Lies That Bind (BWWM)

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Lies are a horrible thing they bring about more than just simple white lies, and betrayal.

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1

Tobias Atler awoke in his bed next to his wife staring at the ceiling he wasn’t even remotely happy all the pain and misery that surrounded them by going back and forth had made them enemies rather than partners.

No one knew of what lurked behind The Atler’s doors or crept up on the walls. Tobias exhaled as he had been traced back from his thoughts as his wife Latasha woke from her slumber with that same look of misery that she always held on her face after looking at Tobias’s menacing gaze.

“ So....”


“We aren’t going to talk about what happened?”

“There is nothing to discuss Latasha.”

Tobias grabbed his clothing as he placed his shoes on his feet he couldn’t deal with it anymore the love he felt for Latasha Costner had quickly escalated down hill and she didn’t even realize it until it was already to late and by that time...

Tobias had walked out of the door....

Tobias grabbed his keys from his jacket made his way to his 2018 Impala as he propped open up the door as he strapped himself inside and then made his way over to his friend Joseph’s house.

The two shared a bond that no one else could explain not even there wives because for all they knew they had been friends since the beginning of time. However that’s what everyone would want to think.

For once Tobias made his way inside Joseph’s house the bond became much closer that day indeed.

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