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Chapter Tweleve

Shae’s P.O.V

“Darien...” I giggled as he continued kissing down my neck. I could feel him smirk against my neck, continuing to tease me.

“What?” He breathed out. His husky voice sounding even deeper, constricted with lust.

“It’s time for lunch.” I laughed some more, pushing his face away. He leaned backward, muscles flexing as he held himself up. His dark hair swooped in front of his eyes and it made me feel giddy inside. His intense stare and corner of his mouth lifted up and I felt like a little school girl. He knows what he’s doing.

“What’s wrong, little one?” He raised a knowing eyebrow.

“N-nothing,” I whispered. His smirk deepened as he leaned closer to my lips.

“Is that right? Why are you quivering then?”

“I’m not,” I whispered, squeezing my thighs together. He looked down, looking dark and sexy, and lifted his eyes lazily.

“You sure?” He asked darkly.

“Let’s go to lunch.” I squeaked. I’d pass out if he kept watching me like that.

He chuckled knowingly but decided -thankfully- to end my torture. “Okay.”

We walked into lunch quickly-- me trying to hide my blush and calm my beating heart and Darien holding the biggest dick energy expression on his face. I looked back, watching the way he swaggered into the room like he knew he was the hottest guy in here. It was so hot, God why is everything he does attractive?

“Where were you guys?” Cassandra asked after we sat down with our food.

“He was helping me with my books since I had to put them in my locker then we just walked down here laughing.” I lied perfectly. They awkwardly nodded.

“Well, you two have been with each other a lot lately huh?” Andy trailed off.

“Are you guys fucking on the side?” Dylan asked and I gaped at him. If anyone were to find us out, it’d definitely be Dylan. He is my bestest friend after all.

“Bro!” James said, coughing out a laugh.

“No! What the fuck Dyl?” I asked, rolling my eyes.

“I mean you two are always together, he has a point,” James added.

“I’m so thirsty,” I said, ignoring them.

“Oh of course you are. You want Darien’s D” Cassandra laughed.

“No, I’m not thirsty! I’m thirsty as in I need water, dumb hoe.” I grumbled. Everyone laughed and stuck my tongue out. I just wanted to cuddle up and sleep with Darien. I feel like ditching school, to be honest.

“What’s wrong?” Andy asked

“Just tired. I want to go home.” I shrugged. I don’t know but, I just started feeling weird. What the hell?

“Why?” Cassandra asked, worriedly.

“I feel sick!” I said. I felt clammy and could feel the trickle of sweat on my hairline. I felt like I was going to vomit and pass out. Whoops, spoke too soon. I fell out of my chair and landed with a thump on the ground, blacking out immediately.


I awoke in a hospital bed with wires attached to me. I felt groggy and my throat dry like sandpaper. I tried to speak but ended up gasping like a fish.

“You’re awake!” Mom squealed. What?

“What?” My voice was hoarse as it finally came out. I tried to sit up but my head hurt like hell.

“You fainted at lunch yesterday and broke your leg when you fell,” Cassandra said sadly. Yesterday?!

“What?” I asked incredulously.

“You had a bad case of poison. Somehow, you ingested poison in your meal and it was a dangerous amount. It could’ve caused you to seize if you hadn’t fainted. We think someone tried to poison you but...we’re not sure. It doesn’t make sense how you could have that much poison in your system.” The doctor said as he looked me over.

“ could that happen?” I freaked out. How?!

The doctor sent me a sad look. “You also have an abnormal fever that keeps rising and falling. Plus, you haven’t stopped vomiting. Your body still needs to empty the contents. You’ll be staying overnight so we can monitor your levels and your concussion. You’ll be safe here and we’ll figure out what’s going on.” He finished and I felt sick to my stomach. What the hell.

I turned my face to the tv and saw my picture on the news, stating that I was in the hospital. “I’m on the news?” I croaked

“Oh yeah. People at school posted videos and photos on Twitter. People are going crazy with theories and wondering if you’ll be okay.” Cass said. I laid back and felt really tired and overwhelmed. I sighed, wondering how could this happen? Who would want me dead? I ate at the Vogue party the night before and at lunch. That was all I ate before that moment. Who did this, I was the only person this happened to. I pushed it to the back of my mind and sighed again before the door opened.

The door creaked open as I saw the rest of my friends come into the room. I smiled up at Darien, Andy, Dylan, James, Michael, Andrea, Sheila, and Jackie. They all ran over to me with fear in their eyes.

“Hey,” I croaked.

“How ya feeling sis?” Andy asked, rubbing my head.

“Eh,” I replied and he chuckled.

“You’re doing fine? You scared the shit out of us.” He frowned.

“How could you get poisoned?” Dylan asked more to himself.

“That’s what I’m wondering” I whispered with slight fear.

“A few months into stardom and you already have enemies,” Jackie shook her head.

“Yeah. Someone must really envy you!” Sheila said and I smiled.

“Oh! How was the Victoria Secret Fashion show?” I asked excitedly.

“Amazing! It doesn’t air for a few months though.” Jackie stated

“Yeah! Rihanna, Bruno, and Justin was sweet. Took a few pics with them,” Sheila said grinning.

“And Justin is single,” Jackie said wiggling her eyebrows and James gaped at her. “Kidding.” She laughed.

“Don’t always believe rumors...” Andy said “Remember when I died a thousand times? Or hooked up with Eva Michelle? And had an orgy with a couple of Dolce and Gabbana models?” He finished, shaking his head.

“Ha! At least you weren’t ‘getting high with a bunch of homeless people’.” Michael said putting up quotations. We laughed remembering.

“Well, at least you guys don’t get bashed for every guy you date,” Sheila said, sighing dramatically.

“That’s because of your parents,” Jackie chimed in. “All the guys you date are bad ass.” She said pointing to Dylan with an emphasis. He was wearing dark jeans, a white tee, leather jacket, black boots, and sported his normal messy hair. I won’t lie, my bestie is pretty hot. Although, something about Darien just did it for me and drove me wild. His aesthetic was somewhat like Dylan’s but not as dark. And that wavy, curly hair? Jesus, I wanted to grip onto it every chance I got.

“Well, they can go fuck themselves if they try to break up me and Dylan. He’s the first one that I’m actually head over heels for.” She said smiling widely.

“And also because people thought you were a fame whore,” Michael chimed in.

“Am not!” She muttered with an eye roll.

“Looked that way,” Jackie sang.

“How?!” Sheila asked exasperated.

“Because the guys you dated were like they got big and you guys dated then they slowly went down and you guys broke up...” Andy said and Sheila gasped.

“NO!” She stomped her foot before clearing her throat. “Lets see, I dated Josh and everything was perf! I was fourteen and so stupid in love. He was big but as we all know...he took the Macaulay Culkin route.” She trailed off as we all agreed.

“At least he’s better now.” Michael added.

“After Josh, I dated Ryan and...everything was sweet then he got violent and of course, his career started to slip because he started drinking and sleeping around. I found out and he became abusive so that’s when I broke up with him.” She said sadly. “Then, Tom was getting big and he decided to take a six month break like who does that? Then he got boring and led to drugs and what the hell was I going to do with a guy like that? Then Ace, ugh! Not visiting that chapter, then the party animal and sex addict Chase and now Dylan. The one I want for life.” She said smiling at Dylan.

“I want you too baby.” He murmured, kissing her hair.

She smiled. “I went out with all the druggies, alcoholics, sex addicts, wild ignorent guys because I chase the bad life because my parents are to snotty and annoying. They want me to live a life that I don’t want! I never wanted the prep schools, nannies, or expensive things! I wanted the cute thrift store clothes, the wild colored hair, the piercings, the hot bad boy - but nice- boyfriends, the wild teen nights where I was sneaking out and getting grounded but no! it was always proper and having many manners and being beautiful and perfect like a poise, feminine woman.” Sheila said sadly.

“Awe,” I muttered. “That honestly sucks. I hate hearing stories where parents put so much pressure onto their children. Its like they had you to make themselves look good.”

“So true!” Cass muttered.

“Exactly but you know? I really like Dylan and I don’t want to let him go but I know that they’ll take one look at him and it’s ‘no! I don’t want you seeing this boy!’ The only reason I dated the other guys was because they were famous and big stars who kept their bad image under wraps but now Dylan isn’t a celeb and that’s what I love about him. Sadly, my parents will not see that.” She muttered.

“Don’t worry babe, no one will tear us apart.” Dylan said holding her. They are too cute, I’m so happy for Dylan.

“I think you should tell your parents.” I chimed in.

“Ooo! Wait until the awards, shock them with the red carpet photos.” Jackie said.

“Oh yeah, the AMAs. Walk on the red carpet with him and claim him as your mans!” Andrea said excitedly.

“Damn babe, I forgot you were here for a moment.” Michael joked and Andrea scowled. She was a little quiet today. “But good idea, just don’t wear red because my baby and I are wearing that.” Michael said, placing Andrea on his lap and kissing her temple.

“Awe!” I groaned.

“What?” Cass asked, checking to see if I was okay.

“I forgot I was scheduled to perform!” I groaned, even more upset.

“They’ll find someone to fill you in.” Andy shrugged.

“But I want to go!” I whined and they chuckled.

“So come but of course you’ll use crutches,” Michael said.

“Yeah, and Darien will be your date.” Sheila winked.

“What?” Darien and I said simultaneously. Did they find out?

“What?” Sheila asked. Everyone looked confused.

“Well...I kind of wanted to go alone.” I said, hoping this worked.

“Yeah to be bored?” Andy asked. “I’m going with Cassandra” Andy smiled as Cassandra blushed.

“Oh gosh dammit! Just ask her out already!” I said rolling my eyes annoyed and everyone gaped at me. “I’m sorry but you two are annoying me with the whatever the fuck you’re doing! What the hell did this doctor give me?” I trailed off, referring to my behavior. I’m not usually this bold! They laughed at me.

“Some strong antibiotics huh?” Dylan teased.

“So, ask her out now.” I said waving a hand in the air as Andy threw me a shocked, dirty look. I glared at him.

“Fine. Cassandra, you’re gorgeous, beautiful and when I first saw you...I immediately fell for you. Now I’m asking if you will be my girlfriend and later on in the future be my wife?” He asked, -very cheesy- and she blushed.

“Of course.” She responded. She tried to hide her excitement by playing coy.

“About damn time,” Andrea sighed and we all laughed at her. Her and her random outbursts.


The next day, I was released from the hospital. My vomiting had finally stopped and I wasn’t feeling too weak. My leg still aches and I had to keep things light but I was fine. We still didn’t know who did this which was scary but I wasn’t going to think about that tonight.

We were finally on our way to the awards and I couldn’t be anymore excited. We were driving in the limo, singing and getting hyped for the event. I was trying to dance with everyone but due to my leg currently being numb, it was quite difficult. I was still vibing though.

The limo slowed as we pulled up to the venue. There were celebrities, fans, and paparazzi everywhere. Darien held my hand as he helped me get out of the car. I stood on my good leg as he situated the crutch under my arms. I straightened out as we began walking the red carpet. We all looked so good in our matching looks. Jackie and James in periwinkle, Andy and Cass in white and green, Andrea and Michael wore dark red, and of course, Sheila and Dylan looked like sexy dark angels in their all black look. Darien and I wore a smokey pink, making us look light but sexy.

The paparazzi began their many overwhelming questions. Jackie drooled over James; excitedly spilling the tea about their relationship. Andy and Michael both caused a few broken hearts as they introduced Cass and Andrea as their girlfriends and Sheila and Dylan made out. Well, her parents will definitely have something to say now. I spun as I heard my name being called from various directions.

“Shae!” One person said.

" We thought you were dating Micah?!” Another asked.

“Shae! Who is this handsome devil?!” Someone from the back asked. “Boyfriend?”

The questions were thrown at me at rapid speed and my head starting spinning. I was so overwhelmed. I smiled, gave brief answers, and hobbled over to the screaming fans. I signed a few autographs, took photos, and hugged everyone that I could.


The rest of the night went amazingly well. The show was fun, interesting, and exciting. The performances were also great and I still got a chance to perform! I switched up my performance from a dance routine to a sitting performance and I sang a slow, sensual song that caused the crowd to go wild. Tonight was perfect -even though I’m in pain- I had an amazing night. This was a lovely weekend where I got to spend time with my friends, family, Darien and go to an award ceremony.

“You ready?” Darien asked as he helped me get back into the limo. Now, we were headed to the after party and hopefully, I won’t get poisoned this time.

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