Forgotten Wolf

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47 War

47 War

Chris POV

Dawn’s early light wakes me from my peaceful slumber. Jess is sleeping soundly wrapped around me, her head on my chest, arm around my waist, and our legs entwined. I just lay there, memorizing every detail of this moment.

This isn’t my first battle, I’ve trained all my life for moments like this, but this is the first time I’ve ever had something so precious to lose. I hate to admit how the thought of never seeing Jess again scares the shit out of me.

My mate is my world and I would lay down my life for hers in a heartbeat, but I’d rather live a long life with her surrounded by our kids as we grow old.

‘We’re ready,’ Jace links.

‘I’ll be there in a few,’ I reply with a sigh.

‘Are you sure about this Chris?’ He sounds hesitant.

‘Yeah, we need to push early to get the drop on them. I’ll suffer her wrath when we get home, she’s already upset enough,’ I trail off sadly.

Carefully, I slide out and away from her, my heart aches to leave her like this. I pen a quick note and tape it to the door where she’ll see it when she gets up. With a final kiss, I slip out before she wakes. Everyone is formed up at the training field and ready to go.

“Ready?” Jace asks.

“Yeah, let’s get this over with. The sooner we get rid of them, the sooner we can get back,” I reply in a tone that is all business.

“Did you forget my invite, brother?” Derek asks as he walks over.

I just raise a brow, thinking that he left when the other Guardians were recalled. “I thought you left?”

“You heard Dex, I’m still listed as AWOL. They had to follow orders, I have a score to settle,” he says with a dangerous edge.

Truth be told there’s no one I’d rather have in the field with me. This next part is going to be super tricky, and not likely to be well received.

“Sara,” I call my head warrior over. When Jess was taken, her change was drastic. The work she put in to finding her didn’t go without my notice. She pulled double shifts on patrol to keep fresh warriors out looking for her and she pushed through the main fight and found her first.

“I need you here,” I say, preparing for her anger. Immediately, she bristles at the thought of being left behind and is about to protest when I cut her off.

“I need to know that my Luna is taken care of. If something goes wrong today, she needs someone to take care of things and keep her safe. There is no one else I’d trust her more to then you.” I lock my eyes at her, willing her to understand.

I can see she’s torn between her position and my request. “Please Sara, keep her safe. I’m taking the bulk of the force with me. If we were wrong about Jude...” I trail off.

“I will keep her safe but when this is over you need to settle this Gamma shit,” she snaps but her tone doesn’t match her words. Disappointment at being left behind is there, but so is her resolve at her new task.

“Thank you,” I say with the utmost sincerity.

With that we turn and head off. The rendezvous point is less than two hours away, but there’s a sense of urgency everyone shares.

‘I’m sorry Sara, but she’s probably gonna be pissed when she wakes up,’ I apologizes.

‘This isn’t the first time I’ve dealt with a pissed off Jess and it’s not likely the last time,’ she replies with a laugh.

‘We should be back around midnight, make sure the hospital-’

‘Alpha, I’ve got it. You worry about the field, I’ll prepare and defend here,’ she cuts me off.


The trip to the rendezvous point is fast and smooth. Eric calls to let us know they have found the rogues holed up east of the dungeons. They lost a scout and two are wounded, but that will save us valuable time and energy knowing exactly where to hit.

Rob has brought his forces as promised, though I can’t help but frown at their lack of discipline. His seasoned head warrior Malcom is the only one trying to keep everyone in line.

“Ready to finally end this, Christopher?” He drawls with a lack of respect that has Cyrus on edge.

We will have to address our arrangement after this is all taken care of.

“Always, Roberto,” I reply.

Two can play at this.

“Let’s get this over with, I for one am tired of all the games,” he grumbles. “Lead the way, I’ll take your flank,” he says before shifting and slipping his pack around his charcoal neck.

Maybe it won’t be so hard to work with him after all, I expected him to fight me on leadership.

‘Did someone replace the tool? He’s always trying to prove how important he is,’ Jace questions as his sandy wolf takes up my right flank with Xavier.

‘Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth, we’ve got enough to deal with today,’ I link as I shift.

With everyone wild, we head off towards the location Eric gave us and in less than twenty minutes we’re there. The stench of rogues is thick in the air. It’s hardly a strong hold; hell it’s barely a camp.

They have a couple sentries posted in close but no patrols. Just a run down stone building sits in the middle with a few smaller log houses around it. There are a surprising amount of rogues crammed in there though…

Something feels off.

‘Does this feel a bit too easy?’ Jace links.

‘It does,’ I reply.

‘Even rogues know better than to not have patrols. Eric’s scouts wouldn’t have risked coming too close to the sentries to get picked off,’ Jace presses on, astute as always.

Before we have time to consider the situation, more one of our scouts links in that we are being flanked. In an instant, I shift to talk to Rob.

“We’re being flanked,” I yell as he shifts.

“What do you mean flanked!? My scouts haven’t seen anything,” he growls. His eyes glaze as he links. “That pup sold us out, I told you it was a mistake to bring him in,” he snarls.

“We’ll deal with him later,” I growl dangerously. “Keep our flank open, we’ll take care of the heart,” he nods and shifts. Before we can split up, the wolves break in on us from both behind and out of the buildings.

We’ve been set up! This was designed to bring us to a pinch point.

Fighting breaks out all around as the forces clash. The rogues have numbers, but the discipline of my pack is leveling the playing field. Rob’s warriors, however, are struggling to keep up in their fights.

I push forward, cutting down anyone stupid enough to come too close. A howl sounds up ahead to challenge me. We break off to meet the rogue Alpha head on. A quick glance over my shoulder shows Jace and Derek while Xavier falls behind, taking out flanking wolves.

A large silver grey wolf blocks my path to the rogue Alpha with a couple of dirty greys flanking him. I thought he was Jude for a second but the smell is wrong. He lunges for me, as do his shadows, but Jace and Derek intercept them leaving him to me.

The large silver grey male is more powerful and skilled then the surrounding rogues; clearly he was pack trained. He lands a solid bite on my back leg as I turn to return the hit. His small victory leaves his belly exposed which I take full advantage of, sinking my fangs in deeply, tearing flesh, and coating my mouth in his blood.

Quickly he lets go, trying to kick me off before I could gut him fully. I push off, ignoring the burning in my leg to latch onto his throat. Blood flows freely as I shake violently, shredding his throat. He collapsed into a heap bleeding out before he stills.

Derek finishes his opponent and Jace’s is nearly done, but more wolves are closing in from the left side. For his lighthearted nature, Jace is actually a savage fighter. Ruthless and cunning, he can read his opponent within a couple moves and get them to play right into his jaws.

He finishes the wolf with enough time to turn and meet the new wave. We set into an easy rhythm, swapping point positions to give each other a break, then dropping back to flank position and finishing the injured wolves.

We have trained for so many years, we don’t even need the link to communicate. Before long, the new batch is finished and we push on towards the leader. I see Rob make his way through with his Beta and third.

The rogue Alpha comes into view, the knot of wolves around him look more disciplined then the others. Numbers now are definitely not on our side.

‘Let them come to us,’ I link Jace.

Derek will hold back and flank us, so no worries there. Rob, however is an idiot, I just hope he follows our lead. So far he’s been hanging back but lord knows what he will do next.

The first wolves break off and attack us. True to form, I take the attack head on twisting them and sending them back to Derek or Jace to finish. We fight like a well oiled machine as we cut through their numbers.

Rob, on the other hand, fights wild with no regard for his Beta and third. He’s being drawn away from them as the wolf he’s fighting faints back, dodging his attacks.

‘Fuck, he’s getting baited,’ I swear, pulling Jace’s attention up.

‘What’s he thinking?!’ Jace snaps.

‘Damn it, cover me,’ I snarl, pushing forward.

Rob is now flanked, three against one. I howl as I throw myself on the nearest wolf. He’s too focused on Rob to see me coming, I snap his neck and turn on the next. We trade blows before he makes a mistake that costs him his life.

Movement from my left catches my attention as the rogue Alpha launches himself at me. He has definitely earned his title and his hits are powerful and coordinated.

Having sat back all this time, he’s fresh whereas I have cut my way through dozens to reach him. He lands a savage bite to my left shoulder as I clamp down on his right leg. I push through the pain, biting down harder until I hear the satisfying crunch of his bones, signalling his broken leg. He howls in pain releasing my shoulder but the damage is done.

More wolves are filing in, both rogues and our forces as the fighting pitches all around us. Rob has made it back to his group and they are flanking Jace and Derek now.

I’m on my own for now.

I push the pain away and focus back on the Alpha in front of me. He is a grizzly veteran with numerous scars and knows how to fight. He was pushing me to the limits before I broke his leg, making him back off.

We circle each other, sizing each other up and looking for weaknesses. Before he can decide on his next tactic, I spring onto him and twist at the last minute to latch onto his left shoulder. He stumbles on the broken right leg, snapping it at an odd angle as he howls in pain, gnashing his jaws and thrashing at me.

I take a couple minor hits as I wrestle him into position, finally latching onto his throat and ripping it out. I step back, noticing Rob has come to flank me on my left while his Beta, third, and Derek take on another group. I can’t see Jace.


A blinding pain erupts in my shoulder, making my body burn as it’s forced to shift back and blocked from Cyrus. I twist desperately trying to reach the blade buried deep in the back of my shoulder. I roll over to see Rob shifted and coming at me.

I don’t even have enough time to get up before he lands the first round of hits. He’s been holding back this whole time, letting me do the brunt of the work, wearing me down without lifting a finger himself.

I can’t link so I yell a warning for anyone who can hear. I block the blows as best as I can but feel the silver blade is doing it’s job draining me. I hear Derek roar as he’s silvered the same way by Rob’s Beta.

Fuck! Jess always said he was wrong, but she just thought it was because of their history.

My eyes widen as all the pieces of betrayal fall into place. Rob’s final attack sends me stumbling backwards, driving the silver knife deeper.

“Took you long enough Chris,” he sneers. “That bitch of yours was the perfect bait.”

Rage explodes in me as I launch myself at him, landing a couple solid blows before staggering back. Blood flows freely from the deep wound, coating my back and draining my energy.

I need to get the knife out before it twists and kills me.

“We could have done this weeks ago but no, you wouldn’t leave your pack undefended. No matter, I’m nothing if not patient,” he sneers.

“There never were rogue attacks on New Moon were there?” I rasp out as I buy time.

“Oh there were attacks, luckily the victims were dissidents. Takes care of a problem and sets up my alibi all at once. Perfect, no?” Rob gloats.

I roar and try to launch myself at him but am knocked down instantly. They drag Derek up to us, silver knife gleaming in his back as his third holds him kneeling.

“Always so righteous. Oh, how the mighty have fallen,” Rob growls, stalking towards me with a dangerous glint in his eye.

My eyes lock on the silver dagger as his fingers lock in my hair, bending my neck back. He draws his hand back then drives the dagger deep. Shock and dread give way to acceptance and anger as Rob grins maniacally at me relishing in his victory. Jess’ face pops into my mind, her smile lifts my heart as I brace for my fate. In my surrender, the sounds of the battle raging on around us fade into background, I barely hear anything over the steady beating of my heart.


Hot blood sprays across me, splattering from my eyes down to my chest, as Derek roars in rage.

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