Mending Heart

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Chapter 17 🔥

Good Time

Love is an irresistible desire to be irresistibly desired.” – Robert Frost

“How do you feel about dogs?” Ethan asked, glancing up from his phone.

“Who doesn’t love dogs?” I replied, bringing the wine glass to my lips and taking a sip. We were currently sitting out on the patio taking in the sunset, my legs draped over his lap while he absentmindedly ran soothing circles up and down my calf. “Why?”

“My dog walker is about to drop off Sweetie.” He bites his lip with a smirk.

“Sweetie?” I peer into his eyes over the glass rim, trying my best to stifle a laugh. “You named your dog Sweetie?”

“Is that a problem?” He smiles, trying to suppress his own amusement.

“No, no problem at all.” Truth be told, I just didn’t picture Ethan as someone who had a dog named Sweetie. Jocko or Spike was more so what I imagined.

Looks like he was full of surprises today.

Just then, the kitchen door leading onto the patio opened and a large muscular Saint Bernard came running towards us. My eyes widened when I saw just how big Sweetie really was. She had to be at least a hundred and fifty pounds, with a beautiful red and white coat.

When she came to a halt in front of us, she wagged her tail and continued to bark – her eyes trained on me.

“Um... she doesn’t bit, does she?” I let out a nervous laugh, but in reality, I was ready to pee my pants. When he said he had a dog, I pictured some small curly pom-poodle, not a fucking beast!

“Sweetie! Sit.” He commanded, pointing to the pavement. On cue, Sweetie sprawled out on the ground underneath our feet, still keeping her head pointed in my direction.

“I thought you said you liked dogs.” Ethan smiled crookedly, eyes dancing with amusement.

“Yeah – like small dogs!” I defended. “Not ones that weight as much as me!”

As soon as the words left my mouth, Sweetie whimpered. A pang of guilt rushed through me as I glanced down at her. Damn it. She may be a beast, but she’s a cute one at that.


It took some convincing on Ethan’s part, but I finally let Sweetie sniff my hand and eventually began petting her. An hour later, I was ready to push Ethan off the sectional and replace him with my new favorite dog.

“Who’s a good girl?” I cooed, ruffling her thick fur coat. Sweetie barked in response, wagging her tail.

“I’m feeling a little left out over here.” Ethan pouted, eyeing the two of us with amusement.

“You’ll live.” I bit my cheek to stop from smiling.

“Is that so?” He smirked, leaning closer to me.

I rolled my eyes in his direction. “Yes. Don’t be such a baby.”

“What if I want to be a baby?”

“Then I suggest you take it somewhere else.”


“Because it’s not cute.”

“But I’m cute.”

“Nope!” I smiled innocently, my eyes darting between him and Sweetie.

He nodded apprehensively, twirling his drink – the ice clinked around. He took a big drink, finishing off the last of it before setting the glass down on the edge of the fire pit and leaned in towards me. “Didn’t anyone ever tell you not to play with fire?” His eyes were dark and gleaming with mischief.

“Yes!” I squealed, jumping off the sectional and running inside. “But when have I ever listened.”

I didn’t have to look back to know that Ethan was hot on my heels.

I only made it as far as the kitchen island before I felt a pair of strong arms wrap around my waist. Burying his face in the crook of my neck, Ethan said “We’re going to have to teach you how to listen then, Cupcake.”

“Good luck with that.” I giggle at his murderous glare. In seconds, Ethan had grabbed my hips and jerked me around, eliciting a small gasp to escape my lips. I tried to avoid eye contact, turning my head away while trying to control my ragged breathing. In return, Ethan grabbed my chin, forcing me to face him.

His eyes were so intense – full of lust, and desire.

My chest rose and fell rapidly as he leaned in until he was millimeters away from my lips. “I don’t need luck, baby.” Then, his lips crashed on mine.

He pinned my hands on the counter, stepping closer and trapping me exactly where he wanted me. I couldn’t help the shudder that ran through my body causing me to arch against him. Looping my arms around his neck, I let out a deep throaty moan.

“Ethan.” I breathed against his lips when he pulled away. Bringing one hand to my hair, he raked his fingers through it until he grasped a handful. Tracing the outline of my mouth with his fingertip, I could feel his hot breath tickling my earlobe. “I’m going to fuck that pretty mouth of yours.”

My eyelids fluttered shut as I tried to regain my composure, but Ethan seemed to have other plans as he hoisted me up on the counter.

Why am I so turned on right now?

While I was in my own train of thought, Ethan had managed to expertly remove my shirt and bra – discarding them on the kitchen floor.

My voice broke the moment he dove down towards my breasts, taking one nipple into his mouth. Using his free hand to cup my other breast, he gave it a firm squeeze. Meanwhile, his tongue traced against my aching peak, teasing it until my throat closed up in a constrained moan. ” Oh – Ethan, please.”

Sinking his teeth into the pebbled tip, a jolt ran through my spine. Arching my back, I shut my eyes and gripped the counter behind me tightly, willing myself not to scream.

Ethan momentarily let go of my nipple, long enough to say, “Cat’s got your tongue, Cupcake?”

I shot him a dangerous glare, which only seemed to amuse him more. He then proceeded to straighten himself out and reached into the waistband of my yoga pants, slowly dragging them down my legs until I sat in front of him in nothing but a black lace thong.

A satisfied smirk spread across his luscious lips. “So sexy.”

Kneeling between my legs, he parted them slightly and slowly let his hands trail up my legs until he reached the hemline of my panties. His mouth placed hot kisses on my inner thigh, trailing up until he was right at my core where he planted an open-mouthed kiss.

I involuntarily arched my hip forward, wanting more of his touch.

My hands felt around the counter, desperate for anything to hold on to. Seconds later, I felt him edge one thumb between my folds and trace it to my clit. The mere action had me squirming under his touch.

He pressed down on my clit lightly and began rubbing it back and forth, just enough to make me whimper in frustration and continue to drip all over his finger.

The next second, his touch was gone and I lifted my head shooting him a questioning look. It ended quickly, however, when the very next second he pulled the lacey material down my legs in a teasingly slow manner. His eyes found mine, and there was a mischievous glint dancing around in them.

Completely aware of the fact that I was the only one standing naked in his kitchen, I asked, “Are you going to take your clothes off as well?”

“Take them off, Cupcake.” He said, his voice lowering an octave. Reaching for his t-shirt, my fingers brushed up against his rippling muscles. Lifting his hands behind his head, Ethan yanked the rest of his shirt off while I simultaneously reached for the button on his jeans. Kicking off his jeans as well, my eyes ranked over his lean figure.

Shamelessly staring at his torso, I didn’t notice his hand reach up to cup my face, and without warning, he pressed his lips against mine.

He was an addiction, one I kept coming back to for more.

Feeling his hand roughly cup my ass cheek while my aching core was pressed against his hard-on, I wanted nothing more than to feel him inside of me.

I craved his touch in ways I didn’t think possible.

I wanted him to fuck me, make me scream until my lungs were sore.

I wanted to feel sore the next morning, a reminder of our time together.

God, what the hell is wrong with me, I thought.

The rest of my thoughts were interrupted when Ethan covered my bare pussy with his mouth, making me cry out and fall back against the counter once again. My legs automatically parted, allowing him more access. His tongue expertly slid up and down my clit, teasing the bud until I was spewing out a string of incoherent curse words and trashing underneath him.

My eyes rolled back as his tongue continued to lap at my pussy. Then, he drew back and with no warning, pushed two fingers deep inside. I let out a gasp of surprise and involuntarily clenched around him. With his fingers buried deep inside my pussy, he brought his head back up and planted his lips against mine. His fingers continued to rhythmically fuck me, increasing his speed gradually while I struggled to get enough oxygen to my lungs.

“Don’t stop!” I moaned. ” Oh God – yes! Fuck, Fuck! Right there – yes!”

His fingers began pumping faster and faster as I spasmed around him. Coming down from my high, I barely felt Ethan’s fingers slip out.

I was still gasping for breath when I heard him shuffling around. Seconds later, his lips were on mine once again.

I wanted – no, needed – him inside of me. Every single inch of him.

Reaching for his cock, I felt his length throb against my hand. Wasting no time, he gently pushed me back as he put on a condom before coming to stand in front of me and positioning himself at my entrance.

“I want you inside of me.” I gasped, my voice thick with lust. “Now.”

Ethan grabbed my right thigh and hooked It around his hips. Then, with his other hand, he guided his throbbing erection into my slick folds. I gasped as the head of his cock nudged my clit, then again when he inched it lower – teasing me.

Without warning, and in one deep thrust, he was inside of me.

He began thrusting in and out, his full length entering and leaving my aching core over and over again until the only thing that was on my mind was how good he felt. The wet slap of his cock sinking into me echoed throughout the kitchen and matched our labored breaths.

Ethan pulled me against him, forcing me to the edge of the counter, as he continued to ram inside of me. Meanwhile, his free hand had once again found its way to my breasts and began toying with my aching nipples. “Fuck, Ethan.”

His hips continued to speed up, his thrusts getting wilder and more out of control. My walls involuntary began to clench around him, gasping for air. “Ethan!”

“You’re mine, Cupcake.” Ethan breathed into my ear.

“Ahh... I –” I gulped.

“Say it.” His grip on my throbbing peaks tightened, shooting waves of pleasure mixed with pain all over my body.

I instantly sucked in a breath and felt my cheeks heat up again. “I’m yours!”

With no warning, he abruptly pulled out. Before I had a chance to protest, he lifted me off the counter and twisted me around, causing me to let out a loud shriek. Pushing me forward, he spread my legs and thrust into me from behind.

This time deeper and harder than before.

Bracing my hands on the counter, I gasped. “Yes, fuck me!”

He slid his palm up my back before snaking it around my throat, drawing my head to his chest until our eyes connected. “Do you like when I fuck you from behind, Cupcake?”

I whimpered, snapping my eyes shut. It was one thing to say it in the heat of the moment. Now that he was posing a direct question, I couldn’t get the words past my lips.

A slap instantly stung against my behind, making my eyes snap open. Ethan’s intense green eyes stared back at me. Then, another sharp slap as his palm stung. “Yes –”

“Yes, what?” He growled, grabbing my hair tightly and coiling it around his hand. “Tell me what, Cupcake.”

“I like when you fuck me.” I cried as he continued to thrust with no remorse. “I love the way your cock feels inside my pussy.”

As soon as the words left my mouth, Ethan slammed into me again – this time harder than before. Before I even had time to react, another sting burned on my ass as his palm connected with it. Then a second slap following not a second later.

It felt so wrong and dirty, yet I didn’t want him to stop.

In fact, I wanted more.

“You look so sexy, bent against this counter.” I heard Ethan say from a mile away. His cock continued to slide in and out of my dripping pussy with zero abandon. “Cum for me Cupcake.”

Ethan let go of my hair, grabbing both of my hips and continuing his brutal thrusts. My head fell foreword, vision blurring. All of my nerve endings combusted, the pleasure too intense and his cock too deep.

“Fuuuck!” I screamed as I felt my knees weaken. My pussy convulsed around him, as Ethan kept thrusting into me through my climax until he gave a grunt of his own.


“That was... incredible.” I panted, stealing a glance in Ethan’s direction who was buttoning his jeans. His eyes snapped to mine and he raised an eyebrow.

“I’d say, that was better than incredible, Cupcake.” A smile tugged on his lips as he came to a halt in front of me, handing me his shirt. I quickly slipped it on, feeling embarrassed to still be standing naked in front of him.

“Well –” I said in a sugary, sweet voice. “You did promise me a good time.”

He laughs, deep and unrestricted. His hands rested on my hips lazily as he continued to eye me curiously. “And how did I do?”

“You did good.” I smiled, looping my arms around his neck and bringing his lips against mine.

I was feeling bold tonight, and it was not lost on me.

Heat rose from my stomach to my chest, his thumb rubbing up and down at the hollow of my neck as our mouths continued to dance with each other. I could still taste myself on him, even now, but it surprisingly didn’t bother me.

Just like it didn’t bother me that sex with Ethan was anything but vanilla. I never anticipated being turned on by pain and such vulgar language, but he brought out a side of me I didn’t know I had.

I parted my lips against his insistent warm mouth, a wave of warmth engulfing me.

Today had been a good day.


Phew! Wanted to give you guys a little spice before we get down to the ugly in the next couple of chapters!👀😅

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