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Many of you have noticed that I’ve rarely been updating and it’s taking me so long to upload a chapter. This book was started almost five months back and I’m still nowhere near done. Google says it’s writers fatigue but who knows ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I’ve been dreading this, but I need to do it for my own good because writing can be exhausting. I have plenty of supporters for this book. Maybe not as much as I did with My Valerie but it’s still enough. So I feel awful doing this to the readers who’ve been patient for five months and only got eleven chapters of the book. But I’m taking a break from it so I can make up my mind and see where the plot is going.

I feel terrible for my readers because I’ve come back multiple times and said that I’ll be updating regularly, but I never did. So instead of leaving you hanging and waiting for an update, I thought it was best to just say this and waste no one’s time.

I might come back soon. I might update when I feel like it. But for now, I’ll take time off Not Your Luna and try to find a clear path. I might even finish the entire thing and then upload it to Inkitt because the way I’m updating is horrible. I was a reader myself long before I began writing. I have only been writing for a little over a year so I know how frustrating it is to be waiting so long for updates and get nothing.

You can create another reading list and let this book sit there so that when I do come back and update, you’ll get the notification. Who knows? I might be back after just a short time.

I’m sorry and I love you all so much. I appreciate the support and the love I’ve gotten over the past year but I need this break. I will still be active, I will see your comments on my wall and on the chapters and I’ll reply to them all. I’m also active on my email :)

Basically, I’m going on a hiatus. I’ll see you all soon ♡︎♥︎


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