhile, the party continues without the host as most in attendance wonder what’s happening behind the closed bedroom door.

“Think they’re about to get back together?” Rey asks, trying to keep an open ear towards the door.

“God, I hope not. He was a total douche canoe when she cheated on him before. I’d hate to see how bad it’d get if history repeats itself.”

Rey tries not to choke at Eddie’s smart-ass remark to disguise his fear while chugging down a beer, “Good one, man, that was good, douche canoe.”

To hide her jealousy, Addie begins drinking twice as hard, knowing Ally has mucked up her plans to get Aiden alone and make her case for being with him.

You bitch, you just ruined everything. I should be with him, not her. She’s in there alone with MY man. Damn it, Ally, damn you to Hell.” She screams internally with a look of pure anger.

As the party forgets about its host, everyone carries on the fun listening to the music, dancing, and drinking like there’s no end in sight.

While Aiden is preoccupied with Ally, he forgets about the past as his mind and heart melt again. When he’s able to break away for air, he stares deep into her eyes.

“I love you,” Aiden whispers, brushing her hair back behind her shoulder.

“I love you too, baby doll; can I have you?” Ally replies.

He leans in for another kiss and rolls their bodies to lay flat on the bed. Aiden takes and runs his hands to the bottom of her shirt, pulling it up Ally’s still toned body that creates a pause the kiss.

He unsnaps Ally’s bra as she slips it off, tossing it from the bed. Aiden shifts to nibbling on Ally’s ear and breathes softly into it, working his way down to her neck. It causes her to arch her back as the heatwave builds between their bodies.

Aiden slithers off the bed and gets out of his clothes. Once he’s naked, he leans down to unbutton Ally’s shorts, pulling them off along with her bikini style panties. She scoots back on the bed and waits for Aiden to crawl over her. Once his body drops down, Aiden shoves straight inside Ally’s body. He doesn’t waste time when he begins to make her moan as he picks up the pace.

“God yes, don’t stop… Aiden… Baby… Oh God, yes… I love you.” She moans, digging her nails into his back for dear life.

“Ally, I love you, please don’t leave again.” He groans as the bed begins to rock and squeak.

“I won’t. I promise just don’t stop, not yet, oh God, no, no, no…” She squirms as Aiden releases within as her body orgasms.

“Ally…” He grunts as times allows them to recover.

“Come here,” she whispers, kissing him as her pulses begin to slow.

“Hate to say this, but I think we need to get back to the party,” Aiden says, remembering there’s a house filled with people.

“No, please let them have fun. Your friends are out there. Stay here with me and cuddle.” Ally begs with her arm around his shoulders.

“For you anything, my love.”

Ally and Aiden forget about the party as Eddie and Dakota take control, shutting it down just after two in the morning.

“Guess they ain’t coming out,” Eddie mentions picking up trash along the deck.

“Guess not, oh well, let’s just pray it lasts this time,” Dakota tells him as an uneasy sensation slugs him in the gut.

The fellas clean up the best they can and take off. Addie vanished earlier without anyone realizing it. After they walk out and lock the front door, they say nothing else between them and head home. One wish is they hope the result doesn’t end up the way they sense is about to happen.

Before the sun even appears in the sky, Aiden comes to discover Ally’s gone. When he turns on the lamp, she’s missing with a note on the pillow.

Aiden, this was a mistake, I’m sorry, but I can’t do this. I will always love you, but something inside of me can’t seem to allow myself to be with you. I know you won’t believe me. I’m crying my eyes out writing this, goodbye Aiden. Love always, Allyssa

He crumbles the note up and flings it off the bed. Aiden sits there as the anger returns all over again

“Damn it!” He yells, flopped back onto his pillow to figure out his next move, “Fine! She wants to play games. Then we’ll play games. I’ll get you back one day. Mark my words Allyssa. I will get you back.”

His anger is now a tool rather than a defense. Aiden shifts his focus to planning out his revenge.

He heads to the kitchen and takes a Blue Moon from the frig. Back in the bedroom, he pauses, taking a long glance into the mirror.

“Time for a change.” He tells himself, unable to stomach his appearance any longer, “Yeah, time for a new version of me. Maybe one the world will like even more.”

With something in mind, Aiden smiles with evil intent as the poison of pain engulfs his mind, spirit, and body.

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