Forgotten Wolf

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31 Your Monster

Chris POV

“Your monster,” I scoff, not bothering to hide the bitterness in my voice.

Jess stands in front of me, like a girl brought to the principal’s office. Things have been off ever since last week’s near miss. It took two full days before Cyrus relinquished control. It’s not the first time he’s taken over, but it’s by far the longest.

He was inconsolable after she nearly rejected us. The pain was unbearable. I thought my chest would cave in from the pressure. I couldn’t breathe and trying to concentrate through his anguished howls in my head was nearly impossible.

I have never submitted to anyone since I’ve been Alpha, not even to Derek. Yet with a few words, she brought me to my knees in front of my pack. Part of me is bitter about it, but the larger part doesn’t care. I only cared that it stopped her rejection.

That had shifted the dynamic enough, but by the end I felt like we were making progress. I know she’s just scared. When I gave control to Cyrus, I thought he would just run off some energy. But he blamed me for not doing more. Maybe he was right, things would start to go right then something would happen and set us back.

I was beyond furious when he almost marked her. To forcibly mark a mate against her will is beyond wrong; it’s supposed to be a loving intimate act. Fortunately, Derek was there to intervene in time. Cyrus just wanted to cement the bond before she could change her mind, but I won’t trap her like that. Between that and locking Sara up, it’s no surprise she thinks I’m a monster.

She steps closer and locks her honey brown eyes on mine. I take another sip of whiskey, tempering the turmoil in my soul. She takes my glass and sets it down before looking back at me.

“Back to jumping to conclusions again I see.” There’s an annoyance to her voice that just sets my teeth on edge. “When I said my gut let me down, I was talking about my ex. He hid his darkness well.”

Fuck, I want to find this guy and rip him to shreds.

She sighs and softens, wrapping a hand around the back of my neck and twists her fingers in my hair. Instantly, I relax and lean into her touch.

God, how I missed her touch.

“I am so sorry Chris, I never meant for any of this,” she whispers, looking deep into my eyes. I stiffen.

Has she changed her mind?!

“I never meant to cause all of this pain, if I could take it back I would.” My heart aches for the sorrow in her voice.

‘She’s not rejecting us! She regrets it!’ Cyrus is over the moon. Hell, I’m right there with him; she is my moon and my stars.

Her lips brush mine, bringing me out of my thoughts and back to her. They move softly and tentatively, like she’s afraid I’ll pull away. I freeze at the contact. She has never kissed me, only ever returned my kisses, never starting them.

In a heartbeat I kiss back, wrapping my arms around her. What starts so pure becomes filled with such need. I pour myself into my kiss, my pain, my sorrow, but also my hope and love.

My hands roam her body as our tongues intertwine. From her ass to breasts I want it all, need it all. I trail kisses down her jaw towards the sweet spot on her neck, savouring the taste of her.

A breathless moan passes her swollen lips as I get closer to my target. She melts into me, wrapping her other arm around my neck for support.

The sweet scent of her arousal is pushing me over the edge. If we don’t stop soon I’ll end up taking her on my desk right here and now. I growl as her fingers tug at my hair, feeding the swelling in my jeans.

My own fingers knot in her hair, tugging lightly to bare her neck full to me. As I work my way to her sweet spot, kissing and nipping at my prize, her breathing becomes ragged and shallow.

“Chris,” she moans; music to my ears. I bite down lightly, causing another moan as she squirms against me. The friction has me growling in approval.

Her lips find mine again, her kisses take on a new fervor as my hands explore her body. I growl in frustration with her sweater, I just want her skin on mine. She gasps as I slide a hand beneath it, caressing up her side until it finds her bra and her soft full breast beneath. Another soft moan slips from her lips to mine as I knead her breast. Sparks fly freely everywhere our skin touches, urging us on.

“Baby, if we don’t stop soon,” I warn, my voice husky with need. She moans louder as I roll her nipple between my fingers. “Keep sounding like that and I won’t be able to.”

“Don’t stop,” she whispers breathlessly.

I pull back to search her eyes, needing confirmation. The lust swirling in her honey brown eyes, begging for more, is all I need.

God, her scent has my dick twitching in my jeans to get out. I scoop her up, wrapping her legs around my waist, my hands grabbing her ass and pulling her tight to me. The way her body fits against mine is perfection; I need to feel it without these barriers.

Not here, Jace has the shittiest timing. I’m not risking him barging in.

I walk out of the office and take off for my room, practically running up the stairs. The straining in my paints has reached a painful level and I’m desperate to get her out of her clothes.

Safely in my room, I click the lock and focus back on this beauty in my arms. She looks up at me through dark lashes, biting her swollen bottom lip.

“Fuck baby, that drives me crazy.” My voice strains with need. She flashes me a sly smile before I recapture her luscious lips. Her body is flush against mine as I pin her against the door.

Her hips grind ever so slightly, making me ache for more. I turn and set her down on the bed as I step away to take her in. She furrows her brows as she looks up at me in confusion. I can’t help my hungry grin as I gaze at my mate, her eyes full of lust.

She smiles, taking her lower lip in her teeth as she reaches out, hooking a finger in my belt pulling me back to her. Her hands get to work undoing my belt and jeans but I pull back before she goes further. I want to savour this, every moment, every look and sensation.

I reach down and pull her sweater off, a thin tank top is all that’s left as I push her back to the center of the bed. She hesitates briefly as I crawl on top, something flashes so quickly in her eyes that I can’t quite catch.

“Say the word kitten and I’ll stop,” I say, my voice strained. Instead, she pulls my lips down to hers, devouring them with need.

I pull back after a moment, tugging my shirt over my head. Looking down, her eyes raking over my body, I can’t help but smile at her hungry expression. I pull her shirt off next, her face flushes as I take her in. The way her breasts threaten to spill over her black lace bra has all of my attention.

Her face flushes brighter as she drops her gaze and crosses her arms over her chest. I lower myself back down on her, groaning in bliss as the contact sets my skin on fire.

“Don’t hide from me baby,” I whisper in her ear as I nuzzle her neck. I feel her shiver beneath me as she sucks in a shaky breath. Her heart’s racing in excitement.

“You’re so beautiful,” I say, trailing kisses down her neck. She moans as I land on her sweet spot, her hips bucking mine as she writhes in pleasure. Jess slips her hands up my sides, raking her nails lightly across my back. Sparks fly freely at the contact, setting off goose bumps in their wake. I growl in pleasure, grinding down against her.

“Chris,” she gasps, tossing her head back.

“Fuck,” I groan, slipping a hand down to the button and zipper of her jeans. I pull back long enough to peel her jeans off as my eyes rake over her voluptuous body. Her scent hits me even stronger now and has Cyrus going crazy. “You smell so sweet.”

She clamps her thighs shut tighter, as her cheeks burn brighter than ever. A husky chuckle escapes me as I slip my own jeans down, before crawling back over her to recapture her lips.

Sliding a knee between hers, I lay down between her thighs, relishing in her heat. She squirms slightly, adjusting to my body, a low growl slips past my lips at the friction.

I trail kisses back down her neck and continue to the swell of her breast, kissing and nipping as I slip a hand to cup her core. She moans my name as I slip a finger past the black lace of her panties to trace her delicate folds. “You’re so wet for me baby,” I purr in delight.

I trail kisses down her stomach, inching closer to her core. She tenses up when I close in. My hand slides up, caressing her breast. Her moan is all I need to hear to continue. I gently kissed her inner thighs before nuzzling her core. The sweet scent that I have to taste has Cyrus howling in excitement.

Not able to wait any longer, I rip the lacy barrier away.

“Chris,” she gasps.

“I’ll buy you more,” I chuckle at her reaction. My lips latch onto her core, causing her to cry out, as my tongue hungrily slips between her folds, tasting her sweetness. Her head snaps back as I graze my teeth on her sensitive nub.

She moans my name. Her hands tangle in my hair as I devour her. Before long, her hips are twisting and bucking as her pleasure builds. I grab her hips, pinning her down while I continue my feast.

Her breathing is coming in shallow pants now, her high building as I slip a finger in. Jess’ strangled gasp has me pushing further, before withdrawing fully. She whimpers in disappointment before I slid it back in. Her core tightens on my thrusting fingers as I slip a second one in, earning a moan of satisfaction. She’s so close I can feel it. I pick up my pace, licking and sucking harder. She cries out at her release, tugging on my hair as she rides out her high, quivering as I lap up the end of her release.

Having made sure she’s satisfied, I crawl back up, kissing my way up to her neck. I slip a hand behind her, snapping her bra before ripping it off and freeing her breasts to my attention. She giggles nervously, wrapping her arms around me as I settle in between her thighs. My excitement’s straining against her thigh, begging to be set free.

I cup one of her breasts, kneading it with one hand and rolling the erect nipple between my fingers while my mouth finds the other. She moans, squirming as her fire is relit.

Her hands trail down my chest and stomach, sliding past my boxers’ waistband. I suck in a breath as her fingers curl around my shaft. “Fuck Jess,” I growl. I can’t kick my boxers off fast enough.

I move into position, my head at her entrance as I search her eyes for permission. A small nod is all I need to slowly push in, my eyes lock on hers as they roll back while I fill her.

Fuck, this is everything.

I stay like that, giving her a moment to adjust while I nuzzle her neck, breathing in her scent.

“You’re so tight,” I murmur, placing small kisses on her neck. Before long, I feel her hips shift giving me the go ahead. I slowly pull out before thrusting back in fully, groaning in satisfaction as she grips me tightly. After a few slow thrusts, her hips are bucking, meeting mine thrust for thrust. I growl in pleasure as I pick up the pace. Her moans are driving me wild. I grab both hips, guiding her hips to mine as I lean back taking in the view.

Her full breast bounce wildly with every thrust as her fingers dig into the sheets. Her head’s thrown back, eyes closed and back arched, while her body writhes in pleasure as she builds towards her second release. Her parted lips moan as I hit that sweet spot deep inside.

I lean back over her, slipping a hand around her throat. My thumb caresses circles on the spot that will bare my mark as I pick up the pace. Her eyes flutter open at the change in sensation. I growl as she tilts her head, exposing her neck to me more.

I pull her up with me, wrapping my arms behind her, grabbing her shoulders, and pulling her down harder with each thrust. Her arms wrap around my neck, clinging on for dear life. I grunt as I feel her walls tightening around me; my fangs come out as Cyrus pushes to mark her. I graze them across her sweet spot, causing her to shiver but retract them.

I won’t mark her without her permission.

She’s so close, I can feel her shaking, her breathing is just shallow gasps. Like a cord is cut, she comes undone around me as I ride her orgasm, nearing my own. I bite down, sending her over the edge again as I find my own sweet release. She cries out my name as she crumples against me, utterly spent.

I lay back down, bringing her trembling form with me. Slowly I withdraw, pulling her closer as I wrap my arms around her. Jess looks up at me through those thick lashes and smiles.

I could live in this moment forever. I have never felt so satisfied and happy. To have my mate wrapped around me like this is bliss. Even Cyrus is at peace, he still wants her marked but the love bite is enough for him for now. Far too soon, together we drift off to the best sleep I’ve ever had.

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