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Chapter Eight

Shae’s P.O.V

After I performed on Good Morning LA, I had been in the best mood! The reaction to my performance and my new song was received so well, I was ecstatic. It was already Wednesday and the last two days at school were so weird. People had gotten back to treating me somewhat normally but after Sunday, it was almost as if people finally realized that I was a famous singer now. They had been trailing me and I hadn’t had a chance to speak with Darien!

Since we’re keeping things a secret, it would’ve been weird if we were all over each other, so we just ignored each other. It was hard though. However, we did plan to meet up after school to finally talk and watch the release of my music video.


Darien’s P.O.V

I sped home as fast as I could after school to wait for Shae. She had finally answered my texts and agreed to come over so we could talk and make up. Geez, I’ve never missed someone as much as I miss her. It’s been hell. I sat on the steps on my porch and kicked my feet around, this was torture, where was she? As soon as I spoke, her car pulled into my driveway and my heart skipped a beat. She took a few seconds before she stepped out. She looked unsure, a look of sadness on her features-- I just wanted to hug her.

“Shaeleigh?” I called out as she slowly approached me. She lifted her head to look up at me and her tears fell. Shit. She ran into my open arms and I wrapped them tightly around her, breathing in her scent.

“Baby! I’m so sorry...I was so angry and hurt when I saw Miranda and you kiss, I couldn’t think straight and I-I just miss you!” She cried out.

“Shh.” I started. “You don’t have to apologize baby. It’s understandable. Miranda is...crazy and she hates you for some reason. She kissed me purposely and I swear, I didn’t kiss her back. I was just as shocked as you.” I said softly. She sighed and I led her up to my bedroom.

“I should’ve known.” She whispered.

“It’s okay babe, this is how a relationship is. Nothing is perfect and we just gotta be mature and work through things. Miranda made me feel so uncomfortable though because you’re the only girl for me. You’re the only one I care about.” I said honestly and she blushed. “I missed you so much, baby.”

She climbed over me and straddled my waist as I laid on my bed. “Honest;y, I’m over it. It’s in the past and like you said, she hates me for whatever reasons. She’s pathetic.” She scoffed. “No one will ever come between us.” She whispered with a wide smile.

“Gosh, come here,” I murmured as I pulled her even closer. I placed my lips onto hers and sighed as if all the stress was leaving my body. I ran my hands down her sides and caressed her soft skin. She quickly grabbed my wrists and I let her pin them above my head. She smiled into the kiss before nibbling on my lip. I let her slip her tongue into my mouth and our lips moved slowly in sync.

She leaned her forehead against mine before whispering “You’re my secret.”

“You’re my one and only, baby girl,” I whispered back. We sat there enjoying the beautiful silence and she slid down and rested her head on my chest. She was so tiny and cute. I ran my fingers through her hair and up and down her spine, causing her to shiver. “Ready to watch your video?”

She squealed and looked up. “Oh my goodness! Go to MTV!” She spoke quickly and I laughed and did as she requested. I switched to MTV right as Sway was talking about Shae and giving a little introduction about her and the single.

“Shaeleigh is the new it-girl of Hollywood and I’m pretty sure all you fans can’t wait to see her new video!” He said and they all screamed.

“Wow, look at all those screaming fans. Just remember that I’m your number one fan.” I winked and she laughed.

“Shae wants you all to know that she is so thankful for all of you and even though she couldn’t be here for the premiere -due to school- she is so excited for all of you to see this video! Here is Girlfriend!” He finished and the screen transformed black. The video started and whew, my girl looked hot! I squeezed Shae’s shoulders in excitement. She was beaming up at the tv and I was so happy for her. The video played and I was very impressed...just not by that kiss. I mean I know they’re acting but shit, I don’t want to think of anyone kissing what’s mine.

“Did you like it?” She asked excitedly.

“I loved it, babe, you were amazing. But that kiss...” I mumbled the last part but she still somehow caught it.

“Huh?” She raised her eyebrows and I sighed realizing how dumb I sounded.

“I didn’t like the kiss that’s all.” I shrugged and she tried to hide her laugh.

“Aww, jealous?” She asked, smirking. I chuckled and pinned her on the bed and she bit her lip. I bent down and whispered huskily in her ear.

“Of course. I mean you are a hot piece of ass, I need to keep those little boys away from what’s mine.” I breathed in her ear and she squirmed underneath me. I love the effect that I have on her.

“Darien, you’re the only one I want.” She replied breathlessly, she crossed her legs and bit her lip even harder. I raised an eyebrow at her.

“Oh, really? Tell me again.” I whispered as I blew on her neck, causing goosebumps to rise.

“You’re the only one I want.” She whispered and I nibbled on her neck.

“What was that? I couldn’t hear you.” I licked the side of her neck the way she liked and a small moan escaped her. I could feel myself hardening quickly.

“I said, you’re the only one that I want.” She said louder and I smirked.

“And what’s my name?” I leaned on my elbows and stared deeply into her eyes. I put my hand on the side of her face, cupping her cheek and jaw, lifting her neck slightly. I watched her pupils dilate, she looked like a little doe.

“Darien.” She said slowly.

“Now, put it all together, darling,” I said slowly, enunciating each word.

“You’re the only one that I want, Darien.” She said loud and clear, no hesitation in her tone and I hummed lowly, liking the sound of that before crashing my lips onto hers.

I sensually kissed her, sliding my hand over to her neck and gripping it tightly. I moved my lips roughly against her soft ones, nibbling on her bottom lip before sucking her tongue into my mouth. I slid my other hand down her stomach and gripped the taut skin and ground my hips into her. She gasped into my mouth, feeling how hard I was for her. Her nipples poked through her top and I just wanted to suck them into my mouth. I had to calm myself down before I flipped her over and raised her ass in the air and took her like the hungry man I was.

“Fuck,” I groaned as I pulled myself away from her.

She gasped, her cheeks flushed and her chest rising quickly. “Jesus.” She blew out and I laughed.

“Too much for you, baby girl?” I teased and she blushed.

“No...” She trailed off cutely and I laughed as he buried her face in my chest. God, she will be the death of me. I mean, she was already causing me to take multiple cold showers a day and that was death in itself. I laid on my back and sighed comfortably.

“Hey, I’ve been thinking about something,” I said after a while, she looked up at me.

“What about?” She asked, intrigued.

“I was uh thinking of us going public...I’m tired of hiding. I want people to know that you’re my girl.” I said.

“Babe...” She started. “You know I’d love that’s just...I’m not ready.”

“I know but the sneaking around and lying to our’s starting to become a lot and I’m ready for it to stop.”

“Darien, I know what you’re saying but I don’t think it’s a good idea right now. I just started my career and I don’t want any drama or my business to get out there.”

“But who cares?” I said, a little frustrated now. Sometimes it felt like she just didn’t want people to know she was with me.

“I care! It’s my life and my relationship and I’m not putting it out there!”

“Actually it’s our relationship-- fifty-fifty and I have a say in this too. And for some reason, it feels like you don’t want to be seen with me!” I said angrily.

“I didn’t mean it like that and that’s not true! It’s just-- God, I don’t know Darien. Look at what happened when Dylan and I went shopping...I’m not fucking ready yet. ”

“But who gives a damn?! You shouldn’t care about what the media and paparazzi say. Like you said; it’s your life. Live it and stop being afraid!”

“I can’t deal with this right now,” she said, getting up. “I’ll call you later.” She grabbed her things and hurried out the door. I slammed my fist down onto the pillow. If it was the other way around, I would show off my baby girl to the world. Let everyone know that I’m taken and I definitely wouldn’t give a damn about the media.

Shae’s P.O.V

Ugh, I was still upset after I got home. I have been standing underneath the shower for the last hour and was still deep in thought. I mean, I understand what he means but I don’t want to tell the world that I’m dating. The media likes to scrutinize people and nitpick everything we do! They’ll put all my business out there and because of the academy, all of those fifteen-minute of fame wannabes -especially Miranda- would spill everything to the paparazzi. Take Jennifer Aniston for example! They’re always talking about how she can’t keep a man when they don’t even know her personally. Or any other female celebrity like Selena Gomez for instance. She got so much hate when Jelena was a thing and I don’t have the energy for that.

I want to let everyone know that Darien is my boyfriend-- trust me! He’s the most popular guy at school and every girl swoons over him and I have to sit back and watch it. But right now, I’m just not ready for the media attack. Once you become an A-lister, you’re the media’s meal. I also don’t want them attacking Darien and trying to dig up dirt on him. But I also don’t want him to be angry with me for these choices. I also just want to establish myself as me before my entire career is taken over by a man and romance. I sighed and got out of the shower and sent Darien a text. I apologized to him and he sent me a text saying he was fine and sorry for blowing up.


The next day, I felt like a zombie at school. Everything was starting to slowly overwhelm me and I was counting down the days to graduation. Everybody kept coming up to me and congratulating me on the music video and telling me how great it was. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciated all the love but, I just want to come to school, learn, and go home. I was already busy and wrapped up in having to do studio work and interviews that I wanted these eight hours of my day to be simple. The only good thing that happened today was Darien and I sneaking off during gym to makeout in the boy’s locker room. I thought for sure we were going to get caught but thankfully not.

Dylan put his food down and looked around the cafeteria before speaking. “Am I the only one creeped out?” He asked

“Hell no,” I muttered, still noticing everyone looking over every once in a while-- some even taking photos of Andy and me.

“What’s wrong with you?” Andy asked, concern laced in his tone.

“What do you mean?” I yawned.

“You’ve been so blah lately...I don’t you’re annoyed every day.” He shrugged.

“Yeah.” Everyone else agreed. I mean isn’t it obvious? I was being treated like a circus animal and have to be up in the studios, rehearsals, and plan my mom’s wedding at all hours of the night. And, I can’t even be affectionate with my boyfriend when I want! Times like these are where I just want him to scoop me up in his arms and hold me and tell me everything is fine.

“Nothings wrong, I’m perfect,” I lied.

“Whatever you say.” James rolled his eyes.

“Hey D, come sit here!” Andy called out. Darien looked lost as he looked between us and his friends. Who would he choose? His friends or his secret girlfriend?

“Sorry guys.” He smiled at the guys on the football team. They shrugged, not caring as he sat next to me. He greeted the guys and waved at Cassandra before whispering ‘hi’ to me.

I tried to contain my emotions and smugness as I responded “Hey.”

“Anyways,” Andy started. They were all giving us a weird look and I tried my hardest to fight my blush. I jumped lightly and looked down as I felt Darien rubbing circles on my inner thigh, gripping my flesh every few times. I bit my lip and squirmed in my seat, repressing the urge to moan at the sensual touch.

“So, how’s football going bro?” Dylan asked

“Great, we have a game this Friday. Will you all be showing up?” Darien asked.

“I’m in but I need a pretty little lady to accompany me though,” Andy smiled at Cass and I made a face at her. Okay! Are they finally going to make a move at each other? Or keep flirting as if we all don’t see it?

“We’ll all go,” I said smiling at Cass’s shocked face.

“I thought we were going out?” Cass whined.

“We have Saturday to do that.” I shrugged as she huffed.

“What if they’re all gone by then?!” She cried out as the guys looked on confused.

“Bro, do you know who I am?” I raised a cocky eyebrow at her.

“True true,” She sighed. They were having a massive shoe sale at the boutique in New York. They had so many designer shoes that I honestly could get a hold of whenever. They loved me down there-- it’s one of my aunt’s boutiques. I smiled and grabbed Darien’s open hand and I could see the goofy grin he held out of the corner of my eye. He looked over at me but I kept looking straight with my own small smile.

“So you’ll accompany me, Cassandra?” Andy asked, holding her and she blushed and tried to hide it.

“S-sure,” She stuttered and I flicked some peas at her. “HEY!” She yelled.

I smiled sheepishly at her. “I love you,” I laughed.

“Oh and Michael is coming up this weekend, with both Jackie and Sheila. They have their dress fittings.” Andy sang causing both James and Dylan to jump with literal joy.

“FUCK YES!” James and Dylan yelled, causing the whole cafe to look at us.

“Sorry but they’re hot as hell and I get to charm them both,” James smirked as Dylan rolled his eyes.

“Yeah they are but Michael is overprotective of Jackie so be careful you horny bastard,” Andy said and we all laughed. James would fuck anything that walks. I bet the only girls he hasn’t slept with here are Cassandra and I and the faculty. Granted, with the way Ms. Sommers looks at him...guess we’ll never know.

“It’s not my fault that I have a great package and that package needs to be mailed off to the doorsteps of young, innocent girls who you, later on, find out aren’t that innocent at all.” He groaned sheepishly and looked towards the ceiling.

“EWW YOU PIG!” Cassandra and I yelled as the boys laughed.

“Gross! All of you!” Cassandra gagged.

“No baby, we’re just hormonal teenage boys.” Andy winked.

“Yeah, play with yourself instead of girls! That’s so jerkish!” She crossed her arms and threw them a stank look. She did have a point though. Sleeping with girls and ditching them is fucked up.

“Hey hey hey, the girls know that I’m just in it for the sex.” James shrugged.

“No feelings attached,” Dylan nodded.

“Fuck and dump,” Andy said

“You’re such a fucking jerk!” Cassandra said while turning her nose up at them.

“Babe, that’s the old me!” Andy said, trying to turn Cassandra around. They’re not even dating and they’re acting like that already.

“At least Darien is clean. He hasn’t said a word.” Cass said. We all looked at him and I eyed him suspiciously. I know he has a past but we’ve never spoken about it.

“I wouldn’t say I’m clean...I mean, I’m not going to lie to your face but yeah, in the past I’ve done stupid shit like that but for a while now, I’ve only had one girl on my mind. I’m growing up and realizing that sex is nothing and making love to the girl you love is better. An-” James cut him off with an incredulous look.

“Fucking only ONE girl?!” James yelled, holding his heart dramatically.

“It’s not fucking when you’re in love though. It’s making love. I mean obviously, you can still fuck the shit out of the girl you love.” He started and I began thinking about that... “I’m waiting for the time when we both know that we’re in love. I want things to be special and different with this girl.” He finished and I felt my insides getting all giddy.

“So what you’re saying is that you haven’t gotten any pussy?” Dylan raised his eyebrows.

“No. I’m not going to just say ‘hey, lets fuck’ to her. As I said, she’s special to me and not some random girl. I haven’t had sex in months, to be honest. Since the summer because she’s been on my mind this whole time.” What?!

“Wait, you seriously haven’t gotten any play since summer?! Bro, it’s been like eight months!” Andy spluttered.

“Life isn’t all about sex guys.” He shrugged and the way my heart swooned for this boy. “When you find that one girl, you’ll know what I mean,” He replied. I just wanted to smother him with kisses until we both needed oxygen tanks. How can one person be so perfect?

“Jesus, who is this special girl? She must be hot as hell to have you acting like that!” James asked

“Yeah! Do I know her?!” Cassandra asked excitedly. Hell yeah you do, I thought.

“Err...I’m keeping it to myself for now.” He replied nervously. “Don’t worry though, you’ll hopefully know who she is soon.” He smiled and squeezed my hand that he was still holding. He’s so perfect, I can’t believe he said all of those things. Ugh, I feel bad that no one knows we’re dating. I mean everything he said was just so beautiful and I want everyone and girl to know that he’s mine! All mine and he completes me. He’s so sexy, amazing, and funny. I can’t believe he took a liking to me. I’m one lucky bitch.

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