Mending Heart

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Bonus Chapter 2


“Turn your words into wisdom.” – Oprah Winfrey

[8 Months Later]


“What?” I lifted my eyes to meet Ethan’s piercing gaze. I was currently sitting on the dining room floor with Sweetie’s head resting in my lap and Bella sound asleep next to me, while Ethan sat at the dining room table with his computer.

In the past year, Ethan and I had settled into married life. Although the two of us continued to butt heads whenever we got a chance, I wouldn’t trade any of it for the world.

He was my adorably loving idiot, even when I wanted to make him sleep on the couch for pissing me off.

“Are you auditing one of my clients?” Ethan asked after a few moments, his lips pursed together in a thin line.

Titling my head to the side, I tried to suppress my smile. “You know I can’t tell you that.”

"McKenzie.” Ethan scowled, narrowing his eyes in my direction.

“Why are you asking?” I couldn’t help the small smirk that tugged at the corner of my lips. I knew exactly why he was asking, and which client of his had gotten served. Thomas and Cooper Consulting had been listed as the third-party firm hired to perform the internal audit for last year’s fiscal year. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t laugh when I saw the paperwork come across my desk. “Did your client get served a notice?”

“Yes.” He practically growled, leaning back in his chair.

I shrugged, biting my lip to keep from laughing. Now that Ethan and I were on opposite sides of the table, he tended to get a little butt-hurt when my department audited one of his clients.

“And here I thought,” Ethan said as he stood up and came to sit next to me. “Once you stopped working for me you’d finally stop being a pain in my ass.”

I laughed, bumping my shoulder with his. “If you didn’t want me to be a pain in your ass, you shouldn’t have married me.”

Ethan’s eyes darkened as he wrapped his arms around me, gently resting his head on my shoulder. I felt his warm breath tickle my ear as he said, “Asking you to marry me was the best decision I ever made.”

“And now, you have to deal with the consequences.” I giggled, trying to wiggle out of his grasp. When it became clear that Ethan had no intention of letting go, I rolled my eyes. “Ethan, let me go. The salmon’s going to overcook.”

At the same time, the timer on my phone had gone off. Reaching into my pocket and pulling out my phone, I turned off the time just as Bella stirred.

“I don’t care,” Ethan tightened his arms around me. “We can order take out.”

“Well I care!” I nudged him, finally freeing myself from him. Pushing myself up off the floor, I placed my hands on my hips and peered down at him. “Dinner’s almost ready – go finish what you have to finish so we can eat.”

Ethan opened his mouth to protest, but when I cocked a challenging eyebrow in his direction he quickly shut up. As much as both of us tried to leave our work at work, it was impossible most of the time. For my sanity and Ethan’s, the two of us came to a mutual decision that if we did have to bring our work home, we’d put it away before dinner and what wasn’t finished would just have to get done the following day.

It took some convincing because Ethan was used to sneaking down to his office after I fell asleep each night to finish paperwork, but he quickly learned that if he wanted to have sex more than once a week, he was just going to have to suck it up.

“McKenzie,” Ethan called out as I reached the kitchen doorway.

“Yes?” I asked, twisting my head to the side.

“I love you.” He gave me a pointed look, and I saw the glint swirl in his dark green eyes.

“I love you too.” I playfully rolled my eyes. I thought Ethan and I would outgrow the honeymoon phase after we got married, but very little had changed in the past four years. He was still as cheesy as ever, and I was still as madly in love with him as the day he asked me to marry him.

Walking further into the kitchen, I grabbed the oven mitts off the counter and quickly slipped them on as I opened the oven door – a goofy smile on my face the entire time.


The next day, I found myself stepping off the elevator and onto the firth floor where Ethan’s new office was located. To say the company was doing well would be an understatement. Thomas and Cooper Consulting had grown exponentially since I left, most of it in part due to Ethan’s charm and ability to bring in new clients.

“Hey Kelsey,” I greeted Ethan’s assistant, politely smiling at her when I rounded the corner.

“Hi Mrs. Thomas!” She glanced up from her computer, her eyes softening when they landed on me.

I couldn’t help but roll my eyes. “You know you can still call me Kenzie, right?”

Kelsey shrugged, a small smile making its way onto her face. “Kenzie doesn’t sound as fancy.”

Again, I rolled my eyes. As soon as my relationship with Ethan became public, everyone’s attitude towards me changed. Some people had adopted Kelsey’s attitude, while others took on a nastier approach and would point and whisper behind my back like I was blind.

At first, it used to bother me because I had worked with these people for years. Did they really think I was shallow enough to sleep with my boss to get a head? But just as quickly, I realized that they could make all the assumptions they wanted – I didn’t work for the firm anymore and they could kiss my ass.

“Would you like a cupcake?” I asked, extending my arms and offering her a peek inside the light paper box.

Kelsey nodded excitedly, reaching inside the box once I lifted the lid. “What’s the occasion?”

“My mother.” I grimace, letting out a deep sigh.

“Ahh.” She nodded in sympathy, peeling off the wrapper before taking a small bite of the vanilla cupcake – frosting smeared across her upper lip.

“Is he in there?” I nodded towards Ethan’s closed office door.

“You can go in. He’s just prepping for a meeting.” Kelsey nodded. “Thanks for the cupcake!”

Flashing her one last smile, I walked the remainder of the distance towards Ethan’s door and pushed it open. He was sitting at his desk, eyes glued to the two computer screens in front of him. When he looked up and his eyes landed on me, his face immediately brightened

“McKenzie.” He smiled, standing up and walking around his desk. When he came to a stop in front of me, he bent down and pressed his lips against mine.

“Hi.” I peered at him through my eyelashes, biting the inside of my lip when Ethan finally pulled back.

“What are you doing here?” His brows furrowed together as he scanned my face. “Are you okay?”

“I’m fine!” I laughed nervously, draping my purse and jacket over one of the chairs in front of his desk. “Cupcake?”

“No,” He replied, continuing to eye me suspiciously as I reached around him to place the cupcakes on his desk. “Seriously babe, what’s going on? You’re starting to worry me.”

“Stop fussing, I’m fine.” I rolled my eyes, plopping down on one of the chairs. “I have an appointment a couple of blocks down, and I thought I’d come see what you were doing.”

Ethan cocked an eyebrow, crossing his arms over his chest. “And my mother has invited us to dinner on Sunday.” I mumbled the last part, focusing on the pointy tip of my stilettos.

He blinked a couple of times, before he dropped his head back – laughing.

“I’m glad you find that to be amusing.” I pinned him with a glare, crossing my legs together.

“I’m sorry babe,” Ethan stifled another laugh, slightly shaking his head. “It’s just that she already called me this morning and told me about dinner.”

Of course she did, I thought bitterly. “Why is she calling you?” My eyes narrowed in on his as I stood up to match his height.

“Probably because she knew you were going to say no.” He shrugged, placing his hands on my waist and pulling me towards him.

“With good reason.” I scoffed, letting my hands rest on his chest. “I don’t feel like arguing with her about Zoey again.”

“Then don’t.”

“Ha – have you met my mother?”


I couldn’t help but snort. “Then you know the chances of that happening are slim to nothing.”

“Babe, I love your sister –” Ethan tucked a loose strand of hair behind my ear, gently cupping my cheek. “But you’re going to have to let her fight her own battles when it comes to your mom.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” I pulled back, my eyebrows raised.

“It means,” He bent down and placed a gentle kiss on my cheek. “That no matter how many times you try to reason with your mom about Zoey, she’s still going to think she’s right. Zoey’s a big girl, there’s no reason for you to stress about it.”

“Zoey hasn’t spoken to her in three months.” I replied, leaning back in his arms. “Ever since she showed up at our house at the beginning of summer. That’s the longest they’ve ever gone without talking.”

“I’m just saying,” Ethan once again shrugged. “Whatever’s going on is between the two of them – not you. And since I already told her we’d go to dinner, will you at least promise to try and behave?”

“Ha –” I scoffed, throwing my head back and laughing. “When have I ever been known to behave?”

“I could think of a time or two.” Ethan smirked, tracing his thumb over my lower lip.

A smirk of my own slowly creeped onto my lips. Pushing myself up on my tip-toes, I brought my lips to his ear and said, “You know I only behave when you punish me.” Ethan inhaled sharply as my lips gently caressed his earlobe.

When I pulled away, he had his eyes closed and his hold on my waist had tightened. I felt the heat rush to my core, and all of a sudden, a thought popped into my head.

“When’s your meeting?” I pulled back, biting my lip.

“Thirty minutes.” He replied, glancing down at his watch.

“Perfect.” I smirked, freeing myself from his arms. Reaching for his hand I pulled him towards the large executive’s chair behind his desk, and gently pushed him into it. Ethan eyed me with curiosity as I positioned myself in between his legs.

Bending over so that we were at eye level, I leaned forward and whispered, “I’ve always wanted to do this. Ever since the last time you had me bent over this desk.”

I slid my hands down to his belt buckle and started undoing it. His eyes widened in surprise and a smile spread across his face. As I slid his pants down just enough to free his fully erect cock, Ethan reached across his desk for the phone.

“Kelsey, hold my calls.” He quickly muttered, slamming the receiver shut.

I lowered my lips to his fully erect erection, licking my lips across the tip before pushing him into my mouth. My tongue continued to curl around the tip slowly – teasing him. I felt Ethan shift above me, a low moan coming from the back of his throat.

Readjusting my position, I relaxed my throat and slid down the entire length of his cock, taking him completely into my mouth. One of his hands found its way into my hair, while the other gripped the armrest of his chair. “Fuck, McKenzie.”

I continued to trace my tongue along his length, pulling back almost all the way before fully taking him into my mouth again. I could feel my own arousal through my panties as Ethan gripped my hair, bobbing my head up and down on his cock.

“Fuck baby – that feels so good,” Ethan moaned through labored breathing, adjusting his grip on my hair.

I too let out a moan as my head continued to bob up and down his throbbing cock. Ethan groaned louder, pushing my head further down. I began to pick up my speed, knowing it wouldn’t be much longer before he came. My tongue covered every inch of him – flicking against the tip.

I moaned every time his cock reached the back of my throat, a wicked sense of pleasure coursing through my veins. As Ethan began thrusting into my mouth, he let out a groan and I felt his cock begin to pulse as he filled my mouth with cum.

I had just pulled my head back and was about to speak when the door to Ethan’s office swung open. In a matter of seconds, I was pushed off his lap and under his desk. I barely had time to process what was going on when I heard a voice, “Ethan, do you have time to go over a couple of notes before our meeting with Zion Tech?”

I didn’t recognize the voice at first, that it until they continued talking. “I think we should have the C1′s sit in as well and take notes.”

“What the fuck, Zach?” Ethan growled. When I peered up at him from where I was crouching under his desk, I caught a glimpse of his angry scowl. I kept as still and quiet as I could, not wanting Zach to know I was there. It wouldn’t be that hard for him to figure out what Ethan and I had just been doing.

“What?” Zach asked, completely oblivious to what he had just walked in on.

“Haven’t you heard of knocking before?” Ethan asked, shifting his eyes towards me briefly. “Get out. I’ll meet you in the conference room.”

“What crawled up your ass?”

“Zach.” Ethan gritted, pinching the bridge of his nose.

I could hear Zach’s steps move away and towards the door. I let out a silent breath that I had been holding throughout their entire conversation. Ethan pushed his chair back and began to adjust his pants as I slowly and silently began to crawl out from under the desk. Suddenly, I felt his hand on my head, preventing me from standing up.

I opened my mouth to ask him the fuck he was doing, but when I looked up I saw he was staring straight ahead trying to maintain his cool.

“Didn’t I just see your wife earlier?” I could hear the smirk in Zach’s voice, and I felt my heart sink.

“Get the fuck out of my office, Zach.” Ethan looked like he was seconds away from physically removing Zach from his office, and probably would have if he wouldn’t be caught with his pants down. Literally.

I heard Zach’s laugh echo throughout the office. “I’ll see you in the conference room. Tell McKenzie I said hi.” This time, I didn’t move from under the desk until I heard the door click shut.

“Well –” I straightened out, looking up at him and licking my lips. “That was fun.”

Ethan laughed, shaking his head as he fixed his belt. “We were bound to get caught eventually.”

"Please.” I couldn’t help but snort, giving him a pointed look. “It’s Zach. How many times have you walked in on him with his girlfriend of the week?”

Closing the distance between us, Ethan wrapped his arms around me and tilted his head. “If we had more time, I would bend you over this desk and really push our luck.” The image caused a light moan to escape my lips. I wanted nothing more than for him to fulfill that promise. “Again.”

I felt the heat rush to my cheeks as I pulled out of his arms. “Shut up.” I mumbled, readjusting the length of my dress.

Grabbing my purse and swinging it over my shoulder, I said, “I’ll see you at home.”

I was almost out the door when Ethan called out, “I think you should come visit me at the office more.”


“Congratulations mama,” My gynecologist – Dr. Gamboa – smiled warmly as I felt my heart sink.

“I’m... I’m pregnant?” I asked stupidly, glancing between her and the ultrasound monitor.


“With a baby?”

“Yes.” Dr. Gamboa let out a wholehearted laugh that bounced off the walls. “With two actually!”

“Two?” I yelped, feeling the color drain from my face. All of a sudden, it was becoming increasingly more difficult to breathe.

“You’re having twins!” She replied enthusiastically, her eyes still glued to the ultrasound screen as she continued to maneuver the ultrasound wand over my exposed stomach.




“Kenzie?” Dr. Gamboa called out again.

“Yeah?” I squeaked, finally dragging my eyes away from the static screen.

“Are you okay?”

“I just – ” I took a deep breath in hopes of calming my heart rate. “I didn’t even think I was pregnant, let alone with two babies.”

Ethan and I had stopped using condoms just before the wedding. We both agreed that neither of us were getting any younger, and we both wanted kids.

During the first four months, there were pregnancy tests scattered around every bathroom in the house. There was even a false positive when we got back from our honeymoon. I still vividly remember Ethan’s face when the two pink lines appeared on the stick.

He was so happy – we both were.

However, when I did go in to see Dr. Gamboa and she told me I wasn’t pregnant, I felt crushed. I had gotten my hopes up too much. Eventually, once the result didn’t change after that, I kind of just gave up and stopped buying the tests.

Everyone was different. For some people it happened right away, while for others it took longer. Ethan and I had only been technically trying for less than a year, so neither of us were concerned. Yet.

I was due for my yearly gynecology appointment today, and I was going to mention that we were having a hard time getting pregnant. The last thing I expected was for Dr. Gamboa to tell me that I was already pregnant.

I wanted kids – and don’t get me wrong, I’m thrilled I’m finally pregnant – but I wasn’t prepared to start out with two in the first go.

Two babies was a whole new level of scary.

God, imagine the look on Ethan’s face.


I’d imagined telling him I was finally pregnant dozens of times in my head, but not like this. What was I supposed to say? Surprise, you’re going to be a daddy! But wait – there’s more. We’re having twins.

“It’s too early to tell the sex now,” Dr. Gamboa pulled me out of my thoughts as she continued to scan the monitor – moving the ultrasound wand around my abdomen. “You’re only 8 weeks along. But at your 20 week appointment, we should be able to tell.”

I nodded, my eyes glued to the monitor.

I don’t know how to describe what I was feeling. I was excited and scared at the same time. Listening to the heartbeat echo in the otherwise silent room, I tried to make out what Dr. Gamboa was looking at on the screen.

“How are you feeling otherwise?” She continued, handing me a roll of paper towels so that I could wipe the gel off my stomach. “Any morning sickness?”

I shook my head, standing up and reaching for my clothes. As Dr. Gamboa continued to speak, all of her words went over my head.

It’s strange how your entire life can change in a matter of minutes, I thought as I slipped on my dress.



“Upstairs!” I called out, pulling another box out of the guest bedroom.

You could say that as soon as I got home I started freaking out. The spare bedroom right next to Ethan and I’s bedroom was used as storage for all of my off-season clothes. I originally only intended on going in there to see if it would be big enough to convert into a nursery, but as soon as I started pulling boxes out of the closet, I couldn’t stop.

Like I said, I was freaking out.

“What are you doing?” Ethan asked from the doorway, his lips tugged upwards.

“Cleaning.” I replied, stepping over a pair of boots. Glancing down at my watch I said, “You’re home early.”

“It was either go home early, or punch Zach in the face.” He replied, pushing himself off the door frame.

I felt my cheeks heat up at the mention of Zach, vividly remembering how he almost caught us earlier. “Speaking of Zach,” Ethan continued. “He invited us to dinner Saturday. He’s having a few people from the office over for a barbecue.”

“That’s nice.” I replied absentmindedly, completely oblivious to what he was actually saying.

Okay he’s been home long enough now, I thought.

“Bella and Sweetie are in the yard.” I chewed on the inside of my cheek, turning around to face Ethan. “Can you go let them back in?”

His eyebrows furrowed together and he looked at me quizzically. “Can’t I take a shower first?”

I glared at him, placing my hands on my hips. I didn’t need to reply before Ethan threw his hands up in surrender and started making his way downstairs – but not before I heard him mumble under his breath, “So demanding.”

I waited a few minutes until I could no longer hear his footsteps padding against the stairs before I quickly snuck downstairs as well. I reached the kitchen just in time to see Sweetie and Bella run inside, stopping in front of Ethan to wag their tail in excitement. He bent down to pet them, and it was then that he noticed the dog bandanas around their neck. Bella’s was black while Sweetie’s was white, but they both had the same imprint – Guess what? Mom’s pregnant!

I thought it would be fitting to have both Bella and Sweetie wear one – since you know, we’re having twins and all.

“Well?” I asked, trying to gauge his reaction. When Ethan heard my voice, his head snapped in my direction. He opened his mouth to speak, but quickly closed it. He continued to shift his gaze between me, Sweetie, and Bella before finally standing up.

“You’re pregnant...?” He cautiously asked, slowly walking towards me.

“Yup!” I nodded, biting my lip as I tried to swallow the lump in my throat.

“Are you sure?”

Again, I nodded. “Dr. Gamboa confirmed it this afternoon.”

Then, a smile broke out across his face and I felt myself being lifted off the ground. I yelped in surprise, indistinctively wrapping my arms around Ethan’s neck as he spun me around.

“Baby, that’s amazing.” Ethan grinned, finally setting me down. His hands continued to rest on my waist as he bent down to capture my lips with his.

“There’s more...” I peered up at him from under my eyelashes when he finally pulled back.

He cocked an eyebrow, waiting for me to continue. “There’s two.”

“Two.” He repeated, blinking.

I nodded. “Twins.” I gave a small shrug, blinking up at him.

For a moment, Ethan looked shocked. Even more shocked than a few minutes ago. “But – how?”

“Well you see Ethan,” I couldn’t help but laugh. “When a man and a woman love each other very much th –”

"McKenzie.” He gritted, pinning me with a glare.

“I don’t know.” I shrugged, letting my hands rest on his chest. “Trust me, I was just as surprised as you.”

As I waited for Ethan to process all of this, my fingers fumbled with the tie hanging loosely around his neck. Before I knew it, his strong arms had once again wrapped around me and I felt myself being lifted off the ground for the second time that night. “We’re having twins!” Ethan exclaimed, planting chase kisses all over my face as I wrapped my legs around him.

“Yes!” I chuckled, releasing a sigh of relief I didn’t know I was holding.

“We’re having twins!” He shouted as Sweetie and Bella began barking in excitement as well.

Looking down and seeing the excitement on Ethan’s face, I couldn’t help but feel my own excitement begin to bubble in my chest. Cupping his face in my hands, I tilted my head down so that our lips were inches apart, “I love you, Ethan.”

“And I love you.” His eyes continued to search mine before he closed the distance between us. “All of you.”


*Insert happy tears* – my babies are all grown up!

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