45 Days

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Chapter 5- Making Plans

Later in the evening, once Aiden has cleaned up and dressed in a short sleeve dress shirt and dark tan khakis with his favorite pair of low top Lugz boots, he’s ready to pick up Ally. He feels anxious since it’s their first time out in public alone.

He parks along the street near Addie’s apartment. He walks up the steps and knocks on the door.

He hears Addie announce. “It’s open Aiden, c’mon inside!”

He slips through the door and sees her standing around. “Where’s Ally?” He wonders out loud.

“Oh, she’s just finishing up. She did something just for you.” She teases him as the bathroom door slowly peels back to reveal Ally’s new look.

“My God…I love it!” Aiden expresses.

She comes out with her hair curled all over with chunks of it highlighted blond as it intertwines with her naturally dark brown hair. She twirls around twists her sundress around her waist.

“Wow, look at you, a tight-fitting shirt and baggy pants. Looking sexy, I like it.” Ally says, running her eyes up and down over Aiden as does the same to her.

“Good, you both look fine, now have fun and just a little fact. Aiden, you hurt her, and I’ll kill you. I mean it, she’s my sister because of another mister.”

Aiden scoffs a sarcastic laugh. “She’s in good hands. Ready to go enjoy an evening of fun?” He reaches out to take her hand.

“Absolutely.” Ally can’t help but smile as she begins to blush.

They walk hand in hand down to his car, where Addie watches him open the door to help her in comfortably.

“That a boy. I’m happy for you, Ally.” Addie expresses beginning to feel that she needs to change and find what Ally currently has going on.

After Aiden and Ally arrive at Chi-Chi’s, he motions for her to wait for him to help her out of her car and continues being a gentleman.

“You’re sweet.” She compliments with a light kiss on the cheek.

“You’re gorgeous.” He whispers into her ear.

She begins to blush again when she wraps her arms around his neck.

“Let’s go eat, baby doll.” He reminds her as she doesn’t want to let him go after inhaling the scent of his cologne.

“C’mon babe; then we can enjoy ourselves down at the Wild Buck.” He mentions getting a little air between their bodies.

They head inside and begin their evening. Time flies by as they enjoy margaritas with their meal. When they notice the time and realize they need to get down to the club early to get a decent spot out of the floor and wait for everyone else to arrive.

“Enjoying yourself yet?” Aiden questions as they continue dancing nonstop. Her body grinds hard up against his body snd presses her ass firmly against his crotch area. Ally puts her arm behind his head to tease a kiss.

“I am, I feel good, and I am here with you. What else could I need?” She begins to slur just a bit.

“You’re drunk already, aren’t ya?”

Ally tightens her grip more.

“Almost, I could use another shot of tequila. I want to get totally wasted tonight. I don’t have summer session classes anymore, and now I wanna have fun until the end of summer.”

Aiden bucks away from her body and goes over to the bar to order another round of Tequila. He motions for Ally to take a break to join him over by the bar. “Bottoms up” he throws his head back, downing the double while Ally just stares at hers.

“My turn,” she stumbles to say when she plops her head back and whips it back around to show that she feels the burn in the back of her throat.

“I’m done, I think…” She musters to say as her eyes glaze over when she tries to place her glass on the edge of the bar.

Her head begins to swivel when Addie comes out of nowhere to catch her.

“Wow, she’s fucked up,” Addie mentions.

Aiden laughs, “yeah, she’s pretty torn up, um, if you want or trust me, I can take her back to your place and wait for you to get back there.

“Nah, just take her home with you. I got a date coming home. I don’t think he’d want to listen to her being sick.” Addie reveals, gently a hand on his shoulder.

“Well, if you insist. I can put Ally in the guest room. Care to help me get her to the car?” Aiden and Addie each put an arm around Ally and carry her out to the CRX.

“Be careful with her; she’s precious cargo.” Addie reminds him and winks at her girl after they place Ally in her seat.

“I got this, and she’ll be back tomorrow afternoon unharmed. She took it to a new level.” Aiden mentions.

“Yeah, just make sure she’s going to be alright. She’s my girl, and I’m trusting you.”

“I got this, go have fun.”

Addie gingerly walks back into the club, showing the bouncer her handstamp to get back inside.

About to head around to the car, Aiden stops when he feels a hand shove his shoulder.

“Hey punk ass, you got balls hitting a woman. Care to try that on a real man?” A male Latino voice calls out.

“I ain’t got time to deal with your worthless ass, dude,” Aiden says as he turns around to see Mitzi and Hector stand there.

“Yeah, gotta take your little whore there back to my house and take advantage of her.” Mitzi pops off, pointing to Ally.

“Excuse me! Your house? I paid for that house, you double-crossing lying slut bag. You attacked me, and when you went to do it again, you got caught off guard when Ally whooped your ass.”

Aiden’s shoved onto the hood. “C’mon then gringo, let’s see you whip my ass like you did hers.”

Aiden’s frustration boils at this point. “I didn’t touch her! You ignorant dumbass.” Aiden shoves back, ready to throw down.

He’s surprised when one of the bouncers who’s gotten to know his entire crew steps up to handle the situation.

“If he said he didn’t touch her, then he didn’t do it. He’s a good friend, so unless you want to deal with my bouncers and me, I suggest you have a good night and walk away.” With a Marine buzzcut, the muscular sized man places his hand on Mitzi’s boy toy shoulder with force.

“Fine, I’ll find you out some other time, homie, and then we going to do this right. Your little punk ass belongs to me.”

Aiden’s still ready to fight with a guy who’s easily three times his size.

“I’m right here, big boy!” He yells as more bouncers exit the club; the troublemakers back down and walk away, flipping them all off as they disappear around the corner.

Aiden stands there, ready for anything to happen.

“Hey, you good little buddy?”

He turns his head to see several bouncers ready to back him up.

“Yeah, thanks, y’all, but I had it.”

One of the other bouncers speaks up. “Nah, we all see you in here almost every weekend. You’re not a drunken moron like most others that walk through those doors. We got your back when you’re here. You don’t cause any trouble, and you treat us with respect.”

He shakes most of their hands out of respect.

“I can appreciate that sentiment, and thank you, but I am going to get this little lady home and help her rest up. Later guys, you’re the best, mean it.”

They wave Aiden off and stand there to make sure he’s not going to get jumped within their line of sight.

In the car and pulling away, Aiden takes his time until he reaches the backroads to get to Route 60 and follows traffic until he reaches the turn to get home. Gently he pulls into the driveway. He shuts off the car, then rushes to unlock and open the front door before he goes back helping Ally.

Her body is limp, as she has passed out. Aiden kicks the passenger door shut as he secures his grip to carry Ally. She’s beginning to stir when he scoots the door shut with his foot and puts her arms around his neck, and slurs her words.

“Hey there baby, you ready to do the naughty deed? I wore this just for you. Just put me down and have your way.”

All he can do is smile and think about how she would go that far just to get laid. Aiden takes her into the guest bedroom and gently puts her down on the bed.

Ally pulls him down, refusing to let go. “Stay please, I wanna feel your body against mine a little longer.”

Aiden gives in to her request and remains by her side. Shortly after, he passes out as they lay there all night. Her head on his chest, listening to his heartbeat.

When Aiden reenters the world a few hours later, he sees that she’s not moved at all. An attempt to move to let her rest comfortably, he’s able to get to his feet seconds before she rolls to throw up the alcohol in her system. Quickly his instincts kick in as he places a wastebasket under her head and pulls her hair back.

“That’s it, just let it come up.” He whispers as she groans in agony, “I’m right here. It’ll be over soon.”

He comforts her while holding her hair back.

“Ugh god, never again…” She grunts, over the edge of the bed.

“Yeah, you went a little wild tonight.”

“I wanted to get an excuse to come back here. I wanted to stay with you and see how things went. I really like you, Ai…” She stops when her stomach regurgitates more from her system with force.

“Well, this ain’t the way to do it. I’m all for us spending time together but not like this. Let me get you a cold rag.”

By the time he returns with the cold, damp cloth, Ally is out cold again. He places it on her forehead and leaves the room to walk to the recliner and relax for a bit. He sits with a single lamp on and a book in his hand to pass the time while Ally sleeps.

The sunlight kisses the sky by the time Ally begins to stir from her alcohol-induced haze. She struggles to find her footing and uses the wall as a crutch to make her way to the living room.

“Ugh, I will never do that again.” She groans, disturbing Aiden’s concentration from his story.

“Hey, you’re alive. Need anything? Pepto, Alka-Seltzer, a new puke bucket, maybe?”

She gives him a look of sarcasm, squinting her eyes and lifting her cheekbones

“Funny, aren’t ya.”

“Feel like coming with me for a moment? I’ve been playing around on my piano for a bit, but I didn’t wanna bother you while you slept.” Ally stands against the frame of the doorway.

“Yeah, just get me something for my headache and my stomach first, please.”

Aiden smiles and gets up to take her to the kitchen. He pulls the Tylenol and a bottle of Ginger Ale from the fridge.

“Ginger Ale, seriously? What are you like 50?” Ally teases, taking the items, and quickly downs them.

“It’ll settle your stomach, trust me. This is a college remedy I discovered the wrong way a few years ago. Anyway, don’t ever go that extreme again. I don’t mind looking after you, but you pushed yourself way too far. I care too much to see you end up with alcohol poisoning. If you want to come and go from here, just ask, and we’ll make arrangements.” He goes on lightly scalding Ally.

She feels like a complete fool at this point

“I can understand that, and I am sorry.”

“Look, Allyssa, I like you. A lot actually, and there isn’t an hour that passes by that you’re not on my mind.”

That’s when he drops something profound on her, “Come on, suffer through the pain and listen to something I’ve been working on, just for you.”

He takes her by the hand to his makeshift studio. The only thing in there is a polished black baby grand piano and pictures when he was younger at concerts.

“Oh wow, I wouldn’t have thought you were a pianist at all.”

Aiden blushes, “My parents pushed me to play. I loved it up until they died, but here recently, I’ve been itching to get back to it.”

Ally is guided over to the seat and takes her place beside Aiden as he cracks his knuckles before placing his hands on the keys. He begins to gently start with warm-up scales to loosen up and get comfortable.

“I’ve worked on this in my mind for a little while now. So, bear with me since I can’t sing well.”

Ally smiles with her hand on his thigh, “It’ll be fine. I won’t judge.”

After a deep breath, Aiden begins to play as the words quietly come at first.

“Ally, my sweet Ally, you’re finally mine, how it’ll be fine, you make my world look divine. Oh, Ally, my angel up high, you make the sky light up each day, and I say, oh how I need you, my Ally…”

She’s blown away by not only the gesture but how his voice carries well with the notes.

“That’s it, that’s all I have. Sorry, it isn’t the greatest or anything.”

“I loved it, and you have talent too. No one has ever done that for me before. Aiden, you’re wonderful. If I didn’t have alcohol breath, I would kiss you. Speaking of which, can I get back to Addie’s, so I can get cleaned up?”

Aiden blushes at her politeness, “Yeah, c’mon, but I am glad to know you liked it.”

“I loved it; keep working on it.” They hug together before Ally leads the way out to the car.

“Just don’t tell anyone about that. I guess I’m not comfortable singing to just anyone.” Aiden tells her, hoping she doesn’t have a big mouth.

“Hey, you should work on that. I think you should sing in your friends’ band. You’re excellent, Aiden, like beyond just singing in the shower good.”

Now Aiden does feel insecure, “They’ve never heard me or really seen me play, but we’ll see.”

Not much is said when they travel back to Addie’s apartment, where he drops her off and leaves as soon as he makes sure she’s up the steps safely. Ally pecks on the door, and about a minute later, a strange man answers the door.

“You must be Ally, Addison said to come on inside. She’s in the shower, have a good one.” He states, walking by her as he leaves.

“Oh yeah, hi and bye, guy.”

With the door shut behind her, she heads into Addie’s room to get her travel bag out to get her teeth brushed and get the taste of alcohol and ginger ale out of her mouth.

“Hey, there you are! Have fun with Aiden last night?” Addie asks.

“Not really, I slept, and he read, but he did take care of me, and I know this. I need a cold-ass shower. He is something else when it comes to manners. God, he is perfect!”

That statement brings a new spine chilling sensation to Ally.

Addie expresses something she’s never told Ally before. “I like ‘em; he’s polite, hot, and nice, oh did I mention he’s freakin’ hot!”

They share a laugh for a moment.

“I need a shower, so I’m borrowing yours.” Ally advises returning to Addie’s room with a change of clothes and vanishes into the bathroom.

Under the ice-cold water through her hands, Ally shuts her eyes and envisions how she wishes things would’ve played out in the piano room. She’s dying to get that first kiss and wonders just how magical the sparks will fly when they finally kiss.

Soaked with a towel around her body, Ally has a renewed purpose walking out of the bathroom.

“Um honey, I think you need to dry off before you put clothes on, but you look lovely in nothing but a towel too.” Addie taunts her best friend.

“I want my kiss damn it. I’m going back to get it.”

Addie sits there with a confused glow in her eyes. “Y’all ain’t even kissed yet? Wow, now I do feel like a tramp. I barely got the name of the guy I slept with last night.”

“I’m going to take control, and I am going back out there. Damn it; I’ve been patient! I know he said he wanted to take it slow, but I need to know if it’s worth doing that.”

Addie can’t believe the change in attitude. There’s a sudden change within Ally that neither of them seems to understand.

“Go get it then, girl, hell yeah, be a badass bitch!”

Ally stomps back into the bathroom to finished getting cleaned up in a rush. Her hair is still damp, and she skips any make-up. She’s ready to get back out to Aiden’s and drags Addie with her.

“I’m driving your car since mine is a piece of shit.”

Addie doesn’t say anything as she can see that Ally’s in a different state of mine.

When they pull up, Addie is in awe of the house.

“Holy hell, this is a nice ass place! Damn, girl, you don’t get with him, I will. This is what his job affords him, geez.”

Ally pulls up and parks behind Rey’s tan and gray Nissan Maxima.

“Oh wow, he has company,” Addie mentions.

“It’s only Rey, no big deal.”

The girls park and stroll up to the door, where Ally pushes the doorbell. When Aiden opens the door, she flings open the screen door jerking him onto the porch.

“Ally, everything okay?” He asks when he notices the keen stare in her eyes.

“Just shut up and hold on!”

She shoves him against the wall as she gets on her toes to press her lips against his.

It takes seconds before they melt together in the kiss as they embrace. Aiden places his hands on the small of her back, pulling her closer as she melts in his arms. All she can see in her mind are explosions of passion. Rey and Addie stand there staring with intensity.

“Yeah, boy, now that’s what I’ve been waiting to see.” He boasts out loud.

“Atta girl Ally, take it, girl…” She says.

“Oh, I’m Rey, by the way. I’m Aiden’s, right-hand man.”

“Hi, I’m Addison or just Addie, I’m uh her best friend and sister cause of another mister. It’s nice to meet you, Rey.”

“Might as well come in. They might be at this for a bit.” Rey teases, holding open the screen door.

“Yeah, hey, got any beer in there?”

“Plenty help yourself.” They disappear, and once the door shuts, Ally pulls away from Aiden’s lips.

“Wow…” That is all she can manage to say.

“Yeah, really, I wanted to do that earlier.” He mutters with amazement in his eyes.

Ally takes a step back, “I needed that. I know we wanted not to rush, but I’ve thought about it for a while now. I couldn’t resist any longer, I’m sorry.”

Aiden stops here right there.

“Don’t be, I’m not, although I do wanna take this slow, but doesn’t mean that we can’t enjoy that. Cause just wow, I haven’t felt anything like that in a long time.” Aiden says.

Ally takes his hands as they stand there staring into each other’s eyes as feelings develop deeper after the kiss.

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