Forgotten Wolf

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50 The Veil

Everything is foggy. I don’t remember hitting the woods but I’m on my way down a path to? Wait, where am I going? My bare feet apparently know as they pick their way through the soft leaves.

I can’t remember anything leading up to this moment. The white light cotton dress I’m wearing flutters in the midnight breeze while the moonlight paints everything in a crystal blue light.

The path opens up to the waters edge where the biggest silver white wolf stands blocking my way. His golden eyes are locked on mine like he’s searching my soul. They feel so familiar.

‘She’s waiting for you,’ floats through my mind as he nods further down.

I walk towards the falls where a stunning woman waits. She’s dressed in elegant white, her long silver blond hair cascades down her back. The moonlight makes her porcelain skin glow as her brilliant blue eyes sparkle. She’s smiling but her eyes are so sad as she holds a hand out for me.

“Oh Jess,” she says.

She caresses my cheek as her eyes search mine. “So much pain,” she whispers.

“I’m sorry but I can’t remember,” I apologize taking her offered hand.

“It takes a toll to visit like this, and your body is already so weak,” she replies.

“Is this a dream?” I whisper.

“Yes, but it’s also real.” She pauses. “Do you know who I am?”

“I’m sorry I-” I stammer unable to place her, but she feels so familiar.

“It’s ok dear, you were very young when we spoke last, I’m Selena, you’ve already met Luca,” she says gesturing to the white wolf as he walks up to her.

A memory flashes of a man and woman telling me a story about the Moon Goddess and the first Alpha. My eyes widen at the realization.

“Yes, one in the same,” she says with a soft laugh.

“I don’t understand, why are we here?” A sense of dread is seeping into the fog that surrounds me.

She slips a hand to my temple and the fog lifts ever so slightly.

“Do you remember what happened to you?” As if on command the memories float back of the rogue battle, falling asleep, and bleeding out as the poison took over.

“Am I dead?” I ask, barely a whisper.

“Not yet, but your hanging on by a thread. I’ve come to help you walk which ever path you choose.” Her face softens but her eyes are guarded.

“You’ve been through so much for one so young; loss, abandonment, abuse, death and suffering. I wish I could have shielded you from it all but I couldn’t.” Her voice is laced with regret.

“I can’t remember anything, it’s all blank,” I mumble, slightly frustrated.

“I’ve come to offer you a choice, I can take you through the veil and the pain and suffering will be washed away. You will know a peace you didn’t get in life.”

“Or?” I prompt.

“Or I can help you go back,” she says smiling softly.

“What do you want?” She asks.


I’ve always wanted to be at peace, of that I’m sure. “Peace?” I question.

But at what cost?

She turns and starts to lead me across the water towards the mist covered woods. “You’ve more then earned it, but you will leave everyone behind,” she trails off.

“Who? I can’t remember,” I complain halting.

She places her hands on my temple pulling memories as she speaks. “Your family, your friends.” Flashes of Jace and Jude horsing around at a pool party are followed by laughing with Jude and Trish at the market as Ethan snags my food. The memories filter through, all these smiling and happy people.

A man with stunning hazel eyes floats by, my mind latches onto him for dear life. “Your mate Chris,” she says sadly. Memories flood by me as I remember everything about him. My heart knots painfully as I remember nearly rejecting him and the pain that came from it. Tears well in my eyes, threatening to spill over at any moment.

“B-but he will be alone, I’ve caused him so much pain already,” I complain as the tears start to fall and my chest tightens.

“I promise to find him a second chance mate.” Her tone was soothing and gentle but the thought sets me on edge.

“You could go back to him,” she says, raising a brow. “I wish I could tell you that the hard parts of life are behind you, but I won’t lie to you. Your path is anything but easy, but you’ll be together.”

“Why can’t I remember it all?! You ask me to make this choice with just little pieces of my life to go off of.” I’m terrified to make the wrong choice. “How do I know this isn’t a trick?!”

She gestured to the waterfall, it stilled like glass showing me myself, laying in a hospital bed. Chris and Jude are at my bedside.

“You’re running out of time to decide,” she warns.

My eyes are locked on Chris’s, his emotions are so raw; desperation, upset, worry but also love, so much love and hope. My fingers graze the water rippling his image. My heart wrenches at his pain.

“I love him,” I mumble to myself, realizing something deep down. “I want to go back,” I say looking at her, tears running freely over my cheeks now. “I can’t leave him.”

Apparently that was the right answer as her face split into a dazzling smile that goes straight to her twinkling eyes.

“Does everyone in this position get to choose?” I ask suddenly confused. She shakes her head no. “Then why me?”

“You’ve earned it, and debts are owed.” She replies cryptically. My chest begins to tighten as I stagger back.

“What debt?!” I grunt out as the tightening gets worse and my body begins to burn.

‘Keep protecting the blood,’ Luca says as I snap back into the darkness.


My body aches as I fight against the darkness, I groan against the pain as I fight to open my eyes.

“Jess!?” Jude whispers.

I feel his warm hand on my cheek but I can’t get my body to obey.

“Doc!! Get in here,” Jace shouts. “I’ll link Chris.”

I groan again, I’m so tired the void threatens to take me again.

“Jess, if you can hear me open your eyes,” Jude begs. But my eyes won’t obey, all I can do is barely whimper.

He laces his fingers with mine as he lifts my hand. “Ok what about squeeze my fingers?”

I focus all my energy on my fingers, you’d think a little squeeze wouldn’t be too hard, but all I can manage is a small wiggle.

“Doc, she’s waking up,” Jace exclaims as the doctor came in.

“Let’s not get ahead of ourselves,” he says guardedly. I feel his cold fingers slip around my wrist to check my pulse.

“Baby!?” I hear Chris’s desperate voice as he rushes over to me. His hand cups my cheek sending familiar sparks across my skin. I whimper leaning into his caress.

“Doc! I can feel her, the bond is back,” he says, the relief is clear in his voice. “Why does she look like she’s in so much pain?”

“Let me adjust the dosing,” he replies. I just whimper again before the medication claims me for the void again.


The suns warm kiss followed by the breezes gentle caress finally break me from my endless sleep. Finally I felt the heavy fog loose it’s iron grip on me.

My eyes slowly fluttered open, as I blink away the bright morning’s light. The steady beep of the heart monitor is interrupted by a lone birds song.

Chris is slumped over my bed on the right side softly sleeping while Jude’s on the left. Both men look exhausted.

I lightly brush the back of my fingers across his cheek trailing my thumb along his bottom lip. Sparks dance, lightening up my finger tips as I caress his face. He stirs slightly leaning into my touch as his beautiful hazel eyes flutter open.

Chris jumps upright, jarring Jude awake as he stands over me, eyes locked on mine as his hand caresses my cheek. “Baby?” The desperation is clear in his voice.

“Hi,” I croak out with a smile.

He just stares like he’s afraid to blink incase I disappear. His eyes swirl with so many emotions, I’ve never seen him so raw. I bring my hand to his cheek wiping a tear away with my thumb.

“I thought I lost you,” he whispers. “I’ve never been so scared in my life...” he trails off.

“I’m still here, I chose you,” I say with a smile.

His lips brush mine so tenderly as his hands cups my cheeks. A cough behind him pulls him back sooner then either of us want.

“Let doc take a look,” Jace says. With a soft kiss on my forehead Chris steps back only enough to let Doc in.

“Welcome back Luna,” Doc says with a relieved smile. “You gave us a hell of a scare.” He steps back checking my pulse before walking back.

“I was poisoned?” I ask as all eyes locked on me.

“How’d you know?” Jace asks, his confusion clear.

I debate telling them about the dream, I’m not even sure what it was. “I was stuck in a dream... she told me I was dying and offered me a choice. To finally find peace, but I would have to leave all of you behind...” I trail off sadly.

My eyes locked on Chris’s, they are so full of pain. “I chose you,” I whisper. “I almost lost you before, I wasn’t going to make the same mistake again-”

His lips crash down on mine as he pours his emotions into his kiss. I knot my fingers in the hair at the back of his neck, savouring the feel of his lips on mine. He pulls back looking deep into my eyes, the relief in his is clear.

“I’m not going anywhere,” I promise as he takes a seat holding my hand.

I turned my attention to Jude, his regularly bright blue eyes are deeply shadowed. “Hey,” I say smiling.

He picks up my other hand and scoots his chair closer. “Hey,” he whispers. His smile immediately lightening his eyes.

“I didn’t get a chance to congratulate you on your promotion,” I say. He beams instantly.

“You’re stuck with me now,” he teases.

“There’s no one I’d rather have,” I admit. He has understood me better then myself most days, and has always been there when I needed him. Even Xavier knew he wasn’t the right man for the job.

“Welcome back my elf,” Jace said from the foot of my bed. “Please don’t do anything like that again, I’m not cut out to be Alpha,” he jokes, nervously rubbing the back of his neck. As if a light bulb goes off he turns to Jude.

“Told you you were meant for bigger things,” he says to Jude, clasping his shoulder.

Both men laugh as Chris looks confused.

“The first night you and Jude had it out and he took Jess home, I went to check on them. After talking I felt like there was more to their relationship then just close friendship. I told him then that I thought he was meant for more but he dismissed it without a second thought.” He chuckles lightly. “Turns out I was right,” he says with a wink.

“Although I hate to cut this short, she needs to eat something before she sleeps again,” Doc says. He has slipped back into his professional mannerisms.

“Come on Jude,” Jace says prompting Jude. “It’s time you earn your keep, Xavier needs a break,” he laughs. “Someone’s got to make sure the pack doesn’t fall apart while the Alpha’s busy.” He gives Chris’ shoulder a squeeze before heading out. “Take all the time you need Chris, we’ve got this covered,” he says with a smile as they head out.


The next couple days went by the same, I slept a lot. When I was awake Chris was there or Jude, we’d talk a bit, mostly I’d listen to them talk. Every day I felt a bit stronger, back to myself. Their relief at the rate I was bouncing back was clear.

By the fourth day I woke up to Derek and Ethan hanging out.

“Look who’s finally awake,” Derek teases. Ethan run over to the side of my bed. “Someone wanted to see you and wouldn’t take no for an answer.” He ruffles Ethan’s hair as he sits back in his chair.

I look at Ethan and flash him a smile but freeze when I lock eyes with his. Those same intense golden eyes from my dream are staring back at me.

“Well aren’t you clever,” Derek growls from his chair as he studies me, clenching his jaw, pissed.


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