45 Days

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The Long-Awaited Conclusion…

Nearly a decade of success has followed Dakota, Aiden, Eddie, and Rey. They’ve toured the world, and as things wind down to take a prolonged break to spend time at home. They set up one epic block style party concert.

“Hello Huntington, we are home. We are here to close out one hell of a world tour. This place is home, and we couldn’t think of anywhere else to put things on hold while we work on all new material.” Aiden announces at center stage.

“A huge thank you to Mountain State College for allowing us to close out a three-day event in the football stadium. Now, are you all ready to rock?” Aiden asks the crowd looking out over the field flooded with fans up to the top row.

The band soaks in the thunderous applause, and the show begins. They start with the very first handful of songs from the days of practicing in Dakota’s garage and continue through the length of songs from the first few albums before ending the first night of the concerts.

“Alright, everyone, thank you for coming out. We love you, Huntington! We’ll see you tomorrow night, be safe and raise hell!” Aiden says to close out the show as the crowd goes wild.

Walking backstage, it’s déjà vu from Lexington all over again with a little more of a shock factor this time.

“Aiden, hey Aiden!” Ally shouts, waving franticly to get his attention.

“Oh, hey Ally, there you are,” Aiden says, pretending as if he knew she was there, “Hey, you brought your kids this time. Heya kids!”

“Hi, sir…”

“Hi, Mr. Hart…” Ally’s daughter and son muster to say nervous about meeting him.

“Oh please, call me Aiden. Your mom and I go way back.” He informs the kids waving them forward, seeing note pads in their hands.

Reaching out, Aiden takes their note pads as Ally stands off in the distance, “So, who do I make these out to?” He begins opening Ally’s daughter’s first.

“Um, I’m Cally, Mr. Aiden sir. C-A-L-L-Y…” writing a personal note to his autograph, Aiden hands her the note pad back.

“To Cally with love from your favorite rocker-Aiden Hart.”

“Thank you,” Cally says, giving him a huge hug.

“You’re welcome, sweetheart.” Aiden musters to say as she nearly squeezes the breath out of him.

Ally smiles to keep from walking up to them.

“They’re huge fans.” She shouts, watching them interact.

“Well, young man, your turn. Who do I make this out to?” Aiden stops dead in his tracks.

The young man looks up at him, and his appearance mimics Aiden’s.

“Um, I’m Jaiden sir, J-A-I-D-E-N.”

Aiden talks out loud, signing his autograph, “To a handsome young man whose future seems bright, make it your own, Aiden Hart.”

Flipping the page, Aiden writes down something else before giving Jaiden the autographed note pad.

“Ally, you can come over here too. I don’t bite anymore.” He teases, motioning her over.

Sighing as she walks over, their age matches them perfectly. Ally still looks young and toned, almost as much as she was the night they met.

Aiden’s career has taken its toll on his face. His eyes permanently carry bags, and his face looks longer from barely resting from such a hefty tour schedule.

“You look tired, baby doll.” Ally tells him as they embrace in a quick hug.

“Being a father raising a kid on the road isn’t easy,” Aiden responds, seeing Ally’s expression turn to curious.

“Divorced?” She slips out, slapping her hand over her mouth.

“No, Vickie died from a blood clot about a year ago. She had issues since the wreck, and after getting pregnant with Melissa, it increased, and one finally got to her heart and busted.” Aiden explains.

Sucking in a deep breath, Ally leaves her hand over her mouth.

“I’m so sorry; it has to be rough.” Ally says through her hand.

“It’s challenging, which is why we’re taking a break. Melissa is about to start school this fall. I want to be there for that. Besides, she’s already traveled the world with me. Time to put down roots.” Aiden admits taking out his phone showing Ally a picture.

“Oh, she’s adorable!” Ally tells him, snatching the phone from his hand.

“She’s my world, and Melissa is just like me, smart as a tac man.”

Ally giggles, handing the phone back.

“But hey, I need to get moving. I left you a note on Jaiden’s pad. I hope you get a chance to read it. I owe you a huge apology.” Aiden mentions with his eyelids ready to close.

Ally reminds him of something he told her long ago, “It’s in the past, I can say I learned from it, and you had a right to pay me back.”

“No, I didn’t, I felt horrible, and maybe you’d let me make it up to you…” Aiden offers, reaching his hand out.

“I have two kids to think about now. I can’t afford to play childish games anymore.” Ally reminds him aching to take his hand.

“I agree; we’re too old for that now. Even if it’s just friends, I want you back in my life.” He says, keeping his hand stretched out.

Out of nowhere, Cally takes his mother’s hand and places it with Aiden’s.

“Mom, you always go on about second chances and forgiving others. I say give him a chance if he means it.” The bright, witty preteen explains seeing that look in her mom’s eyes.

“When did you get so wise?” Ally teases Cally as she allows Aiden to take her hand.

“If you mean it, no more games, then I’ll consider it. At a slow pace, we have children to think about and well…”

She pauses for a minute as she feels her heart pump a little faster.

“You have… Never mind, we can discuss it in time.” Ally stops herself from revealing the truth about the night in Lexington.

“I tell you what when you’re ready, give me a call. I put my cell in your note. You look fantastic, by the way, but I do have a little one waiting for me in my dressing room. Again, I am sorry, I weighed my options, and I wasn’t certain you were ready after that night.” Aiden continues trying to work up the nerve to walk away.

Free from his grip, Ally allows her hand to drop back to her side.

“Get going to your little girl before she gets scared. I’ll see you sooner or later.” Ally tells him as Aiden begins to walk away, “Jaiden, give me your pad, son, please.”

You look as beautiful as ever. Addie was right; he does look exactly like me. Contact me at 757-555-8462 LOVE now and forever, Aiden Hart

She reads it and takes out her phone, and dials the number as Aiden slowly walks away. He stops taking out his phone from his pocket, answering it.

“That took longer than I expected.” Aiden jokes into the receiver.

“Just get back here, you asshole!” She demands and ends the call.

Turning around, Aiden runs back, taking Ally in his arms as they kiss. Cameras flash from every angle as they embrace, leaving the kids disgusted as they try not to watch.

Breaking apart from the kiss, Aiden looks into Ally’s eyes, “So, is that a yes?”

Clinging to him with all her might, Ally shares only a few words, “What took you so long? I’ll never let you go again. Aiden, I’ve always loved you. Let’s finally go home as a family.”

Swept her off her feet, Aiden carries Ally away as the photographers and reporters capture every moment. The long-awaited journey for both Ally and Aiden to make it to their second chance has finally arrived.

The End

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