45 Days

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Chapter 2- Aiden Hart

After a few weeks, Ally begins to fall victim to another emotional funk. She must drive by Bill’s apartment going to and from class. Once Ally finishes out the semester, she heads to Huntington after finals to blow off steam.

On their first free Friday night of summer break, Ally and Addie are gussied up for a night of club bouncing in Huntington. They park along Fourth Avenue; the girls get out, and their attention is quickly drawn to a quartet of cars that approach Third Avenue.

The downtown nightlife comes to life between the buildings.

“Oh wow, talk about some nice cars,” Addie mentions them as they drive close to the girls. The light turns red and forces the cars to come to a halt.

Each car begins reeving its engine as a way to communicate. Both ladies stand in amazement—especially Ally loving the hunter green Honda CRX with a black hood with the loudest exhaust.

“Now that’s a car I want. Any guy who drives that can have me any way he wants me.” She adds, waiting to see the cars take off.

When the light shifts to green, the cars soar by Ally and Addie as the drivers yell in excitement. First, the multicolored Mitsubishi Starion takes the lead, followed tied in second by a late 1980’s model tan and dark brown Nissan Maxima and 90’s Carolina Blue Mazda MX-6.

Up last to get a view of the two girls is the guy in the CRX. He stares at them and winks as he goes by.

“Well, there ya go, find that guy and rattle his bones.” Addie teases.

Instantly her eyes are locked on the guy. Addie does her best to memorize his features in the event they see them again.

“Well, come on, chick, we’re wasting dance night!” Ally reminds, sauntering away.

Sprinting to catch up, Ally and Addie walk two blocks to the first club of the night. Inside they don’t leave the dance floor for more than an hour.

When the DJ announces that karaoke is about to begin, they leave, going down another block back over to Third Avenue to a club known as ‘Mixers’ where they mix techno and early 90’s music.

“This blows, I say one more club, and if they play shitty music like this, we’re going home,” Addie screams over the music.

“Yeah, almost everyone here is a wallflower, geez.”

With a tug at Addie’s low-cut shirt, Ally leads the way out of the club to figure out which way to go next.

They strut up the block to the last club along Third Avenue. The girls come across two clubs in one building.

“Huh, this one seems promising. The Wild Buck and Silver Fluid.” Ally reads aloud, seeing the neon sign lit brightly.

“Well, c’mon, let’s go see what all they have to offer.” Addie states after she follows in a couple of men in tight blue jeans with dress shirts with cowboy hats.

They push their way through the crowd. The club is alive and bouncing like crazy as both sides play hip hop and country music.

“Hell yeah, now this is more like it!” Addie calls out drowned out by the bass.

There’s not a single body along the wall standing still to the groove of the song. Lights flash everywhere over at the Silver Fluids club while The Wild Buck people line dance.

“Wow, this place is insane,” Ally admits sliding by bodies left and right. Slowly they get past the door between the two clubs, where Ally finds her stride on the floor.

“Now, this is my kind of place.” She says, seeing Addie’s eyes locked on the cowboy dressed men on the other side. “Go…” She tells Addie, noticing her best friend’s interested in the cowboy.

Quickly she scampers away with a glow in her eyes. Addie goes over and immediately and talks to three different guys with the guy she noticed. Within a minute, one of them buys her a drink and vanishes behind the wall to dance.

Several guys come up to Ally to hit on her and get her to leave with them.

“Hey, cuteness, how about we groove for a song?” He suggests.

“No thanks, I’m good…” Ally replies.

“Hey sweetie, how about a dance and a date?” A second guy asks immediately.

“No thanks, I’m taken…” She lies through her teeth.

“Hey sweet thing, care to move with a real man?”

She politely turns them all down, smiling, and appreciates the gesture. Back in the doorway, Addie realizes if she doesn’t help break the power Bill has over her tonight, it’ll end up with him able to make a return.

That’s when Addies glances at the bar, as her attention is stuck on four guys. It dawns on her after a couple of seconds that it’s the guys who were showing off earlier. She recognizes the guy with the CRX and heads over to him to buy drinks.

Up against the edge of the bar, she tries to flaunt herself a little to get their attention.

“Hi, what can I get ya sweet stuff?” The female bartender asks, slapping the bar.

“Get me a Jack and Coke and a Heineken” the bartender goes to get the drinks and quickly exchange the drinks for cash.

About to turn around, Addie’s luck seems to pay off. She bumps into one of the guys.

“Excuse me, little lady, my bad.” The tall, dark-haired stranger says with his hands on her side.

“Oh, it’s all fine, and so are you…” She lets slip out to embarrass herself.

“Uh thanks, can I help you with those?” He asks to make up for nearly sending her to the floor.

Aiden, the guy who bumped into her, is a homegrown product of Huntington. He’s 25, fit with a decent tone in muscle build. Addie sees him as the perfect guy for Ally when she stares into his dark chocolate brown eyes.

“Actually, you can, mind if I ask you for a favor?” She can’t resist looking over to Ally.

“See that girl over there in the dark green tank top. Take this over to her and make her dance with you. That’s my girl Allyssa, and she just went through a bad break up. She could use someone being a little polite to her. That would make me forget about you nearly killing me.”

Aiden cuts up with laughter, but when his eyes find Ally out on the dance floor, he’s caught instantly by her beauty as he watches her on the dance floor, his concentration shifts to her body.

“You got it, give it here…” He mumbles, reaching for the beer.

“Aiden… Hey dawg, really, hey! Aiden!” His best friend Dakota yells to grab him.

“Sorry, guy, he’s smitten on my girl.”

After a sip of her mixed drink, Addie’s about to learn that she might have made a mistake.

“Hey, she’s hotter than that ho he’s engaged to now.”

Suddenly spewing her liquor, she’s about to stop him, but she’s stopped by Ally by a thumbs up when Aiden comes over to her.

“Don’t worry. He won’t play your girl. He’s not a bad guy, just has a bad bitch.” One of the other guys with Aiden instructs to ease her fear.

“He best not; I’ll rip his balls off his body.” Ally chugs down the beer in a matter of seconds. She sees them talk and head over to the other club. She follows closely behind with his friends behind her.

Leaving the club together, they make it around the corner by the time Addie catches up.

“Stop… He’s…. He’s engaged…Damn, I gotta learn to run.” Addie’s bent over to catch her breath when Ally straightens the facts.

“I know, we’re just going to talk. Aiden mentioned it on the way out here that they’re having issues and wanted a woman’s take on a few matters.”

Ashamed, Addie remains a few steps behind.

“Now you said you think she’s cheating. What gives you that idea?” Ally continues to go on as they stare at each other while they walk.

“Well, she goes to work, even on her days off. Her boss constantly calls, and she’s changed her appearance to how he likes women, and oddly enough, she’s stopped putting out. I mean, like you really need to know that, but she’s gone from wanting kids to not want them at all now.”

Playfully tapping her finger against her chin, Ally playfully acts as she cares.

“That doesn’t say much really because people change, but then again, who am I to judge.” She mentions with a semi-serious tone.

Addie rolls her eyes as they continue to walk over to a late-night pizzeria. Addie shoves her hands in her pockets, becoming the third wheel.

“Look, dude, if you think she is, then approach her about it. Don’t be a pussy, hell only reason I wanted you to talk to my girl is one you are kind of cute, and two, she’s going to drool when she finds out you’re the guy with the green car she liked.”

That’s when Allyssa stops dead in her tracks; she can’t believe her ears.

“That’s your car? Forget food. I wanna ride in it!” Ally takes her keys out of her pocket to toss them back to Addie.

“I’ll be back later, don’t wreck my jalopy.”

After a good laugh from her reaction, Aiden points over to the parking garage as they disappear into the stairwell.

“You little two-faced bitch!” Addie insults when she hears laughter from behind. “Can I help you, stalkers much?”

The tallest member of the ensemble speaks up first.

“No, just hilarious, he’s engaged, and they take off with instant chemistry. I think your girl might be what he needs to get out of his funk.”

“At her expense, uh, I don’t quite think so. I will beat his ASS if he touches her.”

Dakota shakes his head, knowing his best friend better than that, and motions for the other two to take off.

“She’s in good hands, now chill, and he’ll bring her back. He ain’t a playa’, take my word for it. He’s been with the same slut since high school and college.”

Not ready to buy what they tell her, Addie strolls back over to the car going home and brings out a bottle of spiced rum.

“Take off and leave me high and dry. Find you a guy, and I can’t even land one of his friends to get laid. Geez, what a great fucking night this was.”

Meanwhile, Aiden escorts Allyssa to his car; she instantly runs up to look over it. She loves the car instantly.

“Like it much?” Aiden teases, gliding up to his car to unlock the doors with the keyless entry.

“Oh c’mon, let’s go! I love Civics!”

Aiden and Ally get into the car to continue their time together, where he gives the engine a little fuel to spool the turbo as Allyssa nearly drools.

Once they’re out onto the street, Aiden is thrilled as Ally hangs out the window having a blast.

“Faster!” She screams with her air whipped hair going everywhere when she fastens her seatbelt.

“Glad to see someone have fun with me around.” Smacking him on the leg, Ally makes an offer Aiden can’t believe.

“If you ever become available, I get you next…”

Aiden’s able to pick up on what and how she just said.

“Well now, I must say that is an interesting proposal. I will keep that in mind, but for now, I could use a friend if you wouldn’t mind.”

Not able to hesitate, Ally pops off, “like duh” they share a heart-filled hoot and holler as they go slow along Fourth Avenue, heading back towards Mountain State College’s campus.

“Ah, this is a sweet ride, uh Aiden, is it?”

Aiden takes his time to respond. He checks that it’s clear before he pulls through the blinking caution light down by the flood wall.

“Yeah, and thanks, I’ve had it since high school.”

In an attempt to fish the waters, Ally attempts to learn more about him.

“So, what do you do for a living? I’m guessing something in business.” Ally asks.

Aiden gives a vague description of his career.

“Yeah, it’s something like that, I guess you can say. I work in a lab for a medical device company. I monitor bacteria development and growth in the production areas. I also monitor ionized water levels to ensure they remain within specifications.”

Allyssa is impressed, “Wow, that must pay pretty good then.”

Shrugging his shoulders, Aiden gives a ballpark figure just to close the subject.

“Eh, just a bit over $27 an hour.”

She’s caught off guard by what he said—Ally whistles from a high to low tone.

“So, um, what about family? Born and raised around here or stayed here after college?”

“Yeah, I grew up on the East end of the city. Parents are dead, died in a crash when a doctor hit them head-on completely drunk off his ass.”

Hunkered down, she feels a bit of shame; Ally apologizes. “I’m so sorry to hear that.”

Aiden thinks nothing of it since it’s been several years.

“It’s cool now. The lawsuit paid for college, and I even had enough to buy a simple little ranch style house that I call home. My sister already blew through her half of it, and well, we don’t talk much these days.”

She takes her hand and gently rubs it over Aiden’s. Allyssa begins to feel a bond with him.

“As much as it sucks that you’re taken, I am glad we met tonight. If you have a pen and paper, I’ll give you my cell, and we can keep in touch.”

“I’d like that, and believe me, if I were single, I’d ask you on a real date. You are gorgeous, if I may say so.”

She blushes, sinking further into the seat.

“Thank you…” she mentions as they drive around Cruise Avenue where car clubs meet.

“Guess I should get you home soon, huh.”

In a deep breath, Ally reluctantly agrees.

“Yeah, I guess, but one more trip around before you take me back?”

Not wasting a second to prolong their time together, Aiden circles back around to the edge of the city limits to cruise down Third and Fifth Avenues before Ally gives him directions to Addison’s.

Pulled up behind Ally’s car, they sit there feeling the urge to kiss, but they know they can’t.

“I had fun, and I needed this.” Ally says when she turns to face him.

“I did too. Hopefully, we can chill again sometime again soon.” Ally smiles before she leans in for a farewell hug.

“Oh, don’t forget to give your number.” Aiden reminds her when they hug.

“Oh yeah…” When they separate from the hug, Aiden shocks her when he slips in a kiss on the cheek.

“Sorry, I couldn’t resist.”

Ally searches all over for a pen and can’t say anything feeling that it will ruin the moment.

She manages to find a ripped envelop with a dull pencil that she uses to scribble down her name and number before running for the steps.

“Bye, beautiful” Aiden leans out the window as he begins to pull out.

He takes the back-way home. When he arrives, he sees his fiancé’s manager pass him several feet from the road home.

“Now that screams cheating,” he mentions as his joy fades away to anguish. Speeding up, he takes the final curve a little fast and squalls the tires fairly loud, keeping the car in his lane.

He gets home and kills his lights once he pulls up to avoid detection. He holds in the clutch to sail up to the garage door. Aiden shuts his car off and slips out to walk into the house.

He gets inside to find Mitzi nearly out cold on the couch with a powdery substance under her nose.

Aiden’s fiancé is Native American with pitch-black hair with an hourglass figure, and her dark complexion was the feature that caused Aiden to be attracted to her.

She’s always been at odds with his lifestyle. Mitzi hates everything that surrounds his life, from his friends to his choice of career.

“What the hell is this shit?” He screams, shaking her out of her heavy daze.

“Hey, there, doll babe. I uh had a light dinner with some new pain pills. Do you want to try? Hector did, and he’s around here somewhere.”

Pulling his hands away from her shoulders, Aiden notices something odd when the blanket begins to slide off her shoulders.

“Are you naked?” He questions when he rips the blanket from her body.

“Yeah, I guess so, it got hot.” She strains to comment.

“So, you are sleeping with your boss.” Laughing at his accusation, Mitzi stomps her feet on the floor.

“Yes, I let him do whatever he wanted to me tonight.”

Aiden wants to shove her out the door but knowing she’s a danger to herself and the public if he kicks her out in her current condition.

“Well, whatever, I’ll deal with you later. I’m going to bed, and don’t even think about joining me.”

He helps her lie down on her side. Aiden covers her back up. He goes to the guest bedroom and eventually passes out after his temper settles down.

A few hours later, he feels something soft up against his body. Mitzi reaches over and tries to kiss him. “No,” he states, denying her, which pisses her off, which doesn’t help with her mood swing and headache.

“You’re my future husband. I will kiss and suck your dick any day I damn well please.”

Able to break away from her naked body, Aiden isn’t sure what to do without starting another argument.

“Look, we need to evaluate our relationship. You’re already sleeping with your boss, and now you’re addicted to drugs. I don’t get it, what happened to you? You used to be so beautiful and vibrant. We were great together and had fun. You were the girl of my dreams, and I still love you, but I’m not in love with you anymore.”

It all sinks in her mind; Mitzi stews for a moment before she loses her temper.

“Oh! Like you’re so perfect. You go out cruising and racing with those so-called friends who hate my guts. And oh so sorry that I don’t do the makeup and dress up thing anymore. Sorry that me being a Tom Boy is such an embarrassment for you. As for fucking Hector, yeah, I love his bronze skin. He’s Mexican, and I’m mostly Native American, so get used to it or move out!”

He loses his temper at last. “Whoa, this is MY house, I bought it, I pay the taxes on it. I’m the one that makes the bulk of our money. I’m not the assistant manager at some low-class Mexican restaurant. If anyone is leaving, it’s you, skank.”

She laughs as Mitzi sends them sailing off the bed and pins Aiden to the floor, where she digs her razor-sharp nails into his shirt breaking the skin.

“Get the hell off me now!”

She puts down more weight as she sinks her nails in more. “Mitzi, stop, please. I don’t wanna hurt you or do something I’m going to regret.”

She hisses inches from his face. Aiden shifts his weight suddenly and gets on top of her. Using her high-pitched scream to nearly rupturing his eardrums.

“Rape, bastard, pig ass monkey.”

Aiden places his hand over her mouth to try to cool her down.

“Stop! Damn it. I don’t want you to leave. I don’t want to either, but you’re going to have to quit your job and stop screwing your boss, or it’s over. Can you agree to that?”

As she squirms and bites at his arms, Mitzi goes out of her mind. “No, I want you both, I need you both, and you will leave me this house. Now get your ass out of my house!” She yells.

As he sighs to let her up, Aiden makes his way out of the bedroom back into the living room, where he flops in his recliner to relax. Seconds after he’s reclined, Mitzi comes from behind, punching him and slapping him over and over.

“Bitch, get out now!” He brawls from his chair, ready to slam her onto the floor.

After putting on clothes, Mitzi takes off nearly wrecks a couple of times, trying to back out of the driveway. She peels out and neutral drops her rusted yellow Jeep pickup truck to give Aiden a minute to breathe without worry about getting attacked.

“Guess it’s time to do something about this.” He convinces himself already feeling regret about kicking Mitzi out, still messed up on drugs.

He knows he needs some rest to clear his head. Aiden lays there with his arm over his eyes until he passes out and lets go of his thoughts controlled with confusion and pain.

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