Trapped, the tribird

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Sage has had it rough her whole life, with her being a tribrid and all. always living in her brothers shadow. What happens when she meets Three leaders that are her mates. Will she except them or reject them? How will she live?

Romance / Fantasy
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Chapter 1

“Why do I have to go to this dumb thing again?” I asked my twin brothers Alex and Aiden.

“Sage you know mother and father would have wanted you to come” I scoffed at Alex’s response.

“Ugh no, they wanted their perfect baby boys to come not me, the mistake” I Replied shrugging my shoulders. They both frowned at me “Oh god, you knew they hated me so fucking stop with the bullshit” I rolled my eyes at them.

“You’re coming end of story” This came from Aiden.

“Yes, alpha sir,” I said sarcastically bowing. They both gave me puppy dog eyes, I growled in frustration “Fine I’ll go but I’m not dealing with your bullshit, so don’t argue with each other” They both had a look of satisfaction on their face. I groaned walking up to my room.

“Wear a dress” I heard Alex yell to me

“Fuck you” I yelled back going to my room. Oh sorry let me introduce myself, I’m Sage a tribrid. My mother was a very powerful witch, My Father was a Werewolf Vampire Hybrid, They fell in love blah blah blah, Then they had me which they weren’t a fan of, they didn’t like what I was. So they tried again then came my perfect Alpha Twin brothers, but they didn’t stop there soon mommy dearest popped out my Other baby brother Caleb, he’s a witch, but still, they didn’t stop there soon after Caleb came Marcel my vampire brother. He was smarter than us all and left the first chance he got.

And so I lived my whole life being in the shadow of Alex and Aiden, I grew up not getting any love from my parents, which I think toughened me up but I mean it was hard. The most family love I ever got was from Caleb, He has always been there for me when my parents would lock me in my room because in their eyes I was too different. I’m going, to be honest, thank the gods they’re dead, they were evil people.

Now onto the event, I’m being forced to go to, It’s an Asva. An Asva is when Alphas, High priests of covens, and leaders of vampire clans all meet together and have a party, and since I am the “Family” of an Alpha I’m invited, but I hate these events because Alex and Aiden always end up getting in a fight about whos stronger and faster and bigger it’s fucking annoying, And then there is a bunch of horny leaders looking for mates and I have no interest mating to a self-centered dickhead.

Now that my parents have passed everyone knows what I am, most people don’t care, but there are a few that are really dumb and try and challenge me which never ends well.

I walked over to my closet to pick out something to wear, “Wear a fucking dress” I mumbled to myself. I snatched out a lacy black dress hehe, if I’m forced to wear a dumbass dress then imma look hot. I slipped on the sexy dress smirking I grabbed some black 2-inch heels. I know but I have sensitive feet, I put on some mascara and red matte lipstick, I was about to walk out when I remembered something I ran over to my jewelry box and grabbed my black jewel necklace, and slipped it on. I sighed as I moved to my mirror I stared at my green eyes. I walked downstairs, right as I reached the bottom step I saw my two brothers in a rage.

“What the fuck are you wearing” Alex growled, I scoffed.

“Um, excuse me mister I remember you telling me to wear a dress” I crossed my arms at him.

“You look like a hooker,” Aiden said with a scowl on his face, I flipped them both the bird and walked to the kitchen. I opened the fridge and grabbed a blood bag, I slurped it down as my brothers watched in disgust. I noticed someone was missing,

“Where’s Caleb?” I asked finishing my blood.

“Not sure he said he would be here soon” Alex looked down at his watch.

“He better be we need to le-” Before Alex could finish the door swung open, revealing Caleb in a blue suit.

“Hellooooo familia,” He said stumbling in, oh my god he’s drunk, lucky bastard.

“Dammit Caleb you’re drunk, we have to leave in 15 minutes” Aiden Yelled at Caleb

“Oh my god get that stick outta your ass” He glared at him. He wobbled a little “Woah there buddy I almost fell” He said which made me burst out laughing. The twins turned their angry gazes toward me.

“See this is why you’re my favorite brother, You know how to have fun now let’s get you sobered up before they blow a gasket,” I said grabbing Caleb in my grasp.

When we were finally ready to go, Caleb was still a little tipsy, but it wasn’t too noticeable. We hoped in the car and drove to the sight, The location this time was in the woods. When we arrived I scurried out of the car, time to play the loving daughter.

I looked around me seeing men and a few women in formal clothes. I walked around making small talk, I heard a few sorry for your loss, how are you. I hated those type of questions because I always had to lie, I would’ve loved to say “Great so happy they’re dead” But instead I always respond like “ya I’m ok just really missing them”

I grumbled walking to the bar, “Scotch neat” I told the bartender he nodded and walked away, after about 2 minutes he handed me my drink. I took a drink then immediately spat it out. “What the fuck is this?” I asked the bartender

“Um miss it’s whisky neat” I cracked the glass in my hand and stormed off. Who the fuck gets whisky and scotch mixed up I thought to myself. I ran my hair through my copper red hair, not having enough alcohol in me. I growled out loud earning me a few glances, I felt a small pain on the back of my neck. I turned around to see Caleb holding a rock in his hand.

“What the hell was for” I screeched at him

“I had been calling your name, you didn’t answer me”

“So you threw a fucking rock at me” He shrugged. I glared at him and he chuckled at me. “So what do you want dickbag?”

“Oh yeah, Alex and Aiden are fighting” I sighed and walked to find my little brothers.

I finally found them in a big patch of grass arguing with each other over some dumb shit, there was a small crowd around them but I didn’t care. I stormed up to them grabbing both of them by the collars of their suits.

“Now listen up boys, I’m tired of this shit, ok we get it Alex you think the pack likes you more, and you Aiden think you’re stronger” I started fuming with anger “But shut the fuck up before I beat both of your asses, you know I could” They nodded, I let them go with a sigh. I was about to say something when a scent filled my nose, it was sweet like nothing I have ever smelt before.

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