The four Horsemen: walk with Death

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Cursed by the Moon Goddess like his brothers for desobeying her order, Death has to roam the Earth trapped in his wolf form for a thousand years. Only then, will he be able to shift and finally find a mate in Alpha Cassandra. Cassandra was raised to be a powerful Alpha and take over the pack after her parents. A boring life for a burning fire but the Moon Goddess had other plans for her and her Lycan mate.

Romance / Fantasy
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The Moon Goddess walked the long white halls of her palace in the realm of Gods. She was marching with a determined expression etched on her refined face. She would not back down from her decision. She was prepared to make the rebelious packs pay.

As their maker and deity, she had a duty towards the werewolves. That included killing them if they broke her laws. She was walking towards her Lycans, her faithful personal army and carrier of deeds.

The Lycans were her first children. They were bigger and stronger version of werewolves with the particularity of having three forms instead of two. They had a human form, a half beast form and a wolf form. That gave them advantages over the werewolves.

She loved them dearly and made them her army in case she needed to punish or help her werewolves. Tonight, she was on a pugnitive mission and she knew exactly which Lycans were fit for the job.

She walked into her throne hall and noticed that the males were already there. They all dropped to one knee as she entered and walked to her throne, her ethereal light blue gown floating at each step she took.

Selene sat down and watched the four men in front of her. Her champions. Her favourite soldiers. They were all tall and muscular as were all her Lycans but these four, had passion and a level of loyalty that she loved and needed.

"Please stand up." She said her voice soft. "I gathered you here because I need the four of you to deal with a situation on Earth."

The four men looked expectant at her words but they did not say anything before she was done.

"Two of the largest packs in Europe are fighting each other causing numerous casualties. It would be simple if the casualties were only wolves but sadely, humans got caught up in this affair. I need you to go take care of their leaders. They must pay for their crimes."

The four men bowed to their Goddess and left the palace behind to cary their task. The Goddess had opened a portal for them to arrive on the battlefield. She had mentioned that the leaders had to pay but it was easier said than done.

The Lycans took a whole week to assess the situation and they were not fond of what they saw. The werewolves were successfully destroying each other but also all the humans they crossed path with.

If only their sins would stop at killing.

The four Lycans noticed that the wolves were also taking advantage of the situation to rape and plunder risking exposure of their world. They knew what would happen if the humans suspected their presence. The vampires were the perfect image of what happened.

When the vampires tried to impose themselves on humans, they ended up being slaughtered and now they were back to hiding. Humans were weak but they had numbers. Every good strategist knew what that meant.

On the seven night of their arrival on Earth, the Lycans decided to establish a plan to get rid of their targets. They sat in the middle of a wood somewhere in middle Europe around a fire as they were cooking their dinner.

Fabian was the cook out of the four and he loved to endulge in the activity. He was making sure with an expert toffee brown eye that the meat was roasting nicely over the fire.

Payne was looking at him intensely, scowling because Fabian was making cheery little hums as he busied himself with the meat. That irriated Payne with a passion. He wanted to read the information he had on the Alphas without being pestered.

Desmond was looking at the both of them and was utterly bored by the situation. He always was a cool detached person and nothing could annoy him. On that, he was the opposite of Wade.

Wade was looking at the whole scene in front of him and was barely able to keep his temper in check. He was a ticking bomb and was soon about to explode. He wanted one thing, be done with this mission and go home.

"Let's just kill them. Why do we have to plan anything?" Wade asked annoyed.

"That's always your solution." Payne sighed. "We can't just go in their camps and murder them. I don't really want to deal with hundreds of angry werewolves. Even we wouldn't survive that."

"Payne is right." Desmond said boredom dreeping from his every words. "We would have to kill them all if we did this and I'm not sure we would survive."

"Then what do we do?" Wade snarled towards Desmond. "If you're so clever! Tell me, what do we do!"

Desmond stared at the other man and it was enough to calm Wade down. He knew what Desmond was capable of if triggered and he did not want that to happen to him. Desmond was like the sea. Calm one second and a raging Hell the next. He never missed his target when he was a raging Hell and pain would be the least of Wade's problem in this situation.

"We infiltrate the ranks and we strike." Payne said to disengage the two men. "That's the best we can do."

"Do we have to split then?" Fabian asked.

Payne nodded to the other man before scratching his blond hair at the back of his head.

"It's best if I go with Desmond while you team up with Wade. We know what happens when Desmond and Wade are together and the Moon Goddess said to only kill the leaders. We don't want to make it worse."

"Fine." Wade said relaxing his soulders. "We do it your way. Shall we start first thing in the morning?"

Payne nodded again.

"That would be best. The wolves will be busy and we'll be able to blend in."

Wade smiled a fierce smile. He would finally get some action. He was not particularly fond of gathering intelligence and spending a whole week at it was the maximum he could endure. He needed action and fast.

"Perfect." He smirked.

The others nodded and they started their dinner. They would need the strength that the food could provide them because killing an Alpha was never an easy task. It was as dreadful as it was draining but they would always abide to their Goddess' wish. No matter what.
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