Forgotten Wolf

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I wake up slowly with the sun streaming in and a gentle breeze dancing on my skin. Chris is still sleeping deeply beneath me, smiling even in his sleep.

‘You took away his pain.’ ‘I think we took away each other’s pain.’

The morning after has never been my thing. I usually startle awake not knowing where I am and wondering why I’m naked just adds to the panic until I remember. All I want after reality sets in is to go home and shower as soon as possible. But not this time.

For the first time I feel complete and content. Sex has NEVER felt any where near this. I’m content to just lay here wrapped in his arms while the sparks dance between our skin.

My fingers aimlessly travel over his chest, tracing the various scars that criss-cross it. He did say that he’s had to fight for everything all his life, so I shouldn’t be surprised by how many there are. He breathes in deeply as his hazel eyes flutter open.

“That is an excellent way to wake up,” he says grinning at me as I blush. His sleepy eyes still swirl with lust, reminding me just how naked I am. Clutching the blanket tighter, I try to push off but he pulls me back closer. “Don’t,” he whispers. “Stay with me.”

His deep voice relaxes me instantly as I sink back down against his chest. He kisses the top of my head as he brushes a few strands of hair away from my face. After a while he asks, “What are you thinking about?”

“Nothing,” I murmur.

He laughs nervously. “I know that mind of yours is always running.” He pauses before whispering, “Do you regret it?”

My head snaps up in shock, and my eyes lock on his. “No! Why, do you?” There’s an edge of panic I wish wasn’t there.

“Fuck no!” He wraps me tighter against his chest. “Why would you ever think that!?”

“I don’t know,” I say, dropping my gaze.

He lifts my chin, making me look at him before speaking again. “Baby, I know exactly how I feel about you. You are mine as I am yours. I don’t want anyone but you, and I want you in every way, as my lover, my friend, and my mate. I don’t want you to ever doubt yourself in my eyes, okay?”

I nod but he pulls me in for a kiss, as if to seal the deal. “Are you hungry?”

My stomach’s rumbling in response. “Yeah, what time is it?”

“Nearly ten,” he replies.

I shoot up, taking the blanket with me as Chris just laughs. “Got a hot date?” he jokes.

“No, I mean, what?” He’s caught me off guard with that one. I did have to hit Curtis’s farm today, but I do not need him to be jealous over someone else.

“Don’t you have meetings or something? You’re usually gone first thing?” I try to shift the attention but only get a questioning look instead.

“Are you kicking me out of bed already?” He teases, mischief dancing in his eyes.

“No,” I groan.

“Relax, there’s nothing pressing,” he trails off but there is a flash of guilt.

“But,” I prompt.

“But nothing, Jace took over training this morning for me.” He shrugs, hoping I’ll let it go.

“You don’t have to change your schedule for me,” I say softly. “But thank you.”

He smiles at me, “For you I’d do anything. Besides waking up with you wrapped around me was worth it,” he says with a devilish grin, causing me to blush.

A knock at the door startles me. “It’s just breakfast,” he says, climbing out of bed buck naked to answer the door.

“Chris!” I can’t help but watch as he strides over to the door, the way his muscles flex and ripple beneath his skin have all of my attention.

‘Now that’s a hell of a morning view.’ ‘Oh my God, shut it.’

He opens the door standing behind it and takes the tray before saying thanks and shutting it. He grins at me as he turns back catching me staring. I quickly drop my gaze as my cheeks begin to burn.

He laughs as he walks up to me, “I’m all yours to look at and to touch, whenever you want.” His tone is so seductive he has me melting without so much as a touch.

Taking a seat he covers his lap with the blanket and sets the tray down. Before long breakfast is done and he takes off to shower. I grab my phone, and check the texts.

Jude: just checking in to see how it went.

Good God, not going over that, I blush.

To Jude: everything’s good, all patched up, heading to Curtis’. No service, so I’ll text you later :)

Curtis: hey Jess, we are down a couple people, do you think you can be here closer to noon?

Shit two hours isn’t very much time to clean up and get there.

To Curtis: I’ll get there asap.

I look around for my clothes but the first thing I see is Chris’s shirt so I slip it on while I look.

Oh there’s my bra, oh jeans, nope those are his.

The next piece I see is the black lace of my panties. I frown, looking at their shredded state.

I really liked these.

A throaty chuckle brings me out of my thoughts as I hide them behind my back.

Chris stands in the doorway from the bathroom in a pair of sweatpants. His expression changes from amusement to hunger as he takes me in wearing only his shirt.

“Sorry, I couldn’t find mine,” I blush.

“Don’t be, I think it looks better on you,” he grins. He reaches behind me grabbing my ripped panties and smiles. “Sorry about that, I’ll buy you new ones.”

“You don’t have to, I just need to start bringing clothes with me or something. I can’t always be leaving in yours.”

He laughs, tucking them in his pocket. “Why not?”

My eyes go wide. “Umm...” Because it’s not proper is a weak argument. “Because they don’t fit, I look like a child swimming in your clothes,” I laugh nervously.

“Check the right side of the closet, you should be able to find something in there.”

Confused, I walk into the closet. His clothes are all organized on the left, whereas the right is mostly empty save for a few items. Assorted tank tops, T-shirts, yoga pants, and jeans are there as well as a selection of bras and panties. I furrow my brows and turn to him.

He rubs the back of his neck nervously before speaking. “I asked Claire to watch what you liked at the carnival and pick you up some clothes so you would have something here. She did some other shopping to pick up other essentials.”

“You bought me clothes?” I gape.

‘Wow captain obvious.’ ‘Shut it.’

“I mean thanks but really, you shouldn’t waste your money like that,” I trail off dumbfounded.

He laughs. “It’s mine to waste, and spending it on you is never a waste.”

“But, it must have cost-”

“Baby, don’t worry about money. We have more than enough to buy you some clothes. It may surprise you, but I’m actually a pretty shrewd businessman.” He winks, telling me to drop it.

Changing the subject, I bring up work. “I have to go back to Curtis’s farm, shitty cell service. I’ll probably be there all afternoon.”

He frowns but nods. “I guess I’ll head to training and let you get ready.” He pauses as he walks by, giving me a lingering kiss as my body instantly melts. I feel like my body responds even more to him now.


I walk into the bathroom after he leaves to shower, freezing instantly when I catch my reflection. The left side of my neck has a clear purple bite mark with a couple hickies.

What are we teens!?

I sigh, brushing my fingertips against the bite and expecting it to be tender. I wasn’t prepared for the pleasure that shoots through my body instead. Once recovered, I step into the shower and clean up.

I guess today will be a hoodie day.

I dress and make my way out front, managing to not run into anyone.

My truck’s gone!?

I turn around and take off for the training field.

I’ve never had a chance to watch training, but the sight in front of me is impressive to say the least. Powerful pairs spare with each other, performing moves so fast and coordinated it looks like a dance. Chris is walking alongside Sara as they evaluate the pairs. They pause here and there, offering corrections or compliments to the sparring partners.

I just stand there watching him in his element. He exudes confidence and power, his keen eyes missing nothing. His warriors hang on every word, swelling with pride at his praise or fierce determination at his correction. Jace and Xavier walk the far side and although you can see the respect, they don’t get the same level as Chris.

Chris pauses, sniffing the air before his eyes find mine, a smile takes over his face as he makes his way towards me.

“I thought you had somewhere to be?” He teases.

“I do, but my truck’s gone,” I say furrowing my brow.

He frowns with a far away look in his eyes. “Looks like a couple of Omegas borrowed it to go to town. Sorry, they are on their way back but about half an hour or so out.” I frown. “Just grab something from the garage, we’ll drop your truck off later,” he smiles.

A commotion from one of the nearest pairs grabs his attention for a moment as an argument over a cheap shot breaks out. Sara and Xavier are there in an instant sorting things as Jace comes over.

“S’up, lil’ elf,” he greets. He starts to study me with a knowing grin spreading across his face. I glare trying to make him cut it out, causing his grin to grow further.

I give him one more warning glare, which he ignores. A troublesome glint flashes in his eyes as he goes to speak. “Stop staring at my ass Jace,” I chirp, cutting him off as I turn back to Chris.

Chris spins instantly, taking in Jace as he now stares at my back. He pales instantly giving Chris an apologetic look. “Chris I-I wasn’t-” he stammers.

“Beta Jace just volunteered to test all of you to see your progress with the takedown we’ve been practicing today,” Chris commands.

“Try to stay out of trouble,” he grumbled in my ear, kissing me before heading back to training.

“Well played,” Jace grumbles heading off. The look he gives me tells me he’s gonna get me back, but I can’t help but grin.

I make my way back to the garage, not even looking at the other options, and head straight for the bike I borrowed last time. It purrs to life under me as I kick off, heading down the road.

I make it there in record time, pulling in at 11:45am.

Curtis is running around ragged, trying to set up three crews. He practically jumps for joy seeing me pull up.

“Have I ever mentioned that you are a godsend?!” His face split into a giant grin as he claps my shoulder.

“You may have mentioned it once or twice,” I say smiling.

“I need you on the main crew, the harvester is temperamental, and I don’t want Toby trying to handle the uneven field.” I nod. The harvester is a clunky, awkward piece of shit machine that eight people work off of. Add to that the uneven nature of the field and deep drainage ditches it’s not an easy task.

After a busy day fighting with the harvester as Curtis did the job of two, running between wagon and truck, but the job finally comes to an end. Toby, his youngest, held his own shuttling loads from the field to the farm, with a few more years he would be able to do anything.

“I hate to ask, but do you have a bit of time to help me fix the grain wagon? Tim got held up at college, and I need it soon.” He looked a bit embarrassed to have to ask me for more help.

I waved off his concerns instantly. “Sure, but Tim’s better then me,” I laugh.

“Mostly I need your size, I’d never fit in there to weld and it’s gonna take two people to get the belt back on.” I nod and we head to the pole barn.

I change into Tim’s welding coveralls, which have a neck shield thankfully, covering my bruised neck. I have to crawl under and remove a piece before I can weld the repair. Currently I’m fighting with a bent bolt and wrench, making very little progress. Suddenly the wrench slips sending the back of my fist into a metal corner. The string of profanities that come out of my mouth are enough to make a trucker blush.

“What happened!?” Curtis calls from the side.

“Wrench slipped and I fucking punched the side of the frame,” I hiss, holding my throbbing hand.

“You okay?” I grumble yes. “Jeez Jess, your language is more colourful than ever,” he teases. I sigh flexing my fist, that’s gonna be a hell of a bruise. I wrap the cut in a rag putting the wrench back on, opting for my shoulder to push it the rest of the way.

In the span of an hour I finish the weld and Curtis slides me in the rebuilt part to bolt back on. As I tighten the last bolt, I hear a car pull up. A quick check of my phone shows it’s 11pm; that’s odd.

“Can I help you sir?” Curtis sounds a bit taken back.

“I’m looking for Jess,” I hear Xavier’s all-business tone.

“What are you doing here, Xavier?” I question, climbing out from under the wagon.

“We couldn’t get a hold of you,” he states like it will clear everything up.

“There’s no cell service here,” Curtis reasons.

“I know,” he snaps annoyed like Curtis is bothering him.

“Xavier! The fuck man, don’t be rude,” I cut into him.

He grumbles but nods. “Get your stuff Jess, we need to go,” he nods towards the SUV where Liam and Nate are waiting.

“What’s going on? Chris knows I’m here,” I counter. His tone is really pissing me off.

“Jess, I don’t have time for your shit tonight, go change and get in the fucking car,” he growls.

His words sting, I’ve never seen this side of him, and I don’t like it one bit.

He pinches the bridge of his nose in frustration. “Please.” Even he knows he’s gone too far.

Curtis looks at me confused, ready to say something but I wave him off. I rip the neck guard off and shrug out of the coveralls, not caring that the tank top would hide nothing. Everyone zeros in on my neck before I can slip the hoodie back on. Xavier holds the back door open for me but I walk past him towards the bike.

“Leave it, Liam will take it back,” he orders. “What happened to your hand,” he asks suddenly concerned.

“Don’t worry about it, I don’t want to waste your time with my shit,” I snap bitterly as his scowl deepens.

“You can’t ride with your hand like that,” he says through gritted teeth.

I walk over to the bike anyways, Liam is already on it. “Liam will drive, I can hang on just fine with one hand, besides my other hand isn’t that bad. Take it or leave it Xavier, I’m not getting in that car with you.”

He just growls and glares at me. “Straight there,” he says before getting in and slamming the door.

Liam passes me the jacket and helmet before we take off. Once back to the pack house, I’m surprised when we sail past the house and garage, instead pulling up to the pack hospital. I look confused at Liam who nods towards the entrance. A concerned looking Claire and Sara stand nervously waiting for me, and my heart drops.

Oh shit.

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