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Chapter Four

Shae’s P.O.V

After I left the bathroom, I tried to take a few deep breaths and calm myself down. I was still feeling a little bit weird from when Darien asked me out earlier. I mean why couldn’t I just say yes to the damn boy? Am I really a chicken? Am I still thinking about Peter? Am I still thinking about Miranda?

I know I shouldn’t feel this way but I am. I sighed and started up my car. I just wanted to fall into my bed but remembered that I was meeting my mom and now Greg at Lee’s. I drove down to the coffee shop, securely parked,and walked in towards the back booth where I knew my mother would be sitting. We always sat in the back so no one would notice but this time, apparently everyone realized who was in here. Literally everybody was staring at Shannon Reeves

“Hey mom,” I whispered as I hugged her swiftly, keeping my back turned towards the lingering crowd. I noticed Greg Talvin and his son; Andy sitting further into the booth and my eyes widened.

“Oh, Shae baby. Shae this is Greg and his son Andy.”

Holy shit! Andy Talvin is even hotter in person! He models and he acts on one of the top CW shows.

“Hello,” I said politely and bit back my grin.

“Hello, Shae. Your mother here has told us a lot about you. And you’re more beautiful in person.” Greg said and I felt my face warm up.

“Thank you.” I replied

“Okay one thing I wanted to ask you. I know that your mother said that you have this whole secret thing going on but, I would really love for you to face my winter line. Please doll? You have the look this season needs.” He asked and I gaped at him. Me?! What the fuck!

“M-me?” I asked and they all laughed.

“Yeah. You’re gorgeous and a freshly new face. The industry needs more beautiful melanin skin and gorgeous curly hair.” He said.

“Oh god. I’ve never modeled before.” I exasperated.

“Hmm.” I heard Andy mutter. “Didn’t you used to travel to shows with your mom?”

“I did but I never walked the runway for real!”

“Shae it will be cool. You take a bunch of Instagram pictures already, you’re used to the camera.” Mom said. I bit my lip as I thought it over. I did say that I wanted to explore my talents.

“Maybe...ugh! Okay...yes..maybe! Geez, I’ll do it.” I muttered as they chuckled. My heart was beating erratically but I was excited. “Oh! and thanks for the car” I remembered.

“No problem and really?! Thank you darling.” He replied. I smiled softly and took a sip of my water. Geez, I could say yes to modeling for a top designer but was too afraid to agree to go out on a date with a teenage boy? Girl.

The waitress came over a few moments later and took our orders. We began to eat shortly after and chatted amongst each other.

“ Andy...I’m a fan of your work.” I said with a big smile.

“Thanks. You’re really beautiful you know?” He said as he analyzed my face.

“Umm thanks you too,” I said awkwardly. “I’m sorry, don’t you feel awkward?” I said and he looked confused. “Oh I mean because like our parents are dating and I don’t want to be calling you hot even though you are because who knows what could come from this...” I said gesturing to my mother and Greg rubbing their noses against each other.

“Oh...yeah I understand. Well then, got any cute friends?” He asked, smiling playfully.

“Yeah! My best friend Cassandra.” I said showing him Cass’s Facebook profile picture. Hey man, always put your friends on.

“She’s pretty cute.” He said smiling. Hmm, I’m so going to hook them up. After eating we headed back to our home since my mom wanted to show Greg and Andy around.

“Lovely home and it is pretty big,” Greg said.

“It is pretty big and only two people live here,” I said laughing.

“Just like our house,” Andy said chuckling.

“Guys? We have news. Something we didn’t want to say in public.” Mom said as she rubbed her hands together, something she did when she got nervous.

“You’re pregnant?” Andy asked and I laughed.

“No.” Mom said laughing.

“Anyways. Well, we’re moving here.” Greg said slowly.

“Here as in this house?” I asked, my eyes bulging out.

“Yes..Greg and I have been seeing each other for months and we want to get closer. Besides, if we do get married, it will work out perfectly! You both know that we travel a lot and when we’re gone for work, you two will have each other for company.” She finished and clapped her hands.

“Are you guys okay with this?” Greg asked as he raised an eyebrow.

“Honestly I don’t mind. I’ve always wanted a sibling, well actually I’ve always wanted a twin. I guess a possible stepbrother could work.” I said and Andy smiled.

“I...” He thought for a while. “I’m fine with this and yes I’ve always wanted a sibling as well. Being an only child in a mansion with maids is lonely.” He said.

“Great!” Our parents said gleefully.

“You know, we could probably pass as blood,” I said as I looked at him closely. We both had curly hair, the same skin tone, and were fairly tall. “Twins!”

“Uh...” He trailed off and I gasped. “I’m joking.” He laughed. “But I guess you’re right.” How weird is it that his dad and my mom are both black but my dad and his mom are both mixed? This is some fate shit.

“Another thing is, I’ve already transferred you to the academy that Shae attends and the movers will be gathering our things from the house in the city and bringing them here.” Greg chimed in.

“Oh great, school,” Andy said sarcastically.

“Oh, and your photoshoot is tomorrow after school, Shae. I want to get a start on and see how well you will adjust.” Greg added before him and my mother continued through the house.

“Okay!” I replied.


The next morning I woke up feeling good but nervous. I smiled and hopped in the shower. I got out of my bathroom and went to get dressed. I put on white wide-legged pants, an off the shoulder white top, and scrunchie in my hair. I was feeling airy today. I also wanted to feel relaxed before my photoshoot. I headed downstairs and saw everyone in the kitchen.

My mom and Greg were whispering and by the look on my mom’s face, I don’t want to know what the hell they were talking about. I looked at Andy who was grimacing with a spoonful of cereal lingering in his hand. He was wearing a short-sleeved button-down, some jeans, and Chelsea boots. He’d fit in at the academy.

We both made gagging noises before shouting, “GROSS!” at them.

“Oh shut up.” Greg joked and we gaped at him.

“Whatever. See you two love birds later.” I said as I grabbed my keys.

“Don’t do anything you’ll regret,” Andy said and they both gasped as we ran outside.

“Are we driving together?” He asked as he stood by the garage.

“Well after school, I have to go to the photoshoot so I suggest not,” I replied and he nodded. Should I drive my pink car or my red car? How am I feeling today? Or my jeep?I kind of want something to match my outfit.

“Whatcha doing?” Andy asked as he stared at me with confusion.

“Choosing a ca,.” I said and realized that this is some privileged shit. I cringed.

“Oh..well I’ll choose too. Since I live here now.” He smirked.

“Don’t you have cars?” I asked as I raised my eyebrow.

“Duh but...are they here?” He said sarcastically.

“Touche,” I said while nodding my head. “Hmm, how many?” I asked.

“Eh about as much as these.” He said gesturing to the 7 cars in this garage. Yeah, we need a bigger house.

“Damn..we’ll need a bigger garage,” I said

“Well...your mom could fix up that lot over there.” He said, gesturing to the empty lot that was on our property. I never thought of that.

“Hmm....I’ll tell mom later,” I said. He walked towards the back of the garage and stood right in front of my boyfriend; my Fisker Karma. I name my cars. This car was chrome and sleek.

“This car is fire dude,” Andy said with excitement as he traced his finger alongside it.

“Thanks, I was actually inspired by Justin Bieber’s,” I said honestly.

“Oh yeah, Justin has some cool cars.” Andy nodded.

“Yeah, he does.”

“You know him?” Andy asked, shocked.

“Famous mom?” I said laughing.

“Yeah but, you keep yourself hidden...honestly how do you do that? I mean at the cafe, people knew who your mom was. How can they not know who you are?”

“Honestly dude, these people are freaking oblivious. But also you have to keep in mind that when I was ten, my mom moved us here and basically had Mariel, her assistant and my nanny basically be my play mom in public. Plus my mom is always in some country doing work.”

“Ah, that makes more sense then. But now that you’re doing my dad’s line, people are going to know the truth. Are you not afraid? I mean shit, they’re going to be confused seeing us together today.”

“I have been thinking of letting people know who I am. I’m graduating and will be eighteen soon. I know what I want to do in life, so it’s about time.”

“I like that. I support it.” He said while nodding his head as he thought over my words. “Does anyone else know, just so I can know?”

“Yeah, my three best friends, Cassandra, Dylan, and James.”

“Alright, that’s good to know. Maybe I will learn to be normal today.”

“Nothing’s wrong with normal,” I said shrugging.

“Yeah but I’m Andy Talvin.” I rolled my eyes and laughed.

“And I’m Shaeliegh Reeves.” I stuck my hand out.

“Yeah...but no one really...cares. You’re normal too to them. No offense.” He said sheepishly.

“Ouch, but true, I guess,” I said thinking it over.

“Know what, I’m taking you to Michael Lake’s party this weekend. You need to feel like thee Shaeliegh Reeves.” He patted me on the back and my jaw dropped.

“Michael your co-star Michael Lake?!” I said, fangirling.

“Yeah. He’s my best friend.”

“Uh okay!”

“Alright, let’s go” He sighed.

“Good luck, you’ll need it.” We hopped into our cars and he followed me to campus, whew, I’m nervous for him. They’re going to eat him up today.


We both pulled into the parking lot simultaneously and the nosey Nancys were already staring at us. I mean my Fiskerr is hot and I drove it once so people know it’s mine but I drove my jeep today.

Everyone was waiting to see who pulled into the lot and I took a deep breath. Today was going to be a whirlwind. I stepped out of the car with my sunglasses still on and waited for Andy to come towards me. He swung his arm around my shoulder and smirked as everyone squealed around us. I walked us towards my friends and they were confused and spluttering.

“Hey guys,” I said and they all raised their eyebrows. “Andy this is Cassandra, James, and Dylan and guys this is Andy.” I said and Andy slowly took off his glasses.

“Oh my god!” Cassandra screamed earning stares from everyone. “You’re Andy Talvin! Greg Talvin’s son!” She yelled. The parking lot got so quiet and everyone was staring directly at Andy’s face.

“Good going, Cass.” I muttered. “Everyone mind your business.” I yelled and no one looked away, some even inched closer. “Please!” I shouted and they scattered like ants.

“Whoa, dude. You’re like cool and on tv.” James said. James and Dylan are both fans and watch his show with us.

“Yeah.” Dylan said and Andy smiled.

“Thanks but I’m just a normal guy, guys.” Andy said.

“Why are you here?” James asked. “Not to sound rude.”

“Well, we’re basically about to become step siblings with the rate our parens were kissing this morning.” Andy responded as the three of them looked shocked.

“OMG!” Cassandra squealed and Andy smiled at her. She blushed and twirled her hair. God.

“Well come on and let’s show you around.” I said while grabbing Andy’s arm.


The entire day was a fucking shit show. People surrounding us and trying to get Andy’s attention, trying to take his picture, get his autograph-- even teachers! See, this is why I wanted a normal childhood.

“Now I see why no one really knows who you are.” Andy said sitting down with a dramatic sigh.

“I know right and geez everyone eat your lunch.” I shouted. They’re annoying me. I can’t wait to go do my modeling shoot today and get away from these vultures.

“Hey, Andy.” Miranda said as she swayed over towards our table.

“Umm hi.” He replied confusedly.

“Do you wanna come sit over with us cool girls?” She purred. Gross. She looked over at me and smirked thinking she’s winning. Oh yeah, the rumor right now is that I met him and now he’s dating me or using me.

“Umm...” Andy said looking at me and I shrugged. I don’t care, if he wants the annoying girls, he can have them.

“Cool girls huh?” He said. He winked at me.

“Yeah...we’re more fun.” Miranda said as she smirked and gave me an evil glare and I held in my laugh.

“Yeah, Andy. I think you’ll be much better suited over there.” I stifled my laugher.

“Hmm...maybe I’ll go test the waters.” He winked at me again.

“Have fun And.” I said as he got up and smirked. He sat in the middle of the table as the girls all gawked over him and began rubbing on him.

“Miranda thinks you guys date.” James said as we all laughed as she continued to glance towards our table.

“I know...dumbo isn’t only an elephant.” I said and we laughed.

“Like I said before, she just wants everything you have.” Cassandra spat.

Andy looked over at me and dramatically drew a heart in the air playing along. I chuckled and gave a sad face then drew one back and blew a kiss. Miranda looked angry and that’s what I wanted.

Besides if Andy even thinks of getting with her..ugh. I’ll cut off his dick and feed it to my imaginary pet dragon.


After school, Cassandra and I headed to my photoshoot and I swear, she was more excited than I was.

“OMG!” She squealed when we entered the building.

“Calm down.” I said chuckling as I watched her run towards everything.

“Hello.” I greeted the receptionist.

“Name.” She said not looking up. Rude much.

“Shaeliegh Reeves.” I said and she looked up quickly.

“Shaeleigh? Here for Greg?” She asked looking up and down.

“Yes...” I said confused. What is this all about?

“One second.” She replied and called down to Greg’s office. Does she not believe me? A security guard came down and my eyes widened. Is she serious right now?

“Can I please go..I have an appointment.” I said.

“Yes, and Mr. Perry will escort you to the office. If you’re the real girl then..if you’re not, you’ll be escorted out.”

“Listen here lady, you do not want to get on my bad side. I could have you fired in an instant.” I snarled angrily. I can act like a spoiled rich brat if I want.

“Ha.” She muttered something incoherent and I rolled my eyes. These are times where I wish I stayed being a celebrity kid.

“Don’t believe me? I can just call my step father and have him bring me up and fire your ass for putting me through all this!” I said putting emphasis on step father.

“Greg Talvin has a son-” She started but I cut her off.

“Of course he does; Andy. And I am his step daughter. Considering he’s dating my mother.” I said.

“Wow.” She laughed. I’m going to do some damage.

“Lis-” I was cut off by her before she was cut off by someone else.

“Renata! Where’s Shae?” Greg asked, coming down from the elevator. “Oh Shae, you’re here! What’s taking you so long?” He asked, stepping into our view. Renata had her mouth hung open. I smirked.

“Hey, future step dad. I was just being harrassed by this lady.” I said sadly and Cass snickered.

“Harassed? What happened?” He asked, raising an eyebrow.

“Well as you can see, I’ve been here for about half an hour and she was giving me an attitude. Saying that I’m lying and just a crazed teenager blah blah.” I said.

“Renata, you disrespected my girlfriend’s daughter?” He asked and I smirked looking at her.

“Sir, I di-” She said, stuttering.

“Nothing! You should have listened to her or called my assistant. That’s what we do here, we listen and do not discriminate. Pack up.” He said and walked off.

Cass and I turned to her and smiled then waved while mouthing bye bye in a bitch mode. I walked up to Perry and made him flinch as to say yeah don’t mess with me. We silently giggled as we followed Greg.

“Sorry, Shae.” Greg said.

“It’s fine. Honestly.” I replied with a shrug. I didn’t really care, I just don’t like bitches with attitudes.

“Alright. No one harrasses my future stepdaughter.” He said and I laughed.

“Best future step dad ever.” I said and his eyes warmed. Even though I just met him, I do like him and you can tell that he adores my mother.

“Thank you,” he said softly and we hugged. We pulled away and walked towards the photo area and I gasped as I looked at all of the lights, cameras, and crew. I was quickly grabbed by his assistant and thrown into a chair. They began on my hair and makeup before tossing me to the wardrobe, tossing me to the creative director, and dude, I was getting so annoyed and angry at the constant pulling.

I came out of the dressing room, wearing the first look. It was so cute! I was in a long purple winter coat, bell bottom pants, heeled booties, and fluffy white gloves with a matching hat. I felt so warm! My makeup was light and my hair was parted coming down in curls. I walked over to the photographer and he began walking around me before shouting orders at me in a suave voice. He was so easy to work with.

“Good good! Now do a one leg pose in the air.” He said dramatically. I couldn’t help but giggle and almost tumble over. “Be serious.” He smiled.

“Sorry.” I muttered. I did the pose and he snapped a ton more pics. Cassandra was mimicking him and I couldn’t help but laugh.

“Okay, I can’t work with this! Where did you find her?” He asked.

“Well, she’s my step daughter so watch it and take a chill pill. She’s new. Come on Shae, be serious.” Greg finished.

I sighed, nodded, and went to change. The next look was a grey trench coat, black stockings, a red body dress, a white scarf, and dark grey heels. I went back out with a smile on my face and apparently too serious because the photographer told me to loosen up! The rest of the looks consisted of more coats, dresses, a few jean looks, and they were all cute. Greg made clothing for older, sophisticated women, so they weren’t really my everyday look.


After about three more hours of shooting, I was wiped out and ready to hit my bed. Thankfully, we got home and mom had dinner already prepared and I didn’t realize how starving I was until I smelled everything.

“So, Shae did an amazing job today.” Greg applauded as we all sat around the table and ate.

I bit my lip and smiled. “Thanks ‘dad.’” I said cheekily, emphasizing the word.

“Dad?” Mom questioned as a smile crept onto her face.

“Oh yeah, we’re so cool now.” Greg said and we fist bumped while laughing.

“Oh, God.” Andy groaned.

“She had an incident with Renata and told her off, using the stepfather card very heavily.” Greg explained and I laughed with a shrug. Andy rose his eyebrows.

“Receptionist Renata?” He questioned and I nodded. “Told dad to fire her years ago.”

“What was wrong with her?” Mom quizzed with a puzzled look on her face.

“She was so rude, gave me a hard time.” I explained and Andy nodded.

“She does that to every girl. Did it to one of my exes. She thinks-- well thought that dad was going to give her a chance to model. She was a bitch.” Andy finished.

“Andy, don’t call women bitches.” Greg scolded as Andy rolled his eyes.

“Hmm, anyway, Andy and I are also cool with one another.” Mom chimed in.

“Really, mi amor?” Greg said as his glistened at mom. He held so much adoration for her.

“Yeah, we were home alone and bonded.” Andy said with a shrug, while shooting mom a charming smile.

“Sweet, I love to hear that.” Greg replied, with a claspe.

“So when will the pics come out?” I asked

“Well, they’re going to be in the vogue magazine. Actually, the close up of you is going to be the inside cover, then there’s going to be a section that shows the sneak peeks of only 5 outfits.” Greg answered.

“What! I’m going to be on the cover of Vogue?! Well, the second page but still! Vogue!!” I squealed.

“Not only Vogue but also, Harper’s Bazaar.” Greg added with a smirk. “Also, a little spread..” He trailed off.

“Huh?” We all asked with confusion.

“Well, they want to do an inside scoop on my life and since you guys are a part of my life, we’ll be doing a family shoot and announcing that Shannon and I are together.” He answered.

“Greg! Why didn’t you tell me?” Mom exasperated.

“Wanted it to be a surprise?” He responded with a shrug.

“There goes my surprise.” Mom muttered but I heard her.

“Huh?” I asked.

“What?” She tried to play coy.

“We heard you say something about your surprise.” Andy replied.

“Um...wha-at..?” Mom stuttered.

“Shannon,” Greg said.

“Fine! Well, this afternoon, I found out that there’s going to be an addition to this building family.” She whispered.

“Omg! Really mom?!” I hollered as I stood up to hug her.

“Yes, really.” She laughed as she hugged me back.

“I’m going to be a father of two? Well, three because of this one.” Greg whispered.

“Yes, hun.” Mom giggled.

“Clothes, shoes, cars! He sighed playfully and we chuckled

“Congrats new mom.” Andy said and I smiled.

“Marry me, Shannon.” Greg whispered as he grasped her hand. Mom choked and looked at him with wide eyes.

“Whoa!” Andy and I both whispered.

“Please?” Greg asked as he stroked mom’s cheek and wiped away her tears.

She nodded eagerly. “Yes!” She sobbed. I couldn’t be any happier, this is what I’ve always wanted.


The next day, we headed to the Harper’s Bazaar shoot and I was ecstatic and terrified. My hands were sweaty and shaky. After today, my entire life would change.

“Dude, are you okay?” Andy asked as we drove towards the studio.

“A little nervous.” I mumbled.

“You’ll be okay, it’s just a little shoot.” He waved his hand off.

“Yes, but my entire life is going to change after this.” I exasperated. Everyone looked over at me with shocked faces.

“Honey, you don’t have to do it if you don’t want to.” Mom cooed.

“No, I have to. I have to stop pretending, its becoming more and more difficult.” It was already hard at school with Andy there now. People were so confused as to how we knew each other. Some even started saying that I somehow was chosen to be his experiment helper so he could experience going to a normal high school.

“That’s the spirit. Y’know, you’re almost eighteen and I’d see it quite difficult if you had to keep up this facade.” Greg chimed in.

“Yeah.” I breathed out and took a couple of deep breaths.

We arrived at the studio and headed into the building. We were going to do a nice shoot and explain our lives and who we are personally and as a family. Then, mom and Greg were going to announce their pregnancy and engagement. I was so excited for my mother, she deserves this happiness.

For the shoot, they did my hair up in a braided bun, and gave me a cute, flowy, peach dress that had buttons on it and white sandals. They were really going for the all American family vibe with this one. Mom had a dress similar but in baby blue that hugged her and showed her little bump and the guys had on a button down shirts with nice jeans. All we needed was a picket fence.

We started off with the photos first, and the reporter began firing questions. This is a little difficult, how do people take photos and speak at the same time? The set was gorgeous though; it was very homely.

“So, you’re engaged with a baby on the way? When, where, and how?” The reporter laughed in excitement.

“Yes, we have been seeing each other for a while and we couldn’t be happier.” Greg said sweetly as he grabbed onto mom’s hand.

Mom squeezed his hand and looked directly into his eyes. “We are very excited for what the future has in store for us. I was very young when I had my first daughter; Shaeliegh and I love her, and believe that I did a great job raising her so I’m excited to see how this time around will go. Also, with Greg and Andy, my heart is so full. My baby and I finally have that big family we’ve always wanted.” Mom finished as she squeezed my hand tightly. I smiled at her with adoration, she has always been an amazing mother and I’m so glad she’s found Greg.

“That is so touching and Shaileigh, you have managed to keep out of the spotlight for the last several years, how was that possible? How did you manage?” I swallowed and took a deep breath.

“Well, I don’t like the paparazzi for starters.” I said and everyone laughed. “But, when I was young, I would follow my mom to all of her trips, and I was in and out with Hollywood but with situations that happened with my father and then just wanting to be a normal teen. I didn’t want to be treated differently.”

“That’s understandable but, how do people not recognize that you’re a spitting image of your mother? I knew who you were just by looking at you”

“Well, maybe people aren’t that bright?” I said sheepishly and we all chuckled.

“What’re your steps now that you’re stepping into the spotlight?”

“Not sure yet, I think just going with the flow.” I shrugged.

“Awesome. What do you think will happen when Vogue and this hits the newsstands next week?”

“I think I’ll be a new person. Everyone will be confused.” I laughed and grimaced as I thought about it.

“Would you consider becoming a full time celebrity? I know when you were about five years old, you said during an interview with your mother that you’d grow up to become a pop star. Is that still the goal?” I smiled softly.

“Actually, yes. I love to sing and from an early age, I always dreamt of performing. Now that I will be eighteen soon, I want to start pursuing it. And, honestly, I would just like to see how everything will play. Like I said, go with the flow.” I answered truthfully.

“With a mother like Shannon, I’m sure you have amazing talent.” He smiled genuinely at me. “Now Greg, we have word that you have a new winter lie releasing soon?”

“Yes, it releases right before the Holidays. The looks are perfect for all of your festivities. And a certain someone will be the face of it.” He nudged me and I bit my lip.

“Singing and modeling? Wow, you’re going to be the next big thing!” The reporter exclaimed happily. “Shannon, we have the inside scoop about a Paris line?”

“Yes, my Paris line is for the spring and it’s an aesthetic of ‘Paris In The Springtime’ with lots of vibrant colors and chic styles.”

“Very cool. Any other projects for either of you?”

“Other than our normal streak of seasonal lines, Greg here is working on a movie project.”

“A movie project? We haven’t seen Thee Talvin in a film in a whilte. Will you be directing, producing, or acting?”

“Well, a little bit everything.” Greg said chuckling. The reporter raised an eyebrow, encouraging him to continue. “One of my close friends wrote the script and I’m helping him out. It’s going to be a great story.” He finished, very tight lipped.

“We will be waiting on it! Now, Andy. Your plate is always full, anything new we should be looking out for?”

“Well myself and Michael Lake, we have been working on a secret project, something in the world of reality television. It’s going to be epic.”

“Whoa, a “Michael and Andy show? Is it going to be following you guys around or...?”

“Well, kind of. We don’t want to do anything crazy like the Kardashians but something more youtube style. Very chill, with different takes. We actually kind of want to incorporate a talk show segment and other things. But not fully reality because that will get annoying.”

“Cool, will you be going on any promotional tours?”

“Well, I was thinking of having a South America tour because I have plenty of fans there! They’re always tweeting me about seeing me and what kind of person would I be if I didn’t give my fans what they want?”

“Very true.”

The reporter continued asking us random questions and about our new family dynamic. I was actually excited to see where life would take me.

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