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Chapter Three

Shae’s P.O.V

The next day, I woke up feeling a little excited for some reason. I don’t know but, I felt like something great was going to happen. I ran to my shower, turned on some music, and for the first time, I was happily doing my weekday morning routine. After my shower, I put on a cute, casual, mom jean outfit and left my curls out. I smiled at my reflection and walked downstairs.

I heard shuffling going on in the kitchen and I grabbed the first thing I saw to protect myself. Heels? 6-inch red bottom heels. Oh my goodness, these aren’t just any heels; my mommy is home.

I quickly dropped the shoe and basically, Naruto ran into the kitchen. I jumped onto my mother’s back while she was bending over into the oven. I hugged her tightly and breathed in her scent.

“AAAH!” She screamed as she nearly dropped the pan she was holding.

“MOMMY!” I yelled happily. I always miss my mom like crazy whenever she travels.

“Shaeliegh, you almost gave me a heart attack.” She said dramatically, as she placed her hand on her beating chest.

“Sorry but I missed you and girl, I love the Paris line!” I said grinning wildly.

“I missed you too and so did everyone else.” She said with cockiness.

“Mom, you look so good,” I said checking her out suspiciously.

“Why thank you, my love. You do too.” She winked jokingly.

“Thanks. But I mean you’re glowing! Wait. Did you meet someone in Paris?!” I asked excitedly.

“Well..” She said and I slapped her arm. This is why I love our relationship.

“MOM!” I yelled.

“Okay okay yes. Meet me at the coffee diner lounge place thingy after school and we’ll talk okay?” She said. How did she not know the name of the cafe after all these years?

“At Lee’s? Sure.” I said as I reached over to grab my keys.

“Uh uh uh. Here you go.” She said handing me a different set of keys.

I raised my eyebrow and we walked outside to the huge and unnecessary garage. I stood in front of the house and beeped the start button on the key as I heard a car roar to life. No fucking way! It was a red, 1959 Ferrari California! I have a passion for vintage cars-- like my baby. My pink 1960s caddy will always be my number one though.

“No way!” I said smiling widely.

“Way. And it’s a gift from Greg. The guy I’m seeing.”

“Omg. Who is he?” I asked happily. Shit, thanks, Greg!

“Greg Talvin.” She answered with a wink and my jaw dropped.

“Thee Greg Talvin?! The fashion designer slash entrepreneur, slash actor, slash former teen model slash owner of GT Records?!” I said with wide eyes.

“Yeah. He’s a cool guy.” She said smiling softly with a shrug.

“Yeah and he’s hot- well when he was younger now he’s handsome. Charming.” I said with a faux English accent and mom chuckled.

“Get going big head.” She pushed me towards the car and I hugged goodbye. I’ll always love the way she calls me big head. I hopped into my new baby and drove off towards hell-- school.


As I pulled into the school parking lot, all eyes were on my car. I mean, I’m the only one with cars like these at this school. Most opted for newer cars but as I said, give me all the vintage. The kids at this academy were obviously wealthy, I mean to afford the tuition here, you have to be. But surprisingly, no one has ever questioned who my parents are. The dean keeps it hidden per my mother’s request.

No one really questions anything. I actually have a bodyguard, who travels with me to certain places but I only get noticed in high-end areas which is why my mother moved us to the suburbs. No paparazzi or too many big names living over here. Plus like I said before; ‘secret identity.’ No one knows that Shannon Reeves is my mother beside the people, models, and celebrities that she works with.

I mean people don’t even ask. We have the same last name and I look like I came out of her uterus and snatched her face but as I said, the people in this town are more interested in their own personal wealth and who they battle it out at PTA meetings and country club events. Still, I thought these people were oblivious at times.

Everyone was still looking over at me in awe and I smirked as I pushed the roof button in slow motion to add more effect as I closed it. I swiftly got out of the car and pulled my headscarf off while slipping off my shades. I grabbed my bag and did my model walk. Well if they’re staring, I should give them something to stare at.

Also, my model walk is top tier. I did learn from the top runway models since I was about five years old. Naomi is my play aunt! Traveling the world with my mom, going to her fashion shows, and being well off is an amazing experience and I am grateful. I walked over to my friends and they were laughing.

“Damn Shae,” Dylan said

“You owned that parking lot,” James said laughing hysterically as he looked at everyone still staring.

“You’re such a clown,” Cassandra said while shaking her head.

“Well I mean, I had to give them something to stare at,” I said with an eye roll.

“But damn girl, you did look good doing it,” James said.

“Why thank you, sir. I try.”

“But the new ride?” Dylan asked.

“Mom’s back?” Cassandra asked.

“Yup. Oh and this car is a gift from Greg Talvin.”

“Thee Greg Talvin?!” Dylan and James yelled getting stares from people. They’re so nosey.

“The same Greg Talvin that made those number one hit blockbuster movies Revolution?! All five of them starred in hundreds of other movies?!”

“Oh yeah, Revolution is a good franchise.” Dylan chimed in. “I will not stop until each and every one of them has their head blown off.” He recited the famous line from the films.

“Why did he send you a car?” Cassandra asked as she furrowed her eyebrows.

“Well my mom and him are sort of seeing each guess he’s trying to win me over.” I shrugged.

“That’s cool. You’re so in there, lucky bitch.” Cassandra replied dramatically.

“She already is. Hello, she’s Shannon Reeve’s daughter duh.” Dylan said.

“But she doesn’t act like it. No one in this school knows that besides us.” Cassandra said, hinting at our conversation last night.

“True but they will,” James said.

“No, they won’t Parker. Not unless it is on my terms.” I said with a glare.

“Fine! But seriously, why can’t people know?” He always asked this.

“You know it started because of my dad but I continued it because I wanted a normal childhood. You see the way they are in this town! They’ll treat me differently. They’ll pamper me and ask for favors and handouts. That’s annoying.”

“And why do you not want to be pampered?!” They all shouted at me. Since highschool started, they have been telling me to ‘reveal myself’ but like I’ve been thinking...I probably will soon.

As I was about to reply to them, the bell rang. Whew. Saved by the bell once again. I smirked and waved. I understand what they’re saying and I know it can be hard for them not to slip up sometimes. I sighed and walked into the building headed to my locker. I made it to my classroom and locked eyes with Darien. We have the first period together, oh boy.


After three long periods, it was finally time for lunch! Yes, I am starving. I headed towards the cafe but was stopped by a few freshmen girls who stared at me with big grins.

“Shaeleigh!” One of them called out.

“Yes?” I asked, smiling.

“Umm, congrats on your number one spot! Also...what do you like to put in your hair? It’s so nice and we can’t seem to have our hair like that.” Another said. Having natural hair can be a hassle and it takes some time to figure out which products are best.

“Erm, I use mostly Auntie Jackie’s, Twisted Sista, and Aussie products. Washday twice a month, co-wash weekly...curling cream...yeah.” I answered with a shrug.

“Okay! Now how about your skin, it’s glowing.” Another asked.

“Facial scrub wash- Wait. What is this for?”

“Um...err..a project.” The first girl quickly said.

“What type of project?” I raised an eyebrow.

“Well we have to do a report on someone older than us on any topic and well we chose you. You’re very influential and cool plus, you’re all over the place and we admire you.”

“Awe.” I felt my heart flutter. “Well, thanks girls but, could we catch up later? It’s my lunch period. I have a free pass today, so we could meet up in the computer lab?”

“Cool cool...We’ll see if we can get a pass.” They nodded their heads excitedly.

“Okay,” I replied. I noticed Darien walking over towards me and I literally froze up. He’s so hot. Goodness, look at how he walks. What is wrong with me? Get a fucking grip chile.

Darien’s P.O.V

Today will be the day that I ask her out on a date. It will. I’m not nervous at all. Wait why am I lying? I’m freaking the fuck out. Wow D, man up. Why can’t I just go up to her?! She’s a normal freaking girl! You can do this bro. I got out of the bathroom and saw Shae standing in the hallway.

God, she looked so beautiful. Her hair swaying side to side as she giggled with some underclassmen. They all looked up to her. She looked cute today; in a pair of fitted skinny jeans that showed off her sexy ass, a cute crop top that revealed her beautiful toned flat stomach, and some sneakers. Her eyes glistened as she laughed harder. I decided to walk up to them and do my magic.

“Hey girls. Mind if I steal Shae?” I asked with a charming smile.

“Not at all D.,” They said giggling and blushing. I smiled as Shae lifted her eyebrow.

“Shaeleigh.” I said smiling.

“Darien.” She replied while biting her lip..

“Uh...erm Shae...would you like to uh come with me to dinner? Sometimes-- anytime you know? With me.” I stumbled over my words and she looked shocked. A little excitement crept onto her face but then anxiety replaced her beautiful features.

“Dinner with...with you? I- I don’t know. I uh have something coming up. Sorry! I’m so sorry, excuse me a second.” She said and ran off towards the bathroom.

Was I just rejected? Damn. I was. But why? Does she find me unattractive? Or is it my reputation that scares her off? Ugh, fuck!

Shae’s P.O.V

I ran to the bathroom and locked myself in the stall. Why did I freak out? Why couldn’t I just say ‘yes Darien?! I’d love to go to dinner with you.’ I’m an idiot. Proper idiot. Am I scared? Is it because of my past? Is it because of how my parents ended? I don’t know but I feel so anxious when it comes to anything remotely romantic.

I mean I like Darien but I’m afraid. It’s hard for me to trust people and after everything that went down with Peter, I feel so terrified when I think of getting into a new relationship. I’m also afraid that Miranda will steal him away from me like she’s done in the past. God, my mindset is so fucked.

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