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Aere Perennius

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Reid Hindley had found the love of his life and he could not be happier. After finally revealing their entire relationship to their club and family, nothing could stand in their way. The past few months for Reece Diaz were incredibly stressful but also freeing. He was blown away by the support of his adoptive family and especially his baby sister, Ophelia. Now, it was time for him to meet his boyfriend's parents, as well as reveal their adoption of Kodiak and he was a wreck. Will the Hindley's accept him and their adopted son? Or will they force the pair to break up? Aere Perennius is the third and a half instalment in The Odin's Riders Novels.

Romance / Adventure
Shan M / Xiuyan
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Reid was not known for losing his cool very often, to be fair, he was regarded as the calmest person in the entire of The Odin’s Riders MC.

However, the sight that was presenting itself in front of him at this very moment had him teetering on the edge of insanity.

One (1) of the new club horor was currently hitting on his boyfriend and it was setting off every possessive bone inside of his body.

It was not like their relationship status had been kept a secret from anyone in the club, new or old.

To him, this asshole was doing it on purpose and trying to disrespect his bond with the Hispanic male.

The thought alone had his pale hands clenching down so hard that he was sure that his palms were going to start dripping blood soon.

He wasn’t going to intervene because he knew how his lover could get when he did and he would scold him for treating him like a child, which he knew he was guilty of doing.

But when their eyes met and he saw the panic in those chocolate orbs, he moved.

The noirette moved so fast that if you had blinked you would have missed him. He was no longer leaning by the doorway of the kitchen but now was near the sink where his boyfriend stood with the horor, who was leering at him.

Now that he was standing behind the guy, he could see the glassy look in those chocolate orbs as he tried not to shed a tear.

That had the Swedish man’s blood boiling, no one and he meant no one was to ever make his love cry.

Reece had gone through enough hell to last them both a lifetime and he was going to everything to protect him from anymore. Even if that meant getting his hands bloody and bruised, he did not give a fuck.

Reaching down, he tapped the bleach blonde idiot and watched as he turned around to look at him.

He watched as rust-coloured eyes narrowed at him and his thin lips curled up into a sneer as he asked him, “The fuck do you want?”

“What do I want? I want you to leave my boyfriend the fuck alone. Everyone is this castle knows that he is mine, even if I’m not a patched member. Reece Diaz belongs to me. Now move it.”

“I don’t see your fucking name on him, so last I checked he was free game.”

Now that was the wrong thing to say to him and everyone who had overheard the commotion knew it.

The room fell silent that if a pin dropped, it would ring throughout the area like a gunshot.

Reid’s facial expression did not give away how livid he was feeling on the inside, the only tell that showed how he really felt was the slight twitch of his left arm.

Before anyone could stop him, he grabbed the smaller man by the throat and slammed him onto the floor.

Hazel eyes glared into the brown ones as he leaned forward to whisper into his ear.

“You try to harass my baby again and I will make what Astrid does to our prisoners look like child’s play.”

After saying that, the noirette got up off the bleach blonde and stood up. Reece rushed over from where he was standing, shocked and hugged his partner.

They heard their King bark for everyone to get the fuck out of his way before they got trampled as he entered the kitchen.

“Someone want to tell me why the fuck I received a call while I was feeding my baby daughter and was informed that my head waiter was bodyslamming someone to the fucking floor!”

“It was because of me, Sir.”

“Reece, tell me what happened? I know damn well that man of yours is like a fucking iceberg. He always chilled, so talk to me and let me know what made him snap.”

Wrapping his arms tighter around the taller male, the brunette nodded and asked if they could talk about it in private.

Elias knew that look in his friend’s eye and agreed immediately, not before giving Zia the order to secure the horor and place him in a cell for now.

The trio (3) then proceeded to make their way over to the dining room as it was the closet room and they knew no one would bother them.

Once they had all taken their seats, with the Hispanic man refusing to not be near his lover, he was planted right in his lap.

“Alright, out with it.”

“Well, I was washing up some of the dishes that had been placed in the sink that could not go into the dishwasher when he came up behind me. I don’t know his name, but I do remember his face from the welcoming party.”

“His name is Brody.”

“Thank you. I remember even during that event, his eyes were on me and it made me feel quite uncomfortable. I made sure that he had seen me with Reid and kissing him too, trying to let him know that I was taken nor interested. That didn’t stop him though.”

“Love, what did he say to you before I got there?”

The other two (2) men watched as Reece let out a shaky breath as he tried to regain his composure and not freak out.

This caused his boyfriend to tighten his arms that were wrapped around his torso and press a kiss to the top of his curls.

Reid whispered sweet nothings and words of comfort to the love of his life as he tried to calm him down.

If it was one (1) thing that he hated to see, it was the man in his lap being in any form of distress or discomfort.

It genuinely broke his heart remembering how frantic he had looked back in the kitchen and at that moment he wished he had intervened quicker.

He just wanted to what he knew his significant other preferred for him to do instead of rushing in.

“C’mon Reece’s Pieces, I can’t help you if I don’t know what happened, alright?”

“I know...He told me how cute I looked and if I ever wanted to have a good time, I knew where to find him. Even after I reminded him that I was in a very committed and happy relationship, he kept coming closer. He wasn’t taking my rejection and that’s when I started to panic. Then Reid appeared and took him down.”

“I don’t feel bad about it either.”

This caused the other participants at the table to burst into loud fits of laughter as they had expected him to say that.

Once Elias calmed down enough to be able to form coherent sentences, he gave the couple a serious look.

He explained to them that as their King, he needed to make sure that they were happy and felt comfortable at all times.

The fact that this particular horor was not understanding Reece’s blatant rejection was not going to be tolerated.

The entire castle refused to have another horrible incident like what happened with Quinn and he was going to make sure of that.

Reid appreciated that they were taking the matters like this as seriously as they were and not letting it slide like some other clubs.

He informed that they were going to make an example of Brody to let everyone know that this would be the consequences if they were to commit such a heinous act on someone.

It was also another way to help any victims feel more at ease and let them know they were safe here.

The Hispanic male asked if they had to be present for whatever he chose to do and was quickly informed that they were pardoned from it.

The main reason being it was not necessary for them to witness it and also because he did not want to traumatise him.

On top of that, they weren’t thralls or patched members of The Odin’s Riders MC so it was also not a mandatory thing for them to attend.

However, the rest of the staff would be there for the majority of the speech and when the violence happens, they are free to leave if they need too.

After the trio (3) discussed a few more random topics, the young couple was excused and decided to make their way up to the noirette’s room.

While they were laying in the giant queen-sized bed, one (1) of their cellphones started to vibrate.

They were going to ignore it but it kept buzzing and had started to get very irritating, so Reid let out a loud groan.

He looked over at the bedside table and saw that it was his phone going off, removing the hand that he had resting on his boyfriend’s ass, he picked it up.

It was his father calling him and he knew he had to answer before both of his parents decided to rush over to where he lived to make sure he was alive.

“Hej, Pappa?”

“Varför svarade du inte på din telefon?”

“Jag tittar på en film med min pojkvän, pappa.”

“Det påminner mig, din mamma och jag vill träffa honom.”



“Jag meddelar dig snart.”

(“Hej, Pappa.” in Swedish = “Hey, Dad.” in English.)

(“Varför svarade du inte på din telefon?” in Swedish = “Why did you not answer your phone?” in English.)

(“Jag tittar på en film med min pojkvän, pappa.” in Swedish = “I’m watching a movie with my boyfriend, Dad. in English.”

(“Det påminner mig, din mamma och jag vill träffa honom.” in Swedish = “It reminds me, your mother and I want to meet him.” in English.)

(“När?” in Swedish = “When?” in English.)

(“Jag meddelar dig snart.” in Swedish = “I’ll let you know soon.” in English.)

Reece listened as his lover spoke to his father, although he could barely make out what the older man was saying.

He could tell by the Swedish man’s tone and facial expression that he was seemingly getting more aggravated.

However, he waited patiently for him to finish up the conversation that he was having and hang up.

The second after he pressed the end button, the brunette pressed his lips against his boyfriend’s cheek.

“What was that about, babe?”

“Sigh, apparently they want to fucking meet, probably have lunch or dinner with you and me. He said he’d let me know what day and time sometime soon.”


“Oh baby, don’t worry, everything is going to go well, alright?”

“I know, babe.”

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