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Chapter Twenty

Shae’s P.O.V

I groaned in annoyance and switched off the television. I was so aggravated and done with the news. It has been the exact same story across all news stations.

“Teen star Shae was seen heading into the emergency room a few hours ago. We are still waiting to hear information on the situation. We will keep you updated.” The hundreds of reporters have said. Ugh, I only sprained my ankle, I’m not dying, and because I’m so bruised up and a celebrity, doctors want me to stay overnight.

“How are you feeling?” Mom asked coming back into the room.

“Irritated!” I huffed and she laughed softly.

“I’m sorry sweetie,” She rubbed my hair.

“It’s whatever mom. Honestly. ” I said, shrugging and slumping back into my pillows.

“Okay. Want something to eat?”

“Yeah. I actually want Starbucks and Taco Bell. I’m not feeling this hospital food.” I said, scrunching up my face as mom laughed.

“Okay. I’ll be back in a few.” She hugged goodbye before dramatically pulling on her hoodie. “Paparazzi are swarming the place.” She said laughing and I joined in. She soon left and I sat down and started to play a random game on my phone.


Cassandra’s P.O.V

Everyone sat awkwardly around my living room and it felt so weird and off. No one has ever really been to my house but thankfully, my parents weren’t home. Today has been such a whirlwind and I’m feeling so many freaking emotions. I was pissed, bored, feeling some type of way that I couldn’t explain! I also miss Andy but I’m upset with him for choosing Shaeleigh’s side over mine. I mean, I’m his girlfriend... she’s only his step-sister. But of course, its Shae. I sighed and looked around the room at my friends and saw the bored and awkward looks on their faces so I turned the tv on.

“Is that Andy?” Michael asked as Andy was seen walking with a girl.

“Yeah?” I muttered, eyes widening and looking closer.

“Wait-- that’s Shaleigh!” James said. My heartbeat relaxed, he wasn’t with another girl.

“We finally have news on Shaeleigh, her manager released a statement saying that all is well and the star only sprained her ankle. Apparently, the sprain is nasty and she will have to stay in the hospital overnight. Get well, Shae!” The reporter said.

Dylan visibly relaxed in his seat and spoke for the first time since everything went down. “What the fuck? How’d she break her leg?” He thought out loud.

“Who cares,” I muttered as everyone turned to look at me.

“Well...she is our friend...” Michael trailed off.

“Yeah, a fake one.” I scoffed.

“She made one mistake” Michael rolled his eyes.

“She still lied,” Sheila said. “I don’t like liars.”

“Seriously? You’re really trying to tell me you’ve never kept a secret? You’ve never done something that seemed right in the moment but it blew up? You guys are being fucking dramatic and extra.” He rolled his eyes.

“What?” Jackie asked, crossing her arms.

“You guys are literally bashing her without even hearing her out.” He said annoyed.

“How?” Andrea asked. “She’s the one who lied and is getting a pass?”

“Babe, c’mon... she’s your fucking cousin. You’re actually like she murdered someone! Boohoo, she didn’t tell you about a guy she was dating. Do you know why? No, before she could even explain, you all jumped down her throat. How many people keep secrets like this in Hollywood? She probably had a good reason. Yeah, it’s fucked up and hurtful especially for Cass because they’ve been friends for years but, it’s not that deep.” He threw his hands up.

“But--” Andrea started.

“No buts babe. Yall are literally calling her fake, a bitch, shitting on her and whatever and if anything, you all sound fake. How’re you that quick to throw someone under the bus? If anything, it sounds like you’ve been waiting for a moment for her to fuck up so you could bitch and moan about her without feeling bad or guilty doing so behind her back. If Andy did something like this, I’d hear him out because there’s always a reason. But, I can’t sit here and listen to this. I’m going down to the hospital to go check on my friend.” He rolled his eyes, stuffed his hands in his pocket, glanced at Andrea -who nervously looked away from him,- scoffed, and left.

“Umm...that,” Jackie said. We all looked at each other guilty.

“Well...she still did lie to me.” I crossed my arms and pointed my nose upwards.

“But...what Michael said is true...we should have just listened to her explanation,” Jackie added.

“NO! I don’t like that she lied to me! What the fuck? She shouldn’t have lied to me! I’ve never lied to her and then she had the nerve to tell me that I have a big mouth!” I yelled.

“Cass, relax! She didn’t tell you about her relationship, I’m sure she would’ve gotten around to it, chill.” Dylan exasperated.

“Yeah! That’s why I’m upset, why can’t you guys see that? She is supposed to tell me everything like a simple ‘oh hey Cass, I’m dating Darien’ would’ve been appreciated. Is that so hard?” I groaned.

“She doesn’t have to tell you everything...” James chimed in.

“Yes, she does!” I spat. “I tell her everything.”

“You’re not her keeper,” James said nonchalantly.

“Just shut up! Shut up.” I snapped.

“Dude, are you alright? You’re being overly dramatic with this situation. I’m not even mad at her, Shae can be in her head a lot...she probably felt some insecurities or something. I understand the feeling of betrayal and hurt but c’mon, relax.” Dylan stood up, a worrisome look on his face.

“You always take her side!” I said with no surprise.

“I’m not, I’m just trying to get you to see that you’re doing too much right now.” He said slowly and I rolled my eyes.

“Just leave! Go see her and do whatever, I don’t care.” I said quickly.

“Girl, relax...c’mon now. You’re red and spitting everywhere. It’s not that deep to be this angry.” Sheila said.

“Get out of my house,” I said slowly, a death glare on my face. They all gasped but slowly stood up and left, leaving me all alone to my thoughts. Shaliegh did hurt my feelings, she’s my best friend and this feels like she doesn’t trust me.


Darien’s P.O.V

After getting a text from Andy about Shae being in the hospital, I quickly ended the shoot and was running out of the studio. I was so anxious, I was shaking. I hope she was okay and not in too much pain. I knew that I shouldn’t have left her. She was in such a vulnerable state, I had a feeling something would go wrong. As soon as I stepped outside the building, cameras were shoved into my face.

“Darien, is it true? Are you and Shae together?” One paparazzi shouted. They were swarming me as if I was a circus act, throwing questions at me and blinding me with flashes.

“I thought you were with Melanie?” Another person threw out.

“How does Melanie feel being dumped? Did she dump you?”

“Is Shae a rebound?”

“Why would you leave Melanie for Shae? Shae must be a slut, ha-ha!” The last comment made me turn around angrily. I grabbed the guy’s camera and smashed it on the ground.

“Excuse me? My girlfriend is not a fucking slut and I was never with Melanie and I never will be. Watch your fucking mouth when it comes to my girl. And leave me and her alone.” I shouted and they all gasped, stepping backward. I quickly got to my car and sped towards the hospital.

Shae’s P.O.V

I sat up excitedly as the door swung open. I could smell my tacos and I had the biggest grin on my face but it soon faltered and turned to one of anxiety as I watched all of my friends -minus Cass- pile into the room behind Andy.

“Here’s your taco and dragon fruit refresher sis.” Andy smiled as he passed my bags. Mmm, I was starving. “Dad and will be up in a few.”

“Thanks and okay,” I said with a tense smile. Everyone was just standing around awkwardly and I felt so uncomfortable, my heart was pounding in my chest.

“Hey, how’s your leg?” Michael asked softly.

“Could be better,” I shrugged. He smiled and ruffled my already messy hair and I cracked a small smile.

“Umm...hey,” Sheila said, waving in the background.

“Hi.” I cracked a smile before averting my eyes.

“How are you?” Jackie asked. I swear Andy looked like he wanted to be anywhere else than in here right now.

“Good,” I answered, nodding my head.

“Umm...we came to apologize,” Andrea said.

“Yeah, everything happened so quickly,” Dylan said.

“Okay.” I blankly said. I was never good in these situations. I hated confrontation and awkward apologies.

“Okay..?” James asked and I sighed.

“Look, I’m sorry but I had my reasons for my actions, and if you guys don’t like it, okay. I apologize but, I was going to tell you guys soon enough. I just wanted this to mold on its own before Darien and I let everyone in. But, I’m not going to sit back and guys also hurt my feelings. You blew up on me without even giving me a chance to explain myself but whatever, I just try to mind my business and keep everyone happy so I don’t even care anymore. It’s whatever.” I shrugged as they looked around guiltily.

“I mean, you can’t just say it is whatever though, Shae. You were hurt and as were they and it’s something that needs to be acknowledged.” Andy said, shaking his head.

“I honestly rather move on.” I shrugged.

“Can you forgive us?” Jackie asked.

“Sure,” I said softly.

“We’re truly sorry and it just felt like something big that we weren’t apart of but we understand, not everything needs to include us. It’s your life and we did honestly blow up for no reason.” Sheila added.

I nodded and smiled. “Yeah, it’s all good. We just need to communicate better next time.” I just wanted this to be put in the past.

“Okay then!” Dylan cheered, cracking a smile. “I missed you so much!”

“It’s been a few hours bro.” Michael laughed.

“Yeah but James and I have never gotten into an argument with her before. Well, there was the time when Cassandra made us not talk to her for a week because Johnny kissed her but otherwise, never.” Dylan said before climbing into the bed next to me. I laughed as he wrapped his arms around me.

“Don’t ask, they’ve always had some weird relationship.” James chimed in. Dylan and I were just on a different level. If I were being honest, we were probably closer than Cass and me. Dylan knew a little more than she did but that wasn’t purposely.

Jackie spoke up after a few moments of silence, causing us all to widen our eyes. “I think Cassandra is jealous of Shae,” She said.

“Why?” Andy asked, raising an eyebrow.

“You should’ve seen how angry she was! She literally kicked us out because we wanted to come to see you and talk things over. Now, don’t get me wrong, I don’t think she’s malicious or spiteful, I think it’s more subconscious. You’re fucking rich, a star, and now you have a hot-ass boyfriend. Her being with Andy and you didn’t have anyone, she probably felt like she finally had something that you didn’t then it was like, sike! You’ve had someone this entire time.”

“Mm, that could be it because guys, she was so red and yelling hysterically, I thought she was going to pop a blood vessel,” Andrea added and my heart plummeted. I didn’t want this to be true.

“ know...I actually thought that before. She said that she thought I’d be hitting on Shae when I moved here instead of her. I mean, Shae was going to become my step-sister, I put any thought in the trash. And recently, she mentioned something about having a boyfriend and being lucky. I mean, it does sound believable as sad as it is. She’s my girlfriend, she’s a little more vulnerable with me so yeah, I think you may be right.” Andy sighed, rubbing a hand down his face.

“But..I’ve never ever tried to make her feel that way? I’ve always shared with her. I’ve always tried to make her feel equal to me. I mean even my mom used to get her the exact same things so she’d feel comfortable. I’m aware of my privileges and I try not to be a dick about them.” I said quickly, feeling like shit. I don’t ever want my best friend to feel inadequate to me!

“I mean, we said subconsciously for a reason. It honestly may just be her mind putting those thoughts there when she’s not even thinking about it. I wouldn’t stress it, life is fucking weird.” Sheila said softly.

“You’re right. I just still feel bad...but let’s change the subject yeah? I don’t want to talk behind her back and I really want to finish my tacos.“I smiled and everyone laughed. Our laughs were quickly interrupted by the door opening and we were all expecting to see Cass but it was the person I’ve been waiting for all day.

He placed a bouquet of sunflowers on my lap as he grinned a goofy grin at me. “Hi, my love.”

“Hi, baby.” I blushed as everyone cooed around us.

“They actually date! Oh my gosh!” Sheila squealed causing everyone to laugh.

“And they’re adorable!” Jackie added happily.

“Shut up,” I said, burying my head in Darien’s chest.

“I missed you.” He whispered with a husky undertone.

“Uh sir, there are people here...can’t be sounding like that..” I trailed off.

He raised an eyebrow at me, a little smirk playing on his lips, “Why are you blushing?”

“If you keep using that voice...blushing isn’t the only thing I’m going to do.” I bit my lip, looking directly into his eyes.

“Damn, why are all these people here?” He asked and I giggled.

“They’ll leave soon. For now, I just want you to lay here.” I hugged him tightly.

“Okay.” He smiled.

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