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Just Smiling (Mr. & Mr. Sequel)

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Chapter Two: Cradles

Beckett P.O.V

I don’t know why I told him that I’d be able to make it through the day. I think he thought it was the truth because when I said it, I had actually meant every word. I don’t mean every word now. Since the moment I spoke, I have only gotten more and more tired, each thought becoming forced and my focus failing me. I couldn’t even fake a smile anymore. I was just too exhausted.

Being on baby duty morning after morning was clearly taking its toll on me. That toll was appearing in the form of me, moments from passing out in the middle of my AP physics I class. I don’t know why I took the class, even though science was a good subject for me, one of the more interesting ones, I don’t think I’m going to do well in this class. I think I took it because I was given the opportunity. After scoring well on my SAT, I was offered a couple of AP classes and decided that I could handle one AP class in the shuffle of everything else.

Big mistake on my part.

Leaning my head on the desk, I could only blandly stare at the board in front of me, watching as the very pregnant teacher, Mrs. Jill, wrote something on the board with her dominate hand while her other hand rested gently over her bump. She was going to go on maternity leave soon, and a new guy was going to come in and teach while she was away.

It was kind of disappointing as I had already gotten used to Mrs. Jill’s quirking attitude and personality. She was a friendly teacher, and it was unfortunate that I got her as a teacher when she was pregnant.

Today though, that was the only thing I could focus on. Her baby bump, the way she walked while talking, the way she wrote words, anything that could keep me awake. Lunch was next period, and I need to seem okay so that Reese doesn’t flip his lid and against my wishes shove me into a vehicle and drive me home. I do not want him to miss his classes. Since he no longer had an excuse to fall behind in classes, I’ve been on his a** about making sure he stayed caught up and with good, reasonable grades.

That wasn’t too much to ask for.

The longer I rested my head on the cold desk, the more I was tempted to sleep away the exhaustion. If I were at home, I would have already been asleep, but I was at school. I can’t sleep, I must learn, not sleep.

Sleep . . . sure does sound tempting, though.

I pouted as I lightly smacked my left cheek, attempting to distract myself and keep myself awake. Class was only another ten minutes. I could do this.

I couldn’t do this.

I don’t know what happened! One moment, I was super confident about being able to stay awake. Then the next, I was being shaken awake by a fellow classmate who was looking down at me in concern.

“Hey Beckett, are you okay? You’ve been off all day . . . ” She trailed off, tugging her binder to her chest, taking a step away from me.

“Thank’s for waking me, Hope, but I’m fine,” I said, pushing it off. I know that the ten minutes of nap should have helped, but it only seemed to make it worse. I was more tired than before, which was kind of hard as I was moments from face planting against the desk.

I got up slowly, my limbs not wanting to work with me, and just go back to sleep, but I knew that if I stayed in the classroom any longer that I’d fall asleep again and my boyfriend would become a search dog and sniff me down. I didn’t want to concern Reese, he needed to focus on school and not worry to death about his boyfriend. I will just talk to Courtney about Grace sleeping tonight and maybe hint towards dad that I want a soundproof wall that won’t be used solely to prevent baby noises from coming in. If you catch my drift.

I walked out of the class, waving goodbye to Mrs. Jill, who looked kind of concerned but she didn’t speak on the matter, packing her belongs up more than before. She was leaving within the next two weeks, wanting to get out of the school before her birth. I don’t blame her for a second.

Walking in the hallway was weird without my boyfriend. I guess I was used to having him right beside me. He was usually waiting for me outside of my classrooms, causing me to be concerned. Was something wrong? I didn’t get a chance to ponder over it much. Instead, the answer was slammed into my face.

Walking towards my locker, I could see Reese standing there, aggressively attempting to get a girl to let go of his arm. I recognized the girl to be Amy Stewart, a short, but pretty cheerleader. A small pit of jealousy filled me as I remember that the two dated a bit before Reese and I officially met. I walked casually over to the two, listening as Amy attempted to get my boyfriend to take her back.

“Come on, Reese,” Amy said with a purr. “I know you miss me, miss us," She said as she gestured between the two of them. “Just take me back babe,” Amy attempted to pull Reese down towards her and into a kiss, but Reese wasn’t having any of it. He finally managed to push her away.

“I didn’t miss a single thing about you, Amy,” Reese sneered at her. “I dated you because my sister needed on the cheer team, and at the time, you were buddy buddy with the captain,” Reese admitted. A slightly ashamed look in his eyes was noticed by me, but clearly not by Amy, who suddenly seemed fueled with rage.

Amy reached up and was about to smack my boyfriend, but I had honestly had enough of it. It didn’t matter anymore about why he dated her. They weren’t dating anymore, and it’s been months since they did. She should have moved on already. Hitting him now isn’t going to change anything. So instead of letting her hit Reese, I caught her wrist gently, not wanting to hurt her.

She seemed shocked and turned around to see me standing there. I looked pitiful. A walking zombie. And yet, I was still dating the boy she was trying to steal.

I released her arm when I deemed that she probably forgot about hitting my boyfriend. Suddenly looking embarrassed at the amount of people in the hallway who had watched our drama unfold, Amy took off running down the hallway, not before muttering that she’d get Reese for that.

Reese and I shared a look of doubt before Reese glared at everyone in the hallway, making a majority of them scurry away from the hall and towards the cafeteria, leaving Reese and me in the hallway alone.

“So that was dramatic,” I stated, leaning against a locker, suddenly reminded of how tired I was. I looked over at my boyfriend, who was violently shoving his belongings into his locker.

“I’m so done with her behavior,” He hissed under his breath, slamming his locker closed. “You’d think after breaking up with them that they’d go away,” He mumbled, looking over at me as I stared at him with a dazed look. His eyes softened in the slightest.

“Okay, that’s it, I’m taking you home,” He reopened his locker to get his keys. I didn’t fight him, though. I was too exhausted to want to stop him. He was going to take me home, and at home is my bed.

I just nodded at what he said, not really thinking about it. Once he closed his locker again, he gently reached out and grabbed my hand, caressing it with his thumb before wrapping an arm around my waist and began to lead me towards the front office to get me out of school.

I allowed him to.

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