Mending Heart

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Chapter 15🔥

Into the Night

“I am attracted to love because it wounds and heals me, because it makes me laugh and bleed.” – Rune Lazuli

“I still think we should have gone to dinner instead,” I grumbled, pulling at the red satin material.

From the moment Megan handed me the dress, I knew I was in trouble. It was a sexy red halter V-neck nightclub dress that had a plunging cleave and a backless back. The front clung to my breasts and left nothing to the imagination. The lower half of the dress was also split on either side from the waist down, and stitched together by a series of thin diamond straps.

Don’t get me wrong, it looked great but I’ve never felt so naked before.

When I told Megan I was flying in today, she had insisted on picking me up from the airport so we could have a girls’ night. If I knew that the girls’ night she had planned didn’t consist of sweats and wine, I would have told her I wasn’t getting back until tomorrow morning.

“What’s the fun in that?” Megan laughed next to me, reaching out and linking our arms as we walked towards the club entrance. It was one of those fancy clubs downtown with a bouncer and a line waiting to get in a mile long.

Instead of walking to the back of the line, Megan pulled me and her four other friends towards the bouncer. “Hi, Jake!” She greeted the angry-looking giant standing before us. Once his eyes landed on her, his frown spread into a wide grin and he pulled Megan into a hug.

“Go right on in, ladies.” He pulled back the velvet stanchion ropes, and one by one each of us filtered in. As soon as we entered, I could feel the vibrations of the music echoing from downstairs. Although the club’s entrance was located above ground, there was a long staircase leading us towards the basement where all the action appeared to be.

As we descended the stairs, my eyes roamed the surroundings. Black and dark red were a reoccurring theme, and it looked just how you would imagine any nightclub to look. When we did make it downstairs, the room was packed with people dancing and strobe lights radiating off the walls.

“We need drinks!” Megan’s friend Eunice, shouted over the music as she pointed towards the bar.

After ordering us a round of shots, Megan turned towards the five of us. “So I lied to you guys. I didn’t just invite you out for a girl’s night.” She began fidgeting with her hands. “Eric and I finally set a date for the wedding!”

“Oh my god!”


“That’s so exciting!”

“About time!” I found myself grinning. Megan and her fiancé Eric had been engaged for about three years now, always saying they were going to have a wedding but never actually getting around to setting a date. “When’s the big day?”

“August 8th.” She smiled a wide smile.

“What?” Sammy, Megan’s co-worker, shrieked. “That’s less than two months away!”

“Eric and I decided we didn’t want a big wedding. Something small – under a hundred people.” She shrugged. “I mean, how hard can it be to actually plan a wedding?”

“You’d be surprised actually.” I snorted. “Worst case scenario, you guys elope.”

Everyone burst out laughing, including me. Megan and eloping in the same sentence just did not go well together. “Don’t be silly!” Megan rolled her eyes.

“Well in that case,” I reached for one of the shot glasses the bartender had poured. “To your August wedding, and getting the same dick forever!”

“Here, here!”

“Cheers to that!”

Even in the dimly lit room, Megan’s face turned a dark shade of red as she shook her head before downing the shot of tequila.


“Are you still traveling as much for work, Kenzie?” Eunice asked from beside me at the bar. While Eunice, Sammy, and I had taken a break from the dancing, Wena, Ellie, and Megan could still be spotted a couple of feet away grinding on each other and laughing.

“Unfortunately.” I nodded, swirling the straw in my margarita. After five rounds of shots earlier and this margarita, I was beginning to feel slightly tipsy. “They sent me to the middle of nowhere bumble fuck Kansas this past week.”

“Kansas?” Sammy giggled. “What the fuck could you possibly need to consult on in Kansas. The produce fields?”

Although I wasn’t super close to Megan’s friends, we did go out often enough to be well acquainted with details of each other’s personal lives.

“Small grocery chain audit,” I replied, absentmindedly watching the condensation on the outside of my glass drip and pool around the base. Truth be told, I used to love my job when I first started. Back then I was young and eager to please my supervisors. Now? I’m older, constantly tired and I have the back pain of an eighty-year-old woman.

“Okay guys,” Eunice leaned forward and said, “Don’t look now, but there’s a hot guy at the end of the bar that’s been looking this way.”

Of course, when you tell someone not to do something, that’s exactly what they do. Both Sammy and I simultaneously turned our heads in the direction she had pointed, where I was met with a pair of familiar green eyes.

What are the odds?

Ethan was leaning against the bar nursing a drink and talking to someone whose face I couldn’t see. His lips quirked when our eyes met, and he flashed me his signature smirk. I turned, cocking a questioning eyebrow in his direction.

“He’s really hot.” Sammy’s eyes remained glued on him.

A few minutes later, from the corner of my eye, I saw Ethan excuse himself and start to make his way towards us.

“Didn’t we establish that stalking is illegal, Ethan?” I asked once he was within earshot.

“Considering this is my nightclub, I’d say you were the one stalking me.”

“Your club?” He nodded. “Anything else you have yet to tell me?”

“Stick around and maybe I’ll tell you, Cupcake.” He leaned down to whisper, sending me a wink. I felt a blush creep up my neck at his proximity, and the fact that Sammy and Eunice continued to gawk at us didn’t help.

“There you guys are!” Megan came to an abrupt stop in front of us. “Come back on the dance fl—”

“Oh, I’m sorry! Kenzie, aren’t you going to introduce me to your new friend.” She smiled sweetly.

“Ethan, this is my best friend Megan, and that’s Eunice and Sammy.” I pointed to everyone individually. He had positioned himself right beside me, his tall figure towering over me.

“This is Ethan?” Megan’s mouth dropped. “You didn’t tell us he was this hot!”

“Megan!” I hissed, resisting the urge to swing my foot and kick her. Ethan’s hand had somehow found its way onto my bare back, his fingers skimming down my bare skin and dipping under the dress’s hemline around my waist. I tried my hardest to focus on the words coming out of Megan’s mouth, but all I could think of was his touch and his fingers playing with the band of my thong.

“What?” Megan asked innocently.

I bit my bottom lip, suppressing a moan as I shifted under Ethan’s touch and repositioned myself on the barstool. When I dared to steal a sidelong glance at him, he was fighting a smile.

Damn him and his magical touch.

“Are you all celebrating anything special tonight?” Ethan addressed the group, as my skin continued to prickle under his touch.

As Megan started talking, I felt Ethan’s breath on my earlobe and I tried to suppress the shiver that ran down my spine. “You look amazing tonight.”

“Thanks,” I mumbled as heat once again engulfed my cheeks.

“Any chance I can borrow you from the group for a bit?” I didn’t trust myself to speak without sounding like a blubbering idiot in front of everyone, so I simply nodded. Ethan then waved his hand at someone in the corner on the opposite side of the bar.

A tall dark-skinned man in his thirties, dressed in all black and wearing an earpiece, made his way over. “Derek, set up Ms. Anderson and her guests in the VIP area,” Ethan instructed. “I’m going to borrow McKenzie for a few minutes, but I promise to send her right back. Enjoy your night ladies, it’s on the house.”

Megan wiggled her eyebrows at me, while Eunice and Sammy also smiled suggestively before following Derek into the crowd.

As I stood up, Ethan’s eyes traveled down the length of my body a few times, before coming back up to meet my gaze. “That dress should be illegal.”

“And why is that?” He positioned his hand on my lower back and began steering us in the direction of the stairs we had come in through.

“Because every guy in here won’t stop eye-fucking you.” He gritted, his eyes flashing dangerously as he wrapped his arm around my waist tightly.

“And?” I challenged.

“And,” He bent down. “The only person fucking you tonight is going to be me.”


Once Ethan had led us into what I presume was his office, he walked over to the small table housing a silver tray with a Whiskey decanter and two glasses.

A few moments later, I was leaning against his desk and admiring the decor, when he came back with two glasses filled about a quarter of the way with a rich amber liquid swirling around in ice cubes.

“Strip,” Ethan commanded, taking a seat in the large executive’s chair and bringing the glass up to his lips. His eyes stayed trained on me, a mischievous glint sparkling in them.

“What?” I set my glass on the desk beside me, nearly having choked.

The alcohol must be getting to me because I don’t think I heard him right.

“I said,” He stood up and pulled me towards him. Spinning me around so that I was facing away from him, Ethan unhooked the neck clasp holding the upper half of my dress together. The silky material slowly slid down my body, until my breasts were completely exposed. “Strip.”

His authoritative voice sent tingles down to my core. There was something undeniably sexy about him taking charge.

Turning around to face him, my eyes latched onto him hungrily. I continued to hold his gaze as I slowly began pulling the material down my legs until the only things I had on were my heels and panties.

“These too.” He hooked his index finger in the band of my black lace thong before letting it snap back against my skin.

This man is going to be the death of me.

“You look amazing,” His eyes once again raked over me, this time taking a long pause on my breasts.

“So you’ve said.” My lips twitched upward into a smirk.

“That’s because it deserves to be said a million times.” A smirk of his own stretched as he bent down, closing the small distance between us. I felt his mouth trail down and kiss the corner of my lips before his lips captured mine. His lips molded perfectly with mine, occasionally swiping his tongue over mine and exploring every inch he could.

With one hand on my hip, he snaked the other up my neck and into my loose strands, gripping my hair tightly. “Cupcake, you’re so sexy you don’t even know it.”

His lips once again found their way onto my skin, leaving a trail of open-mouthed kisses down to the crook of my neck. The aching between my legs only continued to grow, and I was practically begging for his touch.

Letting go of my hair, his hands traveled down my sides – leaving behind a trail of shivers in their wake. He grabbed my hips roughly and hoisted me onto the desk. My breath caught in the back of my throat at the sudden action.

Ethan continued to lazily rest one hand on my hip, while with the other, he reached across the desk and took a piece of ice from one of the forgotten glasses. I watched mesmerized as he popped it into his mouth, swirling it around with his tongue before parting his lips and leaning forward. He lowered his head and brought the melting cube towards my straining nipples.

I let out an involuntary squeal at the shock of the ice touching my skin. Using my arms to prop myself up on the desk, I couldn’t help but stare. My nipples were puckered and hard – more erect than they’ve ever been – and Ethan continued to rub the melting cube over the rosy nub, over and over again. Trails of cold water trailed down my side making me shiver, but it did little to distract me from the aching between my legs.

When the ice cube melted away, Ethan’s cold mouth met mine and the hand he had been resting on my abdomen began to slide lower. I rubbed against him, trying to create some sort of friction to ease the throbbing in my wet pussy.

“You are so fucking wet.” He breathed, reaching for another piece of ice. This time, he worked his way down to the valley of my breasts and towards my aching core. Parting my legs so that he stood in between them, Ethan guided the cube up and down my wet slit.

Gasping – I moaned and withered under his touch.

I felt two fingers being pushed inside of me, before feeling the warmth of Ethan’s mouth around my clit. He had dropped the sliver of remaining ice on the floor and shifted his fingers inside me, probing deeper and pushing on just the right spot.

“This turns you on,” He lifted his head just enough to be able to connect our eyes. “Doesn’t it.”

I whimpered and bucked my hips against his hand, unable to speak.

“Answer me.” He demanded, grazing my clit with his thumb – refusing to establish a rhythm or firm touch.

“I – ” My voice cracked. “Yes.”

“Yes what, Cupcake.” The two fingers still inside of me hit my g-spot while he used his other hand to grasp my jaw. His cold fingers sent shivers through my body. Tilting my head back, Ethan made me look him directly in the eye. “Say it. Tell me exactly what turns you on.”

I let out a deep, frustrated moan as his thumb pressed lightly against my clit in a brief circular rub. However, his thumb was gone before I could get any sort of relief.

Blinking up at him, I finally gasped, ”You. You turn me on – now stop being such a fucking tease.”

There was a hunger in his eyes after hearing my words, one that I knew all too well. Dipping his head back down, Ethan began to press and rub tantalizingly slow circles over the bundle of nerves in my pussy. “Please,” I whined.

He moved slowly and steadily at first — taking his sweet time with every move, as if he had all the time in the world. When his mouth found my clit once again, he roughly nipped at the bundle of nerves before his tongue ran circles around it. His tongue suddenly eased into my entrance, pumping in and out of me while his thumb continued to work my clit.

My nails dug into his shoulder as he began to pick up his pace, once again dipping a finger inside my pussy. Each finger thrust becoming increasingly faster and harder, causing me to shake and wither above him.

“I want to hear you cry out my name, Cupcake.” My knees began to feel like gelatin, and my body reacted of its own accord. My arms, which were being used to prop myself up, began to tremble and my thighs tightened around him.

“Please.” A shaky whimper escaped my lips, and Ethan’s name was repeatedly falling from my lips in the form of moans. “Ethan!”

Once my moans had subsided, Ethan pulled me up and bent me foreword against his desk. Behind me, I heard the rustling of fabric as he discarded his remaining clothes — and then the sound of foil crinkling.

It took seconds for him to come back, but it felt like forever as I waited for him – completely vulnerable and exposed.

He teasingly dragged his cock up and down my wet folds. Positioning himself at my entrance, he then brushed my hair away and placed his lips along my neck. Parting his lips, he left behind a small trail of love bites. I felt the gentle pressure as he sucked on my feverish skin, no doubt leaving a mark I’m going to have to cover up tomorrow. Then, in one swift motion, he was inside of me.

His movements were no longer soft and gentle, but fast and hard. His fingers dug into my flesh as he thrust, his breathing becoming ragged and hard. “You feel so fucking good, McKenzie.”

Ethan’s left hand came down hard and connected with my ass – eliciting a loud yelp from me – while his other hand tangled in my hair and pulls me against his bare chest. Twisting myself in his grasp, my lips found his, and I kissed him hard – tasting myself on his tongue as he continued with thrust after thrust.

The muscles in my lower abdomen began to clench around him, causing him to let out a groan. At the same time, the rhythm of his hips picks up again – faster – sending shockwaves down my legs. My back arched into him and my hand flew to his neck.

“Yes – there! Right there. Harder. Please – harder!”

I had been reduced to single-word sentences.

“I’m close. Please – I’m so close.” I let out another whimper.

His lips found my earlobe, where he sucked and bit down. “Cum. Cum for me.”

My pulse throbbed in my ear and I let out a high-pitched moan, tensing up against him. Feeling the pressure in my core explode, I finally shattered. “Oh! Oh god — Fuck Ethan!”

“Fuck.” With one final thrust, Ethan drove in deeper than I thought he could, his muscles coiling and chest heaving above my trembling body.

I collapse limply against him, both of us coming down from our high. Ethan chuckled, reaching across to brush the hair off my damp face before planting a gentle kiss on my cheek and burying his face in the crook of my neck.


After finding my discarded clothes around Ethan’s office — earlier while refusing to let me get off his lap he had confirmed that this was, in fact, his office — I finally got dressed.

I had been up there with him for almost an hour, and Megan was no doubt waiting to grill me on what took me so long. Not that it would take a genius to figure out what we sneaked off to do. After all, one look at my disheveled clothes and tangled hair was enough to be a dead giveaway.

Picking up the fresh drink Ethan had poured me, I dipped my head, keeping my eyes locked with his. Bringing the glass up to my lips, I tilted my head back and allowed the silky liquid to burn down my throat.

Ethan continued to hold my gaze, raising a quizzical eyebrow as he buttoned up his shirt, and bit his bottom lip.

“Thanks for the drink.” I playfully winked at him as I walked towards the door without another glance back.

Behind me, I heard Ethan chuckle.


Where’s the holy water?😅😆

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