Lovers who stayed friends

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All love stories start with a innocent friendship and then become lovers, here Araya and Rysand starts as lovers and because of unfortunate situations they try to remain friends. As much as I enjoyed writing this story I hope you will enjoy reading it too. Here you can find first love , heart breaks, desire, family etc...

Romance / Erotica
Silly Gemini
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Chapter 1 - A cliché movie first meeting

It all started when I was in school and I was in eighth grade. And to say about me and my school , I wasn't the popular nor did I try to be one. I was the average student , chubby in all unnecessary parts and boyish who studied in all girls school ,where over achieving and style was always in trend there. So I had very few friends in school , or you can say just one. Hehe! Her name is Peggy, she is the one who will let me in on all the gossips in school. And my family - my mom Sheila, she is kind , sweet person until you mess with one of her kids, one of the strongest women I have seen in my life. Then my brother Arha, you know how siblings work, I tell him that he was adopted he tells me that I was rescued from the trash.
Since my family thinks I'm incapable of traveling on my own , they used to drop me and pick me up. It'll be either mom or my brother. Sometimes when my dad has off , he'll pick me up. When me and my brother were little , on his off day, it'll be like a festival holiday, he'll cook lunch for us, we'll go out for dinner or go out for a picnic. Oh those were the days 🥺. But we have all grown up, so just dinner. My dad Divit, I was his little princess, he used to call me dumpling 'cause I looked like one 😅. So as usual no one came to pick me up. It's like this, if it's dad or mom ,they'll come on time and my brother I'll have to call him. So I came out of the school to call him. Yeah, I forgot to tell that about me, I'm not very much fond of mobile phones maybe because there is no one to call me or text me. There is a pay phone adjacent to my school unfortunately that wasn't work that day , and so I had to go to the other side of the road to make the call. He asked me to wait near a coffee shop which is one block away from my school. And that was it; I saw him for the first time, the boy of my dreams , never knew the imaginative figure would appear in real and alive.
He was so tall, athletic build, and handsome as hell. He walked towards me , my foolish head thought he is coming to speak with me but no he walked passed me and got on the bike that was parked next to where I was standing. He put in the key , just before wearing his helmet , he looked up to me , winked and smiled at me. There is this thing,when you spend your whole life in girls school and brand yourself as ugly and something like this happens will make you freeze. I think he would have seen how I was staring at him like a child seeing a ghost. All this happened in a couple of minutes, even after he left I kept replaying the scene in my head, it was so new and good which made butterfly do summersault in my stomach.
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