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Chapter Six

Shae’s P.O.V

I woke up the next morning, diagonal on my bed. I lifted my head and my phone fell right back into place on my cheek. Shit, I fell asleep with my phone on my face. “Hello?” I squealed as I heard coughing coming from the other line, giving me a heart attack. I waited a few minutes until I heard his raspy, husky voice answer me.

“Yeah?” Darien called out. Fuck, I’ll never get over that voice.

“We fell asleep again on the phone.” I giggled as he chuckled.

“Yeah, we’ve been doing that every night.” I could hear the smile in his voice and it made me warm up.

“Well..I’ll see you at school, I need to get ready babe.” I sighed, not wanting to get off.

“Alright baby girl, I’ll see you soon.” He blew a kiss, causing butterflies to swarm inside of me and I shook in place. Eeek! God, is this real life?

Darien and I have been together for over a month now and boy, has it been a whirlwind! The fun, the energy, the sneaking around— it’s a thrill but so hard. The only people at the moment that know are our parents. I know, not even my best friends know! I’m a shit friend but, I just needed this one thing kept to myself for now.

But, luckily, everyone is being kept busy with the wedding planning. We’re two months away and I couldn’t be any happier! On top of the wedding planning, I’ve been doing studio work and have released a new single! ‘Girlfriend’ dropped last week and we were testing the waters but, the reaction has been great. I wrote the song based on my feelings about Darien and the beginnings of a new relationship. I’m so excited because we also start shooting the video this Saturday. The video’s theme is a fun spring fling! Since we’re about to enter March, we thought it’d be fitting. Boy meets girl at a party, they start a fling, it’s a whirlwind!

Other than that, being famous has its perks and I have been loving every minute of it, I’m not going to lie. I now have my own crew and they’re an amazing bunch. I have my own band; Alex, Marco, and Jeremy, plus my own dancers! Honestly, I didn’t realize all the people you get when you become famous. I thought your manager just hired people on a day of basis. I especially love my hairdressers; Amanda and Miranda. They’re twin hair goddesses. All in all, I’m loving life right now. These last few weeks have consisted of meeting people, recording, and doing radio and talk show interviews. Adrienne wasn’t lying when she said that a lot of people wanted to hear my story. Lowkey, people are obsessed with my background and how I managed to stay down low all these years.

I sighed as I got out of my thoughts and left the bathroom and walked towards my closet. One thing I was tired of though was definitely school. It’s hard being a celebrity and a full-time student, at the same time. No wonder all those child stars end up the way they do. Hmm, what should I wear today? It was a tad bit cold for California today so I decided on an all-black look; my spiked black leather jacket with some leather pants and booties. After I was dressed, I twisted my hair up into a ponytail and put on my mascara and red lipstick. Now I was ready to go. After grabbing my bag and phone, I made my downstairs with a little pep in my step. “Morning” I greeted.

“Hey,” Andy replied, drinking straight from the milk carton. I narrowed my eyes at him.

“Is that my carton?!” I emphasized the word ‘my.’ I had always made my mom or Mariel get me my own separate milk cartoon for years. Why? Because I like to drink from the cartoon as well! Andy looked over at me and had the audacity to burp and smirk. “I’ll kill you” I gasped.

“Calm down, I’m going food shopping later.” Mom waved us off.

“Honey.” Greg sighed. He had been on high alert since she announced the pregnancy. He didn’t want her to do anything alone.

“Relax, I’m bringing Mariel along.” She replied with an eye roll. Mariel would be the one mostly doing the work. I loved her though, she lowkey raised me alongside mom and taught me a few things that a five-year-old shouldn’t know. She had a ton of cute boyfriends though.

“Fine.” Greg sulked and I laughed to myself. As if he had a say in what mom did. Mom was too independent for that.

“Anyways, sweetheart, you look so...chic. Different.” Mom poked my spikes and I smiled softly. When a fashion designer likes your look, that means you’re doing something good.

“ I take the motorcycle today?” I asked, giving him my puppy dog eyes.

“Shae.” He sighed. I had been asking him for days now since they dropped off all of their cars.

“Future stepdad,” I whined. He breathed out and thought it over before answering.

“Fine--” I squealed as he put a hand up. “BUT! No going over 50 miles per hour.”

“WHAT?!” I groaned. ” A grandma with a walker would pass me!” I frowned.

“Be safe.” He mumbled.

“Thanks, dad.” I winked.

“Yeah yeah.” He replied. Andy and I said goodbye and walked out towards the garage.

He had a devious look on his face and I quirked an eyebrow at him. “You want to get your ass kicked in a race, sis?” He asked and I spluttered at him.

“What? Are you crazy?” I asked

“No but c’mon. You can drive this bike and I’ll drive my Ducati. Let’s see whose a better biker and hey, we can play for money. $500 for the winner?” He smirked.

“Seems like you just need an extra $500, Talvin.” I teased. Little does he know, I used to have a dirt bike. Young Shae was into the sports! I literally did karate, ballet, tried out gymnastics, and skateboarded everywhere. I’m not afraid.

“Yeah right.” He scoffed.

“You’re on.” I nodded. I hopped the bike that Greg named “Midnight” and gosh! This bike was beautiful and felt so smooth. We put our helmets on and he saluted me. I rolled my eyes, getting into the competitive mood.


15 minutes later, we both sped into the school at the same time. We made the parking lot our finish line and I pressed my foot down so hard on the gas, I beat him by a few inches. I skirted into my parking spot and immediately parked. Fuck, my adrenaline was pumping as I blew out a couple of breaths. Everyone’s eyes were wide and for the first time, I couldn’t blame them, that was pretty dangerous.

I ripped my helmet off and jumped off the bike in victory. “I fucking won! Boom!” I cheered. He groaned loudly as he hopped off the bike and ripped his helmet off. “Pay up bro.” I laughed.

“Whatever, you cheated,” Je accused and I laughed loudly. Men. “Here.” He reluctantly handed me five crisp hundred dollar bills and I smiled. I walked over to a kid nearby and handed it to him. “Here you go.” He beamed up at me and muttered a confused thank you.

“No problem,” I said as Andy and I continued walking towards our friends.

“Why did you do that?” Andy asked

“Called being generous. I have plenty more, someone probably needs it more than.” I shrugged and he nodded. He wrapped an arm around my shoulder and pinched my cheeks.

“Such a good girl lil sis.” He teased and I swatted his arms away.

“Fuck off.” I laughed.

“Hey guys” Dylan greeted as we approached them. “Why were you guys trying to murder the entire school population?”

“We weren’t.” We defended sheepishly.

“Anywho, dude! You got beat by a girl!” James laughed and I rolled my eyes.

“Shut up!” Andy said and they laughed.

“It’s not my fault.” I shrugged.

“Whatever.” He replied. Cassandra placed her hand on his arm with a ‘cheer up’ expression. I looked away from them as I saw Darien’s car pull in. How could one boy look that attractive? He was wearing a pair of nice fitted jeans with little rips in them and a jeans jacket. They looked so good on him.

“Guys, I’ll be back,” I said. I smiled at them as I walked inside and caught up with Darien.

“Morning beautiful.” He greeted cheekily.

“Hey, you look so cute.” I gushed.

“Cute? Babe, I’m anything but.” He teased. “I’m sexy, hot, handsome-- not cute.” He said and I giggled.

“Well come here Mr. Sexy, hot and handsome,” I said as I dragged him into an empty classroom behind us. Made sure no one was watching as I closed and locked the door. He smirked mischievously before pinning me to the wall and placing his lips on mine. Shit, he tasted of mint and fruit-- almost as if he brushed his teeth with a minty fruit toothpaste.

He placed his hands under my ass to lift me up and I wrapped my legs tightly around his waist. He slipped his tongue into my mouth and I groaned as I tugged on his hair. He squeezed my ass. I moaned into his mouth and our tongues began fighting for dominance. I pushed my body deeper into his, leaving no space between us. I could feel his hard-on pressing through his jeans and pushing against my warming core. He took over the kiss and I submitted to him as he sucked on my tongue.

We finally pulled away for air, both gasping. “Damn.” He breathed out slowly.

“Damn right,” I said breathlessly.

“Fix up cutie and get that sexy ass to class,” He said. We jokingly started saying ‘fix up’ to each other after we’d make out and it just stuck. Sort of like an inside joke.

“You too,” I said, referring to his very prominent print. I fixed my hair and reapplied my lipstick as he fixed his jeans and put on his jacket. We gave each other a thumbs-up as I planned to leave first. I peaked my head out making sure the coast was clear before exiting the room and heading towards the bathroom.

Miranda’s P.O.V

I paused as I saw Shaeliegh run towards the bathrooms. I rolled my eyes, that annoying slut. Look at the way she walks! She thinks she’s so perfect and hot, I can’t fucking stand her. I turned to walk away but saw Darien walking in the same direction. Huh? Were they just together?! Don’t tell me they have something going on because if so, I’ll fucking lose it!

Darien’s P.O.V

I headed towards the bathroom and as soon as I entered, I whistled at my appearance. Shit, Shae really fucked up my hair but God do I love feeling her fingers running through my hair. Her little fingers feel so good touching and running up every inch of my body. Fuck, she’s so sexy, I wish I could show her off as mine in public but I respect her wishes-- even though it kills me. I want to grab her by the throat and passionately kiss her in the hallway so every guy in school knows that she’s mine.

But, I know how the media can be-- especially to young stars. They’d eat her alive and make a whole thing out of our relationship and I don’t want her going through that scrutiny but we can’t hide forever.

I walked out of the bathroom and I will say, I did look good today. Not being cocky, my girl just makes me feel even better about myself. I smirked at all the underclassmen girls who looked over at me and I threw a wink their way. They all sighed and I chuckled. “Morning ladies,” I smiled genuinely.

“MORNING DARIEN!” They damn near shouted.

“Have a nice day.” I laughed, showing my dimples. They all sighed and I shook my head. They were adorable and if I could make their day, I will.

“Hey D!” I heard my friends calling and I jogged over to them.

“What’s up?” I greeted them. It was some of my football teammates; Malcolm, Dre, and Marvin.

“Where were you?” Dre asked, raising an eyebrow.

“Eh, what do you mean?” I asked, trying to play coy.

“You got to school and quickly left,” Marvin said.

“Oh yeah. I came in, walked around, went to the bathroom, made a few freshmen girls mornings...ya know.” I shrugged. Plus, I had a fucking hot makeout session with my secret girlfriend.

“Oh well then, see you in class,” Malcolm said. I nodded and we said our goodbyes as I headed to my locker.

“Hey Darien,” Miranda said, running her finger up my arm.

“Hey,” I said uncomfortably.

“ wanna hang out tonight? You know, like old times?” She purred in my ear and I cringed. Before, I’d say yeah and hook up with her but now? This shit doesn’t even turn me on. Shae is the only girl on my mind.

“Umm, sorry Miranda but no.” I smiled awkwardly as her face dropped slightly.

“What? Why not baby? You remember the fun we used to have. Remember in my dad’s shed?” She moaned out. Shit, I could my body heating up as a memory replayed of that day in the shed. I replaced Miranda’s face with Shae’s to make it better. It wasn’t Miranda, it was the act itself that was turning me on. Damn, I can’t wait to do those things with Shae.

“Umm...uh...” I stuttered and she smirked and pressed her lips to mine. I was shocked and frozen as I didn’t kiss her back. My wide eyes traveled up and got wider as I saw Shae standing there, a look of heartbreak on her face. I pushed Miranda off of me. “What the hell dude?!” I yelled.

“What?” She said sheepishly.

Shae’s P.O.V

My heart literally shattered as I saw Darien and Miranda kiss. It was like Peter all over again and it hurt like a bitch. I ran off to the bathroom and hid in a stall, letting my tears fall. How could he do that to me? Like what the fuck? Especially after this morning! Is he just using me because of who I am? Does he even truly like me?

God, I fucking hate Miranda! She just...just ruins everything for me! Every damn boy I like she has to fuck with them! She wants everything I have and I’m sick and tired of her-- of people like her. I’m no longer going to be treated like this. I’m Shaeliegh fucking Reeves! I’m bad and you’re all about to see it.

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