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Chapter Thirteen

Darien’s P.O.V

I woke up smiling, today was Shae and I’s fifth month anniversary. We don’t really celebrate every single month but we try to acknowledge how far we’ve come and I can’t believe it has been five whole months already, shit. Its a still a secret though-- paparazzi actually almost caught us last night when we snuck off to the movies and I kissed her. Holy shit, the paparazzi are always on her ass and it drives me crazy. She also still feels bad that her friends don’t know. Her anxiety about all of this is getting bad though but, I understand. She’s a woman and as soon as they know that she has a man, they will stop focusing on her music and projects and focus on us. That’s the problem with the industry and society. I honestly hope that everyone understands when we do tell them.

Anyways, I’m planning on taking her out tonight so she can get her mind off of things. Since I’ve done a few modeling shoots this past month, I have made a few connections. Shae’s manager; Adrienne actually took me on and is now my manager. She is an amazing woman who gets shit done. Through her, I was able to book the Nokia theatre for the night. It will be a gorgeous, private night just for us. We’re going to sneak in and sneak out -hopefully undetected- and have an amazing night.

Shae’s P.O.V

I woke up with a big grin on my face and I immediately checked my phone. I squealed as I saw what I wanted to see.

“Good morning beautiful. Happy five months. You’re perfect and I miss you. Can’t wait to see you in class, my lips are sad. Tonight is going to be amazing<3” <Babe ;-*>

I giggled like a little school girl and hopped out of bed. Literally. I turned on my speaker and started playing Rihanna’s latest album; Unapologetic. I’m in love with this album and her! Rihanna is bae, I am obsessed. ‘Phresh Off The Runway’ started playing and I strutted around the bathroom as I brushed my teeth before hopping into the shower. Why am I hopping? Am I a fucking bunny?

After letting the hot water beat on my skin, I grabbed my body wash and loofah and started to clean my skin. Gotta smell good for my baby. I washed my hair afterward, loving feeling my curls come to life. I love my hair. I bounced on my heels, feeling hyper as if I downed a ton of Red Bulls. Relax Shaeleigh, it’s only our five-month anniversary.

After showering, I walked out and sat at my vanity. I started to lotion myself thoroughly, enjoying the feeling. I imagined Darien’s hands caressing my skin this way. I loved the way his hands felt on my body. I wonder how tonight will go. I pushed the thoughts to the back of my mind and threw my hair up into a cute messy bun before putting on my black eyeliner, mascara, and nude lipstick. Plain makeup is what I call it. I slipped on my white lace crop top, light pink high waisted shorts, and sage green vans. I grabbed my ray bans and backpack before heading downstairs. Damn, I look and smell great.

“Weird,” Andy said, pushing me out the way. “Too hot for my liking,” he said, grimacing and running a hand through his hair. I know we recently became step-siblings so comments like these still come up but they’re still awkward. I mean, I used to find this man attractive as shit but now, I pushed him to the brother side of my brain-- especially now that he’s dating Cass.

“Fuck off.” I flipped him off as I entered the kitchen. “Morning mom and Greg,” I said smiling. They smiled as I kissed their cheeks.

“Why are you agitated?” Greg asked.

“Because of your arse of a son,” I said rolling my eyes. I picked up a toast that Andy stole. I growled.

“You love me.“He sang.

“Barf!” I said. “I do not understand why I used to go crazy over him?! His posters, all his fan merch, I was a part of his fan club for crying out loud! I was in love with-- ewww! I can’t even finish it.” I said fake gagging.

“Please don’t,” He begged and I rolled my eyes.

“That’s because he’s your brother now,” Mom said.

“Whatever,” I said, grabbing his orange juice and chugging it down before burping loudly.

“You disgust me,” He scrunched up his nose.

“You love me,” I replied, giving him the same energy.

“Go to school,” Greg said laughing. I threw up the peace sign in a hippie way and went to my car. Hmm...I feel like taking the...Porsche! I hopped in my white Porsche cayman and smiled evilly.

“Whore!” Andy said, stomping out. I gasped. “I was going to take that!”

“Manslut! You should’ve come out before I did!!” I teased. He rolled his eyes and sighed dramatically.

“Ugh! I’ll just take the damn Bugatti.” He said and I laughed while he smirked. He walked over to the black Bugatti Veyron. I started up the car and connected my phone. The National Anthem by Lana Del Rey started to play and I laughed. The irony. I danced a little then switched the song to Bad Girls by M.I.A. I slipped on my shades, feeling like a badass driving this car. Andy started up his car, blasting a hip hop song and slipping on his shades as well. We do this every morning-- race to school. We pulled out the driveway and went our separate ways. Let’s see who’ll get to school first.


I pulled into the school parking lot, singing along to my music and as usual, I was first. Andy needs to stop trying me. I laughed as I parked my car and hopped out. “I beat you! Sucker!” I said, starting to happy dance. He got out and everyone was watching.

“Cheater! You probably went the back roads!” He whined like a baby.

“Oh pshh! Stop being a sore loser!” I laughed.



“Ahh sister, I love you,” We broke out laughing.

“You too bro,” I said. We did our handshake that we came up with a few weeks ago. I hopped on his back as we walked to the entrance. “Yah yah! Giddy up horsey.” I said giggling. He gave me a flat look and everyone continued to look over at us. Great, this is going to be all over Twitter. We walked over to our friends and I smiled hopping down. “Morning people of earth.” I greeted.

“Is she okay?” Cass asked as she pecked Andy’s lips.

“I don’t know. She’s been so jumpy the entire morning. Like it’s eight am. Relax.” He joked.

Darien smirked, sending me a knowing smile. I turned around and blushed. What can I say? I’m happy that I have been with my baby for five months now. How did time fly by so quickly? We only began dating in January and it was now June! Graduation and prom are coming up. We walked inside the school and I excused myself to go to the bathroom. I needed to fix myself up a little and I immediately groaned as I entered. Oh great, the she-devil.

“Well well well. Shaeleigh.” Miranda said.

“What?” I asked.

“Can’t I just say hello?” She asked with a cruel smile.

“Why would you want to say hello to me? Does it look like we’re friends?”

“Well...I just wanted to say something.” She shrugged, flicking off invisible dirt.

“What?” I raised an eyebrow.

“Stay the hell away from Darien slut.” She sneered. W-what?

“What?” I asked, confused as she backed me up into the wall.

“You heard me. I see you two. Funny how you leave one spot and oh, five minutes later, he leaves. What is he going to say ‘oh guys...I’m going to the bathroom to also fix myself up.’ Are your friends that stupid and oblivious?” She said, rolling her eyes.

“Darien and I aren’t doing anything firstly. And secondly don’t fucking disrespect my friends.” I spat.

“Hun, you can play them for fools but not me. I have eyes all over and if you don’t leave him alone. I’ll ruin you.” She sneered again.

“You know what? ’Hun.’“I mocked her. I’m so sick of her. “Ruin me? Ruin me how? Do you not know who I am?” I stood straighter, inching off the wall. “I’m Shaeliegh fucking Reeves. You can’t disrespect or threaten me. I’m a very powerful bitch. My mother is Shannon Reeves and my stepfather is Greg Talvin, Alexandre Win is basically one of my grandfathers. I have a shit ton of connections. I’m so successful, I could blacklist you and your entire family, just with the snap of my fingers. Your family will never work in this country, no one would want to hire you.” I sneered as I saw the fear seep onto her features.

“Exc--” She started.

“I’m not finished.” I held up my hand. “I am a nice person and I understand that you’re a jealous bitch, but keep this shit in mind. When I get angry, I play dirty. Now get the hell out of my sight before I call my manager and have her do exactly what I threatened.” I finished, standing right in her face. She was white as a ghost, eyes wide, mouth agape. I rolled my eyes and went to exit the bathroom.

“Babe wha-” Darien started but I dragged him into the closet and slammed him against the wall before kissing him hungrily. He growled in his throat and switched roles. He hates being submissive and will make that known. He gripped my neck, pulling me closer while deepening the kiss. His other hand dug into my waist, his nails scratching me. I tugged hard on his hair and he growled again. He pulled away and started to trail hot peppered kisses down my neck and I moaned loudly.

“Oh god!” I moaned. Cussing out Miranda made me feel strong and it turned me on. I ground into Darien’s thigh and he groaned out, cursing. We slammed into the supplies as he continued to squeeze my ass. I tilted my head back, giving him access to lick and suck on my neck. I pushed him to the ground and straddled his waist. I felt up his shirt, loving the feeling of his abs under my fingertips.

He shivered before flipping us over. He grabbed my boobs through my shirt and tugged on my nipples. I moaned softly, trying to stay as quiet as I could. He slid his hand inside my shorts and started rubbing against my folds, teasing me. I whimpered as he slipped two fingers into me.

“So wet for me...” He blew out. He began thrusting against me, his hips hitting into his hand and creating amazing friction. I paused slightly-- do I want to finish right here?

“What?” He asked, slowing down.

I blushed. “I don’t want to orgasm here and then feel it all day...” I trailed off.

He smirked, “Okay...?” He raised an eyebrow. “I want you to feel it.” He said breathlessly in my ear, making me shiver. “I want you to walk around all day with soiled panties, remembering that I fucking did that and that I fucking own this pussy.” He rubbed torturous circles around my clit as he stared deeply into my eyes.

“Fuck...” I tilted my head back, a silent moan spilling out as I came all over his fingers.

“And if it slides down your legs, don’t clean it. I want everyone to wonder who did this to you.” He finished with a smirk before standing up and helping me up.

“Uh...sir,” I whispered, holding my arms against my body, trying to calm myself down.

He laughed, looking me up and down. “You’re so cute and sexy all in one.” He pinched my cheeks. I blushed and swatted his hands away. He grabbed me and pulled me against his chest and kissed me deeply until I was out of breath.

“Jesus,” I breathed out.

“Now go to class.” He slapped my ass hard, causing me to yelp. I adjusted my clothing and fixed myself up in the window reflection before exiting the room with a wide smile. This is so thrilling.


“Whoa! Did guys see how shaken up Miranda was today?” Cassandra said as we sat down for lunch.

“No?” I asked, lying.

“Well, shes been quiet as fuck today!” Andy said laughing.

“About time somebody put her in her place,” James added.

“True,” Everyone agreed. I smirked and looked over at Darien. He raised an eyebrow and I winked at him. I sent him a quick text saying that I told her off this morning. He shook his laughing as he read the message.

“What’s funny bro?” Andy asked, looking over at him.

“Oh...the corny joke on the milk bottle,” He lied. For the rest of lunch, we ate, chatted, and laughed. Darien and I played footsie under the table and kept sending each other flirty looks.


After school, I headed to Adrienne’s penthouse to get ready for Darien and I’s date. I had my ‘glam’ team present and they were excitedly getting me ready. They were all wondering where I was going and what I was doing but I was very tight-lipped. Darien will be picking me up around seven-thirty and we’d be out until midnight, So, in typical Shae fashion, I took a three-hour nap to prepare.

After my nap, I woke up and showered, and brushed my teeth again, Once I was fresh, clean, and smooth, I sat on my vanity and let my girls get to work. My stylist had gotten me a gorgeous, midi gold satin dress that hugged my curves and made me look grown. Since the dress was a simple color, I wanted my makeup to be subtle but sexy. It was done smokey; with silver and gold eyeshadow with light streaks of glitter, red lipstick, and cat-eye eyeliner. I also didn’t want my hair to be straightened tonight, so it was put up into a stylized messy bun, with two strands coming down in the front. Once everything was completed, I put on my ankle strapped heels and my gorgeous diamond necklace and earrings that Darien recently bought me.

“Wow!” Adrienne wolf-whistled. I twirled as my team applauded and hyped me up.

“He’s going to love it!” Amanda squealed. Since Adrienne manages Darien now, they obviously know. My team is basically his team and due to NDAs, they won’t dare spill to the tabloids. However, I still try to be as tight-lipped as ever. After checking myself out in the mirror a few more times, the doorbell rang and I squealed in excitement.

“Your prince is here.” Adrienne teased. I slipped on my faux fur shawl that made me look even better and sauntered down the staircase. Darien was leaning against the wall, picking at his teeth slightly. My God, he looked fucking hot! I looked him up and down, and damn near drooled. His hair was tossed to one side and gelled, a few strands falling onto his forehead. He had on skinny-legged pants, a nice button-down -with the top two buttons undone-, suspenders, and a fitted blazer. He also wore a cross earring in one ear.

He looked up at me, and paused, watching me walk down. I blushed under his intense gaze, feeling like my mouth was drying up, He swallowed as if he was drinking me in. He met me at the last step and grabbed my hand. He placed a soft lingering kiss before handing me a single red rose. My heart leaped and I felt I was dizzy!

“You look...magnificent.” He breathed out, twirling me around. I blushed.

“Thank you, you look very dashing.” I smiled.

He pecked my lips. “Ready to go?”

“Yes, sir I am.” He led me outside to the awaiting car and he slid inside, his hand never once leaving mine.


About twenty minutes later, we got to the Nokia Theatre. The driver took us to the back and we snuck in before being led to a romantic scenery. There was a table set for two with candles, roses, and fairy string lights all around.

He pulled out my seat and I sat gracefully. “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome, baby. You look gorgeous, I think I may just have you for my meal.” He commented darkly.

“Stop it!” I giggled, hiding my face. He pulled my hands away.

“Don’t hide your beauty from me.” He threatened and Lord, with the amount of blushing I’ve been doing these past few months, I’m surprised that I haven’t burned up.

“Anyway, what’re we having for dinner?” I coughed.

He chuckled, “We are having a salad for our starter, a seafood mix of shrimp, lobster, rice, and veggies for our meal, and some mousse for dessert.” He said playfully.

“Mmm, yummy!” I smiled.

“Try the champagne.’” He smiled as he swirled it around his mouth. Oh God, he knew what he was doing. Two can play at that game. I took a sip and titled the glass slowly, gulping slightly as my eyes never left his. He cleared his throat.

“It’s so smooth and refreshing as it slides down my throat.” I let a little tasty moan slip out and he darkened his eyes at me.

“Shaeleigh...” He warned, tsking. “You don’t want to start with me, baby. I’m already trying as hard as I can to keep control.”

“But I like it when you lose control,” I smirked behind my glass.

“Babygirl, you haven’t even seen me lose full control. Wait until the night I take you.” He whispered. His head was leaned over the candle, the light accentuating his features and shadows.

I gulped. “Okay okay.” I averted my eyes and squeezed my thighs. He leaned over and kissed me. “What’s that for?”

“Nothing. I just really fucking like you.” He admitted. My heart swooned.

“I really like you too,” I giggled. He makes me feel so airy and high.

“Here comes our food,” He said and I laughed, watching Perry-- our driver and bodyguard serving us.

“I’m sorry...Perry as a waiter!” I laughed and Perry chuckled. Perry is your typical tall, big, masculine guy that would never be a waiter. He set our plates down and we thanked him before digging in.

“So, sweetie.” He started. “Have you thought about when we can go public?”

“Hopefully soon,” I smiled truthfully.

“Good. It’s just weird knowing that we have been dating the longest out of all our friends and they have no clue,” He joked.

“I know, it’s so uncomfortable!” I cringed and laughed.

“Anyways, how was your day-- oh, what did you say to Miranda?” He laughed.

I grinned. “She basically knows about us and told me to stay away from you. So, I told her that I could end her career before it even started,”

“When did you get so ballsy?” He teased and I laughed.

“Your influence!” I giggled.

“Hmm, I like it though. Tell those other girls off on my behalf. It’s sexy.”

“Oh?” I leaned in.

“Yes, I like when you put others in their place, It’s a turn on.” He smirked and I smiled. We continued chatting and eating before Darien stood up. “Dance with me.l” He said.

I smiled and placed my hand in his as he pulled me up. My girl by The Temptations started to play as we swayed. “I love this song.”

“I’ve got sunshine.” He sang and I placed my head on his chest. It was so lovely.

“This is nice,” I whispered in utter bliss.

“I know.” He whispered back. Once the song finished, he led me over to the floor cushions. It was decorated beautifully; with pillows, blankets, and lights.

We sat down and the screen turned on. “What are we watching?” I asked.

“You’ll see. Something you really love.” He winked,

“Hmm..” Just then the screen turned on and the big words stretched across the screen; Romeo and Juliet. Awe!

I squealed. “You didn’t!” I shook with excitement.

“I did,” He replied. I kissed him and got comfortable in his arms.

“You’re too sweet!” I love this movie. It is the Leonardo DiCaprio version.

“I know I am.” He said cockily before kissing my head softly.


After the movie had finished, he brought me back to Adriene’s house. I smiled as we stood at the front door. This felt like a movie scene in a romantic comedy. “Tonight was amazing,” I breathed out.

He leaned against the door frame, caging me in against the door. His one arm held him up. “I’m glad you enjoyed yourself. All I ever want to do is make you happy.” His lips were so close to mine, I could feel my heart racing.

“This is the sweetest thing someone has ever told me.” I wanted to cry. He is so amazing.

“Don’t cry, baby.” He said softly as he wiped a lone tear. “You are so beautiful, God...I’m so lucky.” He caressed my cheek and leaned down to kiss me. The kiss was so soft and full of passion and dare I

“When’s the next date?” I asked as he pulled away and rested his forehead against mine.

“Whenever. You just let me know and I’ll wine and dine you.” He smiled and I giggled, feeling so many butterflies swarm in my belly.

“Okay, I should get in,” I whispered, staring up into his eyes.

“Okay. Goodnight baby,” He said.

“Night baby.” We kissed again, this time harder and a lot more heated. He pulled away with a cheeky grin. I bit my lip and opened the door.

“One m-” He started and I cut him off.

“Goodbye Darien” I laughed. He pouted and I blew him a kiss before closing the door softly. I leaned against it and sighed dreamily. So many butterflies flew in my stomach and I vibrated with joy. I finally pushed myself off the door and looked out the window and watched him as he sat in his car. A wide smile was stretched across his face and he basically cheered before running his hands through his hair.

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