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Sirayat: Love of a Mafia

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Aadhya, the innocent and sweet angel of this story. She was living a lifestyle that every girl dreams about. Then comes the day she awaits the most Her Wedding but it become her worst nightmare. You want to know what happen to her. EXCERPT They all heard jingling sound of some girl's anklet, approaching the room. Randhir whispered in a low tone "Aadhya". Listening her name Veer was lost in his own thoughts "Aadhya" so beautiful he closed his eyes to imagine the beauty of this girl whose name is enough to make him go insane. Then begins the story of Passion! Hunger! Love! Curious to know what happens next. Let's see AFTER AN HOUR He draped his suit jacket over her shoulders claiming her as his. And what he said next confirmed all doubts. "Prepare for the wedding".

Romance / Drama
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“What was her fault? Why is she being punished?”

Randhir Khanna asked with red teary eyes. He was controlling his tears as well as his anger. He wants to kill the person standing in front of him, Veer Singh Chaudhary, popularly known as Veer Sarkar, the leader of “SIRAYAT: Mafia of Mafias”.

“Punished! (he smirked) she was saved from being punished. Thank God this Traitor died before marriage, you know very well what would have happened to her if she was this bastard’s wife.” Veer spoke with blank expressions. Harish Khanna was sitting lifelessly just staring at Vyom’s dead body. Vyom with whom her Aadhya was going to marry in few hours. Aadhya she was so happy, waiting for this day from so long. How she’ll handle all this? Will she forgive me? Her father. Harish was in his deep thoughts when Veer’s gaze fell on him and his eyes become red with anger. He was boiling in anger eyeing the other traitor Harish Khanna who dared to play with fire.

"She was saved from being a Traitor’s Wife but

Who’ll save her from punishment of being another Traitor’s Daughter"

He asked getting his gaze back on Randhir. Listening to his words Randhir got confused what does he mean Traitor’s Daughter.

"You mean Dad. No! It can’t be True" He said in disbelief.

“Why not you ask him” now said Veer’s younger brother and his right hand Yuvraj Singh Chaudhary who is standing right behind him with his other trusted men. Randhir called Harish in low and hoarse voice ”Dad“. Suddenly they all heard the jingling sound of some girl’s anklet approaching the room. Randhir whispered in a low tone ”Aadhya" and listening to him Raghav their trusted man covered Vyom’s body with coffin. Listening her name Veer was lost in his own thoughts Aadhya so beautiful he closed his eyes to imagine the beauty of this girl whose name is enough to make him insane. Passion! Hunger! Love!

She entered the room. She is wearing Yellow colored dress with a blouse exposing her belly. She is holding her hands forward because of the henna applied on them. Her beauty is adorned in the flower jewelry she is wearing. Her hazel eyes are filled with only one emotion Happiness. But it turned to confusion after noticing too many unfamiliar heads. All are staring at her like they had never seen such a beauty then it strikes Veer they are eye-raping her. His jaws clenched but before he could say anything, Aadhya’s eye caught the sight of the dead body all covered. Her heart beats fasten, and fear took over on her.


The room with twenty people (all from Mafia) is only filled with the sound of hiccups of unconscious Aadhya. She is clenching the collar of her Brother’s T-shirt who is sitting beside her, scooping her in his arms and trying to console her. While others are waiting for Sarkar’s next order. Veer went near her, crouched to her level and draped his suit jacket over her shoulders. Little action of his left everyone in shock as they all know what it means in mafia world.

He claimed her as his. And what he said next confirmed their doubts.

“Prepare for the wedding.”

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