45 Days

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Chapter 3- Winds of Change

Things never settle between Mitzi and Aiden after that fight. Aiden is constantly worried about walking in to find Mitzi and her manager having sex anywhere in the house.

He’s also afraid he’ll come home to find her dead from an overdose since her drug usage has increased dramatically.

“I don’t know what to do anymore. I mean, I go home almost afraid that I will go home to a corpse or a fight.” He tells Allyssa one day when she meets him for lunch.

“Wish I could tell you what to do, but I don’t know.” They sit there in silence and stare into each other’s eyes with intensity.

“Maybe I should move you in to convince her to leave.” Aiden jokes as they crack up.

“I’ll do it. I have no problem helping you kick her out. It makes more room for me to come around.”

Aiden tilts his head to play along and enjoys that idea. “I’ll keep that in mind. Anyway, we still up for pizza tomorrow night?”

With a drink of her vitamin water, Ally quickly gulps it down to reply.

“Oh yeah, it’s kind of like a predate, to a first date, you know. It’s just you and me, and afterward, if you want, we can just sit and talk somewhere like we are now.”

Aiden repositions himself in the hard-plastic chair and nods in agreement.

“I like that idea; I need simple in my life for once.”

“It’s settled then, dinner and a spot to sit and yack about nothing.” Allyssa smiles and gathers up her stuff to get back to Nitro for her late afternoon class.

“Can’t wait and be careful going home. Too many idiots out there on the road.”

Once they collect their trash and throw it away, Aiden escorts Ally to her car, but they’re unaware they’ve been monitored when Mitzi parked away from the building and walked up, watching them having fun while they flirt back and forth.

“That son of a bitch, he’s going to replace me!” That’s when the green-eyed monster grows inside of her jade color eyes. Ducked behind a car when she sees Allyssa leave, Mitzi heads home and prepares to make a move on Aiden to safeguard her future.

By the time Aiden leaves work and arrives home, he walks inside to find Mitzi in the kitchen wearing a dress with a high cut slit along the thigh.

“Hi, doll baby, welcome home. I hope you’re hungry. I made your favorites. I made mashed potatoes with turkey gravy, pot roast with vegetables, corn on the cob, and French cut green beans.”

Aiden licks his lips, but he senses something’s up. “You never cook, and now here you are doing that, and you dressed up for no reason. Are you pregnant?”

“I don’t know, but I wanted to surprise you and make things better. Can’t I do something nice for my fiancé?” She pretends to wail up to sulk in fake tears.

“I’m sorry, it smells, uh, alright, I guess. Thank you.” Aiden says to keep her calm.

Mitzi begins to place everything on the table, Aiden feels obligated to at least try her meal. He eats slow enough to allow it to settle and fill him up faster. Aiden stares at Mitzi as she inhales two plates full.

“Hurry up. I want to make this up to you. Come on, slowpoke, hurry!” She demands.

She gets up to rinse the plate off in the sink. While she stands there, she pulls out two glasses. When Aiden isn’t paying attention, she dumps a mysterious powder into the bottom of his glass and dissolves it with white wine.

“Here, baby, to a better and brighter future, no more fighting, no more cheating.” She places his glass down in front of him and doesn’t think anything of it. Aiden downs the entire glass and places it on the table.

“Not bad, but I’m done; I’m gonna go get a shower and relax with a good book.” Once he scoots out, he grabs his things from the laundry room and jumps in the shower.

To test where she stands, Mitzi wants to see how far she can push her limits. She ditches the dress and waltzes into the bathroom that’s filled with steam. Out of nowhere, she pulls the curtain back and stands there in nothing but a bright green silk thong to get Aiden’s attention.

“I want you,” she informs him hooking her thumbs under the band.

“Wow, now that’s hot.” He compliments, still drawn to her dark complexion.

Seductively she pulls her thong down enough to cause Aiden’s dick to harden.

“Come get me then.” She licks her lips and pops her bands against her hips, and takes off, shaking her ass on the way out of the bathroom as Aiden stands there.

Quickly she shuts off the water and gets out, wrapping a towel around his waist, but he begins to feel a bit dizzy. Aiden does his best to shake it off before he takes off to find her stretched out on the bed.

“Tell me, what do you want?” Mitzi growls, licking her lips.

“Blow me,” Aiden replies, dropping his towel to the floor before he walks over to the bed.

With her arms around him, she pulls him down onto his back then straddles his body.

“Kiss me,” she whispers with her bare breasts against his body as he reaches up to touch her lips with his.

She slides down his body. Mitzi takes his dick in her hand to point it straight up into the air as she brings her parted lips over the head and slowly slips it down her throat.

“Ah, fuck…” He groans with his hands on the back of her head to take more, causing her to cough.

“That a girl, keep going, oh…oh yeah…”

He curls his back up from top to bottom seconds before he releases his load down her throat, which nearly gags her when he tightens his grip in her long thick jet black hair.

When she’s able to pull away from his softening shaft, Mitzi glares up to see Aiden go limp when the sleep aid kicks in as he passes out hard and fast.

“MMM, hope you enjoyed that ’cause it’ll be the last time you make me suck your dick.”

She gets dressed and begins to take her bags out to her truck, tossing them in the bed.

“Choose another whore over me. I’ll be damned.”

She gets takes the first load of her stuff over to Hector’s and spends the night there.

The sun begins to poke the first rays of light through the blinds when Aiden reenters the world with a massive headache.

“Uh, what the hell hit me?”

Aiden looks around when he doesn’t see Mitzi anywhere. “Mitz… Honey, where are you?” He goes over to his dresser to get clothes for work then goes around the house to look for her.

When he looks at the driveway and doesn’t see her truck, he realizes it was all a ruse. Now that he takes the hint, he goes up to open her drawers and sees them mostly empty.

“That bitch!” He yells, holding his head going over to get his phone to call off work.

“Hey Kenny, hey, it’s Aiden. Hey, I need a ‘Me Day’ today. It looks like I need to change the locks and deadbolts.” He listens as his supervisor gives him the day off.

“Hey, thanks, man, you’re the greatest, see you Monday.”

Aiden heads out to Lowe’s, where he picks up three new sets of door handles and deadbolts. As he takes his time, he carefully changes each one and interchanges them to look like she still has access to the house.

Once he’s finished, Aiden packs up everything else that belongs to Mitzi, including the couch she fucked her manager on, and places it out on the driveway.

By the time it’s a little after ten o’clock, Aiden receives a call from Ally.

“Hey, sorry I missed your calls last night. Mitzi drugged me and took off after I passed out.”

Able to hear the fright in her voice Aiden listens as she explains.

“God, I was worried about you. I was about to come to hunt you down. Don’t ever scare me like that again!”

He laughs and agrees to the deal.

“I won’t, I promise, and that’s for sure. Anyway, I hope we’re still up for… Son of a bitch! She’s back. I gotta go…” The line goes end, and Allyssa goes into overdrive with fear.

Unable to think clearly, she runs to her car and speeds down I-64 to Milton. She comes to a sliding halt at the stop sign and books it through the tiny little that doesn’t have a single red light town.

When she finds the sign for Ona, she stops at both gas stations to find the road Aiden lives on. When she comes up empty-handed, she remembers he called once from his sister’s when she needed help to replace a refrigerator.

“Come on, please pick up the phone.” Ally begs as it rings.

“Hello?” A female voice answers.

“Hi, Aiden’s sister, this is Allyssa Newman, a friend of your brother. Listen, I know this is odd, but I think he and his girlfriend are having a nasty fight, and she’s hurt him before. He’s not picking up his phone. I’m worried about him, but I can’t find his house. I’m in Ona now, and I need to know where to find him. I’m at the Exxon station. Please help me!”

She listens carefully to the directions given. Ally repeats it all in her mind until it’s burned to her memory.

“Hey, do me a favor. If Mitzi is there and hits my brother. Bust that bitch in the mouth for me.”

Ally hopes it won’t come to that but makes good on the promise. “I will, and thank you. I gotta go, I need to get there.”

Angry, Ally slings her phone into the passenger seat and sends it bouncing into the floorboard. Ally places the shifter into the Drive to speed down the curvy road and nearly passes the house. She locks up her brakes when she sees the CRX at the top of the driveway, and Aiden is nose to nose with a woman dressed in black clothes.

She speeds up the driveway and gets out to get between them. When Ally gets a glimpse of Aiden’s face, she goes off.

“Aiden, your nose it’s bleeding like crazy bad. Are you okay?”

Mitzi gets a grip on Ally to swing her around. “It’s you, the little tramp who’s sleeping with my fiancé.”

Mitzi draws her fist back to strike, but Ally heaves her hands into Mitzi’s chest, sending her backward.

“We’re not sleeping together; he wouldn’t do that to you. He’s about to be better off without you around. I can tell you that.”

Mitzi tries to leap at Aiden and fails when Ally backs into Aiden to shove him out of harm’s way.

“You’re not going to hurt him anymore!”

She gets her hands-on Mitzi’s ponytail. Ally drags her to her truck and slams Mitszi into the side of the truck. With the final blow in the form of a knee strike to the side of the temple, Mitzi sees double for a few minutes as she reaches out to use anything to help her get back to her feet.

By the time she can see straight again, Ally and Aiden have vanished behind the front door.

“You pussies! Fine, Aiden, if she’s what you want, take her. I’m done with your dumbass!” They stand by the window and watch as she crawls into her Jeep and takes off with the truck loaded down.

“Do I need to know about the couch?” Ally asks after she checks on his nose.

“Ah, just the place she screwed her boss, that’s all. Oh ow! Easy on the honker, it’s still sensitive.”

Allyssa takes him by the hand over to the chair. She makes him take a seat while she gets a washrag with ice to place it on his nose.

“Sorry, but this is going to hurt.”

Gently resting it against his face, Aiden tenses up in pain.

“Well, guess what, you’re single now.” Ally teases, ready to kill the tension.

“Yeah, guess so, but that doesn’t mean we’re going out just like that. You’re better than being the rebound chick.” He reminds her when he wrinkles his forehead, and pain shoots through his nose.

That statement makes Ally feel exceptional listening to him say that. She stays with him for a while and gets them something to eat.

“I would like to stay tonight, but that could end up disastrous. Are you going to be okay by yourself?”

“Yeah, I can have Dakota or maybe my boy Breydan come out for the night, but we still have right now. Come on and pop a squat on my lap.”

He runs his hand through her hair, Aiden eases her worries. Once he feels that she’s content, he reaches for his phone on the end table to send out a text.

Ally finally gets her chance to be closer to Aiden. She crawls over to put her hands around his neck and lays on him to listen to his heartbeat.

“Sorry, you got hurt.”

Able to rest his head against hers, all Aiden can say is, “if this is what it gets me, it’s worth it.”

He takes in an easy breath inhaling her Vanilla Fields perfume the best he can.

They sit there in silence for a decent amount of time. They’re nearly asleep when a knock comes from the door. Startled, Ally gets up to peek out the window to see a guy about the same height as Aiden.

He has hair a little darker brown than Aiden’s that compliments his beard.

“Who are you?” She calls out from the window.

“I’m Breydan, aka Rey. You must be Ally. Can I come in?”

Ally opens the door.

“There’s some cold pizza in the kitchen if you want any.”

Rey tips his head, “thanks, but I’m good with a beer and some games.” He peers over to Aiden, “finally got rid of the ho train. Hell yeah, homie, now it’s time to get your life back. Oh, my apology, Ally, didn’t mean to swear in your face.”

She smiles and takes the hint that it’s about time to disappear.

“Hey Aiden babe, if you need me, call me. Please call me soon too, bye sweetness.” She takes the clue to go and makes her way down to Addie’s, where she hopes her weekend improves compared to how it just started.

Off to the kitchen getting a chair and a couple of beers, Rey returns and hands Aiden a beer.

“Damn, she messed up your nose pretty good this time.”

Aiden rolls his eyes up and over to Rey and doesn’t say a thing.

“New girl seems nice enough, fine as hell too nice going on Mitzi’s replacement.”

That sparked the key into the conversation.

“She’s not a replacement. I’m not rushing into anything with Ally. She’s a good one; I can feel it.”

He pays no attention to Aiden’s comment. “Yeah, whatever, toss me that remote, and let’s see if there’s anything on the boob tube.”

Rey reaches out for the television remote to channel surf. He occasionally munches on some pizza, but he’s more interested in the beer in the frig and makes sure Aiden keeps a fresh cold one.

Rey knows how to push him to drink and chug since they partied a lot together throughout high school and college.

“We could hit the strip if you want,” Rey suggests, with Aiden’s mood still in a funk.

“Nah, we’ve been drinking. We ain’t going nowhere, bub.”

Both guys begin to yawn as the hour grows late. “I think we need to get some game time in. You down?”

Aiden gets to his feet to pick up the controls. He tosses Rey a controller and hits the power button.

“Hope you’re ready to get your ass handed to ya, son!” Aiden sits there like a kid waiting to dive into a sibling rivalry.

The duo kills time unwinding as they always do when they’re alone and toss around the usual sarcastic slang between each other. They act more like distant brothers than friends.

“Ha got ya, boy!” Aiden screams, blowing up Rey’s character with a grenade.

“Damn, I hate this level! You get the high ground, and I get stuck every time!” Rey waits for his character to respawn and attempts to go after Aiden again, only to get killed several more times.

“Alright fuck this, time to throw down some hardcore Kingdom Championship Wrestling. Be prepared to get your ass shoved off the top of a cage!”

Aiden cracks up as Rey replaces the game.

“Bring it A-hole…” The duo keeps at it for another hour before the alcohol takes effect, causing them to stir off into the late-night hours.

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