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Chapter Eleven

Greg’s P.O.V

“I want to thank everyone for coming to Shannon & I’s wedding. Today has been an amazing day & I’m so happy that I got to spend it with all of you. This morning, I’m not going to lie, I was freaking out! I was actually getting remarried and I was afraid that there’d be a repeat of what happened before. When Ginger died, I thought I could never love again...I had honestly thought that I should end my life as well. I mean, I was what? Twenty-five years old? How could I raise a three-year-old on my own? I knew I had a family but Ginger was gone...” I smiled sadly.


I was with Andy at our apartment waiting for Ginger to come home. She had run off to the store to get more baby food for Andy. He ate so much and was only three! But, I wouldn’t have it any other way. Man, I loved my little family and boy did I love Ginger. She was the love of my life and we finally got married last year. Wow, I actually have a family with my high school sweetheart. How better could life be?

“Mommy...” Andy cried out in his sleep. I rubbed his back gently, now curious as to where my wife could be. She had been gone for a while now. I grabbed my Nokia and dialed her phone but there was no answer. Just as I was about to get up to check if she had forgotten her phone, the cartoon that was playing switched to a breaking news segment. The area of the scene looks oddly familiar. I sat back down as the reporter spoke softly as if she was holding back her own tears.

“We are now live on the scene of a terrible accident. A driver in a silver Toyota has just been struck in a deadly sandwich that left her dead on impact’ The news reporter looked sadly at the screen as my body froze in place. “The woman is said to be a young, light skin woman with auburn curly hair. She has yet to be identified but if you’re familiar with the license plate number; WFT435G6, please contact the local police.”

I fell over, clutching my stomach, feeling bile rise in my throat. That was Ginger’s plate number. I repeated what the reporter had said-- she was killed on impact. Impact! I started hyperventilating.! This can’t be real. I stared numbly at the door for a few more moments, expecting her to waltz but she didn’t and after twenty minutes, I grabbed Andy and drove to my parent’s place.

I made it to their house, noticing more cars than usual parked outside. I grabbed Andy and ran up to the door, the door was already opened and I barged. My family stood there with blank expressions on their faces.

“Andy, we’ve been calling your cell,” Kerry; my brother said slowly. I placed Andy down and pointed to the same broadcast they were watching.

“It’s Ginger, I know it is!” I yelled

“They’re not sure,” My mom said.

" I would know her plate number anywhere!” I yelled

“Gregory, calm down,” my father said and I rolled my eyes.

“My wife! Child of my mother is dead!” I screeched, causing Andy to wake up frightened.

“They don’t know yet!” Kerry said. My sister stood silent in the corner, tears in her eyes. She knew too, she wasn’t going to play stupid. They all knew that was her car.

“You all wouldn’t be here if you didn’t think or have already come to terms with it being her,” I said flatly and they all stopped, taking a deep breath. They knew I was right,

Just then the anchor came on, live from the newsroom with additional information. “The police have identified the body as Ginger Talvin, wife to teen star; Greg Talvin.” She said sadly. I fell to my knees, a massive panic attack washing over me. My world stopped as everyone gasped, shaking with fear. I gripped my hair, screaming into the carpet. “It should’ve been me!” I yelled repeatedly. That day, I swore to never love again.


“The day that Ginger died...” I started speaking again. “I swore that I would never love again. I was shattered, lonely, and depressed. I moved back in with my parents-- our apartment haunted me. My family were and are still amazing. They helped me and Andy in every way possible until I felt like myself again. I had taken a break from acting, I couldn’t do it. I finally got back on my feet and started designing as a way of therapy. But, with all the money and fame in the world, I was still alone. But then, I finally met the woman who had me bowing at her feet. For a entire year I battled with myself, trying to ask her out. But, I finally gained the courage.


I kept eyeing her and every time she’d turn around, I’d avert my eyes. Damn, she is so fine. Why do I get so nervous around her? Come on, Greg, step up your game and just ask her out. I’m a grown man, what’s so hard?! Granted, I haven’t actually been on an actual date in years. I stood up taller and cleared my throat, placing my famous smirk on my face. I walked backstage at the Paris Fashion Week and there she stood; she looked beautiful with her gorgeous figure. She had long legs for days, luscious locks, and an amazing round ass-- she was perfect. I wanted her to be mine. I mean, shit, I’m still young. I’m only thirty-nine, I still got it in me.

“Shannon?” I smiled as I approached her.

She slowly raised her head, her eyes connecting with mine, “Greg Talvin,” She replied.

“Shannon Reeves,” I said scratching my neck. I smiled awkwardly and she giggled. Actually giggled like she was used to this.

“Something I can do?” She asked

“Well uh...Do you...err ... damn,” I sighed. I’m rusty and she simply laughed lightly a beautiful laugh.

“Yes,” She smiled, placing her hand on my chest. I looked at her confused. “Well I can see that you’re trying to ask me out and you’re rusty so, to save you the trouble, I will go out with you, handsome.” She smiled, giving me a confidence boost.

“Dinner at seven-thirty, babe?” I asked. My normal self taking back control.

She blushed, “Okay,” She winked and walked off and I watch her until her voluptuous shadow faded away. That was the day I started to fall for her.


I looked over at my new beautiful wife and smiled. She is absolutely perfect and I love her immensely. “Shannon, you’re perfect and I love you. You’re my world and I promise to be with you forever.” I said smiling. Everyone cheered and I passionately kissed her. We all got on the dance floor and partied all night until it was time to catch our flight to Tahiti. We headed outside as the crowd followed, sparklers in hand. I was so excited to love on my wife for the next two weeks. We said our goodbyes and got into the limo, watching as everyone became tiny ants in the window.

Shae’s P.O.V

After the wedding, we all stayed to help clean up and bring things back to our house. We being my group of friends. Everyone was staying the night since we had no parents but it was also Saturday, so the night is young. After changing into our pajamas and washing the day off, we went into our home theater and watched The Avengers. Andy and I had recently redecorated the home theater by making it more cozy and relaxed. I mean, everyone falls asleep in here so why not have some warm, comfortable, reclining seats?

Darien and I were next to each other while all the other couples were sitting and snuggling together. I glanced over at Cass, slightly smirking as she laid her head on his shoulder. Hmm, feels like something changed between them... Ugh, I don’t know why they just don’t get together already! It’s like Cass is scared and Andy wants her but is leaving it up to her. Wait, wasn’t Andy recently dating actress Kate Miltown? I hope not, she’s kind of a bitch. Is she why he won’t get with Cass?

Ugh, I had a headache as my mind was racing. I feel bad that I’m lying to my friends about my relationship. How can they trust me when I’m lying about what I’m doing with Darien? I mean I’ve trusted my friends with everything before so what’s different? My friends aren’t the media so why am I worried? I mean, one of them could slip up...unintentionally...but man, I just feel like a shit friend. We do plan on telling them soon though, hopefully in the upcoming weeks then the world. I just hope they understand when we tell them.

Andy’s P.O.V

I watched Cassandra’s beautiful face as she laid her head on my chest. Her soft breath came in and out as she breathed in a perfect rhythm. I smiled and looked around the room. I was the only one still awake. Everyone was cuddled up and it felt really nice being with our friends and Cass. Damn, I’ve honestly developed feelings for her...strong feelings. I mean she caught my eye on the first day at school. All the other girls at the academy were so fake in their looks, feelings, and attitudes. Why don’t girls just embrace their beauty instead of trying to look like Barbie? Cassandra’s natural beauty is so captivating, her eyes drew me in. She doesn’t really wear makeup and it is so different from other girls I’ve dated.

I do want to be with Cassandra but, I think she’s afraid and I understand. I am a celebrity and she’s not used to that. Plus, she probably knows that I was dating Kate Miltown before moving here. God, I’m so happy that that’s over. My relationship with Kate started off nice but then, she showed her true colors. She wanted to be the girl in all my videos, didn’t want me having any female friends, didn’t want me shooting any sex or love scenes and it drove me crazy. She was obsessive, insecure, and wanted to control my life. She was always snooping and I let her because of course, I’m a good guy, I would never cheat and wanted her to feel stupid. Cheating is dumb. If you’re over the relationship, just end it and save yourself the drama.

I tried breaking up with her multiple times and especially tried when I was moving here but she said ‘no.’ I still said it was done but I don’t know what goes through her crazy head. All I know is that I don’t want to start something with Cassandra and then Kate comes up and says or does some crazy shit. I need to make sure she knows that we’re seriously over.


Cassandra’s P.O.V

I awoke the next morning snuggled into Andy and I blushed. He was so warm and comfortable. I looked around, noticing that everyone -besides Dylan and Sheila- was awake. I got up and stretched which stirred Andy in his half awake half-asleep state. He yelped and fell over, making us tumble which then resulted in waking up Dylan and Sheila. They jumped up and looked over at us, both our eyes wide as we shuffled to get up. I blushed real deep and hid behind my hair.

“What kinda kinky shit are y’all doing?” Dylan grumbled.

“You’re one to talk. Think we didn’t see yall escape last night?” Andy fired back.

“Don’t know what you’re talking about,” Dylan smirked in response.

“Oh, then why are you so tired?” Andy smiled.

“Could say the same about you two, bro. We are the last ones to wake up.“Dylan sang as he grabbed Sheila’s hand and pulled her under his arm before walking out.

“About time you lazy asses woke up,” James said and we rolled our eyes.

“It’s like...” Andy said trailing off, feeling around for his phone.

“Eleven am” Michael finished. We shrugged right as the doorbell rang. Who could that be? Shae gave us a confused glance before going to enter it. We heard a woman’s voice. The voice continued as they stormed into the kitchen. Kate Miltown?! Why is she here?! I gaped as Jackie and Sheila pointed their noses up and turned away.

“Andy! I’ve been calling you for days!” She shrieked, running to him and kissing him. Everyone’s eyes widened and my heart tugged a little. I felt like crying but watched, frozen as Andy froze, his eyes wide. “What’s wrong? What’s wrong with you?” She asked angrily.

“What the fuck? What are you doing here?” He said quickly.

“What...?” She asked, furrowing her brows.

“Don’t act dumb Kate,” He sighed.

“Excuse me?! What?!” She screeched as he sighed irritated.

“STOP! I told you we were over before I even moved here. You’re not stupid, Kate. You know what you’re doing. I do not want to be with you. Like, are you actually crazy? I broke things off with you months ago and only replied to your texts randomly to be nice. Stop telling the media we are still together! We’re not!” He slightly yelled annoyed. Everyone watched silently.

“Are you fine?” She ignored everything he said and placed her hand on his forehead, checking for a fever. Is this bitch crazy?

“Do not do this,” Andy shook his head.

“Bab-” She started

“Cut the bullshit! We’re over. Do I need to spell it out? Sign it? Say it in fucking Norweigan?” He yelled. Michael placed his hand on his back to calm him down.

“NO! Not until I end this!” She said darkly.

“Who do you think you are?” He snorted.

“Kate fucking Miltown! The best model and actress!” She spat, causing Jackie and Sheila to snicker.

“Umm, I’m pretty sure my girlfriend is hotter than you..” Dylan said cereal in his mouth and Sheila giggled.

“I’m not doing this.” Andy pinched the bridge of his nose. “Get out.”

“What?!” Her eyebrows rose to her hairline.

“Leave!” He got up and went upstairs slamming his bedroom door, causing the house to rattle slightly.

“Sorry girl but you gotta go,” Shae said softly.

“Shut up!” Kate snapped at her.

“I know this bitch did not just tell me to shut up in my own house?” Shae whispered softly, shocked. I grabbed Kate’s hair and dragged her out to the door and threw her out.

“Get out.” All I could see was Andy’s angry and embarrassed face in my head and my heart ached for him.

“Aaaah Aaaah!” She screamed, scrambling to her feet.

Everyone looked shocked at me. “What? She was annoying me.” I shrugged. “And she told my best friend to shut up, in her house” I laughed along with everyone. In all honesty, I was jealous. They had something and yet Andy won’t even make a move on me. She was crazy...I’m not.

“Thank you, Cassandra,” Andy said walking down the steps with a hidden smile on his face and I nodded. Does not notice that I’m breaking inside?

“You’re welcome,” I said softly.

“Whew.” Michael whistled. “This need this one.” He said to Andy who just smiled at me.

“So...what’s the plans for the day?” Dylan asked after a moment of silence.

“Don’t know but I’ve got to get going to the studio. Working on my album.” Shae said smiling.

“Yeah and Mike and I have things to do,” Andy said, checking the time.

“We have photoshoots,” Jackie cheered.

“Yep, Victoria’s Secret’s new summer line!” Sheila said happily.

“Ooo, can we come watch?” Dylan asked with a quirked eyebrow.

“Of course. But stay away from those whores! I don’t want them on my man.” Sheila teased.

“I only got eyes for you, babe,” Dylan kissed her cheek.

I sighed. So everyone is going out and I’m just gonna go home. Cool.

“Darrien, why don’t you come with us?” Michael asked.

“Uh, sure. What are you guys going to do?” He asked.

“Eh record shit. You know we’re working on that show.” Andy said.

“Why don’t you two come with me? You can help me decide on the songs and bonuses that I need for my album.” Shae said pointing at Andrea and me. I smiled and nodded.


Shae’s P.O.V

We pulled up at the studio and the producers were there with Adrienne. “What’s up everyone!” I greeted them happily.

“Hey, ladies,” Jon smiled.

“Hey” Cass and Andrea smiled. Jon started going through the potential tracklist and it was impossible to choose my favorites.

“So, this song here. I really like it!” Andrea said as she and Cass danced to ‘Make Me Hot.’

“I want you to hold me. To kiss me. To love me! Damn baby, you make me so hot. Touch my body, love my body as I dance all over you...” I sang the lyrics, loving the vibe of this one. It’s the perfect sensual song that you could still dance to.

“I can imagine a video for this! All hot and in a club as you dance on a hot guy!” Andrea squealed.

“Yeah, this is a good song for you to show the world that you’re an amazing dancer.” Cass agreed.

“Years of dancing but mm maybe. I don’t want to dance to overpower the lyrics.” I said smiling. I showed them the rest of the songs and we soon chose the tracklist.


Darien’s P.O.V

Shae came over about half an hour ago and I was so happy to finally hold her tightly in my arms. Yesterday was so hard not being able to feel up on her during the wedding. But now, I couldn’t stop touching her. We laid in my bed, snuggled and I kept kissing the top of her head.

“So babe, what do you want to do after we graduate?” She asked

“, business...I’m not fully sure yet.” I answered truthfully.

“Mmm, interesting but if it’s football, you have to make your decision on that soon.”

“I know, I’ve been talking to coach about all of the offers but it’s hard.” I sighed. College and adulting were already so frustrating.

“You know what I think? I think you would make an amazing superstar!” She giggled. I chuckled.

“I like that,” I said truthfully. That would be nice actually. I enjoyed filming today with the guys.

“An actor or a model, I can totally see it. But, I have news.” She beamed.

“Yeah?” I looked down at her beautiful face.

“When you guys start college, I’m going on tour!” She squealed.

“Really? That’s amazing baby! You’re going to have an amazing time. I’ll travel with you.” I said softly.

“You’re going to school though?” She said confused.

“Nope, I’m going to become a model.” I mean, I did have that lady’s number from the talent agency.

“How?” She sat up, a twinkle in her eye.

“I mean, I enjoyed myself today out with the guys and, I never told you but a while ago, I actually got connected with a modeling agency after one of the games. I just never thought about it because...I didn’t think I needed to but, I want to spend time with you instead of studying away at some school.”

“Oh my gosh, babe, do it-- I mean, are you sure? What will your parents say? What about football? Don’t just do this for me.” She rambled, sitting up.

“I’m thinking about it but if I’m being honest, being an actor has always been a hidden dream of mine.” I trailed off.

“Oh my gosh, my man as a model?! You’ll be so hot on the runway!” She smiled then frowned. “HEY! You’re only for my eyes!” She said more to herself. I chuckled and flipped her over, hovering above her.

“And you’re only for my eyes, beautiful,” I said before softly kissing her. “You’re lovely,” I said looking her in the eyes as she blushed.

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