45 Days

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Chapter 8- Fear Turns to Reality

Things seem to improve between Aiden and Ally slightly. They’ve returned to a talking basis. In his mind, Valentine’s Day will be the time to bury the hatchet.

He’s purchased her gift already, a gold necklace with an emerald charm. He’s booked the hotel room, given explicit instructions to have a bottle of champagne chilled in a bucket of ice, fake rose petals scattered about the room. A vision in his mind no female can resist.

Early in the day, knowing the plan won’t kick off until the evening. Ally takes it upon herself to spend part of the day with her secret boyfriend.

She gets a text that wakes her up when Sam blows up her phone. She scrolls through and comes across one from Aiden.

“Happy Valentine’s Day, we’ve been together exactly 45 days, and I know we have plenty more in front of us.” She says and smiles at the thought of him thinking about her first thing in the morning even though she’s been a bitch.

“Sam, we need to talk…Soon…” She says out loud when she types the message.

Her phone dings a few seconds later.

On my way! He replies as her heart dips a bit. Ally knows she needs to pick one of them. Aiden has won her heart.

Not long after she gets up, Ally greets her parents as they’re on their way out the door.

“Hey Allyssa, remember we won’t be back until late this evening. We expect to meet this feller you’ve been seeing.” Her mother explains, picking up her purse.

“Yes, mom, he’ll be here, I promise.” Her mom smiles and walks out of the house.

Ally watches her parents pull away. She notices Sam’s truck a few feet down the street. She waves him over, where he jogs until he’s inside the house.

“I assume you need something?” He begins shedding his jacket.

“Yes, we need to talk. Listen, you’re a nice guy and all, but I’ve made up my mind. I want to work it out with Aiden. It’s not like it hasn’t been fun and whatnot, but I can’t lead him on any longer.”

Not expecting to hear that, Sam looks down until he has something to say, “Nah, I won’t go for that. Don’t decide until you get a chance to see who’s better at making you scream. You ain’t going to tease me along and not give it up.”

Startled, Ally slaps Sam as hard as she can, leaving a perfect imprint on his face. “Fuck you!” She yells, and on the second shove, he gets ahold of her and lifts her to his body.

“Fuck me, alright, let’s do this!”

He carries her over to her bed to toss her down and places his body to keep her down.

“No!” She cries out to avoid kissing him.

“Just a taste, baby.” He says as he forcefully and holds her down, placing his lips on hers.

Unable to control her body, Ally tries to fight the urge. Unable to hold back, and loses control from temptation and curiosity.

“So tell me again how you don’t want it.”

“I…uh…I…can’t…” She lies there going limp, imagining it in her mind as she has so many times.

“Only one, to use reasoning to make up my mind.” She groans in a low tone as her body surrenders to Sam’s touch.

“That’s my girl, now get up and strip.” He demands as she follows his instructions and stands there naked.

“Good, now start stripping me and get on the bed.”

Unable to snap out of the trance, Ally does as he says and waits for him to invade her body.

Unbeknownst to her, Aiden decided that their relationship is worth fighting for, so he leaves earlier than expected to surprise Ally and treat her to breakfast and take her out shopping.

He turns on her street, but when he sees that he must park a little further down the street, he idles by the house undetected.

“Finally, a parking spot!” He says with excitement.

He parks the CRX and takes Ally’s gift from the passenger seat.

Strolling down the icy sidewalk, he pushes the gate open and walks up to the door. He’s about to knock on the screen door when he can hear a voice scream at the top of their lungs.

Worried that something’s wrong, Aiden opens the screen door and twists the doorknob. He walks in to discover Ally underneath another man screaming his name.

“Sam…oh yes…harder…My…God…” she continues to scream, unaware that Aiden’s there watching them.

He drops her gift and walks out of the house, crushed by the sight and sounds. Ally hears the screen door slam shut and forces Sam to stop.

“Hey, did you hear that?” She asks, pushing Sam off her body.

“Nope, come on, let’s finish.”

She glimpses at the doorway and notices a cream-colored jewelry box laying half-way open.

“Son of a bitch! Aiden…No!” She sheiks when it dawns on her what’s happened.

“Goddamn, it, get out of here!” She screams at Sam and kicks him off the bed.

He lands harshly on the floor, “Fuck you too then, ya loose ho.” He mumbles more insults as she scrambles to throw some clothes on and run out the door.

She can see Aiden almost at his car and takes off running full speed after him, yelling as she hurries.

“Aiden, baby, please stop, wait, let me explain…Baby! Please stop, don’t go!” She pleads at the top of her lungs, ignoring the icy brick street beneath her bare feet.

The CRX starts up and pulls away without stopping. She feels her entire world crumble apart at the seams holding it together.

“What did I do?” She questions on her knees with tears down her cheeks.

“Please come back, please, I finally love you…I love you, Aiden Daniel Hart.” She sobs through her hands as Sam leaves her there, freezing in the road as the snow begins to fall.

Clueless as to what’s going on, Dakota has his date already out at his house. He’s dating the same girl from New Year’s, hoping he can mimic Allyssa and Aiden’s happiness.

“Is there anything you’d like to do today?” He asks.

“Not really. I’m fine with watching movies on the couch and talking. I’m a simple country gal.”

Dakota smiles, walking to the kitchen to make breakfast.

Eddie does what he does on Valentine’s Day. He takes an extra shift to keep himself busy. Eddie hates this holiday and has for years. Ever since he proposed to the love of his life, and she refused his offer.

After the shift is finished, he usually drops by to spend time with his parents being the only one of his siblings to check on them.

Rey spends time doing something similar. He takes care of his elderly and terminally ill mother and uses the day as an excuse to catch up on chores he purposely neglects. Rey isn’t the romantic type, plus his goofiness usually drives women away.

Knowing all of his friends’ routines, Aiden goes home and fears that Ally will show up. He puts his car in the garage and locks it so she can’t lift it to see if he’s home.

He retreats inside and immediately heads to the kitchen to take a brand-new bottle of Grey Goose. Before he takes refuge in the piano room, he takes a couple of chairs to jam them against the front and back doors.

Once he’s finished, he begins drowning the pain by tipping the bottle straight up.

“Here’s to such a great girl!” He grunts, beginning to feel the effect of the alcohol.

“Damn tramp, fucking play and use me just like every other worthless whore out there. Loved me, my ass.” He continues to rant and slur more.

Aiden drinks for nearly an hour and hears a knock at the front door. Unable to get to his feet, he stumbles and falls flat on his face. He begins to crawl across the carpet, spilling vodka with each thrust of his arm.

“Aiden…Aiden…Open up, I know you’re home, remove whatever you have blocking the door. Let me explain, please.” Allyssa pleads through the door.

In his mind, what sounds like him ripping her ass comes out so slurred Aiden barely makes a sound.

“Go home, you tramp, go screw your other boyfriend. You lying ass bitch.”

Aiden eventually crawls to a halt and passes out. Ally stands outside and pours her heart, hoping he listens to her appeal for forgiveness.

“Look, I made a monumental mistake, alright. I chose you, but when Sam came over. He just has this control over me, or rather had some control over me. I chose you. I’ll even move in if I have to prove it to you. Please, Aiden, don’t do this to me. I need you. I’m sorry I lied about being in love with you before; I swear on my life I am there now. Please believe me and open the door, please damn it. Aiden, open the door. I’ll do whatever it takes.”

She continues to bang and kick on the door for some time. Oblivious that Aiden is unconscious and drunk, Ally punches the door at one point so hard that she busts her knuckles open.

“I know you’re there; otherwise, I could get inside. Come on, quit being a prick and open the door. Baby, please, let me inside. I’m freezing! I can’t tell you how sorry I am. I truly, deeply am so sorry, baby. I’ve been crying nonstop since you left. I want you and only you. I know I fucked up more than ever, and it was only this time, I swear. I can’t live without you, Aiden. You mean the world to me!”

Finally giving up, Ally sleeks away to her car. She starts it up and sits there until she’s warm enough to drive. Uncertain of what to do now, she takes off for Addie’s place.

She arrives in what feels like a lifetime. Ally realizes she’s going to have to spill the beans about everything and pray for forgiveness. Her legs feel like they’ve dragged one hundred pound weights strapped to her ankles. Ally is hardly able to make it up the steps out of breath and sweats profusely.

Knocking on the door, Addie comes quickly, and when she sees Ally there out of breath and barely conscious, she grabs her and places her on the couch.

“Oh, good lord in heaven, what happened? Do I need to call the police?”

Ally manages to shake her head no.

“What’s wrong?”

“I messed up…” She’s able to mumble, out of breath.

“Tell me all about it.”

With her eyes shut tightly, Ally begins, “Aiden, showed up early, caught me, having sex, Sam, messed up, he won’t talk, he’s super pissed.”

As the busted pieces of Ally’s speech together, something snaps within Addie.

“You two-faced lying bitch. You promised me that this wouldn’t go on. You got caught fucking Sam, and now I bet you he’s done with your sorry ass. Plus, Aiden had to walk in and catch you red-handed in the act.”

Beginning to cry again, Addie puts her foot down that instant.

“Nuh-uh miss thing, no, you ain’t pulling that pity party here. I warned you. You lied right to my face about it too. Don’t even drop a single tear. You’re lucky I don’t beat you down. I love you like a sister, but you’re a disgrace. You found one of the best guys in the world, and you slept with someone else!”

With her hands clasped against her face, Ally can’t control her emotions, “I chose Aiden though, I finally made a decision. I let my guard down and gave in to Sam’s wants. I broke his heart and mine. I have to talk to him and make it up to Aiden. Please help me, Addie, please, I can’t do it on my own.”

Her own heart cracks seeing Ally beat on herself. Addie knows there’s nothing she can do at that moment.

“I don’t know what I can do, Ally. You royally screwed yourself big time. Aiden’s decision is his own to make. I know he loves you, but how would you feel if he was caught bangin’ some chick? You’d be devastated and heartbroken.”

Ally cranks up the waterworks. She lies there, unable to speak.

“Here, it won’t help but let me make you a drink. All else fails, get plastered is what I say. Maybe in time, it’ll get better, but for now, it’s best to give Aiden some space and let Sam go. I can’t believe you did that!”

Addie goes into the kitchen to get started on some liquid therapy. She looks back to see Ally with her phone in her hands.

“Give him space!” Addie reminds her.

“It’s Sam. He wants to talk.”

Addie stomps with gusto over to Ally, snatching the phone out of her hand.

“What are you going to do?” Ally asks with a look of concern in her eyes.

“Shut the hell up, and don’t you dare move.”

Addie places the phone up to her ear. Sam answers on the second ring, “There’s my…”

Addie cuts him off, blowing up in his ear.

“Listen here fucker. I told you if you hurt my girl, I would come after you. Now you’ve pissed off the baddest bitch alive. I swear on my granddaddy’s grave, I will saw your balls off of your body so you can’t ever fuck another woman. You hear me, scum bag! I swear to God I will mess you up once I get back to Nitro. You hurt her, and you hurt the guy loves, and he’s my friend too. I hate you. Now you’re a marked man.”

“Listen here bitch, you touch me, and I’ll toss your ass in jail. Remember, my parents know the police chief and say one more threat and see what happens to you. I got what I wanted. I diddled your girl every which way this morning and loved it! Ally screamed like a banshee. She had what she wanted, a piece of Sam’s Salomé. Just admit it, you’re jealous. I won’t touch your fat ass because I only sleep with beautiful women like Ally.”

Sam disconnects the call causing Addie to throw the phone across the room, “Motherfucker!”

She looks back down at Ally.

“You are so stupid, I swear. If you weren’t my girl, I’d beat you senseless. Now I need to drink to cool off before I go kill that dumbass.”

Scared beyond belief, Ally doesn’t move or say a single thing.

“You’re staying here tonight, and we’re getting drunk. Tomorrow is a new day. Maybe by tomorrow, Aiden will be level-headed enough to talk to you, but until then, sit up and go get your drink!”

Ally nods her head, quickly scooting over to retrieve her drink. Addie joins her in the kitchen, making a pitcher’s worth of margaritas.

“Fucking Valentine’s Day, worthless bullshit ass drama that gets worse every damn year.” She continues to say.

The girls flop down in front of the TV and, as usual for breakups, find the sappy 80’s romance and romantic comedies until they pass out on the futon, trying to come up with a plan to fix everything somehow.

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