Mending Heart

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Her Escape

New name.

New appearance.

New person.

Fresh start.

When Lexie McAdams arrives in Philadelphia with barely enough money to cover a crappy motel’s night stay, she’s desperate to find a job.

Coming across a gym with a help wanted sign in the window, Lexie is hesitant at first but quickly realizes she has no choice. Little did she know, that stepping foot inside would bring her one step closer to finding her escape.


“What’s that on your wrist, Poptart?” He asks, his eyes flashing in anger as they narrowed in on the faded purpled shadows on my skin.

“Nothing!” I quickly pull my arm out of his grasp, pulling at the sleeves of my shirt.




How could I have been so careless about covering those up?

“Lexie.” He growled as he leaned in and gently took my hands in his. “Let me see.”

Unfolding |Book 1 of The Getting There Series|

When a clumsy first encounter leads to Aiden and Natalie unexpectedly spending time together, will sparks fly or will their brewing relationship dwindle?


Natalie Dawson wants nothing more than for high school to be over; she’s tired of the pointless assignments, fake friends, and unnecessary drama. With senior year just around the corner, she plans on getting by as unnoticeable as possible and alongside her two best friends. What she didn’t factor in was a certain cocky soccer player weaseling his way onto her soccer team, and possibly into her heart.

When Northside’s all-star soccer player — Aiden Cooper — offers to be assistant coach for the girls’ team in exchange for school credit, he does so with the sole purpose of keeping an eye on a certain sarcastic brunette.

Throw in some senioritis, wild best friends, and few college rejection letters — you’ll get a wild senior year filled with cliches and unforgettable memories.


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