45 Days

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Chapter 6- Making it all Official

Chapter 6- Making it all official

As time goes by, part of each weekend between Ally and Aiden is spent on dates. Neither one of them will come out to say that they’re officially dating.

The summer gives way to fall, and soon after, winter arrives. Aiden still hasn’t approached his friends about trying out for the lead singer. They have started to improve with a couple of pieces that Aiden has written.

Ally and Addie have lost interest in clubs for the most part, but they still spend time drinking at the apartment or go out to Aiden’s to get away from downtown.

After light snow has covered everything from the grass to the trees across the region, New Year’s approaches quickly, and Aiden does his best to get ready for the annual get together at his house.

“Hey Eddie, don’t be late; it’s going to be a wild night.” Dakota expresses as they cover up the instruments after practice on a new piece Aiden prepared.

“Cool deal bro, hey think Aiden would mind if I brought a date?”

Dakota pauses for a moment, “No, like I’m repeating last year’s mishap and showing up alone again. I tell you what, even if he has an issue with it, he can get over it. He has Ally, so we can bring our own girls. After all, it is a party.”

Eddie listens as it sinks in. “Yeah, I mean gotta make sure we get that first kiss at midnight.”

They share a laugh and head inside to get ready to pack up the cars with their favorite beer.

By the time they arrive, Rey is already there. Carrying in everything, they load up the refrigerator’s bottom shelf with their beer and see the champagne and liquor on the countertop.

“Yo, Aiden, looks like we’re gonna get fucked up tonight, son!” Eddie calls out.

“Damn right we are. Oh, by the way, at midnight, we’re letting off fireworks out back.”

The boys are up for that as their eyes say it all. Aiden runs back into the living room, and tackles Rey that starts a no holds barred amateur wrestling match.

When they’re finished beating on each other, Eddie notices a new picture on the wall replacing Aiden and Mitzi’s picture from senior prom.

“Dude, y’all already got pictures together, sweet, but uh yeah, being shirtless not exactly stunning.” Eddie mocks flexing his country boy muscle.

“Yeah, we uh went ahead and had pictures made. Ally wanted one to be like that, and her friend was in charge of the photo studio she dragged me to, so… Yeah, I gave in. She put it up there.” Aiden stands there to admire the picture when Dakota breaks his concentration.

“Speaking of that sweet piece little thing, sup with you two anyway? I mean, we all know y’all is exclusive to each other but what’s the deal. Is it just hooking up, or are ya datin’ yet? Details son, we need details!”

Aiden does his best to explain his plan.

“Well, tonight for sure, we’re announcing to everyone that we are finally a couple. I’m even going to give her a spare key to this place. She’s even considered transferring from Nitro down to here to finish up her degree.”

All three friends gasp at once.

“Yo bro, we like her and all but ain’t that kind of contradicting ya plan to take it slow?” Eddie says, staring Aiden in the eyes.

“It’s just a key. I’m not asking Ally to move. On weekends it’ll be nice not to have to wake up at five in the morning when she bangs on the door.”

The boys crack up at that bit of news.

“So weekend booty call gets a key, that’s sweet bub,” Dakota says to get a rise from Aiden.

“We haven’t slept together yet. Lord knows I’ve wanted to. We’ve done everything under the sun to push each other’s buttons, but damn, it’s getting to be too much.” Aiden admits tapping his foot on the floor.

“Looks good; you two look happy. I’m happy for you.” Rey speaks up out of nowhere.

“Thanks, bub, she’s got my heartstrings as they say, and I love her.”

Rey walks over and places his hand on Aiden’s shoulder.

“I know, you’re like a brother to me, and she’s terrific. I wish you both the best together.”

Aiden smiles, hoping it’s all going to work out for the long run.

“All jokes aside, I hope so too. You’re different, and she’s the reason why. There’s a new light in your eyes. One we hadn’t seen since before your parents died. Homie, you got one of the good ones. Although if you’ll excuse me, I have to go pick up my date.” Dakota explains, pulling out his car keys.

“Yeah, me too, I’ll be back.” Eddie chimes in, following Dakota out the door.

“Looks like you’re going stag,” Aiden suggests to Rey as they go back to finish up their game.

It takes about 45 minutes before Eddie and Dakota return to the house. Eddie’s date is an ex he bumped into at a gas station a few weeks back. Dakota met his date through a website. She’s staggering and stands almost as tall as him. She has light ash blond hair with dark green eyes.

They all walk inside before they’re properly introduced. After getting acquainted, they break out the drinks early. Aiden is the only one to hold out, waiting for Ally and Addie to arrive.

“This place is amazing; do you do this every year?” Eddie’s date questions between shots.

“Yeah, it’s our thing for a hot minute. The first year was incredible. We all couldn’t function for about two days.” Aiden mentions, pulling out the jello shots.

“That’s cool, oh jello shots. I want a grape one!” Eddie’s date, Karen, reaches to take one before Aiden can place the tray out on the kitchen table.

“Have at it; I’m gonna go call Ally.”

Outside with the cordless phone, Aiden dials and waits for her to pick up.

“Hey babe, we’ll be there in about five minutes. Traffic is horrible, plus they have DUI checkpoints out already.”

Aiden sighs, “I’ll be here, the guys already have their dates here, and I’m annoyed already.”

“Alright, well, we will be there shortly; I miss you. I’ll see you soon.”

Aiden ends the call and stands there. Seeing he’s off the phone, Rey joins him out on the porch.

“Everything cool, man?”

Aiden leans against the poll to make a point about something he’s holding inside.

“Yeah, I really don’t care for these things much anymore. Maybe it’s me getting bored or fed up with the party and club life. There’s really not much else to do around here.”

“I get that man, I mean, after tonight, you can tell everyone that this year may be the last. Life brings changes, and we have to go along with them. We’re not exactly kids anymore.” Rey elaborates against the wall.

As he thinks about it, Aiden remembers that he needs to ask Rey for a favor.

“Hey, while it’s just us, I got something to ask you. A few months back, we started a bit of a band. We need a bassist, and since you have a bass guitar.”

Rey stops him right there, “Enough said, I’d love to get back in with a new band. Who’s your lead singer?”

Aiden makes a ticking noise with the edge of his mouth, “No one yet but uh just between us, Ally thinks I should do it, but she’s tone-deaf apparently.”

Rey pulls no punches with his next statement.

“She’s not wrong, man. You do have a unique voice. We’ve been boys since middle school. I’ve listened to you hum low when you listen to the radio, and you got skill. Do it and see if you can master it.”

“I’ll think about it.”

Rey steps in before Aiden can belittle himself again. “No more thinking, man, that’s all you do is think. Nah, this time you’re doing it.” Rey says and slaps him on the back.

About a minute after that exchange, they see the Tiburon pull up the drive.

“Sweet, they’re here,” Aiden calls out as they stroll out to the edge of the driveway. The boys go over to each door and open them for the two young ladies.

“There’s my girl,” Aiden announces, taking Ally’s hand to help her out of the car.

“Why, thank you, handsome.”

They kiss to greet each other.

“Uh hello, we’re out here in the cold. Can we go in, please?” Addie mentions upset that her date has stood her up.

“C’mon, I’ll escort you inside.” Rey offers, moving aside so he can shut the car door.

“What about your date? Won’t she get pissed if you walk in with another woman?”

“I don’t have a date. Mine canceled last minute.”

“Ugh, mine too, dickhead prick ass piece of shit.”

Rey laughs as he offers his arm to be Addie’s escort to the party.

The love doves break from the kiss, and the newly unannounced couple stare into each other’s eyes with a soft glow.

“I love your eyes.” Ally admits seeing Aiden’s passion swirl within.

“I love you…” Aiden slips as he slaps his hand over his mouth.

“Do what…” Ally says, taking her left hand to remove Aiden’s hand from his lips.

“Nothing, just a slip of the tongue.”

Ally won’t let it go. Again she feels something deep within shiver, “You said I love you.”

After he huffs, Aiden nods to assure that he did indeed let it slip from between his lips.

“I do. I’ve felt that since Thanksgiving. I love you even if you don’t love me yet.”

“Who says I don’t? You’re such a sweet guy, and you treat me like no one else ever has. Maybe I love you too.” She leans up to kiss him again, knowing she only done that to ease his fear.

“Let’s get inside. I’m starting to get cold.” Ally mentions tugging on Aiden’s shirt.

“Yeah, we have some fun to unveil. I pulled out some leftover fireworks from July, and at midnight we’re letting those things off. Big mortars go BOOM!” He continues moving back so Ally can pass by him and shut the car door.

They walk hand in hand together into the house, Aiden makes an announcement loud enough for everyone to hear.

“Alright, ladies and gentlemen, tonight we will live life fast, drink hard, and party like it’s 1999 all over again. My boys know what I mean by that memory…” Dakota, Rey, and Eddie all cheer at that part of the statement. “…that being said, please place your keys in the lockbox. No one leaves here tonight drunk. I will not allow you to be responsible for an accident that could injure yourself or someone else. So keys now, the lockbox is located right beside the frig. I alone have the key to open it. My keys are in there already. So let’s be adults and do the right thing.”

One by one, everyone with keys drops them into the metal box. Once Addie places hers in there, he shuts it and locks it.

“Done, now let’s tear this place up!”

Aiden breaks away from Ally long enough to hit play on his stereo system and gets the music pumping. Everyone takes a drink and heads into the living room, where they all dance for a while. The TV is turned to the New Year’s Eve Ball drop event.

Everyone keeps an eye on the events on TV. They kill the music for the final five minutes of the year as the ball prepares to drop. When the final minute begins to countdown, Aiden and Ally rush into the kitchen, popping the champagne bottle to pour everyone a glass.

They yell for everyone to get a cup and head to watch the ball drop.

“Alright, there’s about fifteen seconds left, hurry up!” Addie yells as Ally and Aiden make it in there as the final seconds tick away.

“THREE…TWO…ONE…” Everyone counts down together, followed by downing the champagne. “HAPPY NEW YEAR!” They yell to each other as each couple goes in for the first kiss of the year. Addie and Rey even celebrate kissing as they embrace the longest.

“Hey everyone, let’s take a second to remember those who can’t be here to celebrate with us. Mom, Dad, I miss you every day, and you’re always with us in spirit.” Aiden says as everyone takes a moment in silence to honor those they remember.

“Okay, well, y’all, we have some more fun planned. Ladies, go ahead and head outside to the back deck. Boys, let’s play with some mortars, shall we.” Aiden calls out with an evil smile across his face as everyone gathers to the back deck.

Lined up in a row about three feet apart, Aiden hands the boys a couple of mortars a piece as they try to get their timing down perfect when they light their respective fuses. They rush backward a few feet and watch as the sky lights up with different patterns from each explosion.

“Fan-fucking-tasic…” Eddie whispers to himself as they prepare the final shots in each canister.

“Last one, guys, make it count!” Rey calls out, igniting the wick, and hops backward again.

Once the fireworks are finished lighting up the midnight sky overhead, they kick over the canisters and make their way back inside to return to drinking and dancing for a while.

Time creeps towards four in the morning, and the signs of exhaustion begin to show as everyone’s head begins to sway heavily.

“Time to call it a night, everyone. I have extra blankets in the guest room closet. The new sofa has a recliner on each side, so make yourselves comfy. There’s also the fold-up bed in the music room if anyone wants it. Other than that, everyone has a place to crash. Goodnight, and see all of you in a few hours.” Aiden proclaims after he kills the music and retrieves the extra pillows and blankets.

Aiden yawns as he flips on the light in his bedroom and is unaware that he has a shadow behind him. He’s aware of someone when a figure pokes him in the small of his back.

“Care if we share a bed?” Ally asks in a sweet and innocent voice.

“Not at all. Get comfy, and we’ll cuddle up to talk like usual.”

Ally vanishes for just a moment but returns with her bag. She takes over Aiden’s bathroom connected to the bedroom, and when she returns to pose in the doorway with a forest green satin low-cut nightie that’s just long enough to cover her private region.

“Oh, good lord, babe, you can’t tease me like that…”

Ally can’t help but smile as she dashes the bed flinging herself under the covers.

“C’mon, baby, I need you to keep me warm.” She slurs and uses her index finger to pull Aiden in when he slips down to just his boxers.

After she’s under the sheets, Ally doesn’t hesitate to bring Aiden to her. She scoots on top of his body.

“Ally…” He whispers as he interlocks their hands.

“Shut up, Aiden; I’ve waited for this. I want it. A new year, a new us, and you’re all mine now, so relax and let me show you what you mean to me.”

“I was gonna say, don’t think you’re the one in charge.” Using his hips, Aiden rolls Ally over, taking control from her as he pushes her hands firmly into the mattress as they begin to kiss and work up the anticipation within their bodies.

Ally slightly struggles to hook the top of Aiden’s boxers with her toes, but after several attempts, she finally succeeds in pulling them down enough to get a good enough grip with her big toes to slide them off.

Their bodies grind against the other and kiss until the initial point of penetration, where Ally breaks away, gasping as Aiden pushes in and stops once he’s entirely inside of her body.

“Oh yes, finally…” Ally murmurs as she tightens her fingers against the back of Aiden’s hands.

It doesn’t take him long to pick up the pace as their breathing begins to increase in speed and depth. Ally tries not to scream as her body gives way with each push from Aiden. Ally keeps her eyes closed as she sees nothing but a blinding light with each climax her body releases.

Months of eagerness combine within this moment as both Aiden and Ally release their pent-up frustrations. They continue for a while, and once Aiden reaches the point that he can’t hold back anymore, he groans as his body explodes inside of Ally’s as she wraps her legs around his waist and squeezes with one final intense orgasm.

The minute Aiden is finished, he collapses on Ally’s body as they both breathe heavily.

“That was amazing.” She musters to whisper, resting her arms around Aiden’s tired body.

“Hell yes, it was; I never imagined you‘d feel like that.” He replies, rolling off her body.

Ally rolls over with her head on his chest while Aiden stretches out, staring at the ceiling.

“I love you, Ally…”

“I love you too, Aiden…” Nothing else is said as they lie there and sluggishly fall asleep against each other.

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