Chasing Jordan

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"I'm not getting in the car with you"I shout over the heavy rain that's pouring. "It's pissing down rain, your drenched I can drop you off"Jason says. "No"I keep my walking but pick up the pace ..... The hot guy really hot guy innocent girl one day he just gets this obsession of her he can't get enough. Even though he's never had her before. But thats what makes his desperation grow. He wants her he feels he NEEDS her. School is the only chance he gets to see her. He wants more. ........... Started: 4|3|21 Finished: Β―\_(ツ)_/Β―

Romance / Erotica
Age Rating:


Just wanted to add a quick warning and like the description of the story ya know? So please just read don't be stubborn!


🚨suicidal mentions.

🚨suicidal thoughts.

🚨self harm.

🚨mature audience.

🚨mild course language.


(When is there never smut!)


When your known as the quiet....innocent....weird...nerd. Girl or guy life is harder yeah I'm sure the popular girls or guys would say their life is so much harder that's because their so self centred and so into them selves they think their life is much worse.

When it's always the ones the help people. The weird girl or guy that is hurting the most.

The happiest girl or guy could be hurting the most but you'd never know until she finally cracks.

Her name is Jordan his name is you'll see. Both hurting but in complete different friend groups.

Well she doesn't exactly have one. Not a single soul even tries to be friends with her.

Hot popular guy with a big house gets everything he wants. What could be hurting this guy? What could possibly hurt the guy. The hot popular captain of the football team that gets all the girls possibly be hurting for?

When Jordan. The quiet 'weird' girl. Her mother had killed herself on her fourth birthday. Not a single present it's known as her mother's day. Gets insulted and abused by her father that blames everything on her. Even her own mother's death.

The hurt she must feel. So tell me what could be hurting this guy?

We know what's hurting Jordan but she doesn't show it. Happy....weird girl. That gets no attention from anyone just humiliated and harassed for absolutely no reason.

No one will give her one except "I was just bored" or "because" than shrugs.

Sticky notes pressed on her back "kick me" or "pinch me" why not just "kill me." Someone's always up to making her build up her motivation. To just end her life like her mother did on her birthday.

So why is this popular guy hurting? Has a caring family doesn't he? Yes he does. Mother loves him treats so good that it makes Jordan almost break into tears.

She just wants that. She wants to be loved. She wants a good relationship with her dad....loving caring for her.

She's always busy with two jobs and school assignments and homework helps getting In the way as well.

Her chest and throat always hurting. Always holding back tears from the insults.

Why does everyone treat her like this?

Will someone treat her nice one day?

Would that someone be able to see she's hurting?

Yeah acting happy is her role she's good at it she bites back her depressed horrific sad side. No one sees that side.



"Just get in the car it's pissing down!"he shouts over the rain.

"No I'm fine it's just water!"I shout back. Can barely hear him with the heavy rain hitting his car.

"I'll drop you off at your house just get in!"

"No it's warm" I lied. I'm cold. "Bullshit it's freezing and mid winter."he says.

I'm cold drenched from the rain I'm only in my school blouse and skirt. Fuck! My blouse would be see through shit he could probably see my bra!

"No just leave me alone I'm fine my house isn't that far."I say.

He pulls the car to a complete stop than gets out. "It is freezing you'll get sick."he picks me up throwing me over his shoulder. "Put me down!"

"No I'm dropping you off at your house"he says. He opens the door placing me on the passengers seat gently.

"Stubborn ass."I say. What does this guy want with me seriously hasn't left me alone. He's just the player from school.

Probably looking to have me fall in love with him and than break my heart. He'll laugh about it to his mates.

Not...gonna...happen. I can spell it out if he wants to hear it.

I don't trust anyone. And I believe so deeply that no one cares about me.

Big description.

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I've also made the paragraphs a bit bigger than a usually would.

Word count: 772

Posting first chapter on this day: 4/3/21

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Biggest lie of 2021.

Yeah bet you fell for it for a minute huh?

Enjoy when I start posting this story.

And the many more books to come πŸ€ͺ thankyou.
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