45 Days

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Chapter 4- A New Idea

The sun is high in the sky by the time Rey and Aiden wake up. Aiden passed out in his recliner while Rey took the bed in the guest room.

“Yo homie, how’s breakfast sound right about now?”

Aiden stretches while he yawns. “Sounds good, then I need to head out to Dakota’s and see what’s happening out there.”

Aiden gets into a pair of his favorite charcoal gray shorts and a sleeveless black shirt in a rush to get ready. He follows Rey to The Waffle House, where they kid around for a bit before they part ways.

“Yo, downtown tonight, club time!” Aiden shouts out to see Rey acknowledge with a wave sitting down in his car.

A smirk on his face in hopes it’ll be a good day, Aiden slides into the CRX and speeds down the backroads to Dakota’s place.

He gently pulls down the gravel driveway; Aiden parks and notices that Dakota in the garage.

“Yo, what’s up ‘D’ you look lost.”

Dakota turns to see Aiden’s face.

“What the hell hit that ugly mug?”

Flipping off his best friend, he begins to explain.

“Mitzi, who else, besides that you missed it. Ally fucked her world up big time! Mitzi’s already got her stuff moved out too.”

Dakota’s jaw nearly leaves his body as far as it dips open.

“No way! She’s gone, finally?”

“Yeah, bub, she’s history. Now I can focus solely on Ally. Anyway, what’s going on brother, you look a little lost.”

Dakota sucks in a deep breath before he continues.

“Well, I had a kegger last night, and today, well, I don’t know how to describe it. I don’t want to put up with it all anymore. I actually picked up my old guitar a little bit ago and was strumming away. It got thinking about maybe building a music room on the other side of the garage.”

They stroll over to the open section of the two-car garage. Aiden and Dakota stand there to picture things.

“Well, since the garage door doesn’t work, why not get some heavy blankets and nail them up. I can see a drum set here by the door. I can pick up a spare keyboard from a pawn shop and maybe talk Rey as the bass guitarist.” Aiden explains, using his hands to place everything.

“Yeah, that sounds like a great layout. All we need now is a place for mic’s and maybe some recording equipment.” With a nod and a look of encouragement, Aiden thinks it’s a bit much but doesn’t want to discourage the change.

They exit the garage and head to the living room.

“So, you’re not down to hit the club tonight?”

Dakota flops in his chair. “Nah, I’m cool with the clubs. I’m just over expecting to hold a block party here every weekend through the summer. Maybe it’s just me getting old, but I’d rather spend my time back in music, you know.” Dakota explains more about how he feels that he’s been taken advantage of by his other friends.

“Yeah, I still bang around on the old piano now and then. When I do, I love it, so I understand.”

Out of nowhere, a loud revving noise echoes through the living room.

“What the hell…” Aiden says, getting up to see the Starion in the driveway.

“Hey, Eddie’s, here!”

They gradually make their way out to see he’s finally painted his car.

“Oh wow, dude, now that’s sick!” Dakota compliments the new color.

“Like it? It’s 70’s Trans Am gold. I think it makes my car look absolutely sick!” He glides his finger across the newly painted hood, proud of his baby.

“It’s nice, definitely a lot better than the multi-colored panels you had,” Aiden states when he walks around the car.

“Sounds like a banshee too. You put an exhaust tip on it?” Aiden questions scoping out the car.

Eddie gives him a ‘you’re a dumbass glare,’ with his arms folded together.

“Complete exhaust system from the headers back. Three-inch pipes and installed the new turbo and wastegate system last night. Speaking of which, what happened to your face, man? Run into a fist, did you and didn’t call me for the brawl?”

“Nah, this is Mitzi’s doing. She busted me up, and Ally fucked her up royally.”

All Eddie can do is stand there in shock.

“So, what’s going on for the next few hours? How about we get some heavy blankets and search the pawn shops for the instruments we talked about ‘D.’ Get this place set up for our band.”

Confused, Eddie speaks up. “Y’all formed a band and didn’t include me; I’m insulted!”

Dakota implies what Aiden suggested. “Nah, we need to get stuff for sound quality and recording. We want you as the drummer, man. We wouldn’t leave you out.”

“Ah yeah, sweet, I can bang some drums, but hey, we’ll take my car. Let’s go do this!” Eddie says in excitement.

Aiden waits while Dakota locks up the house and gets into the back-passenger seat.

“Let’s roll out!” Eddie screams over the loud exhaust as they back out onto the road and head downtown.

While they’re busy searching options for their side project to becoming a band, Ally and Addie are out enjoying themselves.

“Hey, think you could hook me up with any of Aiden’s friends? They’re all hot!” Addie wonders out loud.

Ally chuckles and shakes her head. “No, you’re not going to cause an issue by sleeping with any of them while you still have your other side guys too. I like Aiden. It would be best if you didn’t ruin that through his friends.

Addie sees her point while she nods her head.

“Okay, you have a point. So, how’s it feel to be his girlfriend finally?”

“Well, uh, we uh, agreed to take it slow. Aiden just ended a very long relationship, but it’s great knowing he’s still mine. He’s so different and nice. A smartass, but he’s got a good heart deep down. Like yesterday, we laid in his chair cuddled up. Even though he was the one hurt, he still ran his hands through my hair. It felt so good to be intimate like that and not just jump in bed.”

Addie is a bit jealous and swallows her bitterness to congratulate her best friend. “I’m happy for you. He seems like a good one. Just don’t fuck it up!”

“I don’t plan to. He’s got a real career, not just a dead-end job. He’s got a high-speed and sexy car, and oh my gosh. I saw him without a shirt on when he changed from the one covered in blood, and oh, so sexy!” Ally is about to drool as Addie laughs.

“If you say so…”

“We have a date for tonight before we hit the clubs. I guess you can say it’s what Aiden called a pre-date date.” Ally explains with a glow from her body.

“Oh-la-la girl, better be careful, or he’s gonna dig those claws in before you’re officially together.”

Her lips curled, along with dipping her head, she stares at Addie.

“So…I’d let ’em, not like I’m a virgin or be willing to use sex to lock his ass into being mine.”

Addie doesn’t believe what she hears and nearly sprays her soda in mid-air.

“Say what! Who are you, and what have you done to my sweet best friend?”

Ally shrugs her shoulders with a new look of confidence. “I’m gonna get what I want, and he’s what I want.”

The girls crack up and flop back onto the futon since it’s set to a couch.

“So, what’s your plans for tonight with him?” Addie’s curiosity peaks for details.

“Just dinner and then hit the club to have some fun. I might try to get drunk enough to make Aiden take me back to his place to at least get a night there. I’m going to push my luck and see how far I can get to show him that I’m not that rebound he’s worried about.”

“Good deal, babe, so then get an overnight bag ready. Let’s get some lunch because I am one hungry bitch. I feel like some pasta or something, so move your ass, sweet thing.” Addie teases, holding her stomach.

“I got you. Let’s just go eat, and I can pack that bag once we’re finished.” Not wasting time, the girls get to their feet and head out.

After they’re finished, they head a little further down Third Avenue to turn back towards Addie’s, but out of nowhere decide to cruise for a bit rather than head back to the apartment. Turning by First Street, Ally quickly notices Aiden, Eddie, and Dakota getting out of the Starion and head into the pawnshop.

“Hey, stop in there! I saw Aiden!”

Startled by Ally, Addie rips the steering wheel over and pulls into the parking lot.

“Well, let’s go,” Addie mentions getting out of the car.

They get in front of the automatic sliding doors; the girls strut inside to see Aiden and his friends browse around the small musical instrument section.

“Aiden…Aiden…” She squeaks, sneaking up to him.

“Hey, babe!” He says, shocked when she rushes her arms around his waist.

“Whatcha doing, sexy man?” She lets go to come around to face him.

“Shopping for a drum set and a decent used keyboard. We’re going to start a band for fun. You know, something to do in our spare time when we’re not hitting the clubs or anything. What are you doing, stalking me?” He teases, taking her hand.

“Yup, gotta make sure you find that rebound loser, so she can come and go before I claim you with my stamp on your forehead.”

They share a giggle just as they come upon the keyboard selections.

“Oh, that’s a good brand. My brother had one just like it. He never used it, but it sounded good when he was board and banged around.” Ally mentions pointing to the one she sees.

“Really? I’ll get someone then and see if it’s worth buying.”

Aiden walks away for a minute to get a sales associate to bring over a power adapter. Once it’s hooked up, he checks every key and the sound effect before making up his mind.

“Sounds good, sounds really good actually. I’ll take it!” He indicates to the sales associate who takes it over to the counter and begins ringing it up at once.

“It comes to $103.51, sir.” Aiden reaches for his wallet to pay with his debit card.

“Good choice, baby, you’ll love it, trust me. I can’t wait to hear you all play.” Ally teases, taking his hand.

“That might take a minute since we’ve never done this before.”

She smiles with delight and lets his hand go to carry the keyboard to the Starion and gently places it behind the passenger seat. Moments after he places the seat back, they notice Addie, Eddie, and Dakota walk out with pieces to a drum set.

“Well shit, these won’t fit in the back hatch,” Eddie says.

“I can take what doesn’t fit in my car if you don’t mind. We can follow y’all to wherever you’re going and help you get it set up.” Addie suggests and pops the back to her car.

“Hey, thanks! You’re a lifesaver.” Dakota tells her as they walk over to put the remaining pieces in her car.

“Since they’re following us, mind if I ride with them?” Aiden shoots out the idea to spend a little time with Ally.

“Hey, here’s the keys; I’ll ride back with your friends. Just don’t do anything stupid; that’s a brand-new Tiburon.” Addie tells him, tossing her keys in the air.

“I won’t.” Aiden comforts her.

“Meet y’all back there,” Dakota calls out as he slides into the rear passenger seat to let Addie have the front seat.

Ally and Aiden get inside, where he is in awe over the new smell and interior.

“Oh wow, I’m not a Hyundai kind of guy, but this is very nice.”

Ally snickers with her hands in her lap. “Well, let’s go, slowpoke.” Aiden quickly starts the car and follows behind the Starion the entire way back to the farmhouse.

Eddie pulls up to leave room for the Tiburon close to the garage. Once everyone is out of the cars, they begin to assemble the drums while Dakota gives Ally and Addie a tour of the place.

“Welcome to my slice of quiet paradise. I’m buying this place on land contract. The biggest bonus of it all is I can do whatever I want to do to this place. I’ve slowly remodeled updated things as I go along. So, like it?”

Unable to collect a single thought over how much land he has, the girls simply nod. Their concentration is busted when they begin to hear Eddie bust on the drum’s first beats while Aiden warms up on the keyboard.

“Ah yeah, time to get my guitar and freestyle for a while. Uh, you two are more than welcome to get comfy inside where it’s cool or hang out with us or whatever.” Dakota suggests to them when he unlocks the door to get this guitar.

“Psst, I don’t wanna sit here and listen to them. Care if we go and start to get ready for tonight?” Addie whispers.

“Nah, I wanna make myself beautiful, and it’s going to take me forever to curl my hair.” Ally tells her as they begin to walk back to the car.

They walk out to the garage, where Ally calls out to her love interest.

“Aiden, we’re leaving, and I will still see you tonight, right?” Ally yells over the sounds of them warming up.

“Huh, oh yeah, I’ll pick you up around eight-ish doll face. I can’t wait!

He returns to scales watching the girls pull away.

They slowly creep out the backroads unfamiliar with them. The girls make small talk as they watch for other cars and the sides of the valley for any animals that could run out in front of them.

“Hey, mind if we stop by Rachel’s Hair Supply? I’ve wanted to do something different for a while and do it while we have time. I’ll need your help.” Ally says, her eyes locked on the road as they make their way out of the hollow.

“Yeah, sounds like fun, and if you’re doing what I think you want, it’ll look great on you.”

While the girls are busy, the newly formed band takes a break from screwing around to discuss things.

“Alright, now that we have this setup, let’s get these blankets up and situated. We need to figure out what kind of music we want to play.”

Eddie begins heading over to the bench to pick up the first blanket.

“I say we play country, y’all know I love it, and it’s simple.” Dakota throws out his idea.

“I could live with that.” Eddie agrees but doesn’t sound excited about the selection.

“Not me, I say we go punk or rock guys. I mean, we can toss in a bit of everything we like. A little country style with the acoustic guitar pieces, a little 80’s rock that you like, Eddie. I can write some sick keyboard pieces. I know that mixing in Rey’s passion of hip hop for bass can create something epic and new.”

Dakota stands there for a moment with the blankets as he uses a cordless drill to fasten them to the concrete wall.

“Here, let me crank up a few examples of what I mean from my car,” Aiden suggests seeing them both on the fence of his idea.

Running out to the CRX to roll down the windows, Aiden blasts his stereo with examples of a few different songs that bring a few examples to life.

He watches as his friends get into the feel of it and smile. Aiden’s waved back over when Eddie is finished with the blankets fastened to the wall.

“Well…” He asks, crossing his arms for a response.

“We like it, alternative styles of rock it is, man. You said you could write it, so you’re now our music writer as well.” Eddie tells him as they stare at each other.

“Yeah, I never noticed that country could be mixed with rock like that. I like it, bub. Get your boy on board, and let’s have some fun.” Eddie orders as they exchange a Brother-style hug as excitement settles in, as the formation goes smoother than expected.

“One last thing before we call it quits for the day. Eddie, give me a steady one, two-beat. Dakota, I want a simple D and E chord switching it up every four beats. I’ll play something basic on a scale, and we’ll work on rhythm for now.” Aiden takes charge and counts the beats out loud as they eventually get synced up together.

“Hell yeah, we’ll get there,” Eddie yells out, feeling the beat finally.

They can’t help but smile as they continue to hold it together as it works on their confidence.

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