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Chapter Sixteen

Shae’s P.O.V

Darien and I have been in the honeymoon stage for the past week since we told each other that we loved each other. Oh my goodness, we really told each other that! Ugh, I love my baby and he loves me! Tonight, we were going to hang out and go down to his family’s log cabin and just cuddle and watch movies by the fireplace. We wanted a night alone just to be with each other. But, if I’m being honest, I want to finally have sex. He doesn’t know that I do so it’s going to be a surprise. Hopefully, tonight will be amazing and go as planned.

I’ve been planning it out in my head since yesterday and I even bought some new lingerie. My outfit is going to be comfortable, casual, and cute so it doesn’t give anything away. We have no school today so it’s a long weekend that we’ll spend together in the cabin.

“Morning,” I said coming downstairs.

“Where are you going...looking all...where are you going?” Mom asked.

“’s my skater look.” Yeah, I was wearing my ripped jeans, crop top, and vans.

“Yes! That’s the word-- skater.” I laughed, pregnancy brain.

“Uh, where’s my mini backpack?” I asked her. I couldn’t find it in the closet.

“In my study.”

“Why?” I asked, suspicious.

“I used it, girl. Where are you going?”

“To the state lab.” I beamed.

“Ahh, the infamous state lab. I still don’t understand why that place hasn’t been shut down. It’s not that safe,” She muttered and I rolled my eyes.

“Mom, it is safe.” I laughed. “I’ve been going for years with Dylan. It’s just a spot for teens to be free.” I shrugged. “I’m going with my band so we can hang out. We need to catch up.”

“Of course you went with Dylan.” She laughed, shaking her head. “Well, have fun.” She smiled and I kissed her cheek before pulling my socks up. They had my name on it so I showed them off to her. She laughed. “Wearing your own merch, hmmph.” She shook her head and I wiggled my eyebrows. I headed outside and hopped into my Cadillac and sped off. Time to kill time before tonight.


When I got to the state lab, I saw a bunch of people already huddled around Taylor, James, and Alex. I laughed and watched for a few moments before walking.

“What’s going on here?” I sang loudly and everyone turned around. Everyone’s eyes widened before they ran over to me. In a split second, notebooks and limbs were pointed at me. “Hey hey hey! Relax. I’ll take a few photos and sign some autographs. You can put your shirt back down.” I laughed.

Once I got through the crowd, I fell into the arms of my bandmates. “Fans are crazy but awesome,” Taylor said. I nodded and went up the ramp. I came here to chill and skate. I started to show off my skills and everyone started recording videos and taking pictures.

“Look at her go!” Someone cheered.

“How did you learn to skate like this?” A fan asked excitedly.

“I wasn’t the beauty pageant girl, I was -and am- the skate, dirt biking, sporty girl. I mean don’t get me wrong, I like cute clothes and getting my face beat but I like to move around.” I shrugged.

“Wow, you’re so cool! I want to be just like you when I grow up-- you’re my role model.” The girl beamed.

“Awe, what’s your name?” I asked softly.

“Anna.” She smiled.

“Well Anna, just do what you want. Go against the grain, be a misfit. Now I’m not saying to do things to fuck up your life, just do what you feel is right. You have the freedom and it’s your life. I had to learn that. Don’t let others rule you.” I said and she smiled. We continued talking and she told me that she was fourteen and wanted to start her own band. I showed her a few tricks and mingled with some other kids. I hugged all of them before leaving. This is what gave me joy.

After leaving, we got to In And Out Burger. I really wanted a big burger and fries.

“So, are you thinking about album number two again?” Alex asked.

“Well, I did work on some songs but they’re mostly sad songs. They need to be tweaked.” I said laughing.

“Oh, nothing good with being vulnerable.” James teased. “But, you should start thinking, management will probably want a new album prep by the end of the year. UnMasked has been out for a while.” He added.

“Yeah, that’s true. But, we still have so much to do with this album like videos and tours so I’m not really stressing it.” I shrugged.

“Alright. I just love recording and am itching to get back into the studio.” Taylor laughed. “Maybe we could go in sometime next week?”

“Yeah, I’d like that. I love creating new music too.” I said happily.

Darien’s P.O.V

I had spent the morning decorating the cabin all romantic and cozy. I wanted Shae to have a relaxing night. I hope she loves it— tonight is going to be amazing. Before the night begins though; I have a meeting with Michael; an agent that works with Adrienne. He said that he wanted to meet up with me and run a few things by me. I have no clue what the meeting is about but as soon as I saw Melanie, I was even more confused.

“Oh Darien, come in,” Michael said. “Well, you know Melanie Goncalves and her manager?”

“Yes, hi?” I said, more like a question.

“Okay, let’s get started.” He said.

“What’s going on?” I asked.

“Well the pictures with the two of you are nice and everyone loves it. Some people are already pairing you two together and we think it’d be a good image and boost if you two date.” Melanie’s manager said.

“Excuse me? I don’t fake date anyone.” I scoffed. I didn’t mean for it to come out that harsh but...

“Then make it real!” She shrugged.

“That’s not my style, I don’t just date anybody. I have to fall for the girl and feel a connection. Michael, what did Adrienne have to say about this?” I asked upset. She knows that I’m with Shae. Melanie looked a little bummed at my reaction but I brushed it off. I mean, I don’t even know her.

“I haven’t run this by her yet but—” Michael started.

“Yeah...uh no,” I said shaking my head.

“Come on. You’ll get more fame. Both of you!” Her manager beamed.

“No. I’m already seeing someone and Michael, I’d appreciate it if you’d run things by Adrienne first.”

“Who are you seeing?” Melanie asked.

“It’s none of your business. Now, excuse me, I have important things to do. This just soured my mood and I’m supposed to have a romantic weekend with my girl...I’m out.” I said and left. That was so random and uncomfortable.

“Sorry about that. Didn’t know. Hope you’re not too angry” <Melanie> I read it. Well, at least she didn’t know. Can’t be angry with her.

“Thanks. I’m fine” <Darien> I replied and put my phone away before driving off.


Shae’s P.O.V

After leaving the state lab, I got ready for the night and packed up my things. I slipped on my black lace lingerie underneath my slip dress. As I said, I wanted something casual but cute. To pair it off, I put on a cardigan and sneakers. I left my hair curly and framing my face-- Darien loves my natural hair.

I grabbed my phone and whatever else I needed before heading out of my room. Mom and Greg were out at dinner and Andy was at Cass’s so I quickly left. I was going to meet Darien at the cabin because he wanted everything to be perfect and ready. He’s so sweet. The drive will take forty-five minutes so I blasted my music and let the wind blow through my hair.

I finally arrived at the cabin and saw Darien’s car in the driveway. The drive was beautiful. The mountains were so snowy and deep. This area was sort of like a cabin village-- almost like a campsite. There were a lot of people also enjoying the long weekend. Also, I passed a ton of cute, little shops and restaurants that I really want to check out.

After parking, I grabbed my weekend bag and ran to the front door. He had given me a key yesterday at school so I quickly unlocked the door and paused, taking everything in. It smells so good! Like a manly, wooded man with a hint of chocolate in the air. Mmm! I looked around, taking in the rose petals on the ground and the beautifully lit fireplace. The ambiance was so alluring, I just wanted to soak in a bathtub.

I walked further into the cabin and saw Darien bent over in front of the fridge. “Stop perving on me,” He teased, looking at me from under his legs.

I blushed, “Whatever.” I muttered. He slowly stood up and walked over to me before kissing me softly.

“You look cute,” He said, running a hand through my hair. I blushed again.

“You look very handsome,” I whispered, fixing his collar. We kissed once again and it turned heated. We walked backward without breaking the kiss and I landed on the couch. He hovered over me, running his hands slowly up my body and I arched-- It felt so amazing. We pulled apart to catch our breaths and he shot me a mouth-watering smile.

“Now now, there will be plenty of time for that later on. Let’s eat and chat.” He said.

I nodded, “Alright.” He had a beautiful pasta dinner set on the coffee table, right in front of the fireplace with a bottle of sparkling champagne.

“Open.” He said, holding up the fork. I opened my mouth slowly and he slid the utensil in slowly, definitely feeling exactly what I was. I moaned as my taste buds exploded. “How do you like it?” He coughed out, swallowing. The air immediately felt thick.

“It’s so good!” I said enthusiastically.

He grinned, “Grandfather’s recipe.” He smiled.

“You can cook?! Why haven’t you cooked for me before?” I scolded.

“You’ve never asked.” He laughed. I rolled my eyes as we continued to eat. “How was your day, beautiful?” He asked.

“Today was a nice day! I went to the state lab and met the sweetest girl; Anne. I also got to hang out with the guys and eat a greasy burger.” I wiggled in my seat happily and he laughed.

“That’s sweet, how are the guys?”

“Good good, they want to start making new music already!” I exasperated, laughing.

“All ready? The album is still fresh.” He laughed.

“I know right? Anyways, how was your day?”

“Uh...I had a meeting with Michael that was very weird.” I said awkwardly. She raised an eyebrow, “I met up with Melanie and her manager and they wanted us to do a PR relationship stunt.”

Excuse me? “What?” I asked upset.

“Don’t be mad b-” He started.

“Did he speak to Adrienne? Why the hell would he do that? Adrienne wouldn’t suggest that.”

“Calm down sweetie. I’m not sure if Michael knows but he also said that he didn’t even speak to Adrienne, It was weird but apparently, it was all Melanie’s manager.” He ran his hands through his hair. “She thought we looked cute together because of those photos and figured that it would make our images bigger if we dated. I was so uncomfortable and pissed in the moment, now I’m just rolling my eyes.” He finished.

I replayed everything in my head, “Whose idea was it?” I asked.

“Melanie’s manager...” He said and I snorted.

“Manager my ass...” I muttered.


“It wasn’t her manager’s idea,” I said with air quotes. “It was her fucking idea. She wants you and it’s so obvious. Remember the phone incident?”

“Babe...she texted me saying she had nothing to do with this.” He shrugged and I rolled my eyes.

“Huh...lying ass bi-”

“Shut up.” He laughed before kissing me harshly and basically knocking the air out of me. “You’re the only girl I want...what do I have to do for you to learn?” He growled out

I took a deep breath. “Make love to me...” I whispered as his eyes widened. They quickly turned dark as he began kissing me with so much passion.

“Are you sure?” He whispered, pulling away.

I nodded with no hesitation. “Yes.” I bit my lip and he began trailing his hands up and down my body. I moaned as he squeezed my ass. I ran my fingers through his hair, tugging on it as he sucked on my collarbone.I started unbuttoning his shirt as best as I could, before yanking it open. I ran my hands over his abs and kissed his body. He was so sexy and taut. His muscles flexed as he held himself up and I was in awe. He was sculpted and made specially by God himself. Fucking hell, I was so enthralled with every aspect of this boy. I can’t believe he is all mine.

I arched my back as he began pulling my dress straps down my shoulders. He kissed every inch of my body softly as he undressed me. I lifted my ass as the dress was completely off. He paused, almost salivating as he took in my attire. God, he made me feel like the sexiest girl alive. He ignited a burning desire inside of me that made me want to go wild.

“Damn baby. Like Jesus, this is the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen.” His eyes raked over my breast that were barely covered-- my nipples hard and poking through like they were trying to escape. They then traveled down my body. He licked his lips and gripped my tight, small waist, before reaching my bottom. He stared at my crotchless panties, and dragged a lone finger down my wetness, causing me to shiver.

“Shit...” I said softly as he continued to drag his finger up and down.

“Always so wet and ready for me, baby girl. You are a goddess-- so fucking ethereal. I am utterly in love with your mind, body, and soul. Your aura is so alluring and attractive. The way you carry yourself, your kindness, your beauty-- you make me want to fall to my knees and worship you.” He whispered and I felt like my heart was going to fall out of my chest, “I am going to make the sweetest love to you and have you undoing yourself over and over. I have been waiting for this night for so long now and I am going to give you what you deserve.”

“Darien...” I cried out.

“Yes, my love?” He whispered, dangerously close to my mound, his breath making me squirm.

“Ruin me,” I said darkly.

“Your wish is my command, mi amor.” He blew out before attacking my core with his hot tongue. I threw my head back, my heart beating rapidly. He kissed, suckled, and made out with my core like it was the last thing his tongue will ever feel again.

“Oh my fucking goodness...” I moaned, digging my fingers into his hair and pushing his face deeper into me, He groaned and growled, loving the control I had on his hair. My legs began shaking as he started flicking my clit swiftly and sensually. I moaned, and cried out, coming undone all over his lapping tongue.

“Damn...” He muttered as he crawled off of me. He stood up and started taking his belt off. I sat up on my elbows, watching him strip for me. He slapped his belt together, causing me to jump with excitement. “You like that sound, my love?” I bit my lip and nodded shyly. “Naughty.” He winked. He slowly unbuttoned his pants and started pulling them down his legs until they were pooling at his feet. I looked at the bulge in his boxers and salivated.

“Jesus...” I said quickly.

He smirked and stroked it. “You want it? Come and get it.” He whispered darkly. He pulled his boxers down and kicked everything off before he fell backward onto the couch. His legs were spread out and he stood proud-- thick, long, and dripping with wetness.

I crawled over to him and bit my lip before grabbing it happily. I quickly sucked him into my mouth, enjoying the feeling. “Mmm!” I said dramatically. I loved it, I loved watching the pleasure on his beautiful features. I started sucking harder and faster, sliding my hand up and down as fast as I could.

His legs soon started twitching before he pulled out of me. “Shit.” He groaned. He grabbed me by my nipples and tugged on them, pulling me closer. I moaned loudly, loving the pain. “Go to the bed.”

I stood up and walked to the huge bed in the bedroom. I quickly stripped and waited for him on the bed. I was so nervous but excited. He is so experienced and big, I hope he doesn’t completely break me. He leaned at the door frame, watching me hungrily.

I blushed. He can make me feel so sexy and so shy at the same time. “What?”

“Nothing, you’re so beautiful. I remember when you first sucked me off, you wanted to be perfect, and now look at you. Laying on my bed, legs spread and waiting for me to ravish you,” He growled the last part and in a split second he was hovering over me. “Ready?” He asked softly and cautiously.

I looked at his dick, condom on and extremely hard and took a deep breath. “Ready” I replied and he slid into me with ease. I moaned at his size and the pressure. He was big and it was a tad bit uncomfortable as I got used to something being inside of me.

“Are you okay?” He whispered, kissing my forehead. “If at any point you want me to stop, don’t hesitate to tell me. I will respect you in every way darling.” He said sweetly and I nodded, feeling so much love for him.

After a few more seconds of him kissing my face softly, I moaned. “Okay.” I nodded, giving him the go-ahead and he started moving slow and gentle. It felt so good already.

“Fuck, you’re so tight.” He breathed out. He finally got into the rhythm and started to pick up speed. My eyes rolled to the back of my head. I don’t know if it’s like this for everyone or if it’s because he’s big and experienced but I swear, I’m already about to finish. “I’m going to go faster now, baby.”

I nodded and cried out and he lifted my hips up slightly and started to pound into me. “Yes!” I moaned, my legs wrapping around his waist. He started rubbing my nub with one hand and the other hand wrapped around my throat. “Harder...don’t hold back!” I cried, my back arching deeper. He growled not needing to be told twice.

His thrusts were so deep and long, I swear I could feel him in my stomach. I could hear my own wetness and the sound of our skin smacking and I swear something flipped inside of him. He started going even harder, lifting my legs over his shoulder and I sent a silent prayer up. “You feel so fucking good,” He breathed out.

“I love you so much,” I choked out, his hand tightening around my throat. He leaned his head backward, the moonlight shone on his body, making him look like a Greek God as he rolled and ground his hips into me. The image alone sent me over the edge, he looked mystical-- like a fallen angel. My legs shook as I came undone around him. He groaned a strangled sound and finished as well.

“I love you too.” He growled. “Holy fuck,” He rode out his high, continuing to pump slow strokes into me. He finished and slumped on top of me, a loopy grin on both of our faces. “You’re beautiful.”

“Thank you. You’re magical.”

“I’m magical?” He teased.

I giggled and swatted him away. “Yes, like you’re so...ugh! I’m lucky.” I said shyly and he tickled me. How could we go from being sinful just moments ago to laughing like children? Oh, how I love him so.

“I don’t want anyone else-- ever. That was the best sex I’ve honestly had.” He said genuinely as he leaned over his arm, a grin plastered onto his face.

“And you’re the best I’ll ever have,” I whispered, kissing him softly.

“Damn right, that’s mine,” He said huskily, before flipping us over. By the end of this getaway, I’ll be taking ice baths for a week.

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