Unexpected Arrival [+18]

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- And, if I stop helping you, will you still consider me a friend? - He has nodded - - I won't stop considering you a friend - Why not? - he asked with an annoyed tone - - Because you have behaved better with me than anyone else in the world - he smiled - I will never stop considering you a friend. - And, if I hit you? - she approached him with a threatening look - Would you still consider me a friend? - Aiden sighed - - Everyone hits me, what would be new? - Alexandre sighed in frustration - - Finish getting ready and leave quickly, I'm sure the idiots will come in a while Alexandre put his things away and left, slamming the door. He had felt frustrated and angry. He kicked some trash cans that were near the school, then took out the pack of cigarettes and smoked some until he got to his work. "I can't have friends and this problem child now considers me one. I must get away from that boy, before it's too late, I don't want to regret it again." Important: Romantic novel between two boys, if you don't like this content you'd better leave. Content of explicit sex, violence and abuse. In addition to vulgar language, discretion is recommended.

Romance / Erotica
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I am not native English language, so please be patient when commenting

Alexandre is an 18-year-old boy who is trying to run away from what he considered his first love, however, it is not as easy as he thought. For the last few years he has lived hidden and scared, trying to get strong enough to face his present, however, that love that once sunk him returns willing to take him with him.

He wants to leave it behind, he wants to forget his feelings, but not everything is as simple as he thinks it is. Now he is alone and has to fight for himself to get out of that hole he unknowingly got himself into. On top of all this, there is the unexpected arrival of a boy who is completely different from what he is used to.

That boy comes to turn his world upside down, creating doubts and uncertainties in Alexandre.

Will he be able to understand your feelings?

How can feelings be so similar, yet so different? What will happen at the end of this dramatic love story?

About the story:

1) This story is authored by me, so the locations, characters or anything related in it are imaginary. Any resemblance with reality is mere coincidence.

2) There will be 3 stories with the same concept of first love, but they will be different, yes they are related, but they are independent.

Concept: The first love is not always the first to arrive, many of us have experienced what it means to love a person in an incomparable way. However, that feeling is not always with the first person who enters your life.

A first love is the one that turns your whole world upside down, makes you do things you never thought possible and makes you love madly. It is that person who is able to teach you what it really means to love and be loved.

3) I must emphasize that my position is absolutely against any kind of violence (physical, emotional or verbal).

4) Any resemblance to reality is a mere coincidence, copying and/or adaptation is PROHIBITED.

5) The story will be updated every two weeks, however, I will try to upload as soon as the chapters are ready. This is because I am in classes, and sometimes I have little time to write or publish.


I write this warning to avoid problems beforehand. This story contains certain topics that are not always accepted by people, I hope you understand that if you don’t like them or feel uncomfortable with these topics, you should delete them. This work contains LGBTIQ + themes, so they are not always to everyone’s liking, additionally it contains scenes that are a bit explicit, although they are not unrelated to what young people these days are used to reading. It also contains some vulgar language, therefore I placed that it was suitable for +18, however, from my perspective I consider that it could be even for +16, however discretion is advised.

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