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Chapter 1

Shaeleigh’s P.O.V

Monday-- ugh! School, did I ever mention how much I dislike getting up for school? Honestly, it’s not school that is necessarily bad, it’s the waking up. I mean, who wants to wake up at 5 am every morning? It’s literal teenage torture. I groaned and climbed out of bed. For some reason, today, I just was not in the mood to go. I sighed as I stretched, enjoying the sounds of my joints cracking.

I stomped my way to the bathroom and yelled. Eh, no one’s home. I turned on the shower before brushing my teeth and hopping in. After leaving the bathroom, I looked through my closet for something to wear. Having a famous fashion designer for a mom really has its perks. I have a massive amount of clothing.

I ended up picking out a white button-down collared shirt, blue denim-ish high waisted skirt, white socks, and white oxfords and sat at my vanity to begin my hair and makeup. That meant curl products, some lipstick, and eyeliner.

I looked in the mirror once again and shrugged. I usually thought I looked plain with nice clothes. Okay, well, I think I’m pretty but I still have my moments and doubts. Like almost every other teenage girl, I can be insecure-- especially with the life I have.

I’m 17, I talk to myself a lot, and am constantly reminded that my mother is a billionaire. This is why I keep to myself. The Hollywood world is obsessive, scary, and image centered. I have long brown hair and light brown, hazel eyes. I’m kind of tall but not abnormally tall. You could say that I can be kind of insecure about my looks at times -even though people say I’m gorgeous- but look at my life.

I keep to myself but still, have a ton of friends due to weird given high school popularity. I go to an academy and we all know how those schools go. But, I stick to my three best friends; Cassandra, James, and Dylan. They’re weird but they’re the realist people I know. I mean, they’ve kept my identity a secret for years.

I exited my bedroom after grabbing my glasses and bag. I ran downstairs and saw a note on the kitchen counter from my mom; that had a scribbled ‘emergency meeting in Paris’ on it. I sighed and crumpled the paper. She’s always so busy and flying off to some country. And my sperm donor? He doesn’t exist.

Let’s say, he had the nerves to leave my mother when she found out she was pregnant with me at 16 but then when my mom’s dreams came true at the age of 18, he wanted to come back into the picture saying he wanted to be with us.

Obviously, my mother being a teenager, still hung up on him, and had his child on her hip, she took him back instantly. Little did she know that the piece of shit was cheating on her and using her for fame and money. Which is a big reason my identity was downplayed as I aged. He tried to use me in so many money-making schemes, my mother just wanted me to have a normal childhood. Anyways, she happily kicked his ass to the curb, and now he’s broke and lonely.

I walked outside towards the garage and opened it up with a wide smile. I smiled at my baby; my 1960′s pink Cadillac. She was a stunner. Yes, my car is hot, a whole baddie. I hopped in and immediately put the top down. I pulled out the driveway and headed to that hell hole-- school.


Darien’s P.O.V

I pulled into the parking lot at school and people were already staring and some approaching my car. The girls did their daily routine of throwing themselves at me, and the guys trying to be my friend. It was a lot to take in.

I smiled small and waved before stepping aside and walking over to my group of friends. I didn’t really have time for popularity. At this school, if you were attractive, you were automatically popular. Didn’t matter if you were an asshole or straight-up bitch.

I smiled at my friends; Dave, Andrew, Ryan, and Daniel as we all greeted each other. These are my boys. Always have and always will be. We talked until Dave nodded his head towards the pink Cadillac pulling into the school lot. We all knew who it belonged to. The one and only Shaeliegh.

She stepped out of the car, grabbed her bag, and bent down to tie her laces. She swung her gorgeously curly mane back as she stood up before running her fingers through it with a small smile on her plump lips. She was so beautiful but she didn’t see it. The girl actually believed that she was average. Average! When in actuality, she was the fucking hottest girl at this place.

Honestly doesn’t she notice the death glares and jealous glances the other girls send her way? And the lust and dazed looks from the majority of the hormonal male -and some female- population at this school? Myself included. But, she’s what I want, what I’ve been chasing forever. She’s beautiful inside out and funny too.

Every class I have with her, she makes it fun and bearable, like she was meant to entertain. Plus, she isn’t snobby or anything either and doesn’t like social statuses. She treats everyone equally here.

She’s just different and I am a simp. Sadly, she wouldn’t go with me because of my reputation. I’ll be honest, I’ve been with a lot of girls here...I mean, I’m a teen a boy and who would say no to girls literally begging you to fuck them? Or like some bold girls, showing up naked in the boy’s locker room or creepily in your bedroom. I mean I couldn’t just say no.

Honestly, it can’t hurt to try and ask her out one day. I want to rid my player ways at some point in life and I think she’s the one to assist. I walked inside the building following her but she ran over to her friends. I sighed, next time.

As usual.

Shaeliegh’s P.O.V

“Shae!” Cassandra yelled. She looked beautiful as always. She had long blonde hair and a model figure. Very Marilyn Monroe, Betty Brosmer, you know? Thick and curvaceous.

I hugged her and we began chatting excitedly. “Hey,” I said happily.

“How’s life, gorgeous?” She asked as she flicked my cheek.

“I’m not gorgeous and life is going good,” I replied with an eye-roll.

“Pfft..not gorgeous my ass.” James chimed in.

“JAMES!” I said running up to hug him. I’ve missed him so much. We just got back from winter vacation and I haven’t really seen my best friends in a while.

“Missed you too sexy.” He said, winking. “How was Christmas and New Years’ in Boston?”

“Amazing and I’m not sexy!” I said laughing.

“Not sexy? Pfft..girl, you’re hot.” He replied dramatically.

“Shorties a dime,” Dylan said with an ugly accent while flipping a dime in my face. Of course. He always had a prop for his corny jokes.

“Dylan, that was cringe but I missed you and your corny ass,” I said whilst hugging him.

“Missed you too sweet cheeks.” He replied. We all started talking and laughing and it felt great to be back with them.

“So in Boston, we were having a snowball fight and I fell down this huge golf hill and busted my ass!” I said and they all burst out laughing.

“Only you Shae,” Dylan said.

“Shut up! ” I said flipping them off. They calmed their laughter and the bell rang. “Well see ya two later,” I said to Cassandra and Dylan.

James and I had our first period together so we walked to class. As soon as we entered, all the girls started to drool over James. James is...well hot. Dylan too. I normally don’t care about this but this school has some very attractive male students. According to the girls, it’s Darien, James, Jesse. Andrew, Dylan, Ryan, Dave, Noah, Caleb, and Jayden. I can confirm, exactly in that order. James put his arm around me and all the girls gave me death glares as he smirked.

“HEY! We’re doing the top ten hottest girls. We need pictures of all the girls!” Some boys said running into the room. I rolled my eyes. They do this all the time. I don’t understand why they need to do this? They say it’s for the yearbook. Everyone is beautiful in their own ways. They came around and wrote our names and snapped pictures of us. James forced me to write my name down. I sighed and complied.

“It will be posted tomorrow.” Another guy said and they walked out heading to various classrooms. All the annoying girls started squealing saying they were going to be in the top 5.

“You’ll totally win first place.” James said.

“Nuh-uh,” I replied feeling awkward.

“Shaeliegh..” he sighed. “You’re fucking beautiful. I don’t know why you think otherwise. Any girl would kill to look like you. Any boy would kill to be yours. You are Shaeliegh Reeves for goodness sakes!” He said.

I could feel the unwanted tears but I smiled sadly and turned away. I had always hated discussing my looks. I felt inadequate but others see me differently. It’s honestly just fucking childhood trauma

“Okay,” I mumbled. It is something I have been working on though.

“Shae?” He asked.

“Uh um yes-s?” I stuttered, wiping my tears away before turning around.

“Are you okay?” He asked. No.

“Yes..just need to use the ladies’ room.” I said as I got up and ran to the bathroom. I stood in the stall and let my tears fall softly.

I remembered the first time I caught my father cheating. He beat me and started saying all these cruel things. I was ugly, and some sort of demon child. When honestly, I was the nicest and most respectful child. He made me feel small and said I ruined his life with my mother and because of that, no one will ever love me. I was unattractive and would never look like the models my mother worked with.

It hurt me because it came from the guy who gave me life. If it wasn’t for his sperm, I wouldn’t be here. He would beat me when my mother was gone on trips. He only did it because he said it would stop me from telling mom about him. I wouldn’t have ever told anyone anyway so there was no reason to abuse me.

It really screwed with my self-esteem and confidence but I just tried to be positive. I hated people complimenting me though, it just took me back.

I went to wash my face and hands and the last person I wanted to see walked in; Miranda. She believes that she is the Queen Bee. I don’t know why high school always has to have that one school bitch.

“Hmm.” She said looking me up and down then sticking her nose up at me. I rolled my eyes and walked out. I don’t know why she is always out to get me. What the hell did I do to her? I went back into class with my head down.

“Shae, you’re late,” Mr.Lane said.

“ things are right there. I went to the ladies’ room...drank too much water.” I said and he nodded. Mr. Lane is really cool actually. I walked to my seat and James wasn’t there. I turned around to see him sitting with Angie.

I widened my eyes and gave him a rude look. Angie is a little good girl who’s most likely a virgin and now he’s going to corrupt her. He turned around and smirked while wiggling his eyebrows at me. I shook my head and sat down. Man whore.

Now James and Dylan would fuck anything that walks. Well, a good-looking girl that is. But not Cassandra and I because we’re like siblings and that’s just weird. We’ve been best friends for too long to do that. Like every teen television show-- we were a group.

I sighed but smiled. I loved my little man whores. I plugged in my headphones and started to do my work. We were told to study and work on upcoming assignments. I was ready to go home and the day just started.

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