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Chapter Nine

Shae’s P.O.V

Today is March 21st and Darien and I are celebrating our two month anniversary! We weren’t really going to do anything exciting, just stay indoors at his place, cuddle and watch movies. His parents are going to be gone for the weekend so we’ll have the house to ourselves and I’m so excited. But before doing any of that, we were ditching school to go to New York! Instead of going on Saturday, my mother wanted us to go today and I couldn’t be happier. I needed time away from the academy and its lurking eyes.

It was early and my excitement overpowered my fatigue. Since it’s going to be chilly in New York, I put on my white skinny jeans, an oversized button-down pink shirt, and some matching pink booties and paired it with my Louis Vuitton bag. I left my hair down in its naturally curly state and was ready to go! We were taking my mom’s private jet and it would be my mother, Cassandra, my cousin Andrea and her best friend Vanessa, and both Sheila and Jackie Oh! And aunt Reba since it’s one of her many boutiques. I was so excited for this trip and to get our dresses. The wedding was so soon! Our plane was leaving LAX at seven-thirty and we’ll arrive at JFK a little before eleven.

“Where’s Reba and the girls?!” My mom asked for the hundredth time.

“Mom, relax. they’ll be here and we don’t have to be out for another thirty minutes.” I said placing my hands on her shoulder.

“No! It’s seven thirty-five! We were supposed to be taking off five minutes ago. Sheila and Jackie are already there waiting.” She said annoyed. I checked my phone and my eyes widened. Shit, when did time fly? We walked outside and the driver was waiting for us. Joe has been driving my mom and me around for years.

“Sorry we’re here now,” Aunt Reba said, pulling into the driveway. They all stepped out and we huddled into the car as Joe sped off towards the highway.


When we arrived at the airport, security ushered us quickly to the jet area. People immediately began looking over, some paparazzi already lurking. Paparazzi lurked airports like hawks! Some started taking photos of us and called out our names. Security managed to rush us along quickly before it could get hectic.

After boarding the plane and getting settled, Aunt Reba gasped loudly. “Oh my goodness! There’s something going on at one of my boutiques in Milan!” She cried out.

“What?” Mom gasped.

“They had a blackout and the city is going crazy with break-ins and robbers!” She answered.

“Oh my! That happened when we were in Paris once.” Jackie said sadly.

“I need to get there. I really do,” She sighed.

“Then let’s go,” Mom quipped.

“But New York?” Vanessa asked shocked.

“Honey, there’s plenty more boutiques in Milan! Besides, it gives me a chance to check on my own boutique and vacation house.” Mom said. I smiled. Milan is beautiful! I usually spend my summers in Europe. I actually helped design our vacation house here but if I’m being honest, the best vacation house we have is in Hawaii. I designed both when I was about fourteen and I wanted a fun, cool house like the ones I saw on teen cribs. It’s literally colorful and sits right on the beach. My mom went to speak to the captain and asked if it was okay to switch the route. They phoned into the tower and let them know and we were on our way.

“Oh my gosh, we’re going to Italy!” Cass squealed and I laughed.

“Yup! When you see our vacation house, you’ll love it!” I said and she grinned. “Mom, where’s your honeymoon going to be?” I had been meaning to ask.

“Uh, I believe Tahiti.” She said with a smile.

“Oooh!” Sheila said, “Ms. Reeves is going to get her action on.” She winked.

“That place is so romantic! They have Bora Bora set just for honeymooners. It’s absolutely gorgeous.” Jackie swooned. We all started to talk about all the places we’ve been and I think Cassandra felt out of the loop. I mean the only places she’s been to are water and amusement parks. I felt bad and wanted to change the subject.

“Cass, what’s up?” I asked. “You and Andy?”

She blushed, “No! He doesn’t even like me.” She stated firmly.

“Yeah right! You both like each other...a lot,” I said bluntly.

“Nuh-uh,” She shook her head.

“Yeah uh and dude, you blush whenever someone says Andy! Face it and honestly, I don’t see the problem? He’s attractive-- even though he’s my stepbrother, I can’t deny the fact that he’s good looking. Hell, up until recently, I used to stan him!” I said and we both laughed.

“Yeah, it is kind of awkward. No wonder you threw out those posters and pictures.” She giggled.

“Yeah but he still saw them. He was standing at the door watching me the whole time as I got rid of them. Then he teased me for like a straight week.” I grumbled and she giggled.

“Aww, he’s sweet.” She cooed and I gave her a flat look.

“Some best friend you are.” I scoffed playfully.

“Aww, don’t feel bad. Chicks before dicks.” She smirked

“I know the sayings,” I said, waving a hand. “Chicks before dicks, bros before hoes, friendships before relationships-- yadda yadda,” I said.

“Shae...” She sighed “Those sayings mean some serious shit.” She said with a scary serious face on. “Do I need to show you the handbook?” She shook her head and something about that made me freeze. I’ve really been lying to my best friend for weeks! How is she going to feel when she finds that I’ve been dating Darien?! I would feel betrayed if the roles were reversed. I sighed just as my phone beeped and it was Darien. Speak of the devil.

“Hey, babe. I’m sad that you’re not here! & I can’t until later tonight.” <Darien>

“Aww, you miss me!!! *fangirling* & neither can I. Just the two of us alone ;)” <Shaeleigh>

“LOL, you’re a crazy-ass, and don’t go throwing around winks missy.” <Darien>

“Uh I’m eccentric, not crazy and I’ll wink all I want! ;)” <Shaeleigh>

“Hey, winking is very naughty, little one.” <Darien>

“But I like winking... & being naughty ;)” <Shaeleigh>

“’re playing a dangerous game...” <Darien>

“What? *innocent smile*” <Shaeleigh>

“Baby, I’m not trying to get a boner in the middle of history class when while we’re learning about notorious killers...that’s not a good sign” <Darien>

“Lmao! Aw, am I turning you on? Or...are you trying to tell me something? ;)” <Shaeleigh>

“I’m going to fight you” <Darien>

“Hehe, bring it on Parker ;)” <Shaeleigh>

“Damn...I can imagine your beautiful voice saying that and it’s making this much harder.” <Darien>

I blushed. The things this boy does to me. “Babe, do I really turn you on?” <Shaeleigh>

“Are you kidding me?! Seeing you in freaking sweatpants turns me on! Seeing you happy turns me on. Everything you do turns me on!” <Darien> Aww.

“Aww, you’re too sweet” <Shaeleigh>

“I’m just being honest baby but I gotta go beautiful” <Darien>

“Bye ;-* <3” <Darien>

“Byeee ;-’*...” <Darien>

“LOL its ;-* not ;-’* ....” <Shaeleigh>

“This (’) is supposed to be my tongue ;)” <Darien>

“:O dirty boy. Now go before you get in trouble!” <Shaeleigh>

“FINE!” <Darien> I giggled at his message and put my phone away. Ahh, he makes me happy.


When we finally got to Italy, we were held up for some time in the airport due to safety protocols but once the police got things under control, we were escorted to the shop. It was lowkey scary; the city was vacant and solemn as many shop owners cried over their broken windows and stolen items. Luckily not too many of my aunt’s items nor my mom’s were taken and the shops were in decent shape.

The power had been cut but the backup generators around the city came in handy and were still able to somewhat shop. We ended up going to one boutique so we could quickly get in and out and be on our way back to LA in time for the game.

“I pray this never happens again!” Mom cried out, sadly.

“I know but look on the bright side, we have our dresses for the wedding!” Cass shrieked. The gowns we got were so lovely and elegant. As soon as we saw them, we knew they were it!

“That is very true, I’m so excited for the wedding, it’s going to be a blast!” Aunt Reba said cheerfully, grasping her younger sister’s hand. Mom rested her head on her shoulder and inhaled.

“Me too.” She sighed happily.

“You finally get what you deserve! After all these years of hard work and perseverance. I told you, God doesn’t forget his children.” Aunt Reba added.

“You’re going to be such a beautiful bride mom.” I gushed. “Your belly is going to look so adorable and round, ah!” I squealed in excitement.

“Hopefully this little nugget allows me to relax during the ceremony. Always rummaging around in there like they’re fighting with someone else.” We all laughed.

“God, being pregnant must feel so weird!” Andrea giggled.

“Eh, yeah...sometimes your relaxing, and the next minute you’re having a fright because someone’s little toes kick you in right in the bellybutton and you’re reminded that a little one is growing inside of you.” Mom said as she rubbed her belly.

“Can’t relate, I had a nice, relaxed pregnancy.” Aunt Reba smirked. “Andrea fluttered every now and then unlike her cousin here, who we thought was going to grow up to become a soccer player.” She teased.

“I was an angel.” I defended myself and they both snorted.

“Yeah, right!” Mom laughed. “I had sciatica because of you and then once you were born? Oh chile, I almost bought you a leash!”

“And she’d always drag Andrea around and get her into her messes, it was cute though.” Aunt Reba added causing both Andrea and I to laugh.

“Andrea?! She was wild! She just knew how to play it coy better than I did!” I shook my head. Yes, I normally got us into trouble but she liked it!

For the rest of the flight home, we chatted, napped, and I thought of my sexy boyfriend the entire time. I couldn’t wait to see him and hug and kiss all over him. I sighed to myself as I curled up into my seat. I missed him so much.


We were all at my house getting ready for the game and I was so excited to see Darien in action tonight. He was super excited for this game and I wanted to cheer him on. I was wearing one of his jerseys that he gave me yesterday. It was so big that I wore it as a dress with knee-high boots. And to make it less noticeable, he grabbed extra jerseys for the girls. We’re pros at this sneak life. Underneath the jersey though, I was wearing a sexy, lacy set. I wanted to surprise him and excite him after his team won the game. We’ve been fooling around, never actually going all the way yet but, it was still fun nonetheless.

To pair our jerseys off, we all put on face paint and did our hair up in cute styles. I liked the whole vibe of wearing your man’s jersey as you support him at his game, it was so cute! We were all finally ready and would be meeting up with the guys at the academy. How weird and cool is it that we all basically had a date? Jackie and James, Sheila and Dylan, Andrea and Michael, Cass and Andy and Darien and myself. I wonder if guys think like this? Aww.

“What’s up?” Cass asked as she turned to face me.

“Huh?” I said, confused.

“You just said aww,” Andrea said slowly.

“Oh...I was uh...looking at that blue jay mocking bird thingy and I thought of Hunger know the bird thing....the pin and the whistle.” I trailed off. Whew, boy am I a good liar or what?.

“Uh-huh, welp let’s go.” Jackie said chuckling. We all piled into one of our cars and sped off towards the school. This should be fun.


When we got to the academy, we quickly parked and scurried; happy that most people were already on the bleachers. We made our way to the field and saw the guys waving us over.

“Hey,” I smiled, as we all hugged each other.

“James!” Jackie said excitedly before basically pouncing on him. She nearly knocked him over as she kissed a stunned James. What did I miss?

“What the fuck Jackie?!” Michael boomed.

“What?” She rolled her eyes with no care in the world, causing us to softly snicker.

“What are you doing kissing him?” He spluttered.

“Can I not kiss the guy that I’ve been talking to for a while now?” She said nonchalantly.

“Talking to? You didn’t tell me you were talking to him!” He crossed his arms, eyes narrowing.

“Mike, calm down. She’s your twin, not your daughter.” Andy rolled his eyes, trying to calm his best friend down.

“I know, but dude! She fucking dates all my friends! And when they break up, our friendship breaks up and James is cool. And wait— James? The manwhore?!” He directed his attention now onto James. Oh looky here, guess he doesn’t like the whole ‘fuck and dump’ when it comes to his sister.

“Michael...” They both sighed.

“I really do like him and-” Jackie started but he cut her off.

“Not the fucki-” He started before he was cut off by Andrea’s lips. What the fuck is going on right now? He seemed startled at first but started kissing her back. Yuck, we all gagged as he basically shoved his entire tongue down her throat. They both flipped us off as they continued to swap spit. They finally pulled away and Michael looked at her breathlessly. “What was that ... f-for?” Michael asked in between breaths as he looked down at my cousin in awe.

“My way of saying shut up. You’re bitching out your sister like you haven’t been also checking out her friend and flirting with her every chance you get.” Andrea said matter of factly before walking off with the biggest dick energy smirk I’ve ever seen.

The guys whistled at her in awe as Michael ran off to catch up with her. He backed her up into the fence and they were kissing again. We all looked away and laughed.

“What the fuck...” Andy trailed off. “Any other people dating or liking someone?” He added as all of our heads immediately shook no. Damn, a group of straight liars. Each person found their person’s eyes sheepishly as mine searched for Darien’s on the field.

I blushed as I noticed his intense stare as he watched my every move. His eyes darkened as he took in my appearance, he licked his lips slowly and I almost tripped over myself. He smirked and winked, knowing the effect he had on me. Jesus, this boy is always making my insides feel hot.


“WHOOOO!” I heard everyone cheering around me. I blinked and jumped a little, looking around the crowd with confusion. I mean the entire game, I was lost! I just watched Darien’s cute butt the whole time.

“They won!” Cass said, shaking my arm wildly. I broke out into a grin; aww, my baby did it.

I followed everyone towards the field with excitement— I was so proud! Everyone cheered and congratulated him, hugging and shaking him. He finally made his way towards me as I wanted— I was the last person he’d hug. He embraced me with his sweaty body and squeezed me tightly as I giggled. He smiled warmly at me but frowned and I sent him a sad smile. I knew he wanted a kiss as did I.

“Time to celebrate?” Michael asked earning cheers from everyone.

“Umm, that sounds great but I actually promised Shae that I would help her with a few last-minute things for the wedding tonight,” Darien said slowly. Hmm, good lie.

“Umm, why?” Andy asked as he raised an eyebrow at us. All eyes were on me now. Fuck, we should’ve prepared.

“Well, I uh, figured that you’d all be too wrapped up in each other and didn’t want to be a literal ninth wheel. I bumped into him in the hallway yesterday and it kinda blurted out.” I shrugged. “We could all go get pizza though?” Holy shit, lying has literally become second nature to me. Should I be worried that I feel like a boss? They all nodded and said their okay.

“Give me a few,” Darien said as he ran towards the locker rooms. He returned twenty minutes and we headed towards the pizza shop.

We ended up ordering like ten boxes of pizza, milkshakes, sodas, and we chatted and danced a little.

“Are you trying to go pro, dude?” Michael asked Darien after a while.

“I don’t know, it’s an option.” Darien shrugged.

“You’re really good, got hella skills.” He nodded.

“Thanks, bro,” Darien grinned. He loved when people boosted his ego.

“So, what’s the word for the rest of night?” Dylan asked.

“Well, I’m trying to get this little lady to stay with me tonight.” Michael winked at Andrea and she choked on her drink, causing us all to laugh.

“Who says I want to?” She playfully spat back. He raised an eyebrow at her, almost taunting her.

“Anyways, we’re gonna go, before the shops close,” Darien said smiling. “Keep us posted.”

“Oh alright, see you guys,” Andy said. We nodded and were out. I left my keys with Jackie since she and Sheila are sleeping over at my house.

Fifteen minutes later, we pulled into Darien’s vacant driveway way and I was suddenly anxious.

“Don’t get out.” He said strictly and my eyes widened slightly at his tone. Fuck. He came around to my side and pulled me out before lifting me bridal style.

“Darien!” I squealed while giggling.

“Yes, cutie?” He smirked.

“I really like you,” I whispered.

“I like you more.” He whispered back as he stared deeply into my eyes as if he were reading my inner thoughts. He placed me on the couch and broke eye contact. “Alright, pick a movie and I’ll get the snacks.” I nodded and began searching.

I ended up choosing ‘A Thousand Words.’ Looks interesting. He finally made it back into the room with Dr. Pepper for me and a bowl of popcorn with m&ms.

“YUMMY!” I shrieked as he laughed.

“You’re too cute.” He stroked my cheek and I pressed my face into his palm.

“I try,” I said softly.

“You don’t have to, it’s natural.” He muttered. I swallowed, wanting to ask him a question that’s been on my mind for a while.


“Hmm?” He mumbled, turning to me. For a split second, I got lost in his irises.

“You know I’m a virgin right? And that I hope my first time is with you...” I said softly.

“Oh I know baby and I can’t wait.” He replied, his eyes darkening.

“Why not?” I could feel myself smirking at his body language.

“Because I really can’t wait to have my way with you, darling.” He lowly growled, leaning into me.

“And what will that entail?” I asked slowly and seductively.

“I don’t want to frighten you, mí amor.” He whispered back, slowly leaning his body over mine.

“I won’t be,” I whispered back.

“Shaeleigh...” He started and I tilted my hips up, feeling his hard-on press into my stomach. Jesus, how big was he? He swallowed and stifled a groan before starting again. “Baby, I like it rough. I’m not like the vanilla guys you swoon over in these movies. I want to fuck you hard— I want to break you and watch your body bend and mold into my own as I hear my name tumble repeatedly out of your mouth.” He pressed his lips on my own, as he held himself up, I could see his veins and muscles constraining, turning me on. “I want to ruin you, little one. I want to grip your throat as I deepen myself into your holes.” He kissed my parted lips sensually.

“Umm,” I started.

“Was that too much for you?” His eyes widened slightly.

“No, no.” I lifted his head back up, looking into his eyes. I could feel myself starting to blush as I bit my lip.

“Are you blushing baby?” He feasted.

“Shut up,” I covered my eyes and he pulled my hands away. He raised an eyebrow and o bit my lip. “I too like it rough. I’ve had fantasies...” I trailed off as he chuckled. “But just take it slow when we first start so you don’t rip me in half.” I gulped and he full-on belly laughed.

“Can’t make any promises baby.” He cooed. “But, please, do tell, what are these fantasies?” He smirked and I blushed.

“Shut up!” I giggled, hitting him.

“Can’t go back now, what are these secrets? What do you do when you have these fantasies?” He asked, pressing himself into me.

“Uh, I umm—” I started.

“No need to be nervous, little one.” He encouraged.

“I like to watch umm...some kinky daddy dom videos when...I touch myself...” I whispered as my face heated up. God, I can’t believe I’m saying this!

“Oh, do you? And how do you touch yourself?” He whispered, right into my ear, causing me to shiver.

“I use my two little fingers and rub...” I trailed off. He kissed my neck and sucked on the skin.

“Uh-huh.” He murmured. “Show me.”

“Huh?!” I squeaked.

“Show. Me.” He mumbled again, staring intently into my eyes. I swallowed nervously. I hesitantly lifted my jersey up and slipped my hand into my panties. “Don’t be shy, let me see.”

I started rubbing myself slowly, feeling close already. His energy turning me on to the max. “Mmm.” I moaned softly.

“Do you think of me when you do this? Because I think of you all the time when I’m in the shower.” He breathed out and my toes curled instinctively. Fucking hell, he was already ruining me.

“I do,” I admitted, rubbing faster.

“And do you call out ‘daddy?’” He asked, sliding his hand up my throat; he gripped slightly. “Pretend your fingers are mine?”

I nodded my head, “Yes.” I moaned as my back arched. He slipped his hand up my jersey and under my bra. He tugged on my nipple and I moaned out louder this time.

“I want you to cum, baby.” He whispered and I squirmed, undoing myself all over my fingers. My body shook and squeezed my eyes shut. “Good girl.” Holy fuck.

“Do you want to finish?” I whispered.

“Who says I didn’t?” He cooed and my eyes widened as I looked at the wet spot on his sweats.

“I want to taste you though,” I admitted and his body twitched.

“Fuck it,” He replied, switching our spots. I was nervous but I took a deep breath and took control. I slid his sweats off and watched as his dick sprung out. I was right, he was big— thick!


“You like?” He smirked and I nodded as I licked my lips before taking him into my mouth. He groaned as he hit the back of my throat. My eyes already started watering, shit.

“Do you like that?” I asked as I started licking up his sides and pumping him at the same time. He nodded as his eyes continued to darken and his face hardened as he clenched his jaws. I put him back into my mouth and sucked hard and sensually, enjoying the feeling. The control, his moans, his tight grip on my hair made me work harder and faster. I licked him as if he were a lollipop and there was a surprise at the end. I mean..there is.

“Fuck!” He cried out as he shot warm liquid into my mouth. I quickly gulped him down so I didn’t choke. I gave him a few more licks, watching his body twitch and shake before sighing and pulled back. “Fuck, baby.” He grabbed me by my jaw and harshly connected our lips. “You’re mine.” He whispered possessively and I nodded like a child being promised something great. “You want another orgasm, baby?”

“Huh?” I squeaked and he was already trailing wet kisses down my neck, his hand undoing my bra swiftly.

He kissed and swirled my belly button with his tongue before looking up at me with hooded eyes while his lonely curl swooped between his piercing eyes, making me shudder. “I always make my girls finish multiple times.” Fuck. Part of me felt jealous but the bigger part knew that I was his only girl now.

“Okay,” I whispered as he pulled my soaked panties down my legs slowly. He slowly attacked my core, licking menacingly as his eyes never left mine. He sucked hard on my clit, gently but harshly pulling it with his lips and I arched my back, already feeling the build-up. Jesus, it was mannerisms! He was hot, experienced, and he damn well knew how to use all of those elements. He licked me quicker now, following the jerks and twitches of my body. He paid attention to what made me moan, shake, and squeeze my thighs around his head, and in a split second, I was coming undone.

“Cum, Shaeleigh,” He blew out, flicking my swollen nub one last time. I cried out, wrapping my legs around his neck, feeling like my body was astral projecting through a state of nirvana. If he could make me cum this much from talking, touching, and teasing, how would it be when we finally had sex?

“Wow,” I breathed out, still feeling the high. He crawled on top of me and kissed me sensually, sticking his tongue into my mouth, basically telling me to taste myself. I sucked on his tongue and he groaned before abruptly stopping.

“Now how about we finish this movie?” He smirked and I smiled shyly.

“Okay,” I nodded softly. No wonder girls were obsessed with him. I cleared my head as we snuggled up on the couch happily, finishing the film.


After the movie, we sat there and I was tearing up. “Aww, it was sad,” I said, frowning.

“Don’t crease that beautiful face,” He whispered, tracing my frown lines. I stared at him and inched our faces closer. I connected our lips and felt sparks as we kissed softly.

“You’re my person.” I hugged him tightly.

“You’re mine too.” He returned the sentiment..

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