The four Horsemen: walk with Death

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Dawn broke over the trees in the forest and the Lycans knew it was time for them to leave. They split into their groups and each group made its way to the camps of the werewolves.

Desmond was his usual passive self while Payne was agitated. He would always feel nervous working with the quiet man. He liked the fact that he was quiet but he also knew the storm that resided in him.

He walked behind him and had all the time to notice how laid back the man appeared. His short ashen blond hair almost grey were messy as he did not care about how they were styled. His icy blue eyes were focused on their target. Payne knew that the laid back attitude was just a facade. No one could escape Desmond. He was out of the four, the most dangerous and deadliest Lycan.

Payne was as tall and as muscled as Desmond but they were still very different. The first Lycan was pale colours while Payne had wheat blond hair and spring green eyes. He looked more alive than the other one. However, their quiet nature meant that they worked well together.

They walked for some time in the forest before they reached the werewolf camp. They chose the army of Alpha Leopold. The old wolf was the one who started this whole mess. He had defied the other pack because of lands he claimed belong to his pack.

Lycans had no lands and they had only one pack and purpose in life: serving the Moon Goddess. The concept of owning lands and protecting their pack was foreign to them. They had one Alpha and that was the Moon Goddess herself.

The camp was bustling with wolves preparing to go to war. They had no trouble making their way through the camp. Nobody noticed them. They were too focused on getting in formation and running around.

The two Lycans inspected each tents and found the one hosting the old Alpha. He was talking with pack members and the Lycans assumed that they were his leadership.

Packs of werewolves had an Alpha, a Beta the second in command and a Gamma the third. The Beta served as an advisor and a help to the Alpha while the Gamma was the best soldier after the Alpha.

The three werewolves were looking at a table and were in a heated argument. The Lycans could not hear what was being said because of the noise around them. They needed to get closer. It would be tricky because the wolves would eventually be able to smell them if they were not cautious.

They stealthily moved behind the tent to reach the other side. They did their best to stay in the shadows so the wolves would not see them. There was no wind today to scatter their scent so they thanked the Moon Goddess for her benevolence in according them a good weather.

"We can't Alpha. We have to move West if we want to catch them unguarded."

"Very well." The old wolf sighed. "We'll try your way Joseph. You should..."

"Alpha! They're here!"

The three werewolves turned to the young one who just delivered the message. The two Lycans were pissed. What were Fabian and Wade doing?

"We charge then." The old Alpha said. "No time for strategy."

Payne swallowed nervously. They would not have time to kill him if they moved. Desmond was done with this shit so he took out his sword and jumped at the old Alpha plunging his silver sword right through his heart. Shit. Payne thought. Now we will have to kill them all.

The four Lycans fought for three days the two werewolves armies. They won but at what cost.

They were now walking a field covered in blood and their own bodies looked like corpses. All bloody but only their eyes were visible. Wade was laughing like a maniac. That was the best fight of his entire life and he had enjoyed every second of it. Desmond's smile was also the proof that he enjoyed the fight although he was a bit more reserved to show his appreciation.

Payne sighed as Fabian was shaking his head. They both knew that this would not go without consequences. They had disobeyed their Goddess for the first time in their immortal life. Payne dreaded the retaliation.

The Moon Goddess was known by all her children as a benevolent mother but she could show no mercy on those who had disobeyed her. Payne wondered just how much she would make them pay.

She appeared in a flash of silver light into a pool of blood splattering the red liquid towards her already red Lycans. They all dropped on their knees in front of her but she was radiating fury and nothing would calm her down.

"How dare you!" She snarled. "I told you to only kill the Alphas. What is this?! You disappoint me greatly."

Payne lifted his green gaze from the ground and looked at his master.

"Your Highness." He said with a steady voice. "We had no choice. The wolves were going to clash again and they would have noticed that we were not from their pack. We are sorry that things enfolded the way they did but... It was the only way..."

"That is not what I expected from you." She boomed. "I wanted the wolves safe from their Alphas. So many losses... So much dispair for their families... I cannot and will not overlook this."

"We are ready to receive our punishment." Payne declared lowering back his head.

"Oh you can." She said anger dripping on every word. "I will curse all of you for this. You will all be stripped of your names and human form for a thousand years. You raised an Apocalypse here and you will now bear the title that goes with your crimes. Desmond."

The ashen blond Lycan lifted his gaze to look at his Goddess.

"You will now be known as Death for the first kill of this ridiculous slaughter. Everything you will ever have an interest in before the thousand years have passed will die. That is your punishment."

As soon as she uttered the words, the man turned into his light grey wolf and felt the weight of the curse disconnect him from his human body preventing all shifting.

He became so scared to feel his body fade into nothingness that he ran out before she could sentence the others.

He ran as fast and as long as his four legs could take him. It was night when he finally stopped and he was on top of a mountain. He threw his head back and howled in despair but the Moon just kept staring mockingly. What were his strength and skills good for when he was just an outcast Lycan?

What would the next thousand years feel like? He would soon find out.
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